Maine Legislators Reject Gun Control Proposals

News from Maine. Leaders of the Maine Legislature voted against allowing seven different gun-related bills to be introduced in the next legislative session. The bills, sponsored by number of different lawmakers, would have included improving public school security and creating a new child endangerment crime for those who fail to lock up stored firearms. Gun-control advocates were critical of leadership’s votes, some of which broke along party lines. [ … ] The Legislature’s 10-member Legislative ...
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American Military General Worship, Redux

Via this piece, I was sent to this piece. When John Bolton took over for McMaster in April 2018 and began appointing his own defense and foreign policy team, Mattis stopped receiving transcripts of Trump’s calls with foreign leaders, the kinds of sensitive conversations that are now at the center of the House’s impeachment inquiry. Mattis’ patience began to wear especially thin in the spring of 2018 when Trump failed to consult with him on a host of big policy moves, from ordering the creation ...
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Rex On Checking Your Scope Mount Screws

This has happened to me more times than I care to count (or tell you about).  It’s frustrating too.  You’d think I’d learn after a while.
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My Unmet Challenge On Smart Guns

Via this smart post, I saw a researcher at Sandia National Laboratory had been working in the past on smart guns.  In the past he has observed the following concerning smart guns. There are many items that the models could not demonstrate to the officers. A few of these are the technology’s cost, reliability, and adversarial strengths. Items like these will remain a concern for officers until a fieldable prototype is thoroughly tested. Yea, I’ll bet.  To this, I’ll say the following as I’ve said...
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The Right To Carry Your Gun Outside

Via Dave Hardy, this interesting paper made good reading.  Here are a few excerpts. Does the English right matter to Americans? It is key to our right because every colonial charter promised settlers to the New World that they and their descendants would have all the rights of Englishmen as if born and abiding in England. It was these rights the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve. After 1689 these rights included the rights incorporated in the English Bill of Rights. The dangers of life i...
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Drunk and Impaired Driving: Exicigent Circumstances

My question involves criminal law for the state of: TN, When police use excigent circumstances to obtain a blood draw when individual is fully conscious and determined by medical personal to be fully alert, and aware of who they are and where they are at. and there are no pressing circumstances involved, such as a breathalyzer malfunction, what excuse will hold up at trial when blood is drawn within the 1st ten minutes of the arrest?
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Reform school exclusions to tackle knife crime, MPs urge

Report says expelled children are at greater risk of criminal exploitation and violenceA cross-party group of MPs and peers who are investigating knife crime have urged the government to reform school exclusions, warning that being expelled can be the tipping point that leads a young person to arm themselves with a knife.They are concerned that too many pupils who are excluded from mainstream education, sometimes after minor breaches of zero-tolerance behaviour policies, end up on part-time time...
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The parsley harvest.

(Meade and I separately photographed the parsley. The first photo is mine, taken while he was out collecting the second bowlful. The second photo is his.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Troubled by Trump's use of the phrase "human scum," I decided to trace its usage, over the years...

... in the NYT archive. Not "scum" alone, but "human scum," the 2 words together, which struck me as particularly ugly. I searched, and I read every appearance of "human scum" in the NYT. I summarize everything below, but I'll give you the short answer here. The epithet rarely appeared until 2003, when it began coming up repeatedly in statements from the North Korean government. The first person called "human scum" by the North Koreans was John Bolton. Bolton — who was undersecretary of state fo...
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Camp Pendleton Marine Conor McDowell exonerated in training accident that took his life, as family fights for change

First Lt. Conor McDowell and Kathleen Isabel Bourque at the wedding of McDowell’s best friend from The Citadel, in September 2018 at the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point. (Courtesy of Kathleen Isabel Bourque) First Lt. Conor McDowell, with a Light Armored Vehicle in the background, at Camp Pendleton. (Courtesy of Kathleen Isabel Bourque) Sound The gallery will resume in seconds Micheal McDowell, Kathleen Isabel Bourque and Susan McDowell stand with Congressman John Garamendi ...
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Julian Castro sets forth criminal justice agenda as "The First Chance Plan"

With this extended discussion on his campaign website, Julian Castro on Wednesday joined the sizeable group of prominent candidates for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination with a detailed agenda for criminal justice reform.  (Prior posts have links and highlights from Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigeig, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.)  Castro's plan is called "The First Chance Plan" and has three major sections: "1. Prevention Not Prison  2. Restorative Justice  ...
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Speeding Tickets: First Ticket for 16 Year Old Teen

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Kansas I was on my way to a friend's house to study (I'm on my less restricted license) and it was about 8:15pm on October the 23rd. I was pulled over and ticketed for going 51 in a 30. I hadn't even realized I was going so fast. The ticket said I'm required to go to court on November 13th. My parents (mom especially) are rightfully very angry with me and have taken my phone and car for the foreseeable future. I want to make this as easy ...
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Traffic Accidents: Does Owner or Driver Pay Car Accident Damage

