Other Violations: Passing a Police Car

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California Hello, One police car stopped on the roadside outside my apartment (red circle) with light flashing. I did not realize that it is a sign of road closure and drove through the intersection, as indicated by the red arrow, and by-passed the police car. Then I was beeped and I stopped. One policeman came with anger and told me that the road is closed and I should not pass the police car with flashing light. He took a picture of my...
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Legal Tech Companies Missing Opportunity to Self-Publish Their News

Rather than pitch news stories and releases to reporters, mainstream media and bloggers alike, why couldn’t legal tech companies publish themselves – on a platform that the company owns and controls. Whether you call it a blog or a publishing “spot,” the company would publish their announcements, insight, commentary and news there. The minute an item is published it is picked up by RSS aggregators and email subscribers. Take LexBlog, for example, as an aggregator – it’s the largest legal news ...
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Other Offenses: Firearms Prohibition Time Frame

My question involves criminal law for the state of: CA After you have been convicted of code 5150,5152 how long do you have to sell your firearms.
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You be the judge: what sentence for driver convicted of reckless homicides for accidentally killing children boarding school bus?

A helpful reader altered me to a heart-breaking story from Indiana which serves as an opportunity to considering what seems a fitting sentence for a crime with a horrible result but a result that was plainly not intended by the wrong-doer. Here are some details from this local article: Nearly a year after Alyssa Shepherd drove past a stopped school bus, killing three siblings as they crossed a two-lane highway to board the bus, a Fulton County jury convicted her of reckless homicide in the chil...
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Sandy Hook dad to get $450,000 from conspiracy theorist

Retired professor James Fetzer co-authored the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook." He was found guilty in June of defaming Leonard Pozner. Now, a jury says he must pay nearly half a million dollars in damages. From NBC News: A Wisconsin jury Tuesday ordered a conspiracy theorist who claimed the grieving father of a victim of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre had fabricated his son's death certificate to pay the father $450,000. A judge had ruled in June that James Fetzer, co-author ...
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Win, but still lose, in defamation law

In May of last year a judge dismissed a former police officer’s defamation suit against the Carroll Times Herald, published in the small town of Carroll, Iowa. “Even though the newspaper handily won the case, the legal expenses have left the family-owned local newspaper in financial peril.” [Meagan Flynn, Washington Post/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette] Tags: Iowa, libel slander and defamation, loser pays, newspapers
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'Do you wind it up?': today’s teens tackle rotary phones, FM radio and map reading

Their smartphones do everything, but can teenagers master old tech and life skills – from reading a map to setting an alarm clock?Three 15-year-old school children are on the phone, in class. No, it’s OK, they’re supposed to be; they’ve been told to, by me, with permission from their teacher. And they’re not actually on the phone, because they don’t know how to use it. It’s an old-fashioned rotary telephone, finger-in-the-dial variety. They’re tapping it, prodding at the holes. Hahahaha – they h...
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Background Checks: I Wasn't Offered a Position, but a Background Was Completed Regardless

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Minnesota I had an in-person interview w/ Company X with a man named P. on 10/14/2019. During the meeting I felt very uncomfortable with the person who was interviewing me (he swore throughout and was pretty unprofessional overall) and to just get it over with, I told him that I was interested in the job and that I did want it. To clarify, during the interview I was NOT explicitly offered the job. I was told that they were going to...
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