Wang Quanzhang: China sentences human rights lawyer to four years in prison

Lawyer who defended activists, victims of land seizures, and members of Falun Gong found guilty of ‘subversion of state power’The prominent Chinese rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for subversion.A court in Tianjin heard on Monday that Wang had been found “guilty of subversion of state power”. Continue reading...
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A Judge’s Job Is Not a Minister’s Adviser

Tax law is no easy business. There are lots of complicated and seemingly conflicting rules, and tax litigation can come across as quite technical. Perhaps to add some animation to tax litigation proceedings, judges can add some clever wit buried in their decisions. In 2015, a private corporation earning rental income was eligible for a dividend refund under subsection 129(1) of the Income Tax Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. 1 (5th Supp.), but failed to do so due to health problems of its principal. It appl...
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History tells us most VC backed legal tech companies will fail

Jason Fried, the co-founder and CEO of Basecamp and widely respected business commenter, blogged this on Friday. SILICON VALLEY HAS BECOME ESPECIALLY GOOD AT TURNING SOFTWARE, THE HIGHEST MARGIN PRODUCT EVER, INTO MANY OF THE WORST PERFORMING BUSINESSES IMAGINABLE. WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS, THE AMOUNT OF MONEY BEING LOST BY THE LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL IS ABSOLUTELY STAGGERING. That’s it, and in all caps. This sounds earily similar to the the year 2000 when the rug was pulled out from under...
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At the Freezing Cold Café...

... we're just trying to make it through this crazy week!Remember the Althouse Portal to Amazon. Here's that "Amazon jacket" I read everyone loves. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: Andrew Chung: U.S. Top Court Rejects Helsinn Over Anti-Nausea Drug Patent in Win for Teva (Source: Reuters) Christian de Looper: Apple Patent Application Shows Contact Info Could be Displayed on the iOS Home Screen (Source: Digital Trends) Claudia Napal Drayton and Bret Shapiro: CHF Solutions Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio with Two New Patent Filings for Innovations to Aquadex FlexFlow® System (Source: Associated Press)  Murray Slovick: Tesla Patent...
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Army Squad Weapons From Early-Vietnam

Via reddit, I found this interesting. I simply cannot see that fully automatic M14 being controllable by anyone, and by any stretch of the imagination.  And why would you have a fully automatic M14 that is magazine-fed, only to interrupt fire to change magazines?  To me, an M249 SAW (fed with drums) is a much better weapon for the purpose. On the other hand, if all you have is the M14 series of guns, having one capable of selective fire isn’t a bad idea.  It’s just inferior to the SAW.
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The AR Is Not Direct Gas Impingement

I think this is fairly well established, and I’m surprised he’s getting any pushback in the comments.  There is this comment though: “Come on…You know as much as I do that the “recoil impulse” you are showing has wayyy more to do with the Center Mass of the bolt being on the center line of the stock on the ar15, and OFF the centerline on all the other rifles!!!” Not quite.  It has something to do with the recoil impulse being along the axis of the muzzle and the stock, not CoG.  Still, the ob...
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The Open Carry States Are Ones Where Everybody Gets Shot

News from Representative Chris Lee of Hawaii. “The open carry states are ones where everybody gets shot so I think we have a very good record in Hawai’i for gun safety protection and and the fourth lowest gun violence in any state in the union.  It’s a combination of things but one of most important parts of it is that we have strict gun laws.” Representative Lee says it could be years before the Young case is settled but the top priority for Hawai’i lawmakers is public safety. “I’ve owned guns ...
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The Sheriffs Resisting Washington’s New Gun Laws: “I’m Not Going To Enforce That”

The Guardian: In Washington state, a freshly implemented ballot initiative and a raft of new bills may produce some of the tightest firearms regulations in the US. But standing in the way is a group of rural law enforcement officers who say point blank that they won’t enforce any of it. The Klickitat county sheriff, Bob Songer, is one of them. He told the Guardian that the initiative passed last November “is unconstitutional on several grounds. I’ve taken the position that as an elected official...
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NRA In Trouble With Its Base?

WSJ: Dustin Coleman has bought a booth at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention for his shooting accessories company for the past three years. But last month, he canceled his reservation and donated the $1,400 rental fee to a rival group, the Firearms Policy Coalition. His reason: The NRA, the nation’s leading Second Amendment group with 5.5 million members, is no longer pro-gun enough. “The NRA is appeasing to the middle, they’re not pro-gun enough,” said Mr. Coleman, who has a l...
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Is the Firearms Industry Selling The Guns Which Will Be Used To Enslave Us?