My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Washington This question is coming from a 3rd party, me, as I was not involved just looking for some advice. My niece was involved in a vehicle collision. It was deemed her fault, she t boned another vehicle and totaled the vehicle out. The vehicle she was driving had no insurance coverage on it whatsoever. This vehicle is/was owned by her mother, my sister. Fast forward, the other vehicle's insurance deemed the their vehicl...
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Speeding Tickets: Fist

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: EDIT: I didn't even mean to post this. My finger hit enter when I tried to go back and fix my typo and I don't know how to delete posts. My bad :)
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Clarence Thomas Is Going To Law School — See Also

Clarence Thomas Is Teaching At UF Law: Not everyone is happy about it. More Amy Wax Nonsense: She's an embarrassment to law professors everywhere.  How Are You Celebrating Halloween: With legally themed costumes, of course. New York City Bar Does Not Like Bill Barr: A scathing open letter. The Path To Increasing Happiness: Some tips.
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Speeding Tickets: Radar Ticket in Pierce County, Washington (Report and Smd Cert)

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Washington I received a speeding ticket in July (40 in a 25), which also had a second infraction of no insurance (did not have the card with me). I've already taken care of the proof of insurance and filed that with the court. I've filed for discovery and received that just yesterday. The police statement doesn't have any holes in it that pop out at me right away. There are some discrepancies between the ticket and his report. Namely...
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I stumbled into the NYT review of Virginia Woolf's first novel.

I'm working on a little research project — results later — that got me into the June 13, 1920 issue of the paper. The short review ends delightfully: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Yes, Even Smart People Fail The Bar Exam

Failing the bar exam doesn't have to be the end of your legal career.
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Nightmare Tesla Lawsuit Is Why We Need Tort Law

Family claims man burned to death in car because doors wouldn't open.
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New Jersey wants to revoke Trump golf club's liquor license

New Jersey is seeking to revoke the liquor license for one of “President” Donald Trump's golf clubs, after a customer of that Trump resort killed his own father in a 2015 car crash. The Trump club allegedly over-served alcohol to that customer, who was later held responsible for causing a fatal car wreck. “Could have a devastating economic impact on all Trump's NJ clubs, including Bedminster,” notes David Fahrenthold, who scooped the news for Washington Post: That proposed punishment was laid ...
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After WeWork’s Epic Buttfumble, SEC No Longer Curious How Snap IPO Happened

Jay Clayton's people come to the conclusion that this IPO market might not be technically criminal, but it is certainly very extremely dumb.
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"I remember when I saw Laura Bush.... She said, 'Oh, there she is. The voice of reason on The Five.'"

"I hear that quite a lot. I think, partly, it’s just in my nature to be somebody who tries to bring people together. Ever since I was a kid, I paid a lot of attention to communication. I would sit in the backseat of the car with my sister. If my parents got in an argument, I would immediately start to think, 'If she had just waited until we got home and then if he had said it this way.' I was always trying to figure out, how can we all get along better through communication? I think about that n...
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Ask The Professor: Top 3 Things To Know If You Failed The Bar Exam [Sponsored]

The only thing that will change your feelings will be to begin working on a plan of attack for the next time you take the exam.
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Recent Law School Graduates Get Married After Surviving Cancer Together

They've already had more than their fair share of the 'in sickness' part of their relationship.
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Guner Womack Buck Taken in First Year of Bowhunting

There's a lot of buzz surrounding the Guner Womack buck, recently taken by a teen in Oklahoma. But did you know it was his first year of... Read more... The post Guner Womack Buck Taken in First Year of Bowhunting appeared first on
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BYU’s LawX Partners with Wilson Sonsini and SixFifty to Tackle Asylum through Design Thinking

I have written a number of times here about the innovative LawX lab at BYU Law, in which students use design thinking to tackle issues in access to justice. The lab has already produced two notable applications: SoloSuit, an award-winning online tool to help self-represented people who have been sued for debt, and Hello Landlord, an online tenant-landlord communication tool designed to reduce evictions. Now, the LawX lab is taking on the project of using design thinking to simplify the asylum pr...
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Republican Media Is Already At The ‘Trump Is Too Dumb To Fail’ Stage

The Wall Street Journal editorial page does its thing again.
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The Guardian view on the migrant tragedy in Essex: a border crackdown is not the way forward | Editorial

An international response is required to the global migration crisis, and Britain has a responsibility to play its partThe known facts about how 39 people died in a lorry in Essex this week remain sparse, stark and shocking. The 31 male and eight female victims were all adults and, it became clear on Thursday, all were Chinese nationals. They arrived in Britain from Belgium by sea, in a refrigerated container, shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning. The container was then attached to the ba...
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US Air Force has developed unusual liquid metal conductor

The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has developed a new form of liquid metal with very strange conductive properties. Usually, when a flexible, conductive material is stressed or stretched, its electrical conductivity drops and resistance increases when it's stress or stretched. Just the opposite, Air Force's novel "Polymerized Liquid Metal Networks... can be strained up to 700%, autonomously respond to that strain to keep the resistance between those two states virtually the same, and ...
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Changing Your Mindset: Tips To Improve Your Mental Health And Increase Happiness

Give yourself and others grace. We’re not going to win every case, and we’re going to make mistakes in parenting.
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