7 in 10 Say U.S. On Edge Of Civil War

Examiner. The majority of Americans believe that we are two-thirds of the way to being on the edge of civil war. That to me is a very pessimistic place,” said Mo Elleithee, the executive director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service. And worse, he said in announcing the results of the Institute’s Battleground Poll civility survey, the political division is likely to make the upcoming 2020 presidential race the nastiest in modern history. The politics is just a prel...
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ATF Informants

Len Savage sends this.  It means that the ATF has so many paid informants that they have to have federal forms for them.  This bit of twisted sickness is also interesting.  The ATF had an informant passing on Savage’s litigation strategy to the FedGov.  It seems that very few can be trusted.  Keep that in mind. But beware, if you’re a traitor.  Remember the case of Mike Detty. Although Detty never solicited a dime, he was promised hefty rewards, which, of course, were never paid. This particular...
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The Term “Machine Gun” Could Soon Include Semi-Automatic Rifles In Maine

Maine Examiner. A bill proposed by Rep. Victoria Doudera (D – Camden) would redefine what a “machine gun” is under state law. The Maine Legislature has attempted, without success, to pass more than a dozen laws that would impact Maine gun owners since the new Democrat majority was ushered in alongside Governor Janet Mills. Rep. Doudera’s bill is one of a new group of proposals that will be considered by the Legislative Council on October 23. It is currently labeled LR 2829 “An Act To Amend the D...
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McClurg v. Kingsland, 42 U.S. 202 (1843) – Shop Rights and Retroactive Patent Statutes

by Dennis Crouch In Arthrex, Inc. v. Smith & Nephew, Inc., 935 F.3d 1319 (Fed. Cir. 2019), the patentee (Arthrex) argued that the inter partes review is an unconstitutional due process violation when applied retroactively against pre-AIA patents. The Federal Circuit rejected the basis for the argument — Although Arthrex filed its patent applications prior to passage of the AIA, the patent issued afterward. In somewhat cryptic analysis the court worte: That Arthrex filed its patent applications p...
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Texas Jury Rules Against Father Saving 7-Year-Old Son From Gender Transition

A Texas jury has recently ruled against Jeffrey Younger (father of the 7-year-old James), whose wife (Dr. Anne Georgulas) is planning to have their son undergo chemical castration in preparation for his gender transition. The official verdict: With a consensus of 11 of the 12 jurors, the jury decided not to grant Mr. Younger Sole […]
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Free Webinar Tomorrow: Why Self-Service Is Critical To The Future Of Legal Departments

Tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern time, I am moderating a free webinar, Why Self-Service Is Critical To The Future Of Legal Departments, sponsored by Everlaw and Above the Law. We will look at how legal departments, in the face of heightened client expectation, are exploring self-service technologies in order to provide services more efficiently and at lower cost, without compromising on quality. Speakers will be: AJ Shankar, CEO and co-founder of Everlaw, a cloud-based litigation platform that enable...
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Sunrise panorama (this morning).

Click and click again to enlarge. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Koreans Offended by Japanese Football Shirt

The unveiling of Japan’s 2020 Olympic football outfit has caused controversy, with Koreans likening it to a military uniform and the display of the Rising Sun Flag. The design of the national team’s shirt has been compared to military camouflage in Korean media, provoking yet more accusations about Japanese “militarism”; Japan was criticized several weeks […]
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Breaking a Lease: Bedroom Does Not Qualify As a Bedroom

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Philadelphia I moved to Philadelphia a bit over a year ago. Someone from my place of employment contacted me beforehand looking for a roommate and I agreed. He found the place and sent pictures but withheld measurements and some other crucial details meanwhile indicating how urgent it was that we apply and sign before we lose the place. After I moved the room was WAY smaller than he had led me to believe, basically fitting only a full be...
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Welsh justice review calls for Scottish-style devolution of powers

Report calls for higher age of criminal responsibility and warns of legal aid ‘deserts’Powers to control justice, policing and prisons should be devolved to the Welsh assembly as they are in Scotland and Northern Ireland, a commission led by the former lord chief justice of England and Wales has recommended.In a strongly worded report on the justice system in Wales, a review chaired by Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd calls for the age of criminal responsibility to be raised from 10 to at least 12 years,...
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The Bar Results Are Looking Good — See Also

