Non-Cooperation Draws Suspension

The Florida Supreme Court has rejected a proposed reprimand and probation referee recommendation and imposed a lengthy suspension We disapprove the referee’s recommended discipline, and instead, we suspend Altman from the practice of law for three years. At issue was... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Data on waiting lists for TX competency restoration

The Appropriations bill during the last Texas legislative session required the Health and Human Services Commission to periodically report on waiting lists for mental health services. Here's the chart from the report related to forensic beds, where mentally ill folks are sent for "competency restoration" before they can stand for trial, plea, etc.: This has been a problem now for many years. Once someone has been deemed incompetent, they can't even plea out and must typically remain incarc...
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Not Generally Known

A one year suspension of an attorney has been imposed by the New Jersey Supreme Court. One count involved allegations that the attorney had breached his duty of confidentiality to a former client. The client has posted a negative Yelp... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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TDCJ inmates on COVID lockdown now have access to phone service

Grits had earlier discussed how COVID lockdowns at TDCJ were keeping inmates from communicating with their families. Apparently phone access has been restored for these units. TDCJ has posted this on the COVID FAQ page on their website:The Offender Telephone System (OTS) is now operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Offenders are being escorted to phones when they are available even after traditional hours. Each offender is receiving 2 free 15-minute calls a week which reset every Tuesday. Disc...
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The sunrise this morning was well-attended.

So many people out there at 5:45. The cloud cover was 0%, so it looked a way that I've seen many times. Type #3 I'll call it. The completely clear sky. Type #1 is a completely clouded sky, Type #2 is fully clouded but with some texture. The only other type I've identified is Type #5, which is distinctive, with a golden zigzag. I'll get to 10 types once I've seen the full annual cycle, which will be on September 8th.Anyway, this is the open thread to get you through the night and onto the next...
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USNS Mercy no longer taking patients at the direction of FEMA

The USNS Mercy, sent to the Port of Los Angeles to take the burden off Los Angeles-area hospitals expected to be overwhelmed treating coronavirus patients, is winding down its mission. The ship released its last patient on Tuesday, May 5. “At the direction of FEMA, Mercy is no longer receiving patients,” Lt. Andrew Bertucci, a spokesman aboard the floating hospital ship, said on Thursday, May 7. Seventy-seven patients received care ranging from essential medical and surgical treatments to critic...
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RAF jets to roar over UK to mark 75th anniversary of VE Day

Boris Johnson urges nation to unite in tribute as celebrations are adapted owing to Covid-19RAF jets will roar over Britain to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, as Boris Johnson urged the nation to unite in tribute to the achievement and sacrifice of the wartime generation.The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will lead a two-minute silence from Scotland on a day of celebration and commemoration which also includes a “national toast”, an address by the Queen, and a nationwide sing-a-lon...
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The Florida Bar Exam Is Going To Be A Disaster — See Also

Florida Is Going Ahead With A July Bar Exam: This plan is a terrible one. More Biglaw Cuts: From Baker Hostetler, Locke Lord, and Texas firm Munck Wilson Mandala. Corruption Isn't A Crime Anymore: Because we live in the darkest timeline. Best Of Biglaw: When it comes to pro bono work, that is. This Anti-Trial Lawyer Stance Makes No Goddamned Sense: How can you follow rules when you can't read the rules?
Tags: Florida, Law, See Also, Baker Hostetler Locke Lord and Texas, Munck Wilson Mandala Corruption Isn

This Biglaw Firm Really Knows How To Squeeze Every Last Bit Out Of Its Attorneys

Every attorney is pretty valuable to the firm.
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Air Force gives a rare look at the research going to orbit in its X-37B spaceplane

The X-37B spaceplane sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, and its mysterious past is equally evocative. What does the military put in this long-term orbital vehicle? Turns out it’s exactly the kind of neat, but not mind-blowing, science you’d expect to find in such a thing — though solar-powered masers do sound pretty cool. Also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle, the Boeing -designed X-37B has performed five prior missions, amounting to a total of nearly eight years in orbit; the last ...
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Bonehead Mercenaries Behind Failed Coup in Venezuela Plagiarized Website

A U.S. private military contractor with a plagiarized website and unclear connections to Trump’s White House recently attempted to invade Venezuela and depose its authoritarian leader Nicolas Maduro and replace him with a U.S. puppet this month—leading to predictably disastrous results. In the aftermath, the record of…Read more...
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Opinion analysis: Lawyers should lawyer, judges should judge – The court remands Sineneng-Smith

The Supreme Court today resolved United States v. Sineneng-Smith without reaching the merits of the underlying First Amendment question, instead holding that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit improperly injected the issue into the case. The court sent the case back for reconsideration based on the claims of the parties. Evelyn Sineneng-Smith had been convicted of violating 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(4), which prohibits “inducing or encouraging” unauthorized immigration. She charged non...
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Becoming A Better, Healthier Lawyer: 5 Tips For Staying Sane, Productive & Healthy Today And Every Day [Sponsored]

Wellness issues may be heightened right now, but they didn’t come out of nowhere -- and they won’t be going away once we all head back to the office.
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One Of The Top 40 Largest Law Firms In The Country Is Cutting Associate Salaries

There's a little twist of the knife on these salary cuts.
Tags: Layoffs, Law, Biglaw, BakerHostetler, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Salary Cuts

