Why did Trump just tweet "Something very big has just happened!"?

Kind of disturbing actually... Something very big has just happened! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 27, 2019 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Can a Spouses Past Felony Affect a Security Clearance

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Kentucky I've been hired by the Federal government. Apart of the hiring process was my background clearance. I am currently not married. However, I am dating someone, and we are planning on getting married. My concern is this, will his previous conviction ( more than 7 years ago) affect my Secret security clearance if I do marry him?
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What does it mean that The New York Times and The Washington Post are digging up villains from the past for their front page?

The Washington Post gives us Susan Smith, for no reason other than we first heard about her exactly 25 years ago:The New York Times gives us Michael Milken — the "swashbuckling financier" of the 1980s — apparently because Trump's "opportunity zones" — presented as a boon to distressed communities — can be disparaged as benefitting this ancient fiend:Trump is a such colorful villain of today, but it can't just be Trump Trump Trump all the time. I hypothesize that the newspapers are looking to the...
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David Bowie — speaking 20 years ago — says the internet "is an alien life form."

Extraordinary clip from 20 years ago. David Bowie sharing what he feels about what the internet is going to turn into. And he’s not wrong. Paxman: it’s just a tool tho isn’t it? Bowie: No it’s not.— Omid Djalili (@omid9) October 25, 2019 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Kanye speaks (and goes meta on himself, with "This is a free man talking").

This is a free man talking.— CJ Pearson (@thecjpearson) October 26, 2019 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Western view of the lake at sunrise.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Nearly 900 children in the small Pakistani city of Ratodero were bedridden early this year with raging fevers that resisted treatment...."

"In April, the disease was pinned down, and the diagnosis was devastating: The city was the epicenter of an H.I.V. outbreak that overwhelmingly affected children....When officials descended on Ratodero to investigate, they discovered that many of the infected children had gone to the same pediatrician, Muzaffar Ghanghro, who served the city’s poorest families and appeared to be at the center of the outbreak.... The effect on Ratodero’s social fabric has been grim. In May, one man strangled his H...
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Philadelphia Inquirer provides detailed coverage of "The Probation Trap"

The local paper in the City of Brotherly Love has this important new series highlighting that the Keystone State is not very loving when it comes to how it treats people caught up in community supervision. The series is titled "The Probation Trap" and here is the subheading for the coverage: "Pennsylvania has one of the nation's highest rates of supervision, driven by unusual laws that leave judges unchecked.  But many people fail, ending up in jail or in a cycle of ever more probation."  Here i...
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"The food at West Hollywood’s first weed restaurant... isn’t actually infused with weed. But the cuisine could certainly be described as cannabis complementary."

"There are vegan nachos and upscale corn dogs; French fries and Angus burgers; and crispy brussels sprouts as well as baby kale and garden salads for those with more virtuous palates when they’re high.... The restaurant, which opened on Oct. 1 and has been packed every day since, is part of West Hollywood’s effort to make the city a kind of cannabis destination within Los Angeles County.... Lush potted plants and slowly rotating fans hang from the ceiling... There are juices with ginger and turm...
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Court to officials: do not insult religious believers (cont’d)

If you missed my Wall Street Journal piece on how the Michigan foster care decision isn’t really much of a victory for religious accommodation, Cato now has posted an unpaywalled version. Earlier discussion here. Tags: foster care, religious discrimination, WO writings
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"At first, I drank wine only socially, but sometime in my early 40s, I started drinking a glass of white wine around 5:30 every day."

"I would sip it as I finished up whatever piece of writing I was working on, certain that the low-level buzz inspired more creativity in those last few minutes of work. My husband — the family cook — would be in the kitchen making dinner, and the kids would inevitably be running around or speed-talking at me as they passed by my office on the way to play outside. It was my modernized and gender flip-flopped version of the dynamic I remembered fondly from childhood: my dad sitting at the kitchen ...
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"President Donald Trump on Friday dismissed the need for additional help in countering Democrats' impeachment efforts..."

