Sutherland Springs Church Massacre Victims Can Sue Store Where Shooter Bought Gun

NY Daily News: The Texas gun store that sold the assault rifle used in the 2017 Sutherland Springs church massacre lost its bid Monday to have a lawsuit over the sale dismissed. Bexar County District Court Judge Karen Pozza issued a ruling saying survivors and relatives who lost loved ones in the mass shooting can move ahead with their suit against the dealer, Academy Sports + Outdoors. Well then.  By that same logic, I fully expect we’ll see victims of automobile accidents suing Ford an...
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Ante Upped By New Jersey Supreme Court

Is the New Jersey Supreme Court waking up? In a reciprocal discipline matter involving a two-year Pennsylvania suspension, the court rejected the censure proposed by its Disciplinary Review Board and imposed identical discipline. The DRB The OAE recommended the imposition... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Houston Police Officer’s Union Statement On The Wrong Home SWAT Raid

Via Gryphon, Zero Hedge: We are sick and tired of having dirtbags try to take our lives when all we are trying to do is protect this community and protect our families… Well just know, we all got your number now. We are going to be keeping track of all of ya’ll, and we’re going to make sure we hold you accountable. Every time you stir the pot on our police officers. We’ve had enough, folks. We’re out there doing our jobs every day, putting our lives on the line for our families. Enough is enough...
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Support Arrears: Arrears Forgiveness

My question involves a child custody case from the State of Texas: My son & his mother live in Denton Texas, I live in Austin Texas. She wants to relieve me from Child Support payments, but she was told that I owe too much. What can we do to execute & go forward? And where can I find the necessary forms for us both to fill out, & where do we take them? Thanks in advance. God bless you..
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But That’s Not The Point Of Gun Control Laws

David Codrea: Evidently, edicts to deprive people who obey laws of due process are high on the list, although what bearing that has on the Dycus case is left unstated. That and “universal background checks.” No doubt the reptile who fired indiscriminately into a house full of unsupervised “juveniles” would have thought twice had those been in effect. No? The point of new gun control laws in America is never to solve any problems.  It’s always to disarm peaceable men and women of their means of s...
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Suicide rates falling around the world, study says

Researchers say the overall trend is down thanks to poverty reduction and better healthcareSuicides have fallen globally by more than a third since 1990, according to a far-reaching analysis that highlights profound differences in the number of men and women taking their own lives.In results published in the BMJ journal on Thursday, a study estimates that 817,000 people killed themselves in 2016 – a slight increase of 6.7% since 1990. Continue reading...
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At the Bright Eyes Café...

... you can see your way clear. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Ghostwritten law blog posts by law students an ethical dilemma for student, law firm and law school

I recently heard of law firms posting job opportunities at law school placement offices for law students to pen blog posts for their law firm. As with legal marketing companies selling ghostwritten blog posts to law firms, the law student would presumably get paid per post, with the firm running the posts in a lawyer’s name. The problem with such a scenario is that it’s misleading. And the type of law blogs being run like this fall within the definition of advertising in virtually every ...
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Opioids: federal prosecutor tries to stop nation's first 'safe site' for injection

US attorney sues to halt opening of supervised drug site in Philadelphia, home to highest opioid death rate of any big US cityThe top federal prosecutor in Philadelphia has filed suit to stop a not-for-profit organization from opening a first-in-the-nation supervised drug injection site to address the city’s opioid problem.The lawsuit pits the US attorney William McSwain’s stance on safe injection sites against those of Philadelphia’s mayor, district attorney and a former Pennsylvania governor. ...
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10 Email Newsletter Tips to Make Your Law Firm Stand Out in the Inbox

A monthly newsletter is still one of the most profitable and reliable ways to generate a predictable flow of potential new and recurring clients.  Your law firm’s newsletter can be inexpensive, reliable, and — when done right — a welcome (not a pesky) form of marketing to your clients. However, you must realize that you face a lot of competition for attention in your target audience’s inbox, so you need to do several things right to ensure your newsletters are open and read. Here are 10 tips tha...
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MPs and peers call for end to indefinite detention

Joint committee on human rights says people should be held for no longer than 28 daysIndefinite detention in immigration centres is traumatic and the practice should be stopped, with people ideally held for no longer than 28 days, a parliamentary committee has recommended.In a highly critical report, the joint committee on human rights (JCHR), made up of MPs and peers, described the UK’s immigration system as “slow, unfair and expensive to run”, and said detention should be authorised only by de...
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Blackface History Month — See Also

