Reasonably Suspicious podcast: Harris commissioners nixed DA hiring request, and other stories

The Harris County District Attorney can't hire more prosecutors, the Houston PD can't find the informant behind a botched SWAT-style narcotics raid, and the chairman of the House Corrections Committee can't understand why local government spends so much money jailing people. My co-host Mandy "Tiger" Marzullo and I discussed all this and more in the better-late-than-never February episode of the Reasonably Suspicious podcast:Here's what we discussed on the show this month: Top Stories Harris Co...
Tags: Law, Houston, Chris Harris, HARRIS, DPS, Harris County, James White, Gritsforbreakfast, House Corrections Committee, Houston PD, Mandy Tiger Marzullo, Interview House Corrections Committee

Out-Of-Round .45 ACP Casings

Recall I said I had some range time, including with the CMMG PSB .45 ACP? I kept some of the brass and noticed something for the second time I shot this particular firearm.  Some of the brass has burn marks down one side, like this. That brass is Federal .45 ACP.  Some of the brass if clean and well-rounded. That brass is from Double Tap 450 SMC. Other .45 ACP ammunition I shot didn’t have the burn mark.  I looked more closely at the Federal brass, and noticed what I think is ovality, even to ...
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Gun Laws Manifest Ongoing Polarization Of America

It’s obvious to everyone that there is an ongoing polarization in America, in fact with increasing speed and ferocity.  In New York the claim by gun owners has routinely been that NYC is NYC, and upsate is a different beast.  They honor their gun rights around those parts.  I wonder how this will affect them? Family members, school administrators and law enforcement officials can seek to get guns confiscated from people deemed by courts to be an “extreme risk” to themselves or others, under legi...
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Court: Pepcid Complete Generic Does not Provide “Immediate Relief” and Therefore Does not Infringe

by Dennis Crouch This case provides an example of the all-elements-rule of infringement.  Here, the patentee failed to prove that the accused infringer each-and-every element of the claimed invention.  Here, the failed element was providing “immediate relief” after administration of the generic Pepcid Complete   Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Inc., v. Perrigo Company (Fed. Cir. 2019) (non-precedential) Brigham’s U.S. Patent 5,229,137 covers a method of treating heartburn using H2-blockers and antac...
Tags: Law, Massachusetts, Patent, Johnson Johnson, Brigham, Wolfe, Perrigo, Federal Circuit, Dennis Crouch, ANDA, Orange Book, Pepcid Complete Brigham Women 's Hospital Inc, Perrigo Company Fed, Pepcid Complete However, FDA Orange Book, Pepcid Complete

At the Manhole Rat Café...

... what does it take to get out of here?(Please consider using the Althouse Portal to Amazon.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Survey Results: Immunity for State Owned Patents

Bottom line: Patently-O readers overwhelmingly feel that patents owned by state universities should not be immune from validity challenges.
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Japanese Military Attacked For “Sexual Harassment” Strike Witches Panchira Recruiting Ad

Japan’s armed forces have been harried over a recent Strike Witches recruitment ad, with the usual low-T losers taking umbrage at a Hikari Karibuchi and Yoshika Miyafuji panchira shot featuring so prominently – going so far as to denounce it as “sexual harassment”. The Japanese Self-Defense Force’s collaboration with Strike Witches may have become the […]
Tags: Japan, Politics, Marketing, Military, Feminism, Anime, Strike Witches, JSDF, Hikari Karibuchi, Yoshika Miyafuji

So, Michael Cohen Is In The News — See Also

Law Firm Allegedly Lost Almost $1 Million: And their Chief Technology Officer has been indicted as a result. Ready To Be A Billing Machine? That'll only get you a market bonus at Venable. What's Your Take Away On The Michael Cohen Testimony? And will it even matter? More Potential Trouble For Michael Cohen: This time over his Novartis relationship.
Tags: Law, Novartis, Michael Cohen, See Also

Traffic Accidents: Unusual Accident - Need Suggestions

Accident occurred in the state of: MA I posted in a wrong section and do not how to delete it. I think this is the right place to post my case. Hi Everyone, I had a accident in MA during peak traffic time yesterday morning and we just exchanged insurance without calling police. I tried to turn left from main street to a side street when the first three cars (turning lights were off) in the other direction let me turn. Unfortunately, another car did not stop in line but quickly passing on the...
Tags: Law, Accidents and Injuries