"... despite pleas from outside advisers for a more coordinated response from the White House. In a comment reminiscent of his 'I alone can fix it' declaration in accepting the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, Trump told reporters gathered on the White House South Lawn that he will be the one leading the fight when it comes to responding to impeachment. 'Here's the thing. I don't have teams, everyone's talking about teams,' Trump said. 'I'm the team. I did nothing wrong.' Trump's alli...
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Sunrise, 7:26.

"Actual sunrise" time was 7:25. Ah! I have one with that precise time: My phone was taking things literally, with the playlist just getting to "Here Comes the Sun": [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"What do you do if you are a Japanese conglomerate whose investment fund entrusted billions of dollars to a grandiose-bordering-on-shady entrepreneur, only to watch said entrepreneur..."

"A. Burn through that entire pile of cash while... B. Yammering about running for 'president of the world,' before... C. Attempting to bill the company $6 million for the use of the word 'We' in its name, and all the while... D. Selling or borrowing against his own shares in the company to buy five mansions and a private jet? If you’re SoftBank, you throw billions more at WeWork, presumably hoping that a sudden torrent of cash will extinguish this monetary bonfire. Also, you pay the entrepreneur...
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Can Democratic Party candidate get American voters activated over changing the Supreme Court?

I'm reading Robert Barnes in WaPo — "Polls show trust in Supreme Court, but there is growing interest in fixed terms and other changes":●A Gallup poll that shows rising public approval for the court, with far more Americans thinking it is “about right” ideologically than either too conservative or too liberal.●An Annenberg Public Policy Center survey showing two-thirds of people trust the court to operate in the best interests of the public, and 70 percent think the court has the right amount of...
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"If Senate Republicans vote to remove Trump on anything like the current facts, even the worst interpretation of them, it would leave the GOP a smoldering ruin."

"It wouldn’t matter who the Democrats nominated for 2020. They could run Bernie Sanders on a ticket with Elizabeth Warren and promise to make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez secretary of the treasury and Ilhan Omar secretary of defense, and they’d still win. A significant portion of the Republican party would consider a Senate conviction of Trump a dastardly betrayal....  Trump himself isn’t going to get convicted by the Senate and say: 'Well, I’m a little disappointed, to be honest. But it was a close...
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Retroactive application of Oklahoma sentencing reforms sets up record-setting day for commutations

This recent article from Oklahoma, headlined "‘Largest single-day commutation in nation’s history’ expected to take place in Oklahoma next month," reports on a notable example of an interesting process being used to make a criminal justice reform initiative retroactive in the Sooner state.  Here are the basic details: More than 400 Oklahoma prison inmates are expected to pass through an “expedited” commutation process on Nov. 1, a number believed to be the largest one-day total in United States...
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Microsoft Beats out Amazon for Pentagon's $10 Billion Cloud Computing Contract

The Pentagon’s $10 billion deal to provide cloud computing services to the Department of Defense officially went to Microsoft Friday. The news came as an upset to Amazon, whose competing bid appeared to be the frontrunner for most of the contract’s deliberations. Throughout the yearlong process, President Donald Trump…Read more...
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Military Equipment — the Future is On our Door Step

Military Equipment — the Future is On our Door Step Autonomous Military Vehicles are under development as part of the Army Futures Command Next-Generation Combat Vehicle program. Four companies have been selected to build non-developmental prototypes.  The hope is that these prototypes will be in ...
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Felony Domestic Violence Charges

My question involves criminal law for the state of: New Jersey. I am charged with 3rd degree felony terroristic threats, false imprisonment, simple assault and vandalism. My public defender isn't concerned about incarceration as it is first offense and I did not give a statement to the police. I am very concerned anyway. I was improperly medicated for bipolar disorder and very manic. I was intoxicated as I was trying to take down the mania. I dont recall the incident. Victim and self ar...
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