Legal Blogging Community, What’s Entailed?

I recently blogged about the concept of a legal blogging community, something that existed in the early days of blogging Readers saw my post as a yearning for the old days of legal blogging when we followed each other’s blogs and got to know each other in a real and meaningful way.  Folks responded that getting back to that sort of community was not possible. That’s okay, fifteen years in Internet time is the equivalent of about fifty years offline. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even the term...
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Enforcement of the Brady Act?

In 2010 a Justice Department study looked at the efficacy of the Brady Background Check, the one that requires all purchasers of firearms from Federally licensed dealers to undergo an FBI (or State law enforcement) background check prior to purchase. The purchaser fills out BATFE form 4473 stating that they are not a prohibited person for a myriad of reasons. If they check one box wrong, the background check does not happen and the sale is denied. If they do check all the boxes correctly ...
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Healthcare & Ransomware Go Together

Unfortunately, healthcare and ransomware go together. Healthcare organizations, particularly medical practices, facilities and specialized healthcare vendors, are prime ransomware targets and should make sure that they have comprehensive Cyber Risk Insurance to obtain the best protection.
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The In-House Counsel Hiring Cycle

The in-house counsel hiring cycle has changed over the years, as The Lawyer Whisperer points out in her recent blog post. If you are trying to time the in-house counsel hiring cycle, read on to learn more about the factors involved. Remember, timing isn’t everything, be a purple squirrel! “15+ years ago the hiring market for in house lawyers was fairly predictable and cyclical in nature. Most of the hiring activity occurred in the first quarter (Q1) of the calendar year when legal budgets wer...
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Reflections on Being Fired as a 60-Year Old Lawyer

“I’m sorry, I have to let you go.” The head of the firm managed to look sad. I had started working for the firm less than a year before. I had been brought in at 60 years old because the firm wanted an older, experienced attorney to mentor the younger employees in the firm. I flattered myself in believing I had done this, sharing my trial experience, my voir dire questions, my knowledge of search and seizure case law, and my real-world understanding of what made clients tick. “Can you tell me wh...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 49 – Sameena Kluck on the Measuring the ROI of Pro Bono Work

Most of us learned that if you set goals, those goals should be measurable. Sameena Kluck, Vice President of Business Development at Paladin, PBC, sits down with us this week to discuss how Pro Bono goals should also be measurable. While Pro Bono work is primarily viewed as a way for lawyers to do “good work,” it has a larger impact than just on those receiving the work. We anecdotally know that Pro Bono impacts professional development, business development, recruiting, retention, attorney mor...
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