Spotlighting the role of prosecutors as the death penalty fades away in Pennsylvania

This lengthy local article, headlined "Death penalty has fallen out of favor with Pennsylvania prosecutors," reports on the steady decline in capital prosecutions and death sentences in the Keystone state in recent decades. Here are excerpts: Pennsylvania’s death penalty is, by all accounts, embattled.  There hasn’t been an execution in two decades, even before Gov. Tom Wolf imposed a moratorium on them in 2015. The courts have long scrutinized death sentences, throwing out scores of them at ap...
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Trump's Most Deranged Speech Yet?

Donald Trump went off-script today in his speech at Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland. It may have been the most deranged speech he has given yet (in addition to making out with the American flag -- I pity the poor thing.) ... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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DNA Testing: Adult Child Establishing Paternity, Biological Father Deceased

My question involves paternity law for the State of: California Hi everyone, so my particular situation is as follows: I recently learned that there is a mistake on my birth cert. and my biological father is not listed. The person that is listed as my father is my mother's ex husband (divorced before my birth). Both men are now deceased, but I've taken a few different dna tests and found my biological cousins on my biological father's side. These cousins are my bio father's niece and nephew. U...
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President Trump uses scuffle at Berkeley as pretext to pressure universities into promoting views he endorses (Michael Simkovic)

A "recruiter" for a far-right group that maintains a "Professor Watchlist" was recently punched in the face while using slogans about "hate crime hoaxes" to... [Author: Michael Simkovic]
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Viz Media Has Issued Over 200 Million Copyright Takedown Requests

American anime and manga distributor Viz Media has been revealed as one of the world’s most prolific when it comes to issuing copyright takedown requests, submitting over 200 million in its lifetime: the fourth-highest of any copyright holder. Google’s latest transparency report shows that Western anime and manga licensor Viz Media has requested the takedown […]
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"Do you remember when we used to live in the Village, the way I used to go off to work... The way I used to give you the raised left fist when I left the apartment, the Black Power salute?"

I revealed that I've finished Tom Wolfe's "Bonfire of the Vanities," which some of you have been reading along with me, and maybe you've finished it too. I have a few more quotes I want to serve up, first this bit from 94% of the way through the book (which is something that connects to the ending). Here, Sherman McCoy makes a desperate attempt to reconnect with his wife, Judy:“Do you remember when we used to live in the Village, the way I used to go off to work?”“The way you used to go off to w...
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[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"In the alternate reality of this novel... humanity hibernates four months out of every year, like bears, gorging on calories in preparation for the long, severe winter."

"Those who have the means to afford a drug called Morphenox can ensure that their slumber is dreamless and peaceful. Why would they want to do this? Because dreams, it is believed, are wasteful, an unnecessary expenditure of calories during a precarious and vulnerable time, putting dreamers at risk of using up all of their stored fats. Worst-case scenario: The dreamer becomes Dead in Sleep. Thus the need for the requisite Governmental Agency to oversee hibernation. The Winter Consuls are those b...
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SJVN Limited Recruitment 2019 - Executive Trainee Vacancy

Recruitment of Executive Trainees in SJVN Limited  SJVN Limited, a Mini Ratna, Category-I and Schedule –‘A’ CPSE under administrative control of Ministry of Power, Govt. of India,  as a joint venture of the Government of India and the Government of Himachal Pradesh.  SJVN has expanded its horizons and envisions developing itself into a fully diversified transnational power... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (SarkariNaukriBlog com)]
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Here’s what 2,400 Marines and sailors were doing during an eight-month deployment to the Middle East

Marine Gunnery Sgt. Abner Mauncio is hugged by his three children as marines and sailors of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit return from their successful, eight-month deployment to the Indo- Pacific, Middle East, Mediterranean, and Horn of Africa regions, on Feb. 28, 2019 at Camp Pendleton. The end of this deployment is uniquely significant, as it was the inaugural combat deployment of the Marine Corps F-35B, Lightning II fighter jet. (Photo by Michael Fernandez, Contributing Photographer) ...
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In the view from my window right now: How many cardinals?

Did you find them all? Don't miss the females! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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“Community Theaters Kill ‘Mockingbird’ Productions After Lawsuit Threat”

Atticus Grinch: “From Massachusetts to Utah, small community theater productions of To Kill a Mockingbird are being shut down under threat of a lawsuit by the producer of the new Broadway production. “It doesn’t matter that the new version, penned by Aaron Sorkin, is completely different from the Christopher Sergel play that’s been performed by high school students and community theater actors for decades. Nor does it matter that the community theaters paid a licensing fee of at least $100 per p...
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DDA Recruitment 2019 - Consultant Law Officer Vacancy

Recruitment of Consultant Law Officers in DDA  Delhi Development Authority (DDA) invites applications in the prescribed format for following Government Sarkari Naukri vacancy posts of Consultant Senior/Junior Law Officers purely on short term contractual basis initially for period six months. : Vacancies Consultant Senior Law Officer : 02 posts, Age : 40 years, Remuneration... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (SarkariNaukriBlog com)]
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The US Negro Nurses of WWII | Women’s History Month Stories to share with your kids.

