Cummins Inc. & National Society of Black Engineers Launch $1.5-Million STEM Program

Cummins Inc. and the National Society of Black Engineers Launch $1.5-Million STEM Diversity Program The Cummins-NSBE Integrated Pipeline Program Will Aid Engineering Students and Academic Institutions Cummins Inc. and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) have announced the start of their formal partnership in the Cummins-NSBE Integrated Pipeline Program (IPP). The Cummins-NSBE IPP, funded by a $1.48-million, five-year grant from Cummins, includes...
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What a hashtag coming yesterday from law blog pioneer, legal tech veteran and now law professor, Dennis Kennedy. Kennedy used the hashtag in a blog post as his solution to a growing problem legal professionals face when writing for third party publishers – #blogfirst. I’ve been rethinking my approach to publishing articles in publications. To my horror, I’ve seen links to hundreds of my old articles take people to “file not found” or other 404 pages. Other articles are now behind subscrip...
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Youjo Senki Anime Film Goes in Guns Blazing

The Kadokawa Anime YouTube channel published a 3-minute clip from the recently debuted Youjo Senki anime film showing Tanya and her squad tearing through enemy combatants with little effort. The movie officially opened in Japanese theaters on the 8th of February and earned approximately $906,285 in just the first five days. The clip has Tanya and […]
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At the Friday Café...

... you can talk all night. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Dining Room Depositions Are The Worst — See Also

The Hits Just Keep On Coming For MoFo: Now they're facing a lawsuit over alleged overbilling. How Many Times Has Your Mother Told You -- No Depos In The Dining Room! Especially when your family can't keep quiet. MOAR Law School Memes: For your reading enjoyment. When Law School Acceptances Turn To Rejections: One Dreamer's story. Rest In Peace, Cameron Schladenhauffen: A young Dechert associate dies by suicide.
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This Biglaw Firm Has Always Been Big In The Newspapers

The firm's roots go deep in the newspaper business.
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Business Finance: Mixed Personal/Business Assests in LLC Bank Account

My question involves business law in the state of: Arizona I've continuously (and stupidly) have mixed personal/business funds in my LLC bank account over the past year and i'm sure it would be more than enough to "Pierce the corporate veil" in the event I was sued. I've made personal purchases (small to large) and paid personal bills over the course of the past year. How do i go about reversing this? I'm not talking about 1 or 2 transactions, but multiple (100+). Am I better off creating a ...
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Celebrating The Life Of The Late Pauli Murray, Activist, NAACP Chief Counsel, And Her ‘Incurable Case of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’

Black History Month is not just a tribute to the past because discrimination is not just a memory of the past.
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Court will review census citizenship dispute this term

The Supreme Court’s 2018-2019 term will end with a bang. In a brief order issued after the justices’ private conference, the court announced this afternoon that it will review a challenge to the Trump administration’s decision to add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census. The court will take up the case and hear oral argument in the dispute – without following the normal procedure and waiting for a federal appeals court to weigh in first – in late April. The dispute centers on the Marc...
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Ring Of Disbarment

An Arizona Hearing Panel has ordered the disbarment of an attorney in a heavily-redacted report. AZ Central reported High-profile lawyer Scott Maasen tooled around in a Maserati when he wasn't buying million-dollar homes, leasing a beachfront condo or swearing to... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Inappropriate Physical Contact

A reprimand has been accepted by the Arizona Presiding Disciplinary Judge In December 2017, Mr. Foley had an initial consultation with a client in a bankruptcy matter. An attorney-client relationship was established at the consultation and immediately after the consultation,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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What's In A Nickname? A Reprimand

The Indiana Supreme Court has publicly reprimanded an attorney JB and KW committed various crimes, including burglary of a home. JB was arrested first and told police of KW’s involvement. Respondent was appointed as JB’s public defender. JB told Respondent... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Docu Beware: The Perils Of Vacation

The Illinois Administrator has charged an attorney with dishonest billing to clients for unperformed work Between April 2017 and September 2017, Respondent worked at the Carden & Sax law firm ("firm") in Chicago as a salaried associate attorney. During her... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Law Jobs For Humans . . . But For Which Humans?

