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Fixing longstanding criminal-justice problems in a black-ink budget year

Comptroller Glenn Hegar gave the Texas Legislature some good news with a black-ink budget projection for the coming biennium, suggesting they may have more than $9 billion more to spend than in 2017. Some of that will go for Hurricane Harvey costs (thought the Rainy Day fund should also contribute to that), some will get gobbled up with increased costs for entitlement programs, and any school finance fix will almost certainly consume the lion's share of the rest. But it's not inconceivable th...
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Damon Key Team Argues Bad Faith Case Before Hawaii Supreme Court

    Our Damon Key team argued a bad faith case before the Hawaii Supreme Court today,  Adams v. Hawaii Medical Service Association , SCWC-15-0000396.     Pictured below: Joanna Zigler, Rafael del Castillo, Tred Eyerly and Robert Thomas. [Author: Tred Eyerly]
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Rage Hypodermic NC Broadhead

Rage has taken their popular Hypodermic broadhead to the next level with the introduction of their new Rage Hypodermic NC broadhead for 2019.... Read more... The post Rage Hypodermic NC Broadhead appeared first on
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Traffic Lights, Signs and Controls: Failure to Use Turn Signal - Jurisdiction

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Washington I was traveling on a road which also serves as the border between the City of Puyallup and unincorporated Pierce County. Unbeknownst to me, a Puyallup PO was hiding somewhere and noticed that I did not use my right turn signal. Once I turned right, I was no longer in Puyallup. He nonetheless followed me, and then pulled me over for speeding. It is my understanding that PO have the right to follow out of their district if they o...
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California: Lease Says I Loose Security Deposit if I Break Lease for Any Reason

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California SF Bay Area I just noticed that my lease states that the landlord can keep my security deposit if I break the lease early. This is in addition to any other damages for lost rent. Basically if I break the lease he keeps it even if I find him another qualified tenant. Is that legal in California? I live on the SF peninsula. Does California law override his edits on the lease?
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Breaking a Lease: Tenant Wants to Break Lease 3 Months into 12 Month Lease

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: MI In the past, we have never agreed to let a tenant out of a lease for a fee. In my experience, if they are set on leaving, they leave no matter what and do not have the funds to pay a fee and the cost to move. However, a tenant contacted us and asked if we would agree to let her break her lease for a fee. January is month 3 of a 12 month lease. We have nothing in our lease that allows a tenant to break the lease but with consent of bot...
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Teenagers Are Now Boiling Tampons to Get High

Police in Indonesia have arrested teens who are using sanitary devices to get high.
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Weekend Dance Party — See Also

LAW STUDENT DANCES: And Twitter is enthralled. RBG SHOULD BE DANCING SOON: Well, maybe not dancing, but she'll be back at work anon. THE MUSIC STOPS FOR PAUL MANAFORT IN CONNECTICUT: He's, uhh, voluntarily forfeiting his law license there. DO CATHOLICS DANCE? Do you have to be Catholic to lead Notre Dame? LESS BILLABLES = MORE DANCING: For Biglaw parents.
Tags: Law, Connecticut, Catholic, Paul Manafort, See Also, Weekend Dance Party

Rejected: The Supreme Court Justice Who Didn’t Want Ruth Bader Ginsburg As A Clerk

See, missing out on a Supreme Court clerkship isn't the end of your career.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Courts, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice, Trivia Question of the Day

Rejected: The Supreme Court Justice That Didn’t Want Ruth Bader Ginsburg As A Clerk

See, missing out on a Supreme Court clerkship isn't the end of your career.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Courts, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trivia Question of the Day

Eight new grants, Ginsburg recovery from surgery “on track”

One day after Politico reported that White House officials were preparing for the possible “death or departure” of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who had surgery in late December to remove two cancerous growths from her lungs, the Supreme Court announced today that there was no evidence of any other cancer, and that the 85-year-old Ginsburg would not require any further treatment. Ginsburg’s recovery from surgery is “on track,” Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathleen Arberg said in a statement, althoug...
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Louisiana court: Online anonymity doesn’t shield lawyers from ethical obligations

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** Louisiana court: Online anonymity doesn’t shield lawyers from ethical obligation Office water coolers used to be gathering places where people discussed current events and caught up on office gossip. But, like many other time-honored traditions, even water cooler conversations have been affected by technology. Certainly these in-office discussions still occur, but much of the day-to-day discours...
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Round Up: Artificial Intelligence, Millennial Lawyers, and Law Practice Management Software

I often write articles and blog posts for other outlets and am going to post a round up here from time to time (but won't include my weekly Daily Record articles in the round up since I re-publish them to this blog in full). Here are my posts and articles from November 2018: The ins and outs of law practice management software - ABA Journal  Knowing When (And How) To Upgrade Your Legal Software - Attorney at Work  Practicing Law in the 21st Century: The Ethical Requirement of Technology Com...
Tags: Law, Cloud Computing, ABA Journal, Daily Record, Law & Technology, NBlack

Now available on Oyez: This week’s oral argument audio aligned with the transcripts

Oyez has posted the aligned audio and transcripts from this week’s oral arguments at the Supreme Court. The court heard argument this week in: Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. v. Albrecht Obduskey v. McCarthy & Holthus LLP Herrera v. Wyoming Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt   The post Now available on Oyez: This week’s oral argument audio aligned with the transcripts appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Hyatt, Oyez, Merits Cases, Merck Sharp Dohme Corp, Wyoming Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp, Albrecht Obduskey, McCarthy Holthus LLP Herrera, Wall Street com Franchise Tax Board of California

So You Got Your Grades, Now What? (Part II — The Bad News)