David Codrea: Is it realistic to expect companies to turn down lucrative law enforcement deals? Probably not, because the activist portion of gun owners is but a fraction of the total population, those selling to enforcement agencies inarguably make some of the finest guns in the market, and the citizen militia system needed to take up the slack has been suppressed by a political design that in turn has been allowed by apathy. But what we can do is be aware of who’s involved in such deals, use w...
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'Desperation and despair': Barnsley's long battle with austerity

Struggling Yorkshire town has endured crippling council cuts – but locals are fighting backThat Barnsley is the British city worst affected by a near-decade of austerity cuts comes as no surprise to Susan Round, 61, owner of the Pats for Pants underwear stall in the town centre’s covered markets. “I do think it has got worse. The state of the roads. Social care. The hospitals. Antisocial behaviour. Spice.”According to the Centre for Cities thinktank, Barnsley council spending has reduced by 40% ...
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Take on food industry to beat malnutrition and obesity, says report

Experts call for influence of ‘big food’ to be curbed to also tackle issue of climate changeThe influence of “big food” must be curbed around the world if obesity, malnutrition and climate change are to be effectively tackled, according to a report.Overconsumption of junk food and not having enough to eat are two sides of the malnutrition coin, said a commission of experts brought together by the Lancet medical journal. A third major global problem is interlinked – climate change that is worsene...
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Reduced to Practice, but Not Yet Ready for Patenting

by Dennis Crouch Barry v. Medtroinc, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2019) In a split decision, the Federal Circuit has sided with the patentee Dr. Barry — affirming the induced infringement and $17 million damages judgments as well as several determinations regarding the public-use and on-sale statutory bars. The patents here are directed to spine surgery methods that involve large screws drilled into the spine. U.S. Patent Nos. 7,670,358 and 8,361,121. The dissenting opinion by Chief Judge Prost offers a con...
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St. Petersburg is Bold in Mandating Envision

The City of St. Petersburg, Florida passed a progressive ordinance last week mandating that City infrastructure projects and newly constructed and renovated City building be third party certified as green. The new Ordinance 359-H, passed by the St. Petersburg City Council on January 17, 2019 and awaiting the Mayor’s signature, supersedes the prior Executive Order 2017-01 Sustainable St. Petersburg, that laid the groundwork for these sustainable building practices. The City Council Ordinance arti...
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Non Sequiturs: 01.27.19

* Regarding the nomination of Patrick Bumatay to the Ninth Circuit, "Why are Democrats fighting the judicial nomination of a qualified gay minority?" Good question! [The Federalist] * Speaking of highly qualified minority nominees under attack, Carrie Severino argues that it's the critics of D.C. Circuit nominee Neomi Rao, not Rao herself, who are being inflammatory. [National Review] * And KC Johnson, reviewing the collegiate writings by Rao that have generated the attacks against her, argues...
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Hiring initiative highlights how private employers can take a next step after FIRST STEP Act

This new CBNC article, headlined "Koch network leads coalition urging businesses to hire former inmates," reports on a notable new initiative that serves as a fitting private-sector follow-up on the FIRST STEP Act and similar state level reforms. Here are the details: A broad coalition of business groups is pledging to hire workers with criminal backgrounds in the wake of a new federal law aimed at reducing incarcerations. The movement is spearheaded by billionaire industrialist Charles Koch, w...
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"Investing in Futures: Economic and Fiscal Benefits of Postsecondary Education in Prison"

The title of this post is the title of produced by the Vera Institute of Justice and the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality.  Here is how the report's introduction begins: In 2016, more than 626,000 people were released from federal and state prisons and returned to communities across the United States.  Their odds of securing employment, housing, and other necessities after release depended, in part, on opportunities available to them while in prison.  Few such opportunities benefit...
Tags: Law, Congress, United States, Pell Grants, Pell Grant, Vera Institute of Justice, Douglas A Berman, Georgetown Center on Poverty, Federal Pell Grant Program

Kamala Harris Was Not a Progressive Prosecutor

Kamela Harris was not a progressive prosecutor. She is reinventing herself as one for her planned presidential bid for the Democratic nomination for President. Harris can run but she cannot hide from her record as a prosecutor. I listed several... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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MPs join forces in drive to end indefinite immigration detention

