Can I Get in Trouble

My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: GA. I am married filing Chapter 7 by myself. The main concern i have is that I was mistaken on the dates my non-filing spouse worked/not worked. Even though the amount of annual income he made was reported correctly, the dates he worked was in error. He actually did work fairly consistently in November and December., up to December 21, and then started up again January 25th.Working on and off (DAY PLAY) I was mistaken when I told the Chapter 7 T...
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Medical Malpractice: Expert for Reviewing Medical Records Knows Defendant Physician

My question involves malpractice in the state of: AZ It appears that the expert who was reviewing my medical records knows one of the potential defendant Physician ? went to medical school/ residency program together. How to make sure that the expert reviewing medical records does not have conflict of interest ! One would imagine a person with moral principle would back off saying that they cant review the records. What if they review the records and give a biased opinion !
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"Alex Trebek announced a few days ago that he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and that he plans to keep working as he fights the disease."

"Let me be clear: This is not an elegy. I hope Alex will be hosting 'Jeopardy!' for a long time to come. It’s impossible to even imagine the show with anyone else. But he’s been doing one job so long, and so well, that I think we sometimes take him for granted. Let’s make sure that we appreciate the man as long as we have him. 'Jeopardy!' contestants are, by strict policy and even the weight of federal law, kept far away from anyone who actually runs the game. Apart from what home viewers see on...
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SDF Podcast 26: To regulate, or not to regulate, that is the question…

“We can have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both.“ So the famous US Supreme Court Justice and ‘crusader for social justice’ and breaker-upper of Gilded Age monopolies, Louis D. Brandeis is said to have said, perhaps sometime in the early 1930s. Today, perhaps the best-known neo-Brandeisian anti-trust advocate is Tim Wu, Columbia law professor, ‘father of net neutrality’ and author of a series of books likening ...
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Modification of Support: Ordered to Pay Child Support but My Son Lives with Me

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Texas So I was served some court documents recently and I have no idea what they mean, I was wondering if you of you guys could help me out. First off I'll start with some background on the case, then I'll post the documents I received, then I'll post some questions I have about them. BACKGROUND: So back in 2011 my son lived with his mom and we went to court for child support. I was ordered to pay every month. About two months later ...
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New reports show Austin police use force at traffic stops much more often than other agencies

Austin police are more likely to use injury-causing force against drivers they pull over than any other large Texas jurisdiction, according to new "racial profiling" data reports out this month from law-enforcement agencies around the state. Go here to look up reports from various departments, which agencies were required to submit to the state by March 1st.These are called "racial profiling" reports because documenting racial discrimination was their original purpose when they were mandated in ...
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Is 40% Too Much for a Law Firm to Charge

My question involves malpractice in the state of: New York City A law firm wants 40% on a medical malpractice case in NYC if successful. Is this considered fair?
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Disciplinary Issues: Requesting Personnel Records And/or Details on Written Warning-Denied by Employer

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Oregon Hello Can anyone advise me on a situation I am having at work. A co-worker and myself were having a private conversation in which we were kind of making fun of our supervisor in that she was so mean, we needed to put a cross on the door to keep her out. Just joking, nothing profane or horrible. yes, it was probably not the smartest thing to do. A week or so later, we were approached by human resources and advised that...
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Live Blogging SXSW

I’m going to live blog my experiences at this year’s SXSW. I think this may be my first time live blogging, so I may mess this up. You’ve been warned. I have no real agenda, other than to go to as many things as I can on as many topics that I can. It will be a mix of personal interests, business ideas, and curiosity of the weirdness that is Austin and SXSW. Join me on this journey and check back as I update my experiences. – Greg Lambert AI for Storytellers: The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly – ...
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H.R. 1, political omnibus bill, passes House

H.R. 1, the political regulation omnibus bill, contains “provisions that unconstitutionally infringe the freedoms of speech and association,” and which “will have the effect of harming our public discourse by silencing necessary voices that would otherwise speak out about the public issues of the day.” That’s not just my opinion; it’s the view of the American Civil Liberties Union, expressed in this March 1 letter (more). For example, the bill would apply speech-chilling new restrictions to issu...
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Twitter Defeats Yet Another Lawsuit from a Suspended User–Cox v. Twitter

Cox alleged tweeted: “Islam is a Philosophy of Conquests wrapped in Religious Fantasy & uses Racism, Misogyny, Pedophilia, Mutilation, Torture, Authoritarianism, Homicide, Rape . . . Peaceful Muslims are Marginal Muslims who are Heretics & Hypocrites to Islam. Islam is . . .” In response, Twitter suspended Cox’s account for violating its Hate Speech policy. Cox sued Twitter pro se. The court says Twitter qualifies for the Section 230(c)(2)(A) safe harbor (though, curiously, the court only cites ...
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State Taxes: Amtrak Act in Oregon

Several years ago I lived in Washington state. My employer was in Oregon. I would drive to Oregon, pick up my work truck and then drive back into Washington where my route was. I believe this qualifies me to use the Amtrak act. I lived in Washington for a total of one year; approximately six months on one calendar year and six months on the other. I filed federal taxes for both of these years. I never filed state because I was unsure how to do it, so I kept putting it off. I normally do my own ...
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Notable review of juvenile lifers in Tennessee

This local article, headlined "3 takeaways from our review of all 185 Tennessee teen lifers," provides an effective review of the maxed-out incarceration of certain youth in the Volunteer State. Here are excerpts: In December, activists confronted former Gov. Bill Haslam at an education event and demanded that he grant clemency to Cyntoia Brown, a Nashville woman serving a life sentence in prison for a murder she committed at 16. At the time, the outgoing Republican governor said he wanted to t...
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Ready To Return

A Louisiana Hearing Committee recommends the reinstatement of an attorney suspended for three years in 2009 for a number of criminal incidents. The committee considered evidence of treatment for alcohol issues Applicant entered into a two-year diagnostic monitoring contract on... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Virtual reality game shows Danish teenagers how to party – without a hangover

Online tool will tackle the worst youth alcohol problem in EuropeSo you’re 16 and at a schoolfriend’s party. You’ve had three or four drinks already, and are just starting to feel it. The most popular guy in the class comes up and demands you have another. And then another. What happens next?Rather than finding out in real life, researchers in Denmark, who are trying to cure Europe’s worst teenage binge-drinking problem, hope the likely consequences can be shown virtually in a game due to launch...
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"Newness or difference from the norm is a very urban, almost postmodern, quest. It is recent. It is class-based."