A little bit more info on our Law Jobs for Humans Event, coming up in Chicago on April 24.
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Here's How Your Birthday Color Can Bring Harmony Into Your Home

Decorating our spaces with intention is a task that's easier dreamt about than done — at the end of the day we lack energy, direction, and inspiration for total home makeovers. But what if elevating our apartments was as easy as incorporating a single color? According to astrologer and metaphysician, Michele Bernhardt, it is. We chatted with the author of Colorstrology and mind behind its vibrant Pantone birthday calendar about just how we can (and should) use color to bring energy into our hom...
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"I thought this was perfect because she is Acquarius [the water-bearer]. What could be wrong?"

"Bill Graham told me [concert promoter] Michael Lang would be calling me about a poster for this festival they were calling the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. I had been doing a lot of rock stuff at the time. I just thought it was another one of those concerts. I had no reason to think otherwise."Said the artist David Edward Byrd — quoted in "Bethel Woods, Keeper of the Woodstock Grounds, Is Looking for a New Poster—With Help From the Artist Who Did the Fest’s Original/How peace, love and mu...
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Custody and Restraining Order Violations

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: ca. I will try to be concise I was "gaslighted "by my ex wife for 15 years At the end of which time she leveraged my deteriorating condition to take custody of my minor son as i had lost my job and was on the verge of losing my apt. Once my son was in her care , without legal custody she denied me any contact at all. She blocked all lines of communication other than her cell phone . She left my number unblocked to record my inc...
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ICYMI: Trump’s National Emergency Option Is Not A Legal Thing

Congress can stop it, the courts can stop it, it must be stopped.
Tags: Law, Congress, Government, Donald Trump, Trump, National Emergencies Act

Taunting/soothing, Trump tweets.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 15, 2019 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"When I came into office, I met right there in the Oval Office with President Obama. And I sat in those beautiful chairs."

Said Trump — WaPo transcript — who seemed to be flying high at the end of his Q&A session after his speech today. And we talked. It was supposed to be 15 minutes. As you know, it ended up being many times longer than that. And I said, "What's the biggest problem?" He said, "By far, North Korea." And I don't want to speak for him. But I believe he would have gone to war with North Korea. I think he was ready to go to war. In fact, he told me he was so close to starting a big war with North Korea....
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5 Diversity Action Items For Law Firms

Diversifying the legal profession literally requires changing the face of your workforce.
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Supreme Court Fast Tracks Census Case, Because They Already Know How They’re Going To Rule

Wilbur Ross's intellectually dishonest attempt to add a citizenship question to the Census will get Supreme Court review before the Census goes out.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Racism, Courts, Census, Wilbur Ross, Supreme Court Fast Tracks

Special Counsel's office files sentencing memorandum for Paul Manafort seemingly supporting guideline range of 235 to 293 months' imprisonment

As reported in this Politico article, headlined "Mueller: Manafort deserves 19.5 to 24.5 years in prison for Virginia convictions, Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed this submission "to address the sentencing of defendant Paul J. Manafort, Jr."  The Politico piece, along with lots of other press accounts, report that "Robert Mueller’s office recommended on Friday that Paul Manafort get up to 24-and-a-half years in prison for his conviction last summer for financial malfeasance."  But a careful...
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Subtitle of the Day.

Why Trump’s Going to Win on the National Emergency There’s one arena where the president always succeeds: getting the Republican Party to abandon its principles. By JEFF GREENFIELD   February 15, 2019 At Politico. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Younger Lawyers: Tell Us What You Think! [Sponsored]

Asking about younger lawyers' priorities, goals, and generational differences.
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Discovery: What Red Flags to Look For in a Response to Discovery for a Ticket

What red flags am I looking for? Also where can I find out when the officer filled my infraction with the court? Would this be on the discovery, citation, or where else?
Tags: Law, Moving Violations, Parking And Traffic Tickets

Discovery: Received My Rod (Request for Discovery) Now What Vancouver, Washington

What red flags am I looking for? Also where can I find out when the officer filled my infraction with the court? Would this be on the discovery, citation, or where else?
Tags: Law, Washington, Moving Violations, Parking And Traffic Tickets

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