Small town TX editor wins Pulitzer for jail-death series

Congratulations to Jefferey Gerritt of the Palestine Herald Press, who won a Pulitzer Prize this week for his excellent series on problematic Texas jail deaths. Go here to read them all. Nicely done! [Author: Gritsforbreakfast]
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Top Ten Failures of Austin Police Chief Brian Manley: A Compendium

After more than two dozen community groups called for the firing of Austin police chief Brian Manley and assistant city manager Rey Arellano in the wake of the killing of Mike Ramos, some apologists for the department have portrayed this position as impulsive and hot-headed. Grits finds this rather insulting, given the long list of grievances to which advocates were reacting. OTOH, I realize that local Austin media coverage of the police is so shoddy and one-sided, most folks likely have never ...
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg in hospital for treatment on gallbladder

The key liberal US supreme court justice is resting comfortably and will be able to continue to work US supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has had a series of health scares, has undergone non-surgical treatment for a gallbladder condition and was resting comfortably, a court spokeswoman said.Ginsburg, 87, had a gallstone that had caused an infection and was treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, a spokeswoman said. Ginsburg was expected to participate in the court’s oral arg...
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At the Blue Stripe Café...

... you can talk all night (and shop through the Althouse Portal to Amazon).The photo was taken at 5:49 this morning. The actual sunrise time was 5:45. I almost did not make it out to my vantage point. As I stepped onto the trail in the twilight, I heard the loudest, craziest crane noise I have ever heard. I kept going, the noise stopped, but then I saw — up ahead, on the hill about 20 feet away from the trail — 2 very large cranes standing side by side. They were not moving away. They had the...
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Ginsburg hospitalized with “benign gall bladder condition”

The Supreme Court that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was treated this afternoon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for a benign gallbladder condition. The 87-year-old justice underwent outpatient tests at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington after Monday’s oral argument, the court’s Public Information Office reported, “that confirmed she was suffering from a gallstone that had migrated to her cystic duct, blocking it and causing an infection.” Ginsburg is “resting comfortably,” according t...
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Big L.A. law firms, legal-aid groups mobilize to help Angelenos for free, Garcetti says

An coalition of volunteer lawyers have come together to aid Angelenos through their legal troubles during the novel coronavirus, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Tuesday. Major law firms, bar associations and legal aid organizations will provide pro bono help to Los Angeles city residents “who are facing hardships caused by COVID-19,” under a new initiative known as LA Represents, Garcetti said. Renters facing trouble with their living situation, victims of domestic violence, and low-income ...
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"A Wisconsin Supreme Court justice on Tuesday invoked the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II during oral arguments for a challenge to the state's controversial stay-at-home order...."

"The Wisconsin Legislature filed a lawsuit last month in an attempt to reopen the state and block the extension of the stay-at-home order issued by state health officials to slow the spread of the coronavirus. 'I'll direct your attention to another time in history, in the Korematsu decision, where the [U.S. Supreme Court] said the need for action was great and time was short and that justified, and I'm quoting, 'assembling together and placing under guard all those of Japanese ancestry' in assem...
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized With Infection, ‘Resting Comfortably’

Not to worry, because she still plans to participate in oral arguments.
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"They were playing Rambo. They were playing hero."

Said Venezuelan President Maduro, quoted in "Venezuela detains two Americans allegedly involved in failed raid to remove Maduro/President Nicolas Maduro claims men were among 13 ‘terrorists’ involved in plot to enter country via the coast and oust him" (The Guardian). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Fat cells produce large amounts of a protein used by the coronavirus to infiltrate human cells, researchers have warned..."

"... pointing to a potential explanation for why obese people are more severely affected....  Fat cells in obese or diabetic patients produce higher amounts of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (Ace2) than those in other people. It is the protein that the coronavirus binds to in the bodies of infected people, they said.... [F]at might therefore 'serve as a viral reservoir.'"The London Times reports on a study published in the journal Obesity. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"26% of Democrats, including 40% of those under the age of 45, said the party should select a different nominee."

"The party’s younger voters and women are less likely to view Biden’s denial as credible than older or male Democrats. 38% of all voters say elected officials should resign when facing credible accusations of sexual misconduct, down 18 points since late 2017."The Morning Consult reports on its new poll. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"President Trump said on Tuesday that the White House’s coronavirus task force would be shut down and replaced with 'something in a different form'..."