I believe if Women’s History Month gives you an opportunity to learn even even one single new story about important women in history who you didn’t know before — and then share that story with your kids — then that would be fantastic. So I decided to put together a series throughout the month in which […]
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San Francisco Giants CEO filmed manhandling wife in public

Larry Baer, the CEO of the San Francisco Giants, was filmed manhandling his screaming wife in public, prizing away a cellphone from her grasp, and finally dropping her to the ground. He claimed she fell over due to a injured ankle: Larry Baer spoke with the San Francisco Chronicle after the incident. "My wife and I had an unfortunate public argument related to a family member, and she had an injured foot and she fell off her chair in the course of the argument," he said. "The matter is resol...
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The Client He Had Not Met

A conflict of interest has led to a 45-day suspension imposed by the Upper Canada Law Society Tribunal Hearing Division The Lawyer, Robert Dinnen, was retained to prepare a will for a 94-year-old client. His office prepared the will, which... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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The Marvelous Mr. Mazin

An Ontario personal injury lawyer has been reprimanded by the Law Society Tribunal Hearing Division for misleading advertising As of September 2016, Mr. Mazin advertised on his website and other social media sites that he and/or other members of his... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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"Mitigations: The Forgotten Side of the Proportionality Principle"

The title of this post is the title of this notable new paper now available via SSRN authored by Paul Robinson.  Here is its abstract: In the first change to the Model Penal Code since its promulgation in 1962, the American Law Institute in 2017 set blameworthiness proportionality as the dominant distributive principle for criminal punishment.  Empirical studies suggest that this is in fact the principle that ordinary people use in assessing proper punishment.  Its adoption as the governing dis...
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Can China recover from its disastrous one-child policy?

Families are now being urged to have at least two children, but it may be too late to convince parents to embrace the changeFor Xu Meiru, 38, the thought of having a second child is exhausting. Her days typically begin at 5am, don’t end until 11pm, and are filled with shuttling her nine-year-old son to school, helping him with his homework, preparing meals and running an online clothing business.“It’s hard to find time even to sleep for a few minutes in a chair,” she says, sitting in a McDonald’...
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"That's great! Love the butterflies. More butterflies. You can't have too many butterflies, that's for sure. You don't see as many butterflies in hotel rooms as you should."

That's the third-most-down-rated comment at "Artist Damien Hirst unveils the most expensive hotel suite ever at $200,000 for TWO nights...." (Daily Mail). The most up-voted comment is, "It's hideous." Yes, but that's such a flat-footed response. It really is hilariously horrible. Click for the photographs. ... Hirst's personal touch appears in nearly every aspect of the villa [i.e., the hotel suite]: from specially designed furniture and textiles that incorporate Hirst's signature spin designs, ...
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City seizes a family's dog and sells it on eBay.

They owed the city money, including the "dog tax," and the dog, being a purebred pug, seemed like a valuable asset, with a resale value estimated at $850, NPR reports.This happened in Germany — and don't you think the interest in purebred animals is racist?The sale happened last November, and the reason we're hearing about it now is that the new owner is trying to get $2,000 from the city because the dog, advertised as healthy, had an expensive medical problem. The new owner wants the $850 purch...
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"Mark Penn, Ex-Clinton Loyalist, Visits Trump, and Democrats Are Not Pleased."

That's the headline for a column by Annie Karni in the NYT. Excerpt:As Democrats have moved to the left, Mr. Penn, with his centrist politics, has become alienated from a party in which he once reigned as a winning pollster and is a frequent guest on Fox News and the author of op-ed articles criticizing the special counsel’s investigation as a “partisan, open-ended inquisition.” He has even adopted the president’s term “deep state” to describe people he views as Democratic operatives sabotaging ...
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"Ultimately... religions, including Judaism, can only hope to thrive if they serve a purpose that is not met elsewhere in society."

"It is all well and good to perform good deeds, but if religions do not make themselves indispensable to families, their future could be bleak. As we already see in Europe, churches and synagogues could become ever more like pagan temples, vestiges of the past and attractions for the curious, profoundly clueless about the passion and commitment that created them."From "Why Social Justice Is Killing Synagogues and Churches/Data suggests that the more a religious movement is concerned with progres...
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"What The Washington Post put out is barely worth comment. WaPo committed gross journalistic malpractice and cannot undo its deeds..."

"... with an editor's note that purports to correct the record over a month after it led a frenzied mob in trashing a minor's reputation. The Sandmanns would never accept half of a half-measure from an organization that still refuses to own up to its error."Said Todd McMurtry, an attorney for the Covington Catholic schoolboy Nick Sandmann, quoted in Reason.I read WaPo's statement as basically a defense of its own coverage, as it took place in real time. It reads:A Washington Post article first p...
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'Do you ever think about me?': the children sex tourists leave behind

Their fathers visited the Philippines to buy sex: now a generation of children want to track them downBrigette Sicat will not be going to school today. She sits, knees to chest, in a faded Winnie-the-Pooh T-shirt, on the double mattress that makes up half her home. At night, she curls up here with her grandmother and two cousins, beneath the leaky sheets of corrugated iron that pass for a roof. Today, the monsoon rain is constant and the floor has turned to mud.Brigette, 10, and her 11-year-old ...
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Meet the world's first 'minister for the unborn'

The Welsh government has given Sophie Howe statutory powers to represent people who haven’t yet been bornSophie Howe is a public servant with a particularly tricky constituency. The people she represents are remote and unresponsive and they never show up to voice an opinion or tell her if she’s doing a good job.They don’t even vote. That’s because they haven’t yet been born. Howe is the world’s first – and only – future generations commissioner with statutory powers. She’s there to represent the...
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‘You can track everything’: the parents who digitise their babies’ lives

Socks that record heart rate and cots that mimic the womb might promise parents peace of mind – but is the data given to tech firms a fair exchange?You don’t need to spend much time in the presence of a small child and an iPhone to feel a little disconcerted. One-year-olds hypnotised by creepy Baby Shark ephemera on YouTube; two-year-olds who can swipe before they can talk; my own five-year-old trying to “pause” me when he goes to the loo. “When can I get a phone?” he asks. His cousin has a phon...
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