Filing a Car Crash Police Report

I had a fender bender today with a guy that first tried to cut into my lane. This first happened where Beddington Trail to Deerfoot goes from 3 to 2 lanes. I was in the middle lane, he came flying in on the right at the last second into a space not big enough for his F-150 truck. He proceeded to ride the shoulder next to me. I was kinda in both remaining lanes, he backed off and followed me. I stayed in the right lane, heading up to 64 ave. He went passed me on the right lane. I change lan...
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LIC Recruitment 2019 - Assistant Administrative Officer 590 Vacancy

Recruitment of Assistant Administrative Officer in LIC Online Applications are invited from Indian Citizens for the following 590 Government Job Vacancy  posts of Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) (Generalist/ IT/ Chartered Accountant/ Actuarial/ Rajbhasha) in Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). Vacancies Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) : 590 posts (UR-237,... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (SarkariNaukriBlog com)]
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Eleven Christians Killed Every Day For Their Faith

MEF: Last year, Christians were persecuted more than ever before in the modern era — and this year is expected to be worse: “4,136 Christians were killed for faith-related reasons,” according to Open Doors USA in its recently published   (WWL) of the top 50 nations where Christians are persecuted. “On average, that’s 11 Christians killed every day for their faith.” Additionally, “2,625 Christians were detained without trial, arrested, sentenced and imprisoned” in 2018, and “1,266 churches or Chr...
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In Praise Of The .30/06 Cartridge

Outdoor Life: After more than a century of flattening the world’s biggest, meanest, and tastiest game animals, the .30/06 Springfield remains an incredibly well balanced, versatile, affordable hunting cartridge. With modern ammo it shoots 100- to 200 fps faster than it used to. If it was good enough to stop lions, rhinos, buffalo, and elephants 100 years ago, it’s probably good enough to stop deer, elk, and moose today. He makes his case with unction when comparing the ballistics to 6.5 Creedmoo...
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At the Tuesday Night Cafe...

... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Ask the Lawyer: Is there any defense if your dog bites someone who enters your yard?

Q: Our terrier, Jessie, bit the neighbor’s hand, but he (the neighbor) climbed over the wall to get into our yard – without our knowledge or permission – supposedly to help Jessie during the rains. The next day our neighbor went to a doctor. Are we financially responsible? If so, for what? -G.E., Lomita Ron Sokol A: Some states have a rule that the dog has to have shown prior propensity for violence before the owner is held liable for a dog bite. California, however, enforces strict liabilit...
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Juror's concern that man on trial didn't swear on the bible results in the verdict getting tossed

On Friday, an appeals court judge in Camden County, New Jersey tossed out a verdict against Dr. Abbas Husain who in 2011 a jury found guilty of having sexually harassed an office employee. It came out later that one of the jurors was "very passionate" and concerned that Husain, who is Hindu, hadn't put his hand on the bible when taking the oath to testify. The juror had raised her concern with other jurors. From “The juror's comment regarding the Bible raises the specter of religiou...
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Hospital Wants to Discharge 92 Year Old Mother to Hospice

Let's call the 92 year old woman "Sara" and her adult son "Phil" for the sake of flow of the story. Three weeks ago Phil gets his mother Sara from Indiana and brings her to Florida to live with him. She has a multitude of health problems that he wasnt really aware of the extent when he made the decision to bring her to Florida. Sara is bedridden, needs 24/7 care, has a feeding tube, etc. Sara is only with Phil for a week when she gets a UTI and is hospitalized. Once she is hospitalized Phil r...
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"In this little room full of people he was suffering the pangs of men whose egos lose their virginity..."

"... as happens when they overhear for the first time a beautiful woman’s undiluted, full-strength opinion of their masculine selves."That's my second-to-last quote from "The Bonfire of the Vanities," which some of you have been reading along with me.The "he" is the prosecutor Kramer, and the woman is Maria, whose recorded voice he's hearing. She calls him "a pompous little bastard" and "a creep."I like the idea of an ego losing its virginity. And then there's the notion that a woman's opinion c...
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The SNC-Lavalin Controversy in IV? Acts: A Play About the Rule of Law

Former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould’s resistance to the pressure by various actors to instruct the director of public prosecutions to offer to negotiate a remediation agreement (the Canadian name for a deferred prosecution agreement) with SNC-Lavalin and her testimony before the House Judiciary Committee have been explained in different ways: respect for the rule of law and the role of the attorney general, a lack of pragmatism or political experience, too much sense of self, a desire f...
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Biglaw Mommy Track Lawsuit Heats Up — See Also

The Gender And Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Against MoFo: Gets a seventh(!) plaintiff.  Oof, This Is A Bad Look: Cooley's internet filtering gives the firm a black eye. Ty Cobb Doesn't Hate Robert Mueller: Do with that what you will. The 5th Century Is Relevant Again: Trusts and estates edition.
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Unhappy Landing With A Chocolate Bar

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit denied review of a pilot license adverse action. Law enforcement officers responding to an airplane crash discovered THC-infused chocolate bars onboard. The pilot, Jeffrey Siegel, admitted that they... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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NYT: New York Insurance Regulators Subpoena Trump Org’s Broker

On the heels of Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony alleging that the Trump Organization mischaracterized asset values in its representations to insurance companies, the Trump Organization’s insurance broker received an expansive subpoena Monday from New York state insurance regulators, the New York Times reported. The regulator, the Department of Financial Services, conducts civil investigations and does not have the authority to conduct criminal investigations, according to the Times. H...
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A Grandmotherly Discussion Of Studying

Patience and thinking. Sounds like simple advice, but just you try following through with it.
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"No charges against the positive behavior coach at Whitehorse middle school, says district attorney Ismael Ozanne...."

