Ninth Circuit Says LinkedIn Wrongly Blocked HiQ’s Scraping Efforts

Fans of scraping cases may rejoice. The Ninth Circuit issued its long-awaited opinion in the hiQ v. LinkedIn case (it was argued in March 2018, so the opinion took about 18 months). It rules in favor of hiQ. hiQ was a company that, apparently with LinkedIn’s authorization, accessed data from public LinkedIn profiles and built products on this data. After years of this practice, LinkedIn sent hiQ a cease and desist letter that hiQ was no longer authorized to access LinkedIn user data, so any ong...
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Why Do I Teach? To Learn Something of Course!

Photo taken at AGC of Virginia A week ago on Thursday and Friday August 29 and 30, 2019, I had the pleasure of co-teaching a two day module on Contract Administration for the Project Manager Development Program created by the Associated General Contractors of America. This was my favorite kind of class, a class for mostly young construction professionals looking to learn something practical about how contracts affect “on the ground” project management.  While I presented the “legalese” and a c...
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Reminder: Pay if Paid Not All Encompassing (but Could it be?)

Originally posted 2011-11-04 09:00:46. Image via Wikipedia On numerous occasions, I have discussed the need to be careful with so called “pay if paid” clauses in construction contracts.  While such clauses are enforceable in Virginia (when phrased correctly), there are exceptions and limitations (for instance in the Miller Act context). One such exception (that I frankly would have thought to be obvious) is that such clauses do not protect a general contractor from paying all subcontrac...
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Limiting Services Can Lead to Increased Liability

Originally posted 2012-04-06 09:00:08. For this week’s Guest Post Friday Musings, we welcome Nick Pacella.  Nick is an architect licensed in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. His practice has spanned several economic swings and he has been able to reposition the eggs in his basket to make the most of each recovery. He is currently focusing on adapting existing commercial buildings to take advantage of materials and processes that promote improved energy efficiency for both the owner and th...
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Squadrons ‘beating heart’ of Air Force

In the Air Force, squadrons are the basic level of operations, its “beating heart” as Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. David Goldfein calls them. To better understand how significant the squadron is to the Air Force, it’s also important to know what a squadron is. Video // Andrew Arthur Breese Within the Air Force, the squadron is the lowest level of command with a headquarters element. Squad...
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A strange reaction to Professor Kronman's point about diversity

Twitter tends to be a forum for superficial and ill-considered reactions, but this one certainly was striking. I had written that, while I agreed with... [Author: Brian Leiter]
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