VIRGINIA A.G. ALSO WORE BLACKFACE: Mark Herring is the latest to realize racism is bad. NO DIVERSITY AVAILABLE THIS YEAR: Partner classes are shrinking, making being a white man more valuable than ever. DWARF-TOSSING JUDGE: Trump's nominee to replace Kavanaugh believes dwarf-tossing is Constitutionally protected. Because everything is stupid now. INFILAW SCHOOL VOWS TO TRIPLE IN SIZE: Again, EVERYTHING IS STUPID NOW. BLACK BOX BONUSES AT DLA PIPER: In fairness, it's hard to convert bonuses m...
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Hope You Paid Attention In Law School, This Case Is A Pretty Big Deal

The case has proven to be very influential.
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The Quiet Lawyer

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct has posted a complaint alleging that an attorney engaged in misconduct by, among other things, refusing to participate in his client's criminal trial. The allegations of the Erie County Bar Association include a number... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Ex Parte Conversation Did Not Taint Judge

The Minnesota Supreme Court affirmed a murder conviction notwithstanding an ex parte communication between the judge and defense counsel Immediately before opening statements, an ex parte conversation occurred between Mouelle’s trial counsel ("Counsel") and the district court judge in chambers... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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President Trump Predicts ISIS Will Lose All Territory in Iraq and Syria by Next Week

U.S. officials have said that IS has already lost 99.5 percent of its territory
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Advice On How To Make Partner At A Biglaw Firm From Someone Who Made The Jump

Being a good lawyer counts, but so does being nice.
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Life Estates: Remainderman Interest in Foreclosure

My question involves real estate located in the State of: Arkansas I am Mom's POA. Mom took out a mortgage on her home and 1 year later QCD a remainderman interest in the property to another family member and retained a life estate for herself. The property has been foreclosed and there are excess proceeds. As I understand it AR code 18-50-109. Disposition of proceeds of sale states. The surplus, if any, to the grantor of the trust deed or to the successor in interest of the grantor entitle...
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Symposium: How to win the partisan gerrymandering cases

Daniel Tokaji is Associate Dean for Faculty and Charles W. Ebersold and Florence Whitcomb Ebersold Professor of Constitutional Law at The Ohio State University Michael E. Moritz College of Law. No one said this would be easy. For decades, critics of partisan gerrymandering have been knocking on the U.S. Supreme Court’s door, seeking a ruling that extreme gerrymanders violate the U.S. Constitution. Even as the problem has worsened, the court has refused to open that door – though it hasn’t locked...
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When Is Too Old To Practice?

Is competence determined in the eyes of the beholder or in the eyes of the holder?
Tags: Law, Old People, Small Law Firms, Old Lady Lawyer, Jill Switzer

@F**kJerry And The Scourge Of Content Curation

This account, populated with little more than stolen jokes and third-party visual gags, may soon be in for a legal reckoning.
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Pentagon Sends Troops to Texas Border as Trump Again Raises Fears About Caravans

The Defense Department said Wednesday it sent about 250 troops to the southern border in Texas ahead of the arrival of a migrant caravan currently in Mexico. The deployment comes a day after President Donald Trump raised fears over “large, organized caravans” currently “on the march to the United States” in his annual State of…
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The Size Of Biglaw Partnership Classes Is Shrinking

Bad news if you're trying to go for that brass ring.
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Disability campaigners give to new emojis for 2019

Guide dogs, prosthetics and accessibility emojis welcomed by rights groupsFrom falafels to mischievous sloths, dozens of new emojis will bring greater diversity to messaging applications later this year, as the company behind the emojipedia responds to a number of campaigns.The introduction of image-based characters such as hearing aids, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and guide dogs will help redress the under-representation of disabled people on the emoji keyboard, while there will also be a wid...
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Minding The Generation Gap [Sponsored]

How different are the attitudes of the current crop of younger law firm associates from their older colleagues, really?
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Diagnosis: Ineligible

by Dennis Crouch Athena Diagnostics, Inc. v. Mayo Collaborative Services, LLC (Fed. Cir. 2019) There is a lot to unpack in this decision, and so this is just a small discussion of an important Federal Circuit opinion – DC Mayo is involved in another diagnostic method patent dispute — and again has come out on-top with a finding that the asserted patent claims are ineligible under 35 U.S.C. 101. That district court finding has now been affirmed on appeal, although subject to a strong dissent from...
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