Taxi Driver

The taxi cab sex, lies and videotape saga has resulted in a year and a day suspension from the Louisiana Supreme Court On April 6, 2012, respondent was a passenger in a taxi cab driven by Hervey Farrell. Respondent was... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Private Investigators: Asking a Private Investigator a Question

Is there a forum like this one to ask a private investigator a question?
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At the Purple Rat Café...

... I only want to see you laughing. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Progress and Potential: A profile of women inventors on U.S. patents

The following comes directly from the USPTO:  On February 11, 2019, the USPTO released “Progress and Potential: A profile of women inventors on U.S. patents,” a report on the trends and characteristics of U.S. women inventors named on U.S. patents granted from 1976 through 2016. The report shows that women still comprise a small minority of patent inventors. Further, it highlights the untapped potential of women to spur U.S. innovation. Women, like other under-represented groups, are among the “...
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The Bullies Of The Raleigh, North Carolina, SWAT Team

Reason: This week a North Carolina mom told the Raleigh City Council that police “terrorized” her parents and her 6-year-old special-needs son. A Selective Enforcement Unit (SEU) team—Raleigh’s version of SWAT—had a warrant to search Michael and Wanda Clark’s home last November. Michael’s nephew, Brian Clark, was a suspect in a recent armed robbery. Police found a box Brian had left at the scene of the crime with his uncle’s name and address on it, Indy Week reports. So they paid a visit to the ...
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Smith & Wesson: Reputation Among Gun Supporters Is Main Concern

Fox Business: Alienating firearms backers would “cause the greatest reputational and financial harm” to American Outdoors Brand Corp., the manufacturer disclosed in a federal filing on Friday “The one overriding factor mitigating the effectiveness of gun control groups to damage the reputations of those in the firearms business is the passion and strength of firearms owners in defending their rights at the ballot box, in the course of legislative debates, and in the marketplace,” Smith & Wesson...
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MoFo Gonna Handle It — See Also

REMEMBER, LT. GOV. DOESN'T PAY WELL: Justin Fairfax pays his bills with MoFo money, and MoFo is now investigating. AND BIGLAW MAKES A LOT OF MONEY: Like, pre-recession money. AND BIGLAW HAS BAD BOSSES TOO: The Amy Klobuchar "bad boss" stories seem like "normal Biglaw" stuff, actually. ON SETTLEMENT NEGOTIATIONS: They aren't always fair. GOOD LGBTQ LAWS: If the bad people have taken the courts, the good people are winning in the states.
Tags: Law, Amy Klobuchar, See Also, Justin Fairfax

CCTV could be made mandatory in taxis in England and Wales

Licensing law proposals also include more rigorous regime on driver background checksTaxis and minicab drivers in England and Wales could be forced to install CCTV in their vehicles under government proposals to tighten up licensing laws.Local authorities might also have to conduct enhanced criminal record and background checks on every driver. Continue reading...
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The Bottom Is Falling Out Of This Law School’s LSAT Scores

LSAT scores are way down at this law school.
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Federal Taxes: Non-Custodial Parent is Claiming Children on His Taxes

The mother of my stepchildren whom me and my husband share legal and primary custody of has claimed the kids for the past 3 years and again for 2018. They have not lived with her since 2015 yet the IRS still allows her to claim them. We've had to ammend our taxes every year and eventually get whats owed to us. My question is why is the IRS still allowing her to claim them after weve sent them proof every year that said kids have been living with us since 2015? What can we do? Can we sue in civi...
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Non Custodial Parent Claiming Children

The mother of my stepchildren whom me and my husband share legal and primary custody of has claimed the kids for the past 3 years and again for 2018. They have not lived with her since 2015 yet the IRS still allows her to claim them. We've had to ammend our taxes every year and eventually get whats owed to us. My question is why is the IRS still allowing her to claim them after weve sent them proof every year that said kids have been living with us since 2015? What can we do? Can we sue in civi...
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Fences and Walls: Retaining Wall and Fence Responsibilities

My question involves real estate located in the State of: California My question is trying to sort out who pays for a failing retaining wall. I had the help of a licensed qualified attorney help me prepare a Civil Code 841 Notice to my coterminous property owners to split the cost. I am the downhill neighbor. The prior fence was centered on top of the retaining wall. He wrote the notice to include the fence and the retaining wall. It is presumed the existing retaining wall and fence were c...
Tags: Law, California, Real Estate Ownership And Title

Immigrant Detainees Down Under

The concern that asylees are terrorists or active agents of mayhem is a red herring. 
Tags: Crime, Law, Australia, Asylum, Immigration, Toni Messina, Behrouz Boochani, Criminal Defense Attorneys

Driver's License Issues: Having Problems Getting Drivers License

We provide database registered drivers license and other documents for all countries [email protected] or Whats App +447459105406 for more info?
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Installing earlier software version that lacked license check feature triggered DMCA anticircumvention liability

