How to compare the GRE and the LSAT?

With more than three dozen law schools now accepting the GRE for admissions purposes, this question is no doubt on the agenda at many schools... [Author: Brian Leiter]
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Transgender Troops Tell Congress That They Excel in the Military

The Trump administration's attempt to ban transgender individuals from the military is currently blocked by litigation.
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Idaho Open Carry “Tiff”

News from Idaho: BOISE — A freshman Idaho lawmaker, who introduced a controversial guns-in-schools bill Tuesday, is speaking out against a Boise restaurant after he and fellow members of the Three Percenters group were chided for open-carrying guns there. Rep. Chad Christensen, R-Ammon, said he was in a group of five people eating at Bacon when owner John Berryhill told them their firearms were making customers and staff nervous, according to his Facebook post Saturday. He said Berryhill ...
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Appeal Filed After Judge Rules For Bump Stock Ban

David Codrea: “Codrea also asserts that the bump stock rule violates the Takings Clause because it fails to provide compensation to current bump stock owners who must destroy or abandon their property. Regardless of the merits of Codrea’s takings challenge, however, it does not justify preliminary injunctive relief.” Just because she says so, and she has all the power. Where we stand now is unless the D.C. Appeals Court grants the appeal with expedited treatment, on March 26 I and others will be...
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Sites Gaming Popular Indonesia

Good news untuk kalian semua para pecinta game idnplay poker online, karena telah hadir situs poker online resmi 2019 namely ovopokeridn. Poker online uang asli merupakan salah satu jenis permainan kartu paling populer di kalangan masyarakat Indonesia. Dimana saat ini, bermain idn poker sudah sangat mudah dimainkan secara online dengan cara bergabung di website agen poker online terpercaya Dalam bermain di situs agen poker idnplay terpercaya 2019, tentunya permainan akan berlangsung secara fai...
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Opinion analysis: Justices hold that international organizations do not have near-complete immunity

The Supreme Court today ruled that, just like foreign countries, international organizations such as the World Bank can be sued in U.S. courts when they are acting as private players in the market. But although the decision was a welcome one for human-rights groups, the justices made clear that the courthouse doors may not necessarily be wide open to lawsuits against international organizations. The defendant in the case that the justices decided today was the International Finance Corporation...
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Matt Vespa On Red Flag Laws I think there are areas where we can find agreement, like extreme risk protection orders IF THEY’RE DON (sic) RIGHT, but this will also take time to get the language right to ensure people’s rights aren’t trampled, which is absent in the liberal process. It’s hard to discuss this with people whose sole goal concerning gun control is expanding government power. Then again, what else is new when dealing with Democrats. This is surprising coming from Matt Vespa, who is usually a fairl...
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Ip Clause in Employment Contract

I am about to sign a contract of employment with a Uk company based in my own country. My job requires me to create IP works and assets involving existing IP that is owned by said company. However, before I sign the contract, there's an employment clause that I am unsure of how to interpret so I would like to ask experts in this forum about it. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 12) Intellectual Property: If you, either alone or in conjunction with any oth...
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At the Wednesday Night Café...

... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Local Taxes: Property Tax Increase Classified As 401 Residential Improved for Multiple Years

Hello Everyone, My property tax issue is in the state of Michigan. I received a letter showing my taxable value is increasing this year from $62,719 to $71,224 (more than the allowable 1.024 inflation rate) for a substantial property tax increase. It says, this property is classified as 401 (Residential Improved), prior years classification was also 401 (Residential Improved). A little background: In 2014 we had a tornado that caused significant property damage to the exterior of my home, de...
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"Ann has taken note of our travails here in the Madison school district because it resonates nationally."

"Madison is by no means the only town in thrall to identity politics and its culture of victimhood. But we’ve got an especially toxic case," writes David Blaska (who's running for the school board here in Madison).As of this writing 24 hours later, Ann’s post had generated 149 comments. We excerpt from that commentary here....Go to the link to see which Althouse commenters got front-paged chez Dave. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Terrific new Yale Law Journal collection: "Critical Voices on Criminal Justice: Essays from Directly Affected Authors,"

The Yale Law Journal has this terrific new collection of papers under the banner "Critical Voices on Criminal Justice: Essays from Directly Affected Authors." Here is how the collection is introduced and titles with links: People who have experienced incarceration have unique insights into the criminal system—insights that are often missing from legal scholarship and criminal justice policy. This Collection begins to bridge that gap. Reginald Dwayne Betts, "What Break Do Children Deserve? Juven...
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Hikma Case Set for Supreme Court Consideration

by Dennis Crouch Hikma Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. v. Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Supreme Court 2019) Briefing is now complete in this important eligibility case pending before the Supreme Court. Hikma’s petition presents the following question: Whether patents that claim a method of medically treating a patient automatically satisfy Section 101 of the Patent Act, even if they apply a natural law using only routine and conventional steps Hickma’s question clearly mischaracterizes the Federal Circui...
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Hampshire pub left derelict four years ago named best in UK

