Contract Law: Switching Phone Service Providers

Hi! We're based in NYC and looking to switch our business from one voip service provider to a new service provider. Since our contract is up in 10 days, we're looking to sign a new contract and port out 300 phone numbers. The problem is the existing carrier know this and they've threatened to cut-off our service come the contract end-date in order to keep our business. Contractually we have fulfilled our obligation, the only thing is we need an extension to allow for a successful port out. Carri...
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And The Number Of Bump Stocks Actually Turned In?

The Washington Times. The federal government collected fewer than 1,000 bump stocks during the run-up to a new ban in March, despite estimates that hundreds of thousands of the devices that mimic machine gun fire are in circulation, according to federal data provided to The Washington Times by the Justice Department. As the nation marked the second anniversary Oct. 1 of the Las Vegas massacre, which prodded the Trump administration to ban bump stocks, the numbers offer a cautionary tale on the s...
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Greenville Police Department: Land Of Thugs And Criminals

Via David Codrea, who posted this some time ago, this goes along nicely with our previous post. I have immense respect for the shop fellows who confronted the thugs. The cops are just swine to me.
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Greenville County Sheriff’s Deputy Who Shot Homeowner Through Front Door To Face No Charges

WiscoDave sends this. A Greenville County deputy who shot a Simpsonville homeowner through his front-door window has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing. The State Law Enforcement Division investigated the shooting and submitted findings to the state Attorney General’s Office, which recommended that no criminal charges be filed against Deputy Kevin Azzara. “It is my legal opinion that the officer used lawful force under the circumstances. As such, we are not recommending initiation of criminal ...
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Pictures from the White River National Forest.

Photos taken a week ago, when we were in Colorado.Please feel free to use the comments section to talk about whatever you like. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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New Zealand supermarket launches 'quiet hours' for customers with autism

Countdown will reduce lighting, radio and PA announcements and shelf stacking One of New Zealand’s largest supermarket chains is introducing a “quiet hour” nationwide to make the weekly shop easier for those with autism or anxiety issues as well as older people who may prefer a more low-key experience.The low-sensory hour will be introduced in Countdown stores on Wednesdays from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. Lighting will be dimmed, in-store radios turned off, checkout volumes lowered, trolley collection an...
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Grandparents and Third Parties: Temporary Custody of Grandchildren

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Virginia and West Virginia My daughter, a single mother, attempted suicide and is hospitalized. She and the children live in Virginia and I live in West Virginia. If I want to obtain temporary custody of the children (with her consent), do I go to the courts in Virginia or in West Virginia?
Tags: Law, Virginia, West Virginia, Child Custody, Support And Visitation

The LSAT Will Never Be The Same — See Also

Kamala Harris Weighs In On DLA Piper Sexual Assault Case: Her husband's a partner there but that doesn't mean she agrees with them. Bye-Bye Logic Games: Get ready for some changes to the LSAT. Dentons Has A New Model For Acquisitions: And it makes them bigger than ever. The Trump Administration Is Like An Intensive Course On Congressional Subpoena Power: And it isn't going well. When Politics, The Law, And Typography Intersect: Comic Sans edition.
Tags: Law, Kamala Harris, Dla Piper, See Also, Congressional Subpoena Power

Probation and Parole: I Can’t Live with the People I Live with Anymore

My question involves criminal law for the state of: California A while back when my dad got back home drunk and he attacked me he didn’t get arrested and I did not move out. He went for my throat trying to choke me pretty much wanting to end my life but apparently I did the most damage protecting myself so he didn’t get arrested. My parole officer didn’t do anything either and I guess it’s up to me to move out on my own. I can’t do anything right now when it comes to money or work since I have ...
Tags: Law, California, Probation, Parole and Incarceration

Lawyers On TV

It was a good week for legal eagles on the airwaves.
Tags: Television, Podcasts, Law, Wheel Of Fortune, Survivor, Law Schools, Thinking Like A Lawyer

