Federal workers must show up and can't strike even when not paid in Trump's Shutdown

Did you know all those hundreds of thousands of U.S. government workers who aren't getting paid during Trump's 18-days-and-counting shutdown still have to show up for work, even if they are not getting paid? Hard to believe, right? But true. U.S. law says public employees are not allowed to go on strike. Federal workers are forced into what one union leader called “involuntary servitude” during the ongoing government shutdown. Here's an excerpt from an Atlantic explainer on the law behind this...
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Syracuse admits first class of (mostly) on-line JD students

Interesting development. [Author: Brian Leiter]
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Despite Ban, N.H. Lawmakers Say They Will Continue To Carry Guns In The State House

Concord Monitor: A group of Republican state representatives are vowing to disobey a new rule banning firearms on the House floor, calling it “illegitimate” and dangerous. In a letter to the Monitor , Auburn Rep. Jess Edwards and seven other members of his party denounced the new rule as unconstitutional, arguing that representatives had no obligation to follow it. “We view Rule 63 as illegitimate,” the group wrote, referring to the new change, which passed the House last week. “We view Rule 63 ...
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NRA Does Immigration?

They finally admit it?  My response: you’re a little late to the game, pal.  There is one minute to go in the fourth quarter and we’re down 44-16. If I didn’t know better I’d swear this is just another stunt for fund-raising.
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At the Midweek Cafe...

... you can talk all night. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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It’s Gonna Be A Long, Cold Winter — See Also

ROD ROSENSTEIN IS LEAVING: Saving Bill Barr the trouble of firing him. ANY LAW SCHOOL #METOO STORIES YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE? Apparently, we're more willing to listen than your law school. WAIT, HE'S A FUGITIVE NOW? Some Jason Lee Van Dyke news. GINSBURG'S ABSENCE ISN'T THAT LONG: Compared to others. ESCAPING THE GOLDEN HANDCUFFS: New Year, same hopes and dreams of freedom.
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Relist Watch Returns

John Elwood reviews the first relists of 2019. Happy New Year and welcome back! Most of D.C. started 2019 nice and slow, enjoying offices (and roads) made quiet by vacations, both planned and unexpected. But not the Supremes. They jumped in with both feet, when most of the lawyering class was still finishing off their fruit baskets. On January 4, the court gave plenary review to the Maryland and North Carolina political-gerrymandering cases and set them for expedited briefing so they could be ...
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Argument analysis: The familiar yet fresh debate in Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt

Federal courts aficionados have been looking forward to the oral argument in Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt, and the event did not disappoint. The question was whether to overrule the decades-old precedent Nevada v. Hall, which held that states lack sovereign immunity in one another’s courts. The argument largely broke down according to familiar ideological lines, but the discussion still had verve and creativity, in part thanks to the performances of veteran advocates Seth Waxman an...
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A “view” from the courtroom: Comity Central

This term of the court has had plenty of arguably boring cases on statutory interpretation, pre-emption and procedure. But every now and then a low-key case comes along that results in an argument amounting to a heady constitutional seminar. Today’s lone case for argument, Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt, will be one of those. Seth P. Waxman for petitioner (Art Lien) When the court takes the bench, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is again absent as she recuperates from her recent lu...
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"The Accuracy, Equity, and Jurisprudence of Criminal Risk Assessment"

The title of this post is the title of this notable and timely new paper on SSRN authored by Sharad Goel, Ravi Shroff, Jennifer Skeem and Christopher Slobogin.  Here is its abstract: Jurisdictions across the country, including the federal government through its recently enacted First Step Act, have begun using statistical algorithms (also called “instruments”) to help determine an arrestee’s or an offender’s risk of reoffending.  These risk assessment instruments (RAIs) might be used at a numbe...
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Report: Rich People Still Dumb

Get invited to the right parties and the world is your fraudulent oyster.
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5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing in 2019

Having high quality content on your website, blog, and social media pages is the best way to improve your Google search ranking and online authority. When people — your prospects — like what you have to say online, you are rewarded by Google as well as by those who are ready to hire an attorney to help them solve their legal problems. But creating good, consistent content is not easy. Too often, the task of continually pumping out articles and posts for all your online properties falls by the wa...
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Attorney Succeeds At Changing The World For The Better (And Especially For British Single Parents)

With hard work, persistence, and a brave client willing to stand up to the status quo, you can change the world.
Tags: Kids, Law, Family law, United Kingdom / Great Britain, Ellen Trachman, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART, Single Parents, Natalie Gamble, Better And Especially For British Single Parents

Argument preview: Justices to consider constitutionality of residency requirements for liquor licenses

The Constitution’s 21st Amendment gives states the power to regulate the distribution of alcohol into and within a state, while a doctrine known as the dormant commerce clause (derived from the Constitution’s commerce clause) bars states from discriminating against interstate commerce. Next week the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in a challenge to a Tennessee law that requires anyone who wants a retail license to sell alcohol in Tennessee to have lived there for at least two years. A fe...
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Other Insurance: Stupid-Simple Question Regarding E and O Insurance

