Guarding the Nation’s Skies

Following the events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Department of Defense identified flaws in its security procedures within the airspace surrounding the National Capital Region. In response, Operation Noble Eagle was created to protect the skies of North America. An important training element of Noble Eagle, Fertile Keynote exercises utilize the Air Force’s civilian auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol. With the combined support of the Air National Guard’s 113th Wing at Joint Base Andrews, Mar...
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Cool Tech for In-House Counsel

Cool tech for in-house counsel? Who wouldn’t want that? Sterling Miller provides some excellent pointers if you are an in-house counsel comfortable with “techmology”. Know of other cool tech for in-house counsel? Let Sterling know in the comments to his article. Remember, great efficiencies can be achieved for law departments without breaking the budget – low-cost thinking can lead the way. “Well, it’s that time of year again.  Every August for the last several years I have devoted a “Ten Thi...
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A Teaming Agreement is Still a Contract (or, Be Careful with Agreements to Agree)

I have discussed teaming agreements in this past here at Construction Law Musings.  These agreements are most typically where one of two entities meets a contracting requirement but may not have the capacity to fulfill a contract on its own so brings in another entity to assist.  However, these agreements are contracts and are treated as such here in Virginia with all of the law of contracts behind them. One illustrative case occurred here in Virginia and was decided by the Virginia Supreme Cour...
Tags: Law, Virginia, Court, State Department, Construction, Cgi, Contracts, Richmond, Circuit Court, Virginia Supreme Court, Richmond VA, Construction Law, Business of Construction, Virginia Construction Mediator, Construction Lawyer, FCI

Be Careful When Walking Off of a Construction Project

Originally posted 2017-08-10 10:29:18. Contracts (Photo credit: NobMouse) I am truly grateful that my buddy Craig Martin (@craigmartin_jd) continues his great posts over at The Construction Contractor Advisor blog.  He is always a good cure for writer’s block and once again this week he gave me some inspiration.  In his most recent post, Craig discusses a recent Indiana case relating to the ever present issue of termination by a subcontractor for non-payment.  In the Indiana case, the court...
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