Traffic Accidents: Noc vs Noi

Can someone explain what NOC and NOI are? NOC is "Notice of Claim" and NOI is "Notice of Intent?" All I know is that attorneys sometimes record the dates of each. If there are documents that go along with these, can someone point me in the right direction?
Tags: Law, Accidents and Injuries, NOC

Determination of Fault: Unusual Accident - Need Suggestions

Hi Everyone, I had a accident in MA during peak traffic time yesterday morning and we just exchanged insurance without calling police. I tried to turn left from main street to a side street when the first three cars (turning lights were off) in the other direction let me turn. Unfortunately, another car did not stop in line but quickly passing on the right of those three cars and hit my front bumper. The insurance company (both has the same company) determined its my 100% responsibility for th...
Tags: Law, Moving Violations, Parking And Traffic Tickets

Different kinds of loneliness – Having poor quality relationships is associated with greater distress than having too few

Loneliness not only feels bad, experts have characterised it as a disease that increases the risk of a range of physical and psychological disorders. Some national prevalence estimates for loneliness are alarming. Although they can be as low as 4.4 per cent (in Azerbaijan), in other countries (such as Denmark) as many as 20 per cent of adults report being either moderately or severely lonely. However, there's no established way of identifying loneliness. Most diagnostic methods treat it as a one...
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At least nine babies held in Ice detention in Texas

Legal complaint warns of ‘alarming increase’ in child detentionHonduran mothers say children are unwell and have lost weightAt least nine infants under the age of one are being held in a Texas immigrant detention facility, according to a complaint filed Thursday with the US Department of Homeland Security that warned of an “alarming increase” in how many infants are detained. Related: The walls fall: prototypes for Trump's southern border barrier come down Continue reading...
Tags: Texas, Human Rights, Law, Americas, World news, US news, US immigration, Honduras, Trump, US Department of Homeland Security

The Law School Students Who Lose Their Scholarships

Fewer students are losing their scholarships now than in 2011.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Trivia Question of the Day

"... the man before him was not an aging father but a boy, a boy much like himself..."

Time to roll out another passage from Tom Wolfe's "Bonfire of the Vanities," which some of you are reading along with me. Here's a little something from 66% of the way through the book, in a scene where our main character Sherman McCoy is revealing his impending arrest to his father:And in that moment Sherman made the terrible discovery that men make about their fathers sooner or later. For the first time he realized that the man before him was not an aging father but a boy, a boy much like hims...
Tags: Law, Fathers, Sherman, Tom Wolfe, Sherman McCoy, Ann Althouse, the Bonfire project

"While few would describe any of the blogs as 'freewheeling,' there is a stronger culture of risk-taking in blogs than in more traditional venues for publishing scholarship."

"Several of the faculty members use the blogs as a teaching tool, and students often contribute substantive analytical posts. Students learn from the feedback they get not just from their classmates and professor, but from outside readers as well. While the arguments in blogs may start out less formed than those in a journal article or op-ed, the ensuing discussion can help sharpen salient points, advance conversation and open up alternative points of view."From "Harvard Law Faculty Use Blogs To...
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Space: How To Find Office Space For Your LegalTech Startup

Some things to keep in mind when considering office spaces for your legal technology startup.
Tags: Law, Evolve the Law, LegalTech Startup

Intervention For Daughter Gets Judge Suspended

Dan Trevas reports a decision of the Ohio Supreme Court A former Scioto County Common Pleas Court judge was suspended from the practice of law for six months by the Ohio Supreme Court today for attempting to influence an Ohio... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Ohio, Ohio Supreme Court, Legal Profession Prof, Dan Trevas, Judicial Ethics and the Courts, Scioto County Common Pleas Court

Master Of The House

The Nevada Supreme Court denied a writ of prohibition sought bt a hearing master Henry is a hearing master for the family courts in the Eighth Judicial District Court (EJDC) of Nevada. On October 10, 2016, Henry presided over a... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, House, Nevada, Henry, Nevada Supreme Court, Legal Profession Prof, Judicial Ethics and the Courts, Eighth Judicial District Court EJDC