Robinhood Now Daring Goldman Sachs Not To Acquire It

DJ D-Sol should ask Charles Schwab about the wisdom of ignoring the kamikaze trading platform for Millennials.
Tags: Law, Finance, Charles Schwab, Robinhood Now Daring Goldman Sachs

The terrible "Blurred Lines" copyright decision is now threatening Lil Nas X and Cardi B

Back in 2015, the Marvin Gaye estate secured a bizarre copyright judgment against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke over their hit song "Blurred Lines," in which the Gaye estate argued (successfully) that even though "Blurred Lines" didn't copy Gaye's songs, it copied the feeling of Gaye's music -- that is, that Thicke and Williams made a song that reminded people of Gaye. This was a catastrophically bad ruling, since it required that musicians pretend that they had no musical influences, ...
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A “view” from the courtroom: Pop culture and protocol

Things were already going to be a little crazy outside the Supreme Court for today’s arguments in the Title VII cases. So, the discovery of two suspicious packages on the plaza this morning is most unwelcome. The packages are investigated by the authorities, but they disrupt foot and vehicular traffic around the court just as argument time approaches. The building remains open, and reporters are escorted up to the courtroom well before 9:30 a.m., which gives us the chance to scope out the scene....
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Want To Be A Biglaw Partner? This Law School Might Give You A Leg Up

Alumni of this law school have done well for themselves.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Biglaw, Trivia Question of the Day

Calculation of Support: Child with Someone Who's on a Visitor's Visa

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Arizona My girlfriend who is originally from Guyana is staying with me here in Arizona. She is here on a B1/B2 Visitor Visa and only has 4 months left she can stay in the country lawfully. She is about 4-5 weeks pregnant. I don't want to raise a child, and I am not capable of raising a child at the moment. My first thought would be adoption, but I don't know if she will do that. Can she use this baby to try and get permanent residen...
Tags: Law, Child Custody, Arizona, Guyana, Support And Visitation

The Taylorism Of Legal Academia

Another rigged metrics game, and it imperils legal academia.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, LawProfBlawg, Legal academia, Law Professor, Scholarly Impact

7 Steps to Polish Your Online Reputation

If you’ve been using professional SEO practices for a while, then you probably think everything about your online reputation is just fine. But there may be some surprises lurking beyond the first page or two of your search results. Perhaps some negative reviews from former clients that you’ve never seen before? Images of you that someone else posted and tagged with your name from that party you’d rather forget? An angry letter you let fly to the local newspaper and now regret? Is it easy for som...
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Who can sit where in the courtroom? Ask the lawyer

Q: When a defendant represents him/herself before a judge, is it ok to have or bring anyone to the table where defendant sits? Can the defendant bring a trusted friend to serve as an advisor during the court case? -B.S., Carson Ron Sokol A: Talk with the court clerk as to what the  judge allows, or ask the judge in open court. You certainly cannot have just anyone sit at counsel’s table. If you are a defendant, and represent yourself, you will be sitting there, but witnesses and friends will...
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Traffic Lights, Signs and Controls: Illegal Left Turn into a Drive Way - VC 22101-D

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California (Los Angeles) Officer pulled me over for making an illegal left into a parking lot (100ft before an intersection) and disobeying no-left-turn sign and ignoring merging street cones due to construction at said intersection. As far as I know, it's not illegal to turn left into a private driveway, and the no-left-turn sign is for the left turn lane at the intersection. Merging cones started around at the entrance of the parking lo...
Tags: Law, Moving Violations, Parking And Traffic Tickets, California Los Angeles

"President Trump’s reelection campaign accused the liberal mayor of Minneapolis on Monday of trying to shut down his planned Thursday rally via an extortionate security bill."