Said NYT food-studies scholar Krishnendu Ray, quoted in "The People Who Eat the Same Meal Every Day" by Joe Pinsker in The Atlantic. Pinsker goes on:So, when accounting for the totality of human experience, it is the variety-seekers—not the same-lunchers—who are the unusual ones....The daily rituals of office life are characterized by their monotony and roteness, and bringing a different lunch each day is a sunny, inspired attempt to combat all the repetition. I do genuinely appreciate the optim...
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"You remind me of a celebrity, but I can’t remember which one — who’s someone you relate to?"

Oh, no! This article about making small talk suggests that question. Be forewarned. If someone asks you that, it's not really because you reminded them of a celebrity. Don't be tricked into offering up the secret part of yourself within which you imagine that you're like a particular celebrity.But you can tell me: What celebrity do you think you remind people of?Also: If you get that question some day, here are some responses you can use:1. "Did you get that question from an article about how to...
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"Brands do not see or hear, so they are at the mercy of their owners or care providers who must preserve the dignity and special character that the brand exemplifies."

"Managing a brand is not so different from caring for someone who becomes handicapped," said Nick Caporella, CEO of the company that makes LaCroix sparkling water, quoted in "This wild CEO statement from the maker of LaCroix is one of the most bizarre we’ve seen in a while" (CNBC). The company's profits are down 39%.Also, from the press release: "We are truly sorry for these results stated above. Negligence nor mismanagement nor woeful acts of God were not the reasons – much of this was the resu...
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Pentagon reassures public that its autonomous robotic tank adheres to "legal and ethical standards" for AI-driven killbots

The Pentagon is seeking bids to improve its Advanced Targeting and Lethality Automated System (ATLAS) so that it can "acquire, identify, and engage targets at least 3X faster than the current manual process." When this public tender sparked concern that the Pentagon's autonomous tanks were gaining automated targeting and firing capabilities -- that is, that they would be autonomous killbots -- the Pentagon updated the tender to reassure critics that "development and use of autonomous and se...
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"With thick layers of ice and snow still plaguing curbs and gutters in Madison, city officials are asking for residents’ help in clearing thousands of storm sewer inlets in anticipation of rain Saturday."

"Temperatures are expected to climb to the upper 30s on Saturday as well, hastening the spring melt and adding more water to the rain. The city has about 20,000 storm drain inlets. Many were opened two weeks ago when similar weather conditions hit the city, but city crews weren’t able to get to every drain. 'We still need the help of residents so water can reach those storm drains,' Mayor Paul Soglin said Friday. 'Let’s work together to make a concerted effort to help city staff and clear the st...
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At the Drainage Café...

... get out there (or get in here). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Past biomechanical studies show that when women run braless, their breasts joggle up and down by seven inches or more and also oscillate side to side...."

"... A 2013 questionnaire provided to women running the London Marathon found that more than a third of them, including runners with small breasts, told the researchers that their breasts often felt sore. But little past research has explored whether breast size and potential soreness affect women’s decisions to participate in exercise or if they influence the kinds of exercise that women might — or might not — pursue. So, for the new study, which was published this month in the Journal of Scien...
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"Criminal-Justice Apps"

The title of this post is the title of this interesting essay authored by by Adam Gershowitz recently posted to SSRN.  Here is its abstract: In recent years, lawyers, activists, and policymakers have introduced cell phone applications -- “criminal justice apps” -- that are very slowly beginning to democratize the criminal justice system.  Some of these apps -- such as DWI apps -- teach citizens about the law, while also connecting them with lawyers and bail bondsman.  Policymakers have created ...
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The EU’s plan to rein in Facebook and Google will do exactly the opposite | Carlos Fernandes

The proposed shake-up to copyright law will only entrench the dominance of tech giants. There are other, better waysThe growth of the internet and user-generated content in the past 15 years has been underpinned by speed and ease of use. The foundations for this are commonly referred to as “safe harbour” provisions in copyright law. This means that organisations that allow users to upload content to their websites – Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook et al – are not liable for copyright infringement o...
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'A lot of us are in the dark': what teenage boys really think about being a man

What’s on the average 16- and 17-year-old’s mind? Tom Lamont talked to young men across the UK about masculinity, #MeToo, role models and coming of age now“You mean Yorkie bars and steel factories, that sort of thing?” Joel is 16 and lives in Wirral. I’ve asked him to define masculinity as he sees it, just as I’ve been asking a similar thing of 16- and 17-year-olds like him all over the country. What is going on in their heads right now, these boys on the cusp? What do they believe, and what do ...
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Business Disputes: Delaware Escheat Law – Dispute with Google

My question involves business law in the state of: Delaware I recently had money from a Google Payments account escheated to the state of Delaware, despite me having regularly (at least once per year since its creation and at least once per month during the 12 months preceeding the day of escheatment) logged in to that account. This account was created in 2013 and had less than a dozen transactions (income from Google Play sales) until April 2018. From then on, continuously multiple transactio...
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