EGS and DDS were in a dispute over the use of DDS’s software. [You can read about the copyright infringement claims here.] DDS claimed EGS had failed to pay license fees for its software. So DDS installed an update that would confirm the current license, and if the license was not up to date, would lock the program. In response, EGS elected to use a previously-licensed and older version of the software that did not contain the license check feature. Because of this, DDS claimed that EGS violated...
Tags: Law, Copyright, Dmca, Navistar, Navistar Inc, Egs, Eclipse Gaming Systems LLC, Antonucci, Anticircumvention, S Inquiry Management Systems Ltd, Berkshire Info Systems Inc, New Baltimore Garage Inc

Anthony Scaramucci On How To Get An A- In Law School

The Mooch v. Professor Tribe: Con Law edition.
Tags: Law, Grades, Law Schools, Harvard Law School, Laurence Tribe, Anthony Scaramucci, Mooch

Travelin' Man

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals agreed with its Board of Bar Examiners to decline admission without examination to an applicant The petitioner is a graduate of the Cumberland School of Law of Samford University. In November of 1988,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, Board of Bar Examiners, Cumberland School of Law of Samford University

Awful Advice On How To Show Companies That Your Law Firm Is ‘Diverse’

Pushing all minority associates into the same practice area isn't a good look.
Tags: Law, Racism, Biglaw, Quote Of The Day, Partner Issues, Minority Issues, Vivia Chen, Labor / Employment, Diversity and Inclusion

Matthew Whitaker Apparently Only Owns One Tie

It's so lucky he commits all his blunders in it.
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Mid- to Senior Level Corporate Associate Attorney [Sponsored]

Is needed by a global law firm for its Houston office.
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Court releases April calendar

The Supreme Court has released its calendar for the April sitting, which begins on April 15. Unlike the February and March sittings, which will feature only six and nine hours of argument, respectively, the April sitting is scheduled to have a full slate of 12 oral arguments – two on each of the six days of the sitting. The April sitting is perhaps most noteworthy for what it does not currently include: the challenge to the Trump administration’s decision to add a question about citizenship to t...
Tags: New York, Featured, Supreme Court, Law, California, United States, Davis, Wisconsin, Smith, United, Newton, Trump, Howe, Argus, McDonough, Brunetti

The Time For Legal Operations May Be Now

You know you need legal ops when you’re struggling, so pay attention to the struggles outlined here.
Tags: Law, In-House Counsel, Legal Operations, Olga V. Mack, Stephanie Corey

"A presidential candidate admitting to marijuana use is nothing new. That happened in 2004, 2008, and 2016."

"But I've never seen any presidential candidate other than Kamala Harris follow up that admission with this kind of argument for legalizing marijuana: 'I think that it gives a lot of people joy, and we need more joy.'"Writes my son John, on his blog, linking to "Kamala Harris says she smoked marijuana in college, calls for legalization" (ABC News).This reminds me of why I changed my mind about legalization in March 2015 as a result of reading something written by Paul Johnson about Henrik Ibsen:...
Tags: Law, Marijuana, Rome, Snapchat, John, Bob Marley, Henrik Ibsen, Kamala Harris, Blackface, Ibsen, Paul Johnson, Ann Althouse, Georg Pauli, ABC News This, Era of That's Not Funny

‘Good’ LGBTQ Laws Outpace ‘Bad’ Ones In 2018

With the courts making a regressive turn, we're going to have to do this the old fashioned way.
Tags: State Laws, Law, Government, Lgbtq, Human Rights Campaign

Acting AG Whitaker makes the case that "law enforcement works"

Today in Washington, DC, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker delivered these remarks to the National Sheriffs’ Association’s Winter Conference. The structure and specifics of what he had to say is quite similar to the message delivered by former AG Jeff Sessions in similar settings in years past, and here are notable excerpts speaking to federal enforcement efforts: In the last fiscal year, the Justice Department charged the greatest number of violent crime defendants since we started to t...
Tags: Law, Cdc, Washington, America, Fbi, Department Of Justice, Justice Department, Matthew Whitaker, Douglas A Berman, National Sheriffs ' Association, AG Jeff Sessions, AG Whitaker

Islamic State Militants Fight to Hold Onto Final Foothold in Eastern Syria

No one knows exactly how many fighters are holding out in the small territory
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Trump’s idiosyncratic boasts are actually properly presidential

Analysis of two centuries of POTUS oratory finds current commander-in-chief fits right in. Andrew Masterson reports.
Tags: Society, Trump, Andrew Masterson

User-programmed autonomous vehicles favour cooperation over competition

Ethical questions surrounding AV behaviour tend to resolve if owners make the decisions. Nick Carne reports.
Tags: Society, Nick Carne

To Text, Or Not To Text, Clients: An Ethical Question For A Technological Time

Take the pros and cons of text messaging seriously when it comes to your law practice.
Tags: Technology, Law, Legal Ethics, Client relationships, Text Messages, Tom Kulik

Advice Columnist Tells Pre-Law Student He’s Too Moronic For Law School

He already failed out of law school. Should he apply again?
Tags: Law, Law School, Law Schools, Law Students, Advice Columnists, Ask Amy

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