"The campaign said Mayor Jacob Frey, whom it dubbed a 'radical leftist,' had presented the Target Center with a 'phony and outlandish bill for security' for the planned Keep America Great rally. According to the Trump team’s statement, 'the ridiculous sum of $530,000 is more than 26 times the estimated security costs for a 2009 Target Center health care rally held by President Barack Obama.' The Target Center, the home of the NBA’s Timberwolves, then attempted to pass that bill along to the Trum...
Tags: Minnesota, Law, Minneapolis, Barack Obama, Nba, Free Speech, Trump, Timberwolves, Washington Times, Jacob Frey, Ann Althouse, Jones Day, Partisanship, Keep America Great

ILTA Eliminates Its VP of Marketing and Communications

The International Legal Technology Association said today that it has eliminated the position of vice president of marketing and communications. “As ILTA continues to innovate, we are realigning our professional staff to both increase internal efficiency and better serve our volunteers, members, and business partners,” a statement issued by the organization said. The position had been held by Patti Moran, a San Francisco-based marketing profesisonal who had been in that role since August 2017. B...
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Shiseido To Acquire Drunk Elephant In $845 Million Deal

The brand's founder, Tiffany Masterson, will remain on board and promises consumers a seamless transition to the Japanese beauty conglomerate.
Tags: Fashion, Law, Shiseido, Tiffany Masterson

The SEC Joins The Cutting-Edge eDiscovery World

SEC selects Casepoint for eDiscovery needs.
Tags: Technology, Law, Government, SEC, Securities And Exchange Commission, Ediscovery, Casepoint

The SEC Gets Joins The Cutting-Edge eDiscovery World

SEC selects Casepoint for eDiscovery needs.
Tags: Technology, Law, Government, SEC, Securities And Exchange Commission, Ediscovery, Casepoint

New Tekashi69 sentencing date announced

Not ashamed to admit I'm obsessed with this crime story. For those following along, rapper and former gang member turned informant Tekashi69 will be sentenced on December 18. [via @PPVSRB, PHOTOS: shutterstock] SHUTERSTOCK
Tags: Post, Crime, Legal, News, Justice, Entertainment, Law, Celebrity Trials

John Dowd Writes Letter In Comic Sans Because He’s Through Pretending He’s Not A Clown

Generally, lawyers don't conduct official business in Comic Sans, but we live in interesting times.
Tags: Law, Government, Fonts, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Jay Sekulow, Ty Cobb, John Dowd, Comic Sans

Emancipation: Moving Out at 16

My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Colorado. I am 16 and looking to move out of a dangerous home and into a safer one. I make about 500-700 dollars and have a close friends who will let me move in. Im not sure how hard my parents will fight me to move out. I know that in order to get emancipated I will first have to move out, but Im not sure if I will be marked as a runaway. I have read many different places that if I am marked as a runaway I an take identification and my new add...
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No Show Contractor and Breach of Verbal

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Pennsylvania I hired a painter to paint 2 rooms in my home with a verbal and email agreement on dates to finish job. Contractor took 1k down payment set up his scaffolding and couldn’t start the job as per agreement. We hired another painter to do the job and contractor did not want pick up his scaffolding, he stated he was busy. Three weeks later he wanted his scaffolding so I asked for my check back. He stated he cashed it and used...
Tags: Law, Pennsylvania, Construction, Repair and Renovation, Angie

Gordon Sondland Is A Case Study In Trump’s Obstruction Of Congress

The chief executive is obstructing justice, again, this time in plain sight.
Tags: Politics, Law, Congress, Ukraine, Donald Trump, Trump, Gordon Sondland

In NYC? Oct. 15 NYU Panel Will Consider the Impact of Innovation in Law

What’s in the drinking water at NYU Law School? It seems like the law school turns out a disproportionate number of legal techies — grads who are involved in one way or another in legal technology. Whatever the explanation, a number of them will be in attendance Oct. 15 at the second annual presentation of the program, NYU Law & Tech: Impact of Innovation. Speakers — all NYU Law alumni — will discuss key trends in legal technology and law practice. Speakers include: Alma Asay, founder and CEO o...
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