To Permit Murder When One Could Have Prevented It Is Morally Wrong

On my various travels, I crossed paths with this quote. “…to permit murder when one could have prevented it is morally wrong. To allow a rape when one could have hindered it is an evil. To watch an act of cruelty to children without trying to intervene is morally inexcusable. In brief, not resisting evil is an evil of omission, and an evil of omission can be just as evil as an evil of commission. Any man who refuses to protect his wife and children against a violent intruder fails them morally” ...
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Can Garnished Child Support Expire

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Indiana and Kentucky My son's father has had a garnishment order in place for 4 years. Since then i have regularly recieved payments. My son and I live in Indiana andhis father lives in Kentucky. His employer is also in Kentucky. I have not received child support in 3 weeks (paid weekly). He is still seeing the deductions on his weekly checks.He has not switched jobs. The ISCCU states they has not recieved a payment from his employe...
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Tenants in Common

My question involves real estate located in the State of: California Two people are gifted a property as tenants in common. No other direction or instruction within the text as to who pays what. In such a situation does the document default to existing california tenancy law re who pays what? I read on the internet that each party is responsible for taxes, insurance and major expenses up the the precentage interest they each have in the property. However, I cannot find the law or statute that ...
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At Little Tiny's Café...

... there's room enough for you. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Termination: Can I Petition to Remove a Dismissed Dvtro from My Record

My question involves restraining orders in the State of: California Synopsis, followed by a question: Almost eight years ago, I was separated from my wife of a long marriage. After a year of trying to work things out, I thought the best thing would be to move back and prove to her our marriage could work. She protested, wanting me to stay living across town, but still to be able to use my credit card, manage the checkbooks and live in the house by herself. I told her the house is mine as well b...
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#GOTM - Tactical Concelled Carry Waist Pack:Product Breakdown Video

A wise man once said "you can never have to much information" and we at Rothco take that very seriously when it comes to distributing information about our products. Below we would like to share a product breakdown video for our #GOTM, The Tactical Concealed Carry Waist Pack. The waist pack, or fanny pack, whichever term works best for you, is a very unique addition to our concealed carry line allowing users to carry their small to medium size handguns in a compact way. Check out the video be...
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When Getting Bonus News Isn’t A Good Thing — See Also

Cooley Revamps Their Bonus Policy: Attorneys taking parental leave wind up on the bottom. We're All About To Get Learned On The National Emergencies Act: A primer. The Jussie Smollet Debacle Doesn't Change Some Things: What the case really means for the Chicago Police Department. All Aboard The GRE Express: Next stop, Penn State. Turning A Decision Into Art Work: Another milestone for the cultural significance of RBG.
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A New Proposal To Ensure That Going To Law School Actually Helps You Get A Job

That's one way to crack down on accreditation standards.
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Decarceration, police accountability, transparency: Little bills worth watching

Much attention at the Texas Legislature gets paid to a handful of Big Bills in the criminal-justice world like bail reform, driver-surcharge abolition, and enacting a constitutional standard for executing people with serious mental illness or developmental disabilities. But thousands of bills get filed, including lots of smaller ones that merit attention and potential support from justice reformers. Here are just a few that caught Grits' eye in the last couple of days. In the coming weeks I'll p...
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RBG’s Words Are A Literal Work Of Art

A true legal fan is going to snap this up.
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For ALT, Its Second Conference Was A Reckoning

The viability of the organization is now in question.
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Avoid These SEO Mistakes to Improve Your Law Firm’s Search Ranking [Infographic]

Getting on the first page of Google is every law firm marketer’s mission.  That’s because current research shows that most people — 94%! — won’t look beyond the first page of their Google search results.  So acquiring that piece of rare real estate is key if you want to build a strong online presence for your law firm. Competition is fierce in the legal category and you need to use every weapon available to fight your way to the first page. Many of these are technical issues that are easily reme...
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Benchmade Knives Hops In Bed With Gun Control

I stumbled on this via reddit/firearms, but David Codrea has a number of links as well.  Look at what the boys at reddit have dug up. You can Google Darlene Hooley and see here love for gun control and the Brady Center’s love for her.  So how did this all come up ? Here’s their reply to the kerfuffle. Not good enough.  Traitors. I don’t own any Benchmade knives, and never will.  There are too many good companies out there (Ka-Bar, CRKT, etc.) to give my money to traitors. How about you?
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"Zion Williamson’s foot exploded through the side of his sneaker in the opening minute of Duke’s game against North Carolina, causing a knee injury that ended his night — and potentially the rest of his college basketball season."