What happens to students who had a weak academic showing?
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Biglaw, Career Services, Job Searches, Law Students, Clerkships, Law School Grades, Nicholas Alexiou

In praise of pretrial-detention algorithms, the 'failure to appear fallacy,' Louisiana ↓ technical revocations, and other stories

Several national items merit Grits readers' attention here during the calm before the 86th Texas Legislature storm. Debtors-prison reform: Economic populism and the justice system The New York Times this week published a lengthy, excellent feature on how criminal fines and fees oppress the poor. Good analysis and background. Best evidence supports use of risk assessments in pretrial release decisions Some prominent heavyweight corrections researchers responded to criticisms in the press, not to ...
Tags: Texas, Law, Philippines, Aclu, New York Times, Louisiana, Harris County, FTA, Texas Legislature, Gritsforbreakfast, 86th Texas Legislature, Jennifer Skeem, Skeem, Intermediate Sanctions Facilities, Louisiana The Bayou State

From The Career Files: Reimagining Innovation In Legal Education

Ari Kaplan speaks with Gabe Teninbaum, a professor at Suffolk University Law School and the director of the Institute on Legal Innovation and Technology.
Tags: Law, Lawyers, Suffolk University Law School, Career Center, Career Files, Ari Kaplan, Gabe Teninbaum

"Rep. Joe Cunningham, a newly elected Democrat from South Carolina, was barred from walking onto the House floor Friday as he tried to bring a six-pack of beer with him."

"The banned brewskis, from the Charleston area, were a gift for Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., a co-chair of the large House Small Brewers Caucus, Cunningham said on Twitter... 'Making friends when you’re a freshman is hard and I thought I’d grease the skids with some Lowcountry beer,' Cunningham said on Twitter, adding that DeFazio eventually got the beer. 'Can I join the beer caucus now?'"Fox News.In other beer news... [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Law, Congress, Beer, House, Dave Grohl, South Carolina, Charleston, Cunningham, Peter DeFazio, DeFazio, Ann Althouse, Joe Cunningham, House Small Brewers

"Sources confirmed to Fox News that the White House has quietly reached out to a small number of GOP lawmakers and conservative legal advocates, reassuring them it would be ready for any court vacancy."

"Under new White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, a ready list of top-tier candidates is being updated. The low-key, unofficial heads-up is similar to when rumors of Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement were rampant in 2017 and 2018. He announced last June he would leave the court."From "Ginsburg absence shakes court: White House makes preparations, coming weeks seen as key" (Fox News). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"When she got near me I could see who she was. She told me, 'I'm Jayme.' "

"I just held onto her, and I said we're going to find somebody who's home, we're going to call the police. You're going to be OK. You're going to be safe." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Being A Bigot Won’t Get You Protection Under Title VII

This federal appellate judge isn't here for these absurd allegations.
Tags: Law, Courts, Title VII, Quote Of The Day, Transgender Rights, Fifth Circuit, Catharina Haynes, Rudeness

Numbers Are Up For Women In Biglaw, But Certain Minorities Continue To Fall Behind

As usual, we're forced to celebrate fractional progress for diversity and inclusion within Biglaw firms.
Tags: Law, Women's Issues, Biglaw, Law Firm Diversity, Minority Issues, National Association of Law Placement (NALP

"Soooo... I assumed they were all killed and the blackout was just to spare us from seeing it."

"But over on Television Without Pity, everyone's all confused, saying what happened, curse you David Chase, and I thought my cable went out."I wrote on June 7, 2007, and today I'm seeing what I thought was confirmation that I was right: "Sopranos writer David Chase originally had a 'death scene' in mind for the show's finale" (Daily Mail):Chase [said] 'Yes, I think I had that death scene around two years before the end. I remember talking with [writer/ executive producer] Mitch Burgess about it....
Tags: Law, Chase, Manhattan, David Chase, Tony, Sopranos, Lincoln Tunnel, Ann Althouse, Television Without Pity, Johnny Sack, Mitch Burgess, Uproxx Chase

Lone Wolf Custom Gear: D’acquisto Series 1.0

The Lone Wolf Custom Gear has been the talk of the ATA Show so... Read more... The post Lone Wolf Custom Gear: D’acquisto Series 1.0 appeared first on
Tags: Hunting, New Products, ATA, Bowhunting Blog, 2019 ATA Show Coverage, 2019 ATA SHOW, 2019 New Products, Ata 2019, Lone Wolf Custom Gear

Legally Creative: Why Being A Lawyer Requires Abstract Thought

Regardless of whether you are a litigator, a transactional attorney, in-house counsel, or something else, you need to be creative.
Tags: Law, Advice, Creativity, Boutique Law Firms, Brian Grossman

It's hard for Mitt Romney to win the Trump hater's love. So unfair!

Mr. Profile in Courage strikes again!— David Corn (@DavidCornDC) January 11, 2019 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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This Milwaukee bus driver did what every decent person does...

"Oh my God. Oh my God. I'm shaking." This Milwaukee bus driver went above the call of duty when she stopped and ran out to scoop up a baby girl, barefoot in freezing temperatures, who was quickly walking toward an intersection— CNN (@CNN) January 11, 2019 [Author: nore[email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Conference Preview: AI in the Spotlight when Legalweek Convenes Jan. 28

With Legaltech, one of the world’s largest and most-important legal technology conferences, just two weeks away, we are at a time when it has never been more obvious how tech is transforming the practice of law. With the proliferation of legal tech startups and new apps on the market seemingly every day, lawyers are in a prime position to take advantage of innovations that offer the possibility to achieve what once seemed unachievable – doing more with less. Perhaps no legal technology has grabb...
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