Open Enrollment Checklist: HSA, HCFSA, DCFSA, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance

We just finished our open enrollment paperwork, and like many other workers we faced a long and confusing list of instructions. They tried to distract me from the increased health insurance premiums by adding a bunch of optional “perks” like universal life insurance and paid identity theft protection. Christine Benz has a thoughtful Checklist for Open Enrollment Season. Here are my own thoughts as I went through the options: Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Doesn’t “triple tax-free” sound g...
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Clio Legal Trends Report : Referrals The Leading Source of Legal Business

When comparing methods of looking for a lawyer, 59% of clients seek a referral from someone they know or have been in contact with. Methods such as using an online search engine (17%) and visiting a lawyer’s website (17%), though important for some consumers of legal services, trailed referrals, substantially, as a source of legal business. This, from Clio’s 2019 Legal Trend Report released at the Clio Cloud Conference in San Diego a couple weeks ago. Whom did people go to for a referral to a l...
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A spirit the Nazis couldn't erase: Charlotte Salomon: Life? or Theatre? review

Jewish Museum, LondonDiscovered after her death at Auschwitz, the artist’s graphic record of her life unfolds in startlingly poignant scenes, from her mother’s graveside to her lover’s bedCharlotte Salomon was murdered in a gas chamber shortly after her arrival at Auschwitz in October 1943. She was 28 and pregnant. Salomon was supposed to be forgotten, erased from history, along with the millions of Jews murdered in the 1940s. But after the defeat of Nazi Germany, her father and stepmother – who...
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The Best Law Schools In America For Career Prospects (2020)

Most people attend law school to obtain jobs as lawyers. Which one is the best at helping students achieve that goal?
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Oklahoma Republicans Follow Through On Commutation Day

Could criminal justice reform actually become a bipartisan issue?
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A Different Kind of Lawyer Directory, Made with Millennials In Mind

What do millennials look for when shopping for a lawyer? They want to know if you’ll meet with them in Starbucks. They want to know if you accept payment via Venmo or Bitcoin. They want to know a fun or quirky fact about you. That, at least, is the premise of Modern Attorney, a new attorney directory that aims to match millennial clients with lawyers who fit their lifestyles. The site encourages attorneys to create profiles that show their personalities and in which they are transparent about th...
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Small-Firm Flexibility Can Freak Out Adversaries

The flexibility available at smaller law firms can often make the difference in resolving a case in a client’s favor.
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Best Laptops for Lawyers: A Computer Buying Guide

In general, lawyers in our Lawyerist Insider and Lawyerist Lab communities spend way too much time worrying about getting the best laptops for lawyers. You can run a law practice just fine on a $400 Dell desktop (but you shouldn’t). Best Desktop Computer for Your Law Office You don’t need to waste time and brainpower obsessively comparing specs or agonizing over whether to get a Mac or PC. You can just get something from Microsoft or Apple and it will do the job. (Lenovo and Dell ar...
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Morning Docket: 11.06.19

* Roger Stone left early from his trial yesterday because he complained of food poisoning. At least this is better than R. Kelly's infected toenail excuse... [CNN] * An attorney alleged to have smuggled a hit list out of jail has been denied the reinstatement of her law license. [East Bay Times] * Attorneys for Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes have filed a motion to withdraw from the case, stating that they haven't been paid for more than a year. Holmes has come a long way from paying nume...
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Authors and Editors Working With and Their Expectations From Professional Publishers

Upon writing Practicalities of Securing a Law Book Publishing Agreement, I pondered on an aspect of that actual or potential experience which was addressed therein in only four bullet points, namely the issue of what is expected from publishers. It is the publisher, for the most part, which sets the rules of the game and drives the contractual conditions and process. As this is often a corporate entity negotiating with an individual, who is normally not represented by a publishing agent or a med...
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Wednesday: What’s Hot on CanLII

Each Wednesday we tell you which three English-language cases and which French-language case have been the most viewed* on CanLII and we give you a small sense of what the cases are about. For this last week: 1. Alberta Union of Provincial Employees v Alberta, 2019 ABCA 411 [45] In this case, in assessing what remedy was appropriate, Arbitrator Moreau decided that the employment relationship was not viable for the “lack of truthfulness” in three different contexts: during the interviews with the...
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I didn't notice that Playboy changed it's motto from "Entertainment for Men" to "Entertainment for All."