Harriet Harman persuades senior Tories to back immigration bill amendmentA cross-party group of MPs is confident it will be able to use an amendment to the immigration bill going through parliament to stop people being held indefinitely in immigration detention centres.Harriet Harman, the chair of the joint committee on human rights, has persuaded the former Brexit secretary David Davis and other former Conservative ministers to back the move, which would stop thousands of foreigners facing depo...
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Prince Charles’s visit with royal cushion carrier | Brief letters

Royal travel habits | ‘Fuck-me shoes’ | Smallpox inoculation | The 30 best box setsYour report (Travel bed of Queen Victoria acquired for exhibition, 25 January) says “claims that Prince Charles took his own mattress when visiting friends may have been met with incredulity”. Be that as it may, I clearly remember attending an event organised by the Princess Royal Trust for Carers some years ago. Prince Charles was guest of honour, there to meet committee members from assorted groups. As HRH progr...
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This week at the court

The Supreme Court is between sittings. The justices will meet next for their February 15 conference. The calendar for the February sitting, which will begin on Tuesday, February 19, is available on the Supreme Court’s website. The post This week at the court appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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“Mom whose tot started deadly Bronx fire sues for $1B from stove maker, city”

“The woman whose toddler sparked a 2017 Bronx blaze that killed 13 people and whose own actions might have fanned the deadly flames is now demanding a total of $1.1 billion — citing the ‘negligence’ of others.” Among other defendants, the suit blames a stove maker for “knobs and valves that were too easy to turn on.” [Dean Balsamini, New York Post] Tags: fires, NYC, shotgun defendant selection
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Life on the breadline: 'Writing these articles have given me a reason for being' | Gavin Ritchie

Even though I am my own worst critic, I now know that I can start something and finish it successfullyAbout this seriesName: Gavin RitchieAge: 45 Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Society, Australia news, Welfare in Australia, Australian economy, Gavin Ritchie, Gavin RitchieAge

County Judge blames #txlege for indigent defense costs, but local officials' choices are to blame

Having written yesterday about Texas counties portraying their core, criminal-justice responsibilities as "unfunded mandates," this morning Grits was treated to a column in the Dallas News by Cooke County Judge Jason Brinkley. Cooke County is a mostly rural area hugging the Oklahoma border north of Denton; Gainesville is the county seat.After rightly complaining that the state's under-funded school-finance system, not county expenditures, were driving property-tax increases, Mr. Brinkley veers o...
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Carolina On My Mind

The North Carolina Office of Disciplinary Counsel has filed its January 2019 quarterly report Highlights from completed matters Arnold O. Jones – 18 DHC 3 Jones, of Goldsboro, formerly a Superior Court judge, was convicted of the federal felony of... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Jones, Superior Court, Goldsboro, DHC, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, Carolina On My Mind, North Carolina Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Arnold O Jones

Who Buys A Yacht In Prison?

The Law Society of Upper Canada Tribunal Hearing Division has ordered a two-month suspension for misuse of his trust account On March 12, 2018, in Law Society of Upper Canada v. Atkinson, 2018 ONLSTH 33 (CanLII), we found Mr. Atkinson... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Atkinson, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, Law Society of Upper Canada

Ordinarily, I welcome the opportunity to sneeze. Like my father before me, I love a good, loud, free sneeze.

But these are not normal times. I'm having cataract surgery in 10 days, and the instructions say that, post-surgery, you're not supposed to sneeze. Having researched methods for preventing a sneeze, I understand why sneezing is to be avoided. The nerve structure around your nose also ropes in your eyeballs! You don't want that kind of pressure and vibration on the site of the surgery.Yesterday I watched this video...... and this morning — when the urge to sneeze happened — I did it and it worked...
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Goodbye to Michel Legrand, composer of "Windmills of Your Mind."

Here's Noel Harrison, the original interpretation of the song, which won an Oscar (for "The Thomas Crown Affair"):You can feast on the beauty of Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen in the montage that someone made to go on YouTube with the lovely Alison Moyet version:No montage, just one still, but this is my favorite version, by Dusty Springfield:The Sting version:And here's Michel Legrand himself — he wrote the music, not the wild words — singing in French, where it's "heart" not "mind" — "Les moul...
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Huawei's problems deepen as western suspicions mount

Many question marks hang over the telecom but the Chinese tech monolith is far from finishedChinese telecom giant Huawei is at the centre of an increasingly tense standoff between China and the US.What began as a trade spat and grievances over corporate intellectual property theft has developed into a global standoff involving “hostage diplomacy”, death sentences and allegations of Chinese espionage. Continue reading...
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