Suspended For "Derogatory Statements" And "Express[ing] Opinion Of Possible [Judicial] Corruption"

A two-year suspension from the Mississippi Supreme Court was imposed as reciprocal discipline Thomas is a resident of Texas and is a member of the Mississippi Bar. Brent Coon, the Texas firm that employs Thomas, represented over ten thousand BP-Gulf-oil-spill... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Texas, Law, Thomas, Mississippi Supreme Court, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, Mississippi Bar Brent Coon

Divided Loyalties

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals annulled the license of an attorney who engaged in a conflict of interest as a guardian ad litem This Court’s review of the record reveals clear and convincing evidence that Mr. Ryan violated... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Ryan, West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process

Queen Of Hearts

A non-attorney town court justice was censured by the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct As set forth below, on April 26, 2017, while presiding over People v Tysean Harris, respondent denied defense counsel's request to adjourn the defendant's preliminary... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, People, Queen of Hearts, Legal Profession Prof, Judicial Ethics and the Courts, New York Commission on Judicial Conduct As, Tysean Harris

Police name London teenager stabbed to death by cycle gang

19-year-old was murdered, with second man wounded, in savage attack in Wood GreenA man who died after he was stabbed by a gang riding bikes has been named by police as Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck.The 19-year-old was chased into a hairdressers in north London where he was cornered and stabbed on the evening of 22 February, the Metropolitan police said. Continue reading...
Tags: London, Crime, Society, UK News, Gangs, Knife crime, Kamali Gabbidon Lynck

Texas completes execution of triple killer ... and his family gets arrested

This local article, headlined "Texas death row inmate's son arrested for outburst during father's execution," reports on an execution and its remarkable aftermath. Here are details: Billie Wayne Coble's son pounded on the execution chamber windows, cursing and shouting "no" as he watched his father die. It was just after 6:20 p.m., and the 70-year-old triple killer was about to become the oldest Texan executed in the modern era of capital punishment. The aging Vietnam veteran who murdered his i...
Tags: Texas, Law, Louisiana, Vietnam, U S Supreme Court, Dalton, Waco, Harris County, Richard Ellis, Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Coble, Douglas A Berman, Walker County Jail, Billie Wayne Coble, Gordon Coble

Oh Great, Brett Kavanaugh Is Becoming Even More Of An Originalist

Justice Kavanaugh doesn't seem to care much about case law.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Courts, Quote Of The Day, Kavanaugh, Brett Kavanaugh, Nina Varsava, Originalist

Trump to Sign Public Lands Package to Benefit Sportsmen

There's good news for sportsmen as the Public Lands Package bill is on its way to Washington to be signed by President Trump.... Read more... The post Trump to Sign Public Lands Package to Benefit Sportsmen appeared first on
Tags: Washington, Hunting, Trump, Bowhunting Blog, Public Lands Package S.47

Back To The Future With Housecalls

House calls give lawyers an easy way to stand out and clients may appreciate the convenience.
Tags: Law, Small Law Firms

Driver's License Reinstatement Suspended License . 10 Years After

My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Washington State I got into an accident about 10 years ago with no insurance and that's how long my license has been suspended for. The other person's injury settlement was for about $20000. I have been fine with no license up until this point. But I can not pay that amount, nor have I paid it. The DOL will not issue me another license until that is paid off in full. I've tried calling the number for the attorney on file to s...
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The Firsts: 5 Black Attorneys Who Paved The Way For Generations To Come [Sponsored]

These iconic trailblazers truly changed history.
Tags: Law, Sponsored Content, Continuing Legal Education / CLE, Lawline

Amazon won’t sell porn, but will sell anti-vaxxer books

Tech companies like Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube have all recently moved to ban, demonetize or otherwise moderate content related to anti-vaccination causes.Amazon, which currently sells documentaries, books and merchandise created by anti-vaxxers, has offered no plans to do the same.How much responsibility private companies should take when it comes to keeping potentially dangerous information from the public remains an open question. None Amazon has no stated plans to moderate or remove ant...
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