My question involves insurance law for the state of: PA I have an E&O policy as a Notary Public (even though I’m not active). I also have a separate E&O policy as a real estate agent. My very basic, simple question is whether or not having two E&O policies is redundant. In other words, if I were to just keep my real estate agent policy, would that policy be “universal” and also cover errors & omissions on the Notary side? I have a feeling not, but just thought I’d ask, as it’s looking like I’ll...
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What Do We Do with This Car

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Ok and Tennessee My husband had a job interview for a job in Virginia. We drove out there and while we were in Tennessee, our car broke down leaving us stranded for three days. We couldn't get a rental because we had no credit cards. We finally got a car thru a dealership. My husband told them he doesn't have the job yet, nor is there any guarantee he would get the job, but that he was hopeful for one since he's on his way to a job i...
Tags: Law, Virginia, Tennessee, Cars and Dealerships

What’s Wrong With The California Bar Exam?

Some thoughtful analysis and comments from readers about the state of the California bar exam.
Tags: Law, California, Law Schools, Bar Exams, Jill Switzer, California Bar Exam

6yr Old Abused at Mental Health Facility

My question involves civil rights in the State of: Oklahoma My daughter was 6 years old when CPS took her on allegations that we were abusing her. Our daughter leaves bruises on herself and the school that called on us also would send her home with marks she didn't have when she went to school in the mornings. Even after her nonverbal, autistic meltdown where she bit down on her own arms right in front of the caseworker, leaving bruises, the caseworker still couldn't get the order to remove l...
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"Now, nearly 150 years later, a new generation of biologists is reviving Darwin’s neglected brainchild."

"Beauty, they say, does not have to be a proxy for health or advantageous genes. Sometimes beauty is the glorious but meaningless flowering of arbitrary preference. Animals simply find certain features — a blush of red, a feathered flourish — to be appealing. And that innate sense of beauty itself can become an engine of evolution, pushing animals toward aesthetic extremes. In other cases, certain environmental or physiological constraints steer an animal toward an aesthetic preference that has ...
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The Cool Decor Color That's Taking Over Homes In 2019

The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year may be living coral, but, according to an annual Interior Designer Trends Survey by 1stdibs, the hues currently heating up for home decor are of a much cooler palette. "For 2019, the top emerging colors are expected to be emerald green, blue and gray," the popular online marketplace predicts — and one look at a space filled with these light, serene, and jewel-toned shades is enough to convince us of its powerful design potential.Not only do the three colors ma...
Tags: Amazon, Nordstrom, Fashion, Music, Walmart, Society, Lulu, Lithuania, Anthropologie, Bloomingdale, Monika Strigel, Oliver Bonas, Opalhouse Teal Velvet Tufted Stitch Quilt, Joss Main Kory, World Market Blue Velvet Cosmo Upholstered Office, Jasper Morrison Vitra Set

Reargument preview: A new theory of when local-government takings occur

Photo credit to Pacific Legal Foundation On Wednesday, for the second time this term, the court will hear argument in Knick v. Township of Scott. The case addresses when property owners who allege that a local government has taken their property can bring a lawsuit in federal court. A 1985 precedent, Williamson County Regional Planning Commission v. Hamilton Bank, requires such plaintiffs to first make use of the state’s compensation procedures; only then can they say whether their property h...
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How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Going?

Whatever your resolutions in the New Year, be sure to love yourself and take care of you every day.
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"MacKenzie Bezos, a 48-year-old novelist, is often cited in the Amazon origin story as having supported her husband’s move off of Wall Street and into e-commerce."

"Last year, Jeff Bezos said in an interview with his brother Mark at the SummitLA conference that [when he first met MacKenzie, he had been going through a series of blind dates, and] he was looking for a resourceful woman 'who could get [him] out of a third-world prison'...."From "Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie are divorcing" (CNBC). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Reimagining The Negotiation Process [Sponsored]

Negotiation can be a nightmare if not done correctly.
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The Truth Behind How Law Schools Get Their #MeToo Intel

It may not be the best system, but we're willing to help.
Tags: Law, Intel, Sexual Harassment, Law Schools, The Jabot, MeToo, Gillian Lester, Association of American Law Schools (AALS

Rod Rosenstein Will Spare Bill Barr The Effort Of Pushing Him Out

The Deputy AG was unlikely to survive any Trump nominee.
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Towing: Parking Citation Dismissed - Now Need to Recoup Towing Fee

My question involves a parking ticket & tow from the state of: California Over the summer my car was cited and towed for being parked in a (temporary) bus zone on a street in Imperial Beach (San Diego). My niece was driving and she parked in a regular parking spot around 7AM on the day of an annual sandcastle festival. Sometime after she parked the city established a temporary bus zone at that area to accommodate the city bus being re-routed for the event. About 2 hours after she parked the sher...
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