The Case For The 20″-Barreled AR-15

American Rifleman: First, let’s look at the ballistics. The M16’s 20″ barrel has a 200-f.p.s. advantage over the 14.5″-barreled M4 when shooting M855 ammunition. In my testing, using Federal’s XM855 ammunition, a 20″ barrel recorded about a 150-f.p.s. advantage compared with a 16″ barrel, the common length for civilian carbines. For the carbine, that means about a 5 percent loss in velocity. The muzzle energy difference is about 125 ft.-lbs. or 10 percent. For reliability and durability data we ...
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Infant Who Survived Abortion Screamed For An Hour While Left Alone To Die

Life Site: The abortion industry doesn’t want to admit that babies can survive abortion. They call it a myth and pretend it doesn’t happen — but it does. And what happens when babies do survive abortions is chilling. Too often, the babies are left to die, with no comfort or compassion, but alone and cold and in pain. This is exactly what just happened in Poland, where a baby with Down syndrome was the victim of a botched abortion, and was then left to die, crying for nearly an hour while doctors...
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"President Donald Trump on Monday pleaded with Venezuela’s military to support opposition leader Juan Guaido..."

"... and issued a dire warning if they continue to stand with President Nicolas Maduro’s government. 'You will find no safe harbor, no easy exit and no way out. You will lose everything... We seek a peaceful transition of power, but all options are open.'... In remarks broadcast on state television, Maduro accused the U.S. president of speaking in an 'almost Nazi style' and lashed out at Trump for thinking he can deliver orders to Venezuela’s military. 'Who is the commander of the armed forces, ...
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Kamala Harris is terribly awkward when asked about Jussie Smollett.

She acts as though she doesn't remember what she tweeted, then, when reminded that she called it "an attempted modern-day lynching," she looks back (at 0:27) as if to seek help from somebody (perhaps that grim, frowning woman behind her), then turns forward again, says "sorry" and giggles. She giggled in response to the idea of lynching!Then she partly composes herself, lifts her eyebrows halfway up her forehead and says "ummm, uh, uh, okay" and otherwise stalls for 10 seconds before coming out ...
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Employer Forging Signatures

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: ca I’m not sure if this is tied to my work comp claim so I posted here. I received the internal file from the employer and I noticed that they forged my signature on several documents. They were too lazy to check the dates because some of those documents were signed after I was no longer working there. Is it to late to file a lawsuit. It’s been two years but I just saw these documents today.
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Non-Analogous Art — More than Simply Different

Obviousness is the central patentability doctrine.  Obvious innovations are not patentable. Instead, to be patentable, and invention must embody a substantial step beyond what was known in the prior art.  Unlike its more rigid brother-doctrine of anticipation, obviousness is flexible to its core.  This flexibility leaves the doctrine both powerful and subject to many lawyer arguments. A new petition for writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court asks two seemingly simple questions: In making reje...
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At Ratty's Café...

... I'm sure you've got plenty left to talk about.And stuff to buy at Amazon — through the Althouse Portal. I just bought an 8-pack of Tiny But Mighty popcorn. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Can Birth Mother Prevent Me from Visitation with My Stepson

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: California
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Custody and Visitation Issues: Can Birth Mother Prevent Me from Visitation with My Stepson

My question involves a child custody case from the State of:
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Huawei founder: US cannot crush technology firm

Ren Zhengfei hits back at criminal indictments he calls politically motivated The US cannot crush Huawei, the company’s founder has insisted, as he hit back against criminal indictments levelled at the firm and allegations that it poses a security threat.Washington has warned allies off using Huawei products in recent weeks. But Ren Zhengfei, whose daughter Meng Wanzhou – a fellow senior Huawei executive – is among those charged by US prosecutors, told the BBC on Monday that the firm would survi...
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The Tickfaw Area

The Louisiana Supreme Court has ordered judicial disqualification IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that Justice of the Peace Terri M. Crosby, Ward 6, Tangipahoa Parish, State of Louisiana, be and she hereby is disqualified from exercising any judicial function... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Gene therapy could treat rare brain disorder in unborn babies