Own Your Career – Don’t Let It Be a Covid Casualty

Don’t Let Your Legal Career Be A Casualty of the Pandemic: Strategies for Continuing to Own Your Career By Lisa B. Horowitz JD, MSOD To welcome a new decade, on January 2, 2020, I posted an article entitled: Positioning Yourself For Career Success in the New Decade.  None of us could have predicted that merely 4 months later, we would be in the middle of a pandemic wreaking havoc on our health and economy. Your career need not be a casualty of this pandemic. We are all experiencing a transformat...
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Opinion analysis: Unanimous court throws out “Bridgegate” convictions

In 2013, officials with ties to Chris Christie, then the governor of New Jersey, altered the traffic pattern on the George Washington Bridge in an effort to punish the mayor of nearby Fort Lee, New Jersey, for his failure to support Christie’s reelection bid. The change in the traffic pattern led to four days of gridlock on the streets surrounding the bridge before the original pattern was eventually restored. Two of the officials responsible for the change were found guilty of violating federal...
Tags: New York, Chris Christie, Featured, Supreme Court, Law, Fort Lee, New Jersey, Christie, Kelly, The Supreme Court, Howe, George Washington Bridge, Port Authority of New York, Port Authority, Elena Kagan, Kagan

DOJ asks court to temporarily block release of secret Mueller grand jury materials (Updated)

UPDATE: On Friday Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily blocked the release of the grand jury materials and ordered the House Judiciary Committee to respond by Monday, May 18, at 3 p.m. EDT. The committee had not opposed the temporary hold, known as an administrative stay, to give the court time to review the government’s request. The Department of Justice came to the Supreme Court today, asking the justices to put on hold the disclosure of grand jury materials from the investigation by Special...
Tags: Featured, Supreme Court, Law, Department Of Justice, Doj, John Roberts, D C Circuit, Howe, House Judiciary Committee, Mueller, The Department of Justice, Robert Mueller, Noel Francisco, Emergency appeals and applications, District of Columbia Roberts

The Need For Efficiency In Document Review [Sponsored]

Technology can streamline the process and reduce costs along the way.
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Puma’s Plan To Register Tokyo Olympics Trademarks Is Rejected

This rejection is not the end of the road for Puma, which has the right to provide an official response.
Tags: Law, Sports, Olympics, Intellectual Property, Puma, Trademarks, Darren Heitner, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Trump White House asks Supreme Court to block House from seeing Mueller’s grand jury Russia secrets

• Justice Dept. asked justices to temporarily halt lower-court order, saying executive branch would suffer irreparable harm if the evidence is disclosed. “The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to block Congress from seeing grand jury secrets gathered in the Russia investigation by Mueller, saying the executive branch would suffer irreparable harm if lawmakers see the evidence,” writes Charlie Savage at the New York Times. Excerpt: In a 35-page filing, Noel J. Francisco, ...
Tags: Post, Politics, News, Justice, Supreme Court, Law, Scotus, Congress, Russia, US news, House, New York Times, Donald Trump, Francisco, Justice Department, Trump

DOJ asks court to temporarily block release of secret Mueller grand jury materials

The Department of Justice came to the Supreme Court today, asking the justices to put on hold the disclosure of grand jury materials from the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who in March 2019 submitted a report on possible Russian interference in the 2016 election. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld an order by a federal trial court that would require the disclosure to the House Judiciary Committee of portions of the Mueller report that had bee...
Tags: Featured, Supreme Court, Law, Department Of Justice, Doj, John Roberts, D C Circuit, Howe, House Judiciary Committee, Mueller, The Department of Justice, Robert Mueller, Noel Francisco, Emergency appeals and applications, District of Columbia Roberts

Educational seminar: Preview of McGirt v. Oklahoma

Today at 2:00 p.m., we held a 30-minute webinar before Monday’s oral argument in McGirt v. Oklahoma. Sarah Harrington of Goldstein & Russell and Bob Anderson of Harvard Law School led an interactive discussion with high school students, starting with a preview of the case and then covering tribal sovereignty and the history of Native American reservations. Watch the webinar here: The case will be argued on Monday, May 11, starting at 10 a.m. EDT. Live audio will be available on C-SPAN. We w...
Tags: Law, Oklahoma, Harvard Law School, Bob Anderson, Goldstein Russell, Sarah Harrington, McGirt, Educational seminars on May 2020 oral arguments

Argument analysis: Justices skeptical of robocall law, but appear to want to keep it

The Supreme Court heard oral argument yesterday in Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants. The case is one of a handful this spring that, because of the pandemic, the court is hearing by telephone with the public listening in. That’s perhaps fitting because the case is itself about phone calls—cellphone robocalls in particular. The question before the justices yesterday was whether the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act’s ban on robocalls to cellphones, or an exception added t...
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Not Even In-House Counsel Are Immune From COVID-19 Job Cuts

Austerity measures meet the in-house world.
Tags: Layoffs, Law, Quote Of The Day, In-House Counsel, Colin Levy, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Nation-State Hackers Seen Targeting COVID-19 Research Data [Sponsored]

The hackers are targeting pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers to gather intelligence on how other governments are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a warning issued today by the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the United Kingdom's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).
Tags: Law, United Kingdom, Wolters Kluwer, Sponsored Content, Research Data, COVID-19

Supreme Court Legalizes Political Corruption In Continuing Effort To Make America Great

Supreme Court feels it's time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.
Tags: Chris Christie, Supreme Court, Law, Bridgegate, Courts

Gender Equality In Law And The Precedent Of Pandemic

Pandemic may not permanently change the profession when it comes to work life balance and gender equality. But pandemic has changed us.
Tags: Law, Small Law Firms

Florida Promises Most Packed July Bar Exam Ever To Own The Libs

While most states are looking into postponing the exam and staggering schedules, Florida is charging ahead.
Tags: Florida, Law, Law Schools, Bar Exams

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