Facebook unveils its first foray into personal digital healthcare tools

Nearly a year and a half after the Cambridge Analytica scandal reportedly scuttled Facebook’s fledgling attempts to enter the healthcare market, the social media giant is launching a tool called “Preventive Health” to prompt its users to get regular checkups and connect them to service providers. The architect of the new service is Dr. Freddy Abnousi, the head of the company’s healthcare research, who was previously linked to an earlier skunkworks initiative that would collect anonymized hospita...
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Crossing Hov Lanes in Los Angeles County on 91

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state og: California I crossed of the HOV double lane to get In to it on account traffic is heavy and I do have one other person in car. My one ramp is between entry lanes and would be 10 to 15 minutes more if I dont enter right away. Is this a moving violation and is traffic school available for this I have seen on internet that it's like a parking ticket an infraction and does not go on your record. Is this true.
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Clio’s Mission On Display In San Diego

You can’t get through a ten minute conversation with Clio’s CEO and co-founder, Jack Newton, without discussing Clio’s mission – to transform the practice of law, for good. Jack needn’t even bring up the company’s mission. Talking to him alone, leaves you asking, “What makes you guys tick? What makes your team so enthusiastic and driven? What has made Clio such a driving force in legal innovation? You’re not legal professionals, after all.” Jack will tell you, it’s the mission. The mission is m...
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Prez candidate Beto O'Rourke releases a "comprehensive plan to end mass incarceration"

Via this extended Medium posting, Beto O'Rourke has released what he titles "Beto’s Comprehensive Plan to End Mass Incarceration and Reform Our Criminal Justice System to Prioritize Rehabilitation." The plan is too lengthy and detailed for ready summary, but here are a few of the sentencing parts: Reforming Sentencing and investing in alternatives to incarceration. Eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing. Beto will end the sentencing disparity between offenses for crack and powder cocaine, w...
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The Supreme Court’s Very Own Police Force

They take protecting the Supreme Court very seriously.
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This Day Is Dead, Whimpering Like A Dog — See Also

[caption id="attachment_500619" align="alignright" width="300"] Justice Anthony M. Kennedy (Image via Getty)[/caption] HARVARD LAW FEDSOC FEELS PERSECUTED: Apparently there aren't enough clinical opportunities to help rich folks. LOCAL POLITICS PLUS REC LEAGUE: Inspires a lawsuit about abuse of power, naturally. NEVER HAVE I EVER: Law School edition. LAW FIRM POACHING: Open season on Cleary? ANTHONY KENNEDY DOESN'T SWING: The cases do, says the man who vacated a seat so it could be filled b...
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Risks of cannabis use for mental health treatment outweigh benefits

New study shows evidence of positive outcomes is scarce while symptoms can be exacerbatedThe use of cannabis medicines to treat people with depression, anxiety, psychosis or other mental health issues cannot be justified because there is little evidence that they work or are safe, according to a major new study.A review of evidence from trials conducted over nearly 40 years, published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry,concludes that the risks outweigh the benefits. And yet, say the authors, they ...
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STEPP training

I went through the STEPP training and thought it was really excellent: If you are a patent attorney or agent, it helps to think like an examiner. Sunday, November 10, 2019 is the last day to sign up for the January Stakeholder Training on Examination Practice and Procedure (STEPP) agent/attorney course. This three-day course takes place on January 28-30, 2020 at the Miami Beach Regional Library in Miami, Florida. The training is limited to those who have passed the patent bar, since it will mak...
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Service Providers: AT&T Directv 2 Year Contract

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Iowa Hello, I cancelled by Directv service in 8/2018. The next business day they called me and asked how they could earn my business back. They offered $80 off my bill and also offered to upgrade my receivers and NFL Sunday Ticket. I specifically asked if this would put me back in a 2 year contract and was told no. I called to cancel my service again on 10/25 (When my discount was up) and was informed that I was under contract and would...
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Some Big Reasons Why The CCPA Is More Of A Problem Than You Think

The CCPA may have been passed, but it is anything but set in stone, so ongoing compliance will be a challenge, to say the least.
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Fractional Ownership: Legal Implications Of A Masterpiece & Prime Real Estate Within Your Reach

Legal issues of governance in this developing area of the law may become significant soon.
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A Sea Change For The State Bar In Sacramento

The approval of a hefty fee increase signals friendlier feelings for the agency at the Capitol.
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Maybe they hope it will be voted down! Suddenly, House Democrats want a formal vote on impeachment.