"What shoe was it, anyway? It was the Nike PG 2.5.," says SB Nation.“The PG 2.5 is designed for the game’s most versatile players. It’s light yet strong, with a supportive strap and comfortable cushioning that responds to every fast, focused step,” reads a description on Nike’s website....Are the PG 2.5 built for a player like Williamson? Not really. The simple answer is that they’re built for Paul George, a slimmer, lighter athlete who is nearly as tall as Williamson, but weighs 65 fewer pounds...
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"Juvenile Life Without Parole in North Carolina"

The title of this post is the title of this new paper available via SSRN and authored by Ben Finholt, Brandon Garrett, Karima Modjadidi and Kristen Renberg.  Here is its abstract: Life without parole is “an especially harsh punishment for a juvenile,” and as the U.S. Supreme Court noted in Graham v. Florida.  The United States is the only country in the world that imposes juvenile life without parole sentences. Many of these individuals were sentenced during a surge in LWOP sentences in the 199...
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The Military Is Cracking Down on Immigrant Recruits. But Advocates Say It’s Ignoring a White Nationalism Problem

Civil rights advocates say the arrest of a Coast Guard lieutenant charged with planning a massive domestic terrorist attack show the military has allowed a problem with white nationalism in the ranks to fester while it focused on aggressively vetting immigrants. Since 2017, branches of the U.S. military have boosted background checks on immigrant recruits,…
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Guardianship: Guardianship Objections

My question involves a person located in the state of:Ohio. I have a hearing for guardianship of my 18 year old autistic son. His biological father was not notified of the hearing because he lives out of state, but he will be notified once the hearing is over and I am granted guardianship. The court told me that his father could file an objection to the decision. I feel like I shouldn't be overly concerned even if he does because he's had no contact with him for 4 years and there is also a domes...
Tags: Law, Ohio, Disability and Elder Law

Sync: Finding Industry Partners

Tips to consider when considering vendor partnerships.
Tags: Technology, Law

Law School Without The LSAT? Another Law School Tests The GRE Waters

The LSAT's death grip on law school admissions is slipping.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, GRE, LSAT, Penn State Law

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson speaks about the Jussie Smollett case.

ADDED:I mashed up the CPD superintendent's press conference with Smollett's trainwreck ABC interview— David Rutz (@DavidRutz) February 21, 2019 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Law, Abc, Police, Fake, Chicago Police, Jussie Smollett, CPD, Eddie Johnson, Smollett, Ann Althouse, Racial Politics, David Rutz

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Public to hold public briefing on "Women in Prison: Seeking Justice Behind Bars"

As detailed in this press release, "On Friday, February 22, in Washington, DC, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will hold a public briefing to evaluate civil rights of women in prison, including deprivations of women’s medical needs that may violate the constitutional requirement to provide adequate medical care for all prisoners; implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act; and the sufficiency of programs to meet women’s needs after release."  Here is more: The Commission will examine...
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Lessons to Learn? Federal Circuit Disqualifies Firm Adverse to Members of Corporate Family of a Client

By David Hricik, Mercer Law School In an order granting motions to disqualify — rather than analyzing with discretion a decision of a district court — the Federal Circuit disqualified Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP (“KM”) from representing parties in appeals styled Dr. Falk Pharma GMBH v. Salix Pharma. Int’l., Inc. and Salix Pharma., Inc. v. Mylan Pharma., Inc., available here. The case involves a number of issues, some of which are obscured by discussion of agreements that, in large measure, turned...
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Jussie Smollett’s Lies Will Not Make Me Trust Law Enforcement

If cops want me to withhold judgement until all the facts are out, they have to police their own house first.
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Unusual Stop Sign Ticket

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Pennsylvania. The Officer charged me with "Failing to stay stopped at a clearly posted stop sign" u mm mm is this a failing to yield citation? Or what? There was no accident. I was not even close to being in one. Although in my rearview mirror I saw the officer nearly collide w another vehicle. It was at a T intersection w 2 stop signs at the top of the T. Vehicles coming up the hill ( bottom of T) had no stop sign. I was at the left s...
Tags: Law, Pennsylvania, Moving Violations, Parking And Traffic Tickets

From Lawyer To Legal Tech

An interview with Tom Livne, CEO Of Verbit, AI-driven Transcription
Tags: Technology, Law, Solo Practitioners, Small Law Firms, Verbit, Tom Livne

Heresy: Electronic Research Company Fastcase Publishes Book — In Print

Yes, my title is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. But it is notable nevertheless that Fastcase, a company that has helped pioneer the field of affordable electronic legal research, today announced the release of a new book, its first in print. It was two years ago that Fastcase launched a legal publishing arm, called Full Court Press, with the mission to produce law journals, legal treatises, deskbooks, and other legal resources. Its first publication was RAIL: The Journal of Robotics, Artificial In...
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"The [Mueller] report is unlikely to be a dictionary-thick tome, which will disappoint some observers. But such brevity is not necessarily good news for the president."

"In fact, quite the opposite," writes Neal K. Katyal (who was Obama's acting solicitor) in the NYT.A concise Mueller report might act as a “road map” to investigation for the Democratic House of Representatives — and it might also lead to further criminal investigation by other prosecutors. A short Mueller report would mark the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end.The report is unlikely to be lengthy by design: The special counsel regulations, which I had the privilege of drafting ...
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Recap of the California Assembly Hearing on the California Consumer Privacy Act

Yesterday, the California Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection held a hearing on the California Consumer Privacy Act. I believe this is the first legislative hearing ever on the law. The initial passage took place in a frenetic week, too short to notice a hearing; and I don’t believe there was a hearing for the technical amendments bill. About 100 people attended. Legislator attendance was so-so. Only 3 legislators stayed most of the time; and by the end, only Rep. Chau (the ch...
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