Quite Likely To Offend

A reprimand has been imposed by the New Jersey Supreme Court for words spoken in an attorney's encounter with court personnel. At issue was conduct described in the report of the Disciplinary Review Board In this case, we are confronted... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Referral Fee Draws Reprimand

A reprimand has been imposed by the New Jersey Supreme Court for a criminal conviction described by the Disciplinary Review Board The facts underlying respondent’s crime are straightforward. From May 2013 to July 2018, respondent served as a Township commissioner.... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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At the Sunrise Café...

... you can talk 'til dawn. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Out Like Flynn — See Also

Cutback Corner: Eversheds Sutherland, Pepper Hamilton, and Holland & Knight. Nothing To See Here: Low wattage legal analysts explain why Michael Flynn was innocent all along. New Podcast: Kathryn and Joe talk about COVID and the legal industry in this new weekly show. Really?: Indiana is the state with the best bar exam response?
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Partners Are Really Valuable At This Biglaw Firm

This is a very, VERY profitable law firm.
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Now available on Oyez: This week’s oral argument audio aligned with the transcripts

Oyez has posted the aligned audio and transcripts from this week’s oral arguments at the Supreme Court. The court heard argument this week in: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office v. USAID v. Alliance for Open Society International Little Sister of the Poor v. Pennsylvania Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants The post Now available on Oyez: This week’s oral argument audio aligned with the transcripts appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Senator Wyden And Others Introduce Bill Calling The DOJ’s Bluff Regarding Its Attempt To Destroy Section 230 & Encryption

In fairness, the DOJ is getting really good at covering things up.
Tags: Technology, Law, Doj, Wyden, Section 230

New Lawsuit Alleges Age Discrimination Amid COVID-19 Upheaval At Shearman & Sterling

The firm denies the allegations in the lawsuit.
Tags: Law, Age Discrimination, Biglaw, Shearman, Shearman & Sterling, COVID-19, Mark Kanyuk

Biglaw Attorneys In The South Can’t Go To Court, But They Can Get Tattoos

'It’s sort of a surreal world we’re living in,' says a managing partner.
Tags: Law, Georgia, Biglaw, Quote Of The Day, Lewis Brisbois, COVID-19

New Podcast Focusing On COVID And The Law

Check out our new COVID-centric coverage.
Tags: Technology, Podcasts, Law, LAWCLERK, Coronavirus, COVID-19, COVID Cast Podcast, Featured Podcast, Freelance Lawyers

Biglaw Firm With Over A Billion In Revenue Cuts Associate Salaries (And More!)

Associates seem pretty bummed about the austerity measures.
Tags: Layoffs, Law, Biglaw, Holland & Knight, Furloughs, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Salary Cuts

Germany, German Instrument Of Regional Dominance Having A Slight Disagreement

If the Germans want to put the brakes on the ECB, they’ll have to use EU courts, sayeth the latter.
Tags: Law, Finance, Germany, Eu, Ecb

Introducing Monique Burt Williams, New CEO Of Cadence Counsel [Sponsored]

David Lat interviews Monique Williams about her plans for Cadence Counsel and how both employers and lawyers can navigate the challenging times in which we live.
Tags: Law, David Lat, Sponsored Content, In-House Counsel, Cadence Counsel, Monique Williams, Monique Burt Williams

Michael Flynn Case Inspires Deluge Of Incredibly Terrible Legal Takes

This is what happens when bad lawyering is coming straight from the top.
Tags: Crime, Law, Department Of Justice, Michael Flynn, Bill Barr

The Art Of Management For A Young Lawyer: Developing Your Management Style

Each person's style will be different, but some core principles are universal.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Law Firm Leadership, Peter S. Garnett

Nasdaq Provides Temporary Relief from Shareholder Approval Requirements Due to COVID-19 [Sponsored]

Temporary Nasdaq rule changes aim to allow companies to quickly raise capital in the current crisis.
Tags: Law, Wolters Kluwer, Sponsored Content, COVID-19

At the Treeshadow Diner...

... the lunch group is assembling. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Photography, Law, Trees, Ann Althouse, Fisheye, Light And Shade

How are Government Law Librarians Handling the Pandemic?