Doctors could use Crispr tool to inject benign virus into foetus’s brain to ‘switch on’ key genesScientists are developing a radical form of gene therapy that could cure a devastating medical disorder by mending mutations in the brains of foetuses in the womb.The treatment, which has never been attempted before, would involve doctors injecting the feotus’s brain with a harmless virus that infects the neurons and delivers a suite of molecules that correct the genetic faults. Continue reading...
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Tenant Sending Multiple Harassing Text Message; Tells Landlord to Commit Suicide

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Kansas I am a landlord who rents two apartments to my ex of about 5 years; we broke up 11 months ago. They have a lease through the end of July 2019; it was an 2-year lease. They frequently (as recent as 3 weeks ago) send harassing texts and emails suggesting that I kill myself and offers ways that I should do it. I have bipolar depression and have had multiple suicide and self-harm events throughout the course of my life. My ex, of cour...
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Happy President's Day!

Today is President's Day, a day that celebrates the great chief executives of this country. While this day popularly honors Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, both who were born in February, many take this day to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of the many other presidents that have served the United States. While you may know most of them and their time spent in office, did you know that Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer before he was president? Or that Andrew Jackson had a pet parr...
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Legal Tech Conferences Need To Improve Diversity in Speakers and Panelists

I am becoming more and more cognizant of the diversity of legal conference panels – especially tech and innovation conferences.   Sadly, diversity when it comes to the inclusion of women on panels is lacking. This is particularly striking when many of the conferences are put on for large law professionals and in-house counsel, both of which come from organizations championing diversity  Eight years ago I chaired a couple conferences for PLI (Practising Law Institute). The first thing I r...
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Maintenance and Repair: Water from County Easement Dumping on Private Property

My question involves real estate located in the State of: Georgia There is a drain positioned on an easement between 2 properties, one which is mine. The drain is 5 ft on my property and 5 ft on neighboring property. The drain belongs to the county and is used to remove water from the neighborhood streets. This is where it gets interesting...The water upon exiting the pipe is coming in such a force it has changed directions, leaving the identified containment area and causing erosion to my prop...
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Doctor Says Cure for CWD Has Been Found

A doctor at LSU says a cure for CWD has been found. Is it legit, and will he get the support to make it happen?... Read more... The post Doctor Says Cure for CWD Has Been Found appeared first on
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"It’s the opposite of a prison. It is freedom. There’s no one in here but me. I can do whatever, whenever. Going outside is a prison. But this room — this room is clarity.”​

I'm reading "When 'Going Outside Is Prison': The World of American Hikikomori" (New York Magazine):For years, hikikomori was thought to be a “culture-bound syndrome” — something so specifically Japanese that it could never appear beyond its borders. That concept has since fallen out of favor, and now one researcher named Alan Teo believes that something similar is cropping up in the States...Mr. H. wore a leather jacket that reeked of cigarette smoke, had mangy hair, didn’t shower, and had long ...
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"A World of Steel-Eyed Death': An Empirical Evaluation of the Failure of the Strickland Standard to Ensure Adequate Counsel to Defendants with Mental Disabilities Facing the Death Penalty"

The title of this post is the title of this new article now available via SSRN authored by Michael Perlin, Talia Roitberg Harmon and Sarah Chatt. Here is its abstract: Anyone who has been involved with death penalty litigation in the past four decades knows that one of the most scandalous aspects of that process — in many ways, the most scandalous — is the inadequacy of counsel so often provided to defendants facing execution.  By now, virtually anyone with even a passing interest is well verse...
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"Local authorities in southern China are investigating a popular coconut milk brand for once again claiming the drink would enhance women’s breasts...."