David Blaska says he's "not surprised," and...Neither are the mother and grandmother of the black 11-year-old girl who was supposedly manhandled by that white Madison educator. For different reasons.In a press conference closed to all but accredited news media, Ozanne stated: “I am aware of public narratives about this incident. Some members of our community have coupled this information with their own experience, drawing conclusions that are simply wrong.”...Afterwards, mother and grandmother t...
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T14 Law School Professor’s Tradition Of Using The N-Word In Class

Apparently the law school has known about it for years.
Tags: Law, Racism, Law Schools, Geoffrey Stone, University of Chicago Law School, N-word, David Raban

Symposium: Undue burden, balancing test or bright line? Court should take the Louisiana admitting-privileges case to clarify the meaning of Whole Woman’s Health

Catherine Glenn Foster is the president and chief executive officer of Americans United for Life. The U.S. Supreme Court’s last pronouncement on abortion came in 2016, in the jurisprudential netherworld between the death of Justice Antonin Scalia and the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch. Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt invalidated portions of Texas’ HB 2, including a requirement that doctors performing abortions maintain patient-admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their ...
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The surprising lives of Myanmar's logging elephants

Myanmar's logging industry has a very particular kind of employee: elephants.While many captive elephants are subjected to horrible treatment, Myanmar's logging elephants live twice as long as elephants kept in zoos and are "semi-captive".While they are treated exceptionally well for captive elephants, are logging elephants truly treated humanely? None There's something unique about the logging industry in Myanmar. After a logger fells, say, one of the country's numerous and valuable teak trees,...
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Water Damage, Neighbor Blocking Repair Because Concern About Trees on Foundation Line

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California I occasionally get water coming in to my family room and garage. This only happens after several days of heavy rain. The water is coming from the saturated ground, and only on the side that is next to my neighbors. Our house, in the front and back, is 97% concrete on that side. (Small gap for a hedge to grow through) We have a zero lot line with a five foot easement. The neighbor has two or three tall palm trees in th...
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Military investigating Marine blackface video out of Miramar

MIRAMAR — Military officials have launched an investigation into two Marines who were involved with a blackface video first posted on Snapchat. The video, which originally appeared Feb. 23 on Snapchat and has since gone viral on Twitter, shows two white Marines dressed in their combat uniforms. Both of the Marines have black on their faces. One Marine can be heard saying “blackface.” The other Marine then puts on his cap, salutes and says, “Good morning, sir.” The video ends with the first Marin...
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Merrick Garland Loves ‘My Cousin Vinny’ And Isn’t Afraid To Tell Us All About It

In fairness, it really is a good cross-examination.
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Religious Persecution

A subtle, yet pernicious form of persecution has not only gained acceptance within the highest levels of our judicial system, it is being expanded in a way that significantly threatens social harmony.
Tags: Law, Religion, Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties, Tyler Broker

FAMM sends letter to BOP and DOJ to urge full implementation of key provisions of the FIRST STEP Act

FAMM President Kevin Ring today sent to Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and Acting BOP Director Hugh Hurwitz urging them to work to fully implement key provisions of the FIRST STEP ACT. Here are a few passages from the start of the three-page letter: Seventy-four days ago, President Donald J. Trump signed the First Step Act, bipartisan legislation to reform federal sentencing laws and prison policies.  The new law includes provisions to establish an elderly offender home detention program, require t...
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Metrics? What Metrics? KPIs That Legal Ops Professionals Need To Track (Part II)

Part II of a two-part examination of what it means to define and measure legal project success.
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For My ATL Column This Week: A Review of ABA TECHSHOW

I spent most of last week in Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW. After 33 years, this conference — among the leading legal technology and practice management conferences in the country — remains relevant and essential. For my column this week at Above the Law, I offer my TECHSHOW post-mortem: After 33 Years, The ABA TECHSHOW Remains Relevant And Essential. [Author: Bob Ambrogi]
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I defied mother to get vaccinated for safety of me and others, US teen says

Ethan Lindenberger tells Congress anti-vaxxers such as his mother obtain information ‘anecdotally’ from web not doctors The Ohio teenager who defied his mother’s wishes and got himself vaccinated for measles has appeared before a congressional panel to assert his confidence in the efficacy and safety of the US vaccination program. Related: Revealed: AmazonSmile helps fund anti-vaccine groups Continue reading...
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John Havens Gently Tugged Into Retirement By His Own Hedge Fund

Getting caught paying $70 for a South Florida handjob is one way to get out of the hedge fund industry.
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