The NYT reports.The vote will take place on Thursday, and it will be presented as whether to “affirm” the inquiry... which seems to say that they don't want to admit that they were doing it wrong, just asking for an affirmation.Democrats are good enough. They're smart enough. And doggone it, people like them.My first thought was, the Democrats are in trouble, they know the impeachment inquiry is dragging them down, and they want the vote to fail. But here's how Nancy Pelosi put it:“This resoluti...
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Rent and Utilities: Excessive Late Fee Because Jointly and Severally on Lease Only

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Illinois Excessive late fee because jointly and severally on lease only but not really? On lease with 3 other people and we are listed as jointly and severally on lease. However, each month, we are each responsible for our portion of the rent and pay our rent separately. Not in one rent check each month. When the landlord contacts me regarding the rent, it is never about the entire rent amount as listed on the lease ($2,800), but always ...
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Justice Kennedy awarded Liberty Medal by the National Constitution Center

If you let freedom ring, its tone would be civil. This was the resounding theme at events in Philadelphia this weekend featuring retired Justice Anthony Kennedy and Justice Neil Gorsuch, who both asserted that civility and liberty are imperative to the functioning of our democracy. On Saturday at the Fair and Impartial Judiciary conference, Kennedy emphasized that judicial independence entails a willingness to put aside personal motivations – “to do not what we want but what we must.” One of Ken...
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Harvard FedSoc Demands Right-Wing Clinics, ‘Cause I Guess Helping Poor People Is Liberal?

Don't worry, they have helpful suggestions about who really needs Harvard Law's help.
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Upon SCOTUS remand, Indiana Supreme Court remand Timbs after setting out excessiveness standards

In Timbs v. Indiana, the US Supreme Court unanimously held that the Eighth Amendment's Excessive Fines Clause applies to the states, but then remanded the case back to the Indiana courts to figure out just how that Clause should apply in Tyson Timbs' case.  Today, the Indiana Supreme Court issued this opinion in which it further remands the case to the state trial court with the help of a lengthy opinion explaining its approach to the Clause.  Here is how the opinion starts and concludes: Civil...
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What’s the Best Food Plot Tree to Plant for Deer?

What's the best food plot tree to plant for deer on your property? The answer might surprise you. Here's a look at what to consider before you... Read more... The post What’s the Best Food Plot Tree to Plant for Deer? appeared first on
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Healthy diet means a healthy planet, study shows

Healthier food choices almost always benefit environment as well, according to analysisEating healthy food is almost always also best for the environment, according to the most sophisticated analysis to date.The researchers said poor diets threaten society by seriously harming people and the planet, but the latest research can inform better choices. Continue reading...
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What’s good for people is good for the planet, study confirms

Mega analysis reveals how small dietary changes can benefit health and the environment.
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"We've Normalized Prison: The carceral state and its threat to democracy"

The title of this post is the title of this notable new Washington Post commentary authored by Piper Kerman.  I recommend the full piece (which is part of this new Prison issue in the Post's magazine), and here are excerpts: The reach of the American criminal punishment systems stretches to clutch far more people than many imagine.  I know this not only from being incarcerated, but also from teaching nonfiction writing classes in state prisons.  My students’ stories bravely reveal difficult per...
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‘Tremendous Service.’ A Military Dog Wounded in al-Baghdadi Mission Is Already Back to Work

The animal 'performed a tremendous service' in finding Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a general said
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Lawsuit Filed After Umpire Calls Mayor’s Son Out At The Plate

High-stakes kickball politics ends in litigation.
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The End is Near: Halloween Is the Last Day to Enter for a Spot in Startup Alley at ABA TECHSHOW

If you’re a legaltech startup, I don’t want to spook you, but Halloween is the last day to submit your application for one of 15 spots in the fourth-annual Startup Alley at ABA TECHSHOW, the American Bar Association’s annual legal technology conference, taking place in Chicago Feb. 26-29, 2020. The final deadline for applying is this Thursday, Oct. 31, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time. This is your last chance to be one of 15 companies selected to receive space in a special portion of TECHSHOW’s exhib...
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JPMorgan Preparing To Become New York’s Most Powerful Texas-Based Financial Institution

Jamie Dimon's obsession with being the next JR Ewing is becoming difficult to ignore.
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Monday Open Thread

I'm out and about in the snow, which is already melting. Our last open thread is full, so here's a new one, all topics welcome. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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