"... as the country moved into what he called Phase 2 of a response to a pandemic that has killed nearly 70,000 Americans. 'We will have something in a different form,' Mr. Trump told reporters as he toured a Honeywell mask manufacturing plant in Arizona, where he wore safety goggles but no mask... 'I think we are looking at Phase 2, and we’re looking at other phases,' Mr. Trump said after he was asked whether it was a good idea to shut down the task force while the virus was still spreading thr...
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Need To Take The Bar Exam A Second Time? You Might Be Screwed. — See Also

Repeat Bar Exam Test Takers Are SOL: The COVID crunch is real. Vedder Price Lays Off Attorneys: The economic impacts of COVID-19 continue. Massachusetts Joins New York: Latest COVID SNAFU: Character and fitness reviews. How To Weather The Coronavirus Storm: Advice on how to get through the uncertainty.
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Bringing Lawyers Together Under Lockdown

The legal industry can still get together to learn and socialize.
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2019 Was A Rough Year For This Biglaw Firm

And this was before the coronavirus hit.
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Argument preview: Justices to weigh constitutionality of “faithless elector” laws

2016 Electoral College map Voters in the United States do not directly elect the president and the vice president. Instead, the Constitution instructs the states to appoint “electors,” who vote for the president and vice president. In Washington and Colorado, along with almost all other states, the electors are appointed from the same political party as the ticket that won the statewide popular vote, and they meet in early December to cast their ballots. Next week the Supreme Court will consid...
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Mini-Mercer Building Mini-Breitbart In Mini-Bid To Reelect Trump, Start War With China

Speaking of Bob Mercer, he’s back, as well.
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Redesigning the Legal System: Let’s Start With What It Takes to Achieve Justice

There have been for years many outspoken proponents of using increased advanced technology in the legal system: use of technology by lawyers, remote court and tribunal hearings, increasing accessibility of information — substantive and navigational — for users of the legal system, and making decision-making systematic through algorithms. In certain respects, using technology has proceeded apace (providing online information, for example), but in others, it has been slow (for instance, court proc...
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4 Best Practices For Biglaw Firms That Are Weathering The Storm Well

What should successful firms be doing to reassure and support their employees during these tumultuous times?
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Day 53: Musings On The Quarantine Of 2020

Government is not going to solve this problem. It is a question of time and of science. We are going to have to ride it out.
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Ohio Lawmaker Cannot Cover ‘God’s Image’ With Face Mask Because READ YOUR BIBLE, People!

A novel argument for resisting public health edicts.
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Texas Whitetail Deer with Double Diamond Outfitters

Best Texas Whitetail Hunts I’ve got some of the best ranches in South & Central Texas, with some of the best Texas Whitetail Hunts!  All of my whitetail deer hunts are for native Texas deer and all of my ranches are intensely managed to allow the bucks to reach maturity before they are harvested. You won’t be hunting an ear-tagged, 3-year-old whitetail, that was released from a deer pen in September. I’ve got access to giant antlered, pen deer, if that’s what you’re looking for, but I specializ...
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Petitions of the week

This week we highlight petitions pending before the Supreme Court that involve, among other things, the test that determines whether someone is “intellectually disabled” for purposes of the Eighth Amendment, whether the prosecution violates the Fifth Amendment’s self-incrimination clause when it uses a criminal defendant’s post-arrest, pre-Miranda-warning silence as evidence of guilt in its case-in-chief, and whether Medicaid recipients have a private right of action under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and 4...
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Law School Testing Experts Not So Sure Bar Exam Can Be Put Online

Thanks to the coronavirus, this could just be bar exam wishcasting.
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Is Zoom A Classroom?

I have some questions for university counsel, administrators, and the ABA.
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Russia domestic violence cases more than double under lockdown

Figures from human rights commissioner paint different picture to that provided by police Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageReported cases of domestic violence in Russia have more than doubled during the country’s coronavirus lockdown, according to the Russian human rights commissioner, who painted a different picture to that provided by police data.Complaints and reports made to Russian non-governmental organisations spiked from roughly 6,000 in March to more than 13,0...
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How Has Your Firm Been Impacted By COVID-19? [Sponsored]

Complete this 5-minute survey and be entered to win one of three $150 Amazon gift cards.
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SEC Turns Previously-Shunned Whistleblower Program Into Handy Economic Stimulus

Jay Clayton & co. have injected $64 million and counting into the economy.
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UK could relax lockdown for millions if over-70s are shielded, say scientists

Plan involves beefing up protection for vulnerable people while easing controls on othersCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBritain could exit the coronavirus lockdown by relaxing restrictions on more than half of the population and beefing up protection for those over 70 and vulnerable people, scientists have said.The strategy from researchers at Edinburgh University, known as “segmenting and shielding”, is intended to create leeway for ministers to ease the lockdown on...
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