On my In Seclusion Podcast miniseries this week I’ve talked with government law librarians from across the country to see how they are continuing services through the shelter-in-place rules, and how they are preparing to reopen as states start to ease these restrictions. The common emotions are a mix of frustration and determination. One of the traits of librarians, especially those who serve the public directly, is that nothing should get in the way of access to justice and the open availabili...
Tags: Podcast, Texas, Law, New York City, Uncategorized, Georgia, Federal Government, County, Abbott, State Government, Amy, Holly, American Association of Law Libraries, Joe Lawson, Holly Riccio, Harris County Law Library

Educational seminar: Debrief of Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants

Today we held a webinar to debrief Wednesday’s oral argument in Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants. Genevieve Lakier of the University of Chicago Law School and Amanda Shanor of the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School talked about how the argument went, possible outcomes and impacts on First Amendment jurisprudence. The post Educational seminar: Debrief of Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
Tags: Law, Barr, University of Chicago Law School, American Association of Political Consultants, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, Genevieve Lakier, Amanda Shanor, Educational seminars on May 2020 oral arguments, American Association of Political Consultants lt

Another robust week for COVID-influenced federal sentence reductions using § 3582(c)(1)(A)

In recent posts (here and here and here and here and here and here and more linked below), I have highlighted many, many rulings involving COVID-influenced grants of sentence reductions using § 3582(c)(1)(A) that I have found via Westlaw.  I have received positive feedback concerning these prior posts from various quarters, and so I will continue these periodic posts as we continue to see these kinds of grants.  (And, as I have said often, my Westlaw listings likely do not represent all sentence...
Tags: Law, United States, United, Howard, LRA, Casey, Norris, Westlaw, Hanson, Pabon, Quintero, Moskowitz, Douglas A Berman, Echevarria, ND Cal, Ardila

California should take the lead in tackling the military’s sexual assault epidemic.

As coronavirus continues to sweep across California and most of us shelter-at-home, National Guard members are deploying across the state to help. They’re running food banks, delivering test kits, and creating field hospitals. At the same time, they’re facing an epidemic of their own—military sexual assault. In the words of one investigator, sexual harassment in the California Guard is “commonplace.” A bill introduced in California in February could change that. Senate Bill 1274 would empower se...
Tags: California, Opinion, Senate, Court, Sport, Soccer, Military, California Supreme Court, University Of Southern California, U S Supreme Court, National Guard, San Mateo, U S Congress, California National Guard, Mike Garcia, Christy Smith

Legal Madness: COVID Call For Entries

If you have the germ of an idea for a law-related story about COVID-19, submit it. It could go viral.
Tags: Law, In-House Counsel, Sarah Feingold, Legal Madness, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Plant-based meats bloom as coronavirus spoils meat industry

Crowded conditions and a lack of safety protocols at meat processing facilities have created transmission hot spots for coronavirus. The plant-based meat industry has grown during the pandemic, with stocks growing and new partnerships formed. America's meat obsession won't change soon, but some experts forecast the start of a titanic shift. Americans love meat. We view prosperity as a chicken for every pot and steak as a symbol of the middle-class lifestyle. We choke our steaming services with ...
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Coronavirus Update 5-8-2020: Can you legally refuse to return to work to someone at “high risk” for COVID-19 complications?

As you start recalling employees to your physical workplace from remote work-from-home arrangements or furlough, you are concerned about an employee who has an underlying medical issue that the CDC says places him at a higher risk for complications from coronavirus. Can you refuse to return this employee to work? According to recently updated guidance from the EEOC, the answer might be “yes.” According to the CDC, the following medical conditions places one at a higher risk for severe illn...
Tags: Jon Hyman

Tracking COVID-19’s Employment Law Impact: The Sheltering-In-Place Factor [Sponsored]

‘There is the fear of the virus -- and the fear of liability.’
Tags: Law, Wolters Kluwer, Sponsored Content, Labor / Employment, COVID-19

Remorse Shown

The Minnesota Supreme Court has suspended an attorney for a minimum of 120 days for, among other things, unauthorized practice during a period of disciplinary suspension Our order suspended Powell for 45 days effective July 19, 2017. Thereafter, she engaged... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Minnesota Supreme Court, Powell, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process

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