Camra awards Wonston Arms pub of the year after landlord left job in marketing to save itA small pub in Hampshire saved from closure by the community four years ago has been named pub of the year, with the landlord saying he was “flabbergasted his little pub has beaten off the big boys”.The Wonston Arms, which looked likely to be lost to developers, won the prize at the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) awards 2019. Continue reading...
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Hours: Implementing New Hours of Work; Union Shop

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: WI Work at a small(30) union shop where contract specifies three eight hour shifts Monday through Friday, 1st 7-3, 2nd 3-11, and 3rd 11-7. New contract signed in Oct., 2018 with above hours clearly stated. Company has since eliminated 3rd shift, and wants to implement a four day ten hour shift rotation, but only for 2nd shift. As this is a unilateral change that only applies to one shift, I feel it violates the contract and shoul...
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Solicitation of Prostitution - the Robert Kraft Situation

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida Robert Kraft and others were recently charged with solicitation of prostitution in a prostitution sting in south Florida. While I don't know the precise details, I can go by what I've heard through the news media. Kraft is alleged to have entered an establishment which from all outward appearances is a massage spa (or parlor). Kraft allegedly went inside the lobby area and paid an amount of somewhere from $59 to $79 at the reception...
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Biglaw Bonuses Don’t Always Wow — See Also

Bonus News Isn't Always Good News: Seyfarth's new structure isn't exciting. This Is Utterly Unsurprising: Harvey Weinstein's disrespect for women applies to lawyers too. Better Late Than Never: Paul Hastings will pay associates, eventually. Senior Law Partner Takes Associates To A Sex Show: Breaking Down Michael Cohen's Opening Statement: But don't expect the GOP to do anything about it.
Tags: Law, Gop, Harvey Weinstein, Michael Cohen, Seyfarth, Paul Hastings, Better Late Than Never, See Also

Argument analysis: Peace cross appears safe, if not stable

For nearly a century, a 40-foot-tall stone and concrete cross has stood on a traffic median in the Washington, D.C., suburbs, just a few miles from the Supreme Court. But seven years ago, a group of local residents filed a lawsuit seeking to have the cross removed. They argue that the presence of the cross on public land violates the Constitution, which bars the government from establishing an official religion and favoring one religion over another. The state of Maryland, which owns and maintai...
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5 Tips to Leverage Your Law Firm Blog for Better SEO

As a constant source of fresh content, your law firm blog is a great tool for building your online authority and boosting your SEO. Research shows that blogs consistently deliver the goods in terms of more traffic to your website, more leads, and higher ranking in search engine results pages. But could you be doing more? Could you think more strategically about how to squeeze every bit of potential good from your blog? Of course you could! Here are five tips to get you started: #1: Don’t just fo...
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Fox hit with $179m (including $128m in punitive damages) judgment over shady bookkeeping on "Bones"

Fox has been ordered to pay $179m to profit participants on the longrunning TV show Bones; the judgment includes $128m in punitive damages because the aribitrator that heard the case found that Fox had concealed the show's true earnings and its execs had lied under oath to keep the profit participants from getting their share of the take. The arbitrator singled out Fox execs Dana Walden, Gary Newman and Peter Rice for "giving false testimony to conceal their wrongful acts." The suit turned...
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The Tyranny Of Fair Use (Part II): One Person’s Outsized Impact On Copyright Law

Fair use in copyright wasn't always so 'transformative' until this law review article was published.
Tags: Law, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Fair Use, Pierre Leval, Scott Alan Burroughs

Life-Changing Alterations Lead To Favorable Reinstatement Recommendation

A Louisiana Hearing Committee recommends that reinstatement be granted to a petitioner who had been suspended for 18 months The Applicant was suspended for a period of eighteen (18) months by order of the Louisiana Supreme Court effective June 10,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Louisiana Supreme Court, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, Louisiana Hearing Committee

Senate Committee Panel Puts Drug Industry CEOs On Defensive Over Pricing

The Senate Finance Committee grilled executives from seven of the biggest drugmakers about the dramatic rise in drug costs.
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Social Security Issues: Denied Request for Reconsideration After Receiving SSI for a Few Years

Hi so I just appealed and requested a hearing with an administrative law judge. I wanted to know my options to make sure I don't lose this one. Can I get an attorney at this point or is there something else I can do?
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You ‘Couldn’t Find Anyone’ To Diversify Your Panel? Sell That Bridge To Someone Else

How are lawyers still so tone deaf and clueless about the need for diversity in the profession?
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No Will, Minor Children, No Spouse. Who Controls Assets Pending Probate

My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Ohio The individual who died was a single, never-married father of two. There is no will or trust. The two biological children have different mothers. The two biological children are minors. Following the death, the deceased's father (in cooperation with the deceased's biological siblings) has assumed control over the deceased's single-family home and assets inside. By "assuming control," I mean the father has: acquired the keys to th...
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Goldman Upgrades Potential 1MDB Fine To ‘World Of Pain’

It’s gonna take a lot of suitcases filled with soiled underwear to stand in for $2 billion.
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