New York Bar Exam Results Are In: Nicely done. More Allegations Against Former DLA Piper Partner: Accuser says he's a "textbook bully." Figured Out Where To Work Yet? Advice for law students. Hazing At Law Firms: Yup, it really happens. Banning "Bitch": Yup, they're trying that.
Tags: Law, Dla Piper, New York Bar Exam Results, See Also

Marijuana Found at North Dakota Nuclear Missile Facility

The drug was discovered above ground and not near missile operators
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Sex Offenses: Denial of Access to My Children's School

My question involves criminal law for the state of: California While this topic was discussed in the past I can not find anything on the subject after 2014. So let me provide some quick background; I am a registered sex offender. My case is more than 30 years old. I have served my time in prison for the conviction and I successfully completed my parole. I am gainfully employed, married and we have two school age children. Recently our children's school has begun using The RAPTOR System. A compu...
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Rethinking How You Adopt New Technology in Your Firm

Here’s a drum we beat often, for good reason: There’s no longer a place in the legal profession for proud Luddites. If you are one or know one, the glare of the modern tech world might sting a little — but we can help. Stephanie & Aaron recently wrote up a guide in the ABA’s GPSolo magazine. . Originally Published in GPSOLO Vol. 36, No. 5, Sept/Oct 2019, by the American Bar Association. Reproduced with permission. The post Rethinking How You Adopt New Technology in Your Firm appear...
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Troubles proceedings: Mandela-style truth process may be set up

Initiative, first used in South Africa, would give witnesses immunity from prosecutionMinisters are actively examining the possibility of introducing a South African-style truth and reconciliation commission for Northern Ireland whereby witnesses would get immunity from prosecution in an attempt to deal with the legacy of the Troubles.The idea was raised at the defence select committee and is partly aimed at reducing the number of criminal proceedings that British army soldiers are involved in t...
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Justice Elena Kagan Nails Most Important Factor In Achieving Ultimate Lawyerly Career Ambition: Luck

Justice Kagan believes that when a door closes, a window opens. It certainly did for her.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Finance, Courts, Elena Kagan, Kagan, Luck, Jonathan Wolf, Career Ambitions

U.S. Marine combat veteran Jose Segovia Benitez of Long Beach is deported to El Salvador

U.S. Marine combat veteran Jose Segovia Benitez was deported Tuesday night to El Salvador to the surprise of his lawyers who were told they had more time to fight for him. “They snuck him out in the middle of the night,” said Texas attorney Tom Sanchez, who recently joined efforts to help keep the Long Beach resident from being deported. Roy Petty, a Dallas-based attorney, traveled to Phoenix to have Segovia sign documents on Wednesday, Oct. 23, to reopen his case in court. Instead, the lawyer l...
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Molly McDonough, former Editor in Chief and Publisher of the ABA Journal, on the Role of Blogs in Legal Journalism

Kevin speaks with Molly McDonough, former editor-in-chief and publisher of the ABA Journal, at the 2019 Clio Cloud Conference. Molly reflects on her career at the Journal, what’s next, and the role of blogs in legal journalism. 
Tags: Law, Molly, Legal Marketing, ABA Journal, Kevin, ClioCloud9, Clio Cloud Conference 2019, Molly McDonough

2019 Clio Trends Report: Is The 2.5 Hour Realization Rate As Bad As It Seems?

The answer is no, not necessarily. Here’s why.
Tags: Law, Small Law Firms

Bill Introduced To Ban The Word ‘Bitch’ Because We’ve Solved All Other Problems

Someone needs to pull these people aside before they make everything worse.
Tags: Law, Government, Bill, Free Speech, First Amendment

Law School Students Need To Figure Out Where They’re Going To Work

The interview process is intense. We're here to help.
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wins $1M Prize For Her Profound Impact On Human Life

It's an honor that's been well-earned. Congratulations!
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Beware Of The Home DNA Test! Mom Strikes Back Against Sperm Bank

Sperm banks need to have long ago stopped making assurances of anonymity, as it's no longer a promise anyone can keep.
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Reviewing the sentencing dynamics as more parents get (minimal) prison time in "Operation Varsity Blues" college admissions scandal

This lengthy USA Today article provides a kind of mid-season review now that 19 parents out of 35 charged have pleaded guilty in "Operation Varsity Blues" college admissions scandal. The piece, which I recommend in full, is headlined "Parents cry desperate times in college admissions scandal.  A judge opts for prison anyway."  Here are excerpts: One couple, Gregory and Marcia Abbott, told the judge they paid $125,000 to have someone fix their daughter's college entrance exams because she was su...
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