That happened over a year ago, I'm reading "As Men Are Canceled, So Too Their Magazine Subscriptions/The boys’ club of glossy publishing confronts an identity crisis" by Alex Williams (NYT).It’s an open question whether the men who now turn to Pornhub and its ilk for the kind of “entertainment” that Playboy built an empire on even noticed....Did the women (and others) who frowned on the magazine notice?The magazine’s new leadership team consists of a gay man (the executive editor Shane Singh) an...
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SDF 30: Of Giants and Donkeys

On the first day after Brexit Day, Thomas, Sam and I joined in conversation on the Big Day that didn’t happen. #NoBrexitDay, in a hashtag. In this latest installment of our Small Data Forum podcast, episode 30, we again discuss the political shenanigins in the ongoing Brexit saga as we now head towards a General Election in the UK on December 12. We set the scene with a just-published book from the four men behind ‘Led By Donkeys,’ a political activism campaign that unfolded on adv...
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"But what if the WB is a vehement Ukraine hawk, with strong ties to Joe Biden and Democrats?"

Writes Mickey Kaus, explaining why the identity of whistleblower is important even though we have the transcript:The point wouldn’t be that the whole thing then smells like a long-hatched anti-Trump conspiracy (though it does)....The point is that seemingly everyone in the WB’s network of outrage, from the person who told the WB about the call to Col. Vindman (the National Security Council Ukraine expert who’s testified before Rep. Schiff’s impeachment panel) to Ambassador William Taylor (who’d ...
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"The female cyclist who flipped off President Trump’s motorcade last year unseated the Republican incumbent in a local election in Northern Virginia on Tuesday."

"Juli Briskman, 51, ran against Suzanne M. Volpe, a Republican who represents the Algonkian District on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors" (Fox News). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Extinction Rebellion protesters may sue Met as ban ruled unlawful

Section 14 order issued to halt protest across London was not legitimate, high court rulesHundreds of Extinction Rebellion protesters may sue the Metropolitan police for unlawful arrest after the high court quashed an order banning the group’s protests in London last month.In a judgment handed down on Wednesday morning, Mr Justice Dingemans and Mr Justice Chamberlain said the section 14 order imposed during XR’s “autumn uprising” in October was unlawful. Continue reading...
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Extinction Rebellion protesters may sue Met after protest ban ruled illegal

Section 14 order issued to ban protest across London was not legitimate, high court rulesHundreds of Extinction Rebellion protesters may now sue the Metropolitan police for unlawful arrest after the high court quashed an order banning the group’s protests in London last month.In a judgment handed down on Wednesday morning, Mr Justice Dingemans and Mr Justice Chamberlain said the section 14 order imposed during XR’s “autumn uprising” in October was unlawful Continue reading...
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'Brussels was all men': the painful progress towards EU gender equality

The European commission may no longer be an all-male club, but austerity risks undoing decades of progressBack in 1992, when women’s rights campaigner Joanna Maycock first arrived in Brussels, she was appalled by the European decision-making and administrative bodies. “Brussels was all men. There was just one female commissioner,” she says.Fast-forward 27 years, and Ursula von der Leyen is the European commission’s first female president. Her cabinet is the most gender-balanced in EU history, wi...
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No woman should be slapped for screaming as she gives birth | Ann Yates

Respect in childbirth is a human right. As a midwife of many years’ experience, I am calling for a global effort towards more compassion in maternity careRespectful maternity care is a universal human right due to every childbearing woman in every health system around the world. So why do women continue to endure violence, abuse and substandard care during childbirth?As a midwife with more than 44 years of international experience, I have seen disrespect and abuse in many countries. Continue rea...
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