The Geek in Review Ep. 50 – ALM’s Dylan Jackson on the Issues of Mental Health and Overall Value of Law Firm Staff

Welcome to the 50th Episode of the Geek in Review!! American Lawyer Media Reporter, Dylan Jackson, joins us this week to discuss two of his recent articles which focused on the mental health of law firm staff, as well as the persistent caste system which still exists in the large law firm environment. Jackson talked with a number of people within law firms regarding how firms view the mental health of staffers, what firms are doing (or not doing) to address the issues, as well as how firms valu...
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Where Have All The Supreme Court Employment Law Cases Gone?

In a few weeks, the Connecticut Supreme Court will begin it’s next session.  As I looked at the calendar assignment for the first term, what I began to realize is something that’s been gnawing at me for a while — there’s not an employment law case to be found on the docket. Then I started to look back at last year’s session (2018-2019).  Term after term. Where were the employment law cases? Unless I missed something, there wasn’t an employment law case to be found  anywhere on last year’s case d...
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Law Students Among Least Hardworking Students

Law students have apparently been found (again!) to be among the least hardworking of students in a study from the UK. Obviously, there must be some statistical flaws in the research or geographic issues involved that require intense investigation (litigators, hold your fire). Do law students get time credit for hours spent crying in dark corners or moaning over case law that is assigned for the sole purpose of illustrating that the applicable rule boils down to a “fact-based unequivocal mayb...
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