Sixth Tone reports.Coconut Palm...  has often attracted eyeballs and ire because of its sexist advertisements and provocative packaging claiming their coconut concoction makes women “curvier” and gives them “bigger breasts.”...The drink’s latest advertisement has also angered its loyal consumers, with many calling it “obscene” and “tasteless.” The latest social media furor comes two years after Coconut Palm was attacked for a similar advertisement, which also claimed its product could enhance a ...
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Cause Of Death

The Wyoming Supreme Court explains the historical role of a coroner in holding that it lacked subject matter jurisdiction over a report finding cause of death Coroners originated in England around 1194. Id. at 280. They were, at that time,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Do you know how to spot an employee at risk for violence?

Early Friday afternoon, Henry Pratt Co. informed one of its employees, Gary Martin, of his termination. Shortly thereafter, he opened fire with a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson, killing five of his co-workers and wounding five police officers. Martin himself was the sixth casualty, killed in a shootout with police. After the news of this tragedy broke, reports surfaced of Martin's history of violence—six prior arrests by the local police department for domestic violence, and a decades-old felony con...
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"Suppose that instead of one shepherd boy, there are a few dozen. They are tired of the villagers dismissing their complaints about less threatening creatures..."

"... like stray dogs and coyotes. One of them proposes a plan: they will start using the word 'wolf' to refer to all menacing animals. They agree and the new usage catches on. For a while, the villagers are indeed more responsive to their complaints. The plan backfires, however, when a real wolf arrives and cries of 'Wolf!' fail to trigger the alarm they once did. What the boys in the story do with the word 'wolf,' modern intellectuals do with words like 'violence.' When ordinary people think of...
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Filed Too Late

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has affirmed the dismissal of a suit for legal fees on statute of limitations grounds. An attorney had left the plaintiff law firm and taken the case with him Grace, then an employee of HLO,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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'Air Cocaine' drug-trafficking trial begins in France

Two former military pilots, a customs officer and celebrity bodyguard among the accusedSitting on the tarmac at Punta Cana international airport in the Dominican Republic, the private plane was set to take off for an overnight flight to Saint-Tropez in France when police swooped.Inside the aircraft, a Dassault Falcon 50, officers found four Frenchmen – two pilots and two passengers – along with 680 kilos of cocaine, with an estimated street value of €20 (£17.5m), in 26 battered suitcases. Contin...
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"Can anyone topple Soglin?"

Are you voting in the mayoral primary in Madison tomorrow? [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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For ALT, Its Second Conference Was A Reckoning

In 2017, a group of longtime and prominent members of the International Legal Technology Association, unhappy with the association’s direction, broke off and formed an alternative, the Association of Legal Technologists. At the time, nQueue CEO Rick Hellers, who spearheaded the split, wrote on LinkedIn that he and others were concerned about ILTA’s overall direction and the “widening gap between the organization’s core values and the actions of its leadership.” In February 2018, ALT held its fir...
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For ALT, It’s Second Conference Was A Reckoning

In 2017, a group of longtime and prominent members of the International Legal Technology Association, unhappy with the association’s direction, broke off and formed an alternative, the Association of Legal Technologists. At the time, nQueue CEO Rick Hellers, who spearheaded the split, wrote on LinkedIn that he and others were concerned about ILTA’s overall direction and the “widening gap between the organization’s core values and the actions of its leadership.” In February 2018, ALT held its fir...
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"Alex's partner was the first woman jailed for coercive and controlling behaviour in the UK. Now he's trying to fight the stigma around male domestic abuse."

BBC reports. Excerpt:She started to deny me food, which meant I lost a lot of weight. I’d try and challenge her behaviour, but she’d turn it on me and find a way to make me the problem. I’d know it wasn’t my fault, but she’d keep convincing me. You end up thinking, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ Then you do something differently and they moan at you for being different. When she was telling me, "I don’t like the colour grey," or "I don’t like those shoes," I’d think, "Okay, I won’t wear them," because...
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"Muthana describes her experience with Isis as 'very mind-blowing.' 'It was like a movie. You read one book and think you know everything.'"

"I’m really traumatised by my experience. We starved and we literally ate grass.”From "Hoda Muthana 'deeply regrets' joining Isis and wants to return home/Exclusive: Muthana is the only American among 1,500 foreign women and children at a Syrian refugee camp" (The Guardian). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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