The Norms Of Civil Discourse

A one-year suspension with all but 90 days stayed has been imposed by the Colorado Presiding Disciplinary Judge based on a conditional admission Abrams committed several discrete types of misconduct in connection with his corporate representation and defense in litigation... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Washington State Reverses Former Client Disqualification

The Washington State Supreme Court has reversed a Court of Appeals decision ordering disqualification under Rule 1.9 and offered important guidance in "former client" conflicts. The court focuses on the factual overlap between the prior and present representation. The situation... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Texas leaders' budget direction for prison agency makes no sense

Texas state agencies have been asked to prepare budgets that include 5% cuts in light of reduced tax revenues thanks to the coronavirus and plunging oil prices, the Texas Tribune's Jolie McCullough reported on Twitter. The TDCJ Correctional Security division and UTMB Managed Correctional Healthcare are exempt from cuts, but "Other parts of TDCJ's budget though — like parole, education/training programs, drug treatment, executives — seemingly will have to be in proposed 5% cut." This is exactly...
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At the Sunrise Café...

... you can type what you like at your socially distanced table. The photos were taken at 5:34 a.m. today. The one on the bottom — with the sun out of view — was taken 13 seconds after the top one. The sun had slipped under the low, thick cloud.If you find that amusing or interesting, remember me when you shop at Amazon and use the Althouse Portal. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Law Professor Tries To Get Media Attention — See Also

Beware Straw Arguments: Law professor edition. Donald Trump Acknowledges Tiffany: All it took was graduating from a T14 law school. History Making Attorney: Good luck on your career. Program For 0Ls: Because you haven't gotten into Harvard Law yet. Tents? That's your new office.
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How Much Is An Attorney Worth To Biglaw?

Biglaw gets a lot of revenue from each lawyer.
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The Geek in Review Ep. 76 – The Do’s and Don’t’s of Virtual Conferences – Litera’s Haley Altman and Alma Asay

While most of us in the legal industry were still finding their sea legs when it came to working from home, today’s guests were planning a moon shot experiment of creating a virtual legal conference completely from scratch. Haley Altman and Alma Asay from Litera Microsystems talk with us about their experiences in creating and producing The Changing Lawyer LIVE! virtual conference back in April. There were some victories, and some challenges along the way, but the end result was pretty impressi...
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Having Paved The Way For Future Joseph Ottings, Joseph Otting Steps Down

Now that he’s done with the Community Reinvestment Act, the country really doesn’t need a Comptroller of the Currency anymore.
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#Blog4Good Campaign Is Underway : Legal Bloggers Helping Consumers to Corporations

I shared my thoughts a couple weeks as to how legal bloggers and LexBlog, in combination, could help people facing legal issues arising out of the pandemic. Our thoughts have jelled into an actionable plan that lawyers, associations, law firms, and LexBlog have put in motion. Here’s the need, the plan, and the action being taken. The people facing legal issues arising out of the pandemic include consumers, small business people, large corporations, associations, government agencies, and other...
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Recession-Proof Career Advice For 2020 Law Grads [Sponsored]

The pandemic is affecting legal career opportunities. Check out these creative tips from Lawline attorneys on how to get a job and keep your head up.
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A Patent Emergency

by Dennis Crouch The Chamberlain Group, Inc. v. Techtronic Indus. Co. (Supreme Court 2020) Chamberlain Group’s asserted patent claims a garage-door-opener (claim 1, 5) and an associated method (claim 15). US7224275. Garage doors and opening mechanisms have been the subject of patents for 150 years. Back in 1919 Lee Hynes filed an early patent on electric-controller for a car door operating mechanism. Despite this long history, the Federal Circuit found Chamberlain’s patent ineligible under 35 U....
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Patent, Chamberlain, Federal Circuit, Dennis Crouch, Fed Cir, Alice Step, Chamberlain Group Inc, Lee Hynes

Cybersecurity: SEC and Other Regulators

Margaret A. Dale, Alexandra V. Bargoot, Anthony M. Drenzek and Samuel J. Waldon In today’s world, cybersecurity breaches and threats are pervasive concerns for any business entity, without exception. Working from home arrangements due to COVID-19 constraints only magnify the risk and create further vulnerabilities for companies. Companies should be aware of (1) the key cyber threats they face, (2) the consequences of a breach, and (3) the statutory and regulatory framework governing cybersecurit...
Tags: Law, SEC, Proskauer, Samuel J Waldon

Jonathan Turley Wanted For Vicious Murder Of Nonsensical Straw Arguments Of His Own Making

The professor lashes out at Trump's critics and he really hopes the networks are listening.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Law Schools, Trump, Jonathan Turley

Tiffany Trump Earns A Tweet From Dad For Her Law School Graduation

Donald Trump is thrilled to be related to a lawyer.
Tags: Law, Donald Trump, Law Schools, Quote Of The Day, Tiffany Trump

Zion Williamson Files Slam Dunk Motion Against Former Marketing Agents

He claims that his prior agents violated two sections of North Carolina's Uniform Athlete Agents Act.
Tags: Law, Sports, North Carolina, Darren Heitner, Zion Williamson, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Federal prison population continues historic drop with BOP now reporting 166,647 total federal inmates

Another Thursday brings another new check on the federal Bureau of Prisons' updated general population numbers (though BOP took longer than usual to get the updated numbers posted today).  In prior posts here and here, I highlighted that, according to BOP's reporting of the numbers, throughout the month of April the federal prison population was shrinking about 1,000 persons per week.  We are now three weeks into May, and the new numbers at this webpage continue to show weekly declines this mont...
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Pandemic Law Practice: How 14 Solo & Small Firm Lawyers Are Serving Clients And Keeping The Wheels Of Justice Turning

Solo and small firm lawyers across the country are diving right in to serve clients in these uncertain times.
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SCOTUSblog co-founders discuss use of live audio in May oral arguments

When the Supreme Court building closed due to the coronavirus, some of the remaining arguments for the term were rescheduled for a special May session via telephone. For the first time, live audio of oral arguments was made available to the public. SCOTUSblog’s co-founders, Tom Goldstein and Amy Howe, talk about the toilet flush heard around the world, the unusually active participation of Justice Clarence Thomas and whether the court should adopt any of the changes made for this session when it...
Tags: Featured, Supreme Court, Law, Clarence Thomas, Amy Howe, Tom Goldstein, SCOTUStalk

Public approves of live access to Supreme Court arguments, polls show

In May, for the first time in its history, the Supreme Court provided live audio of its oral arguments to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That move appears to enjoy broad support. According to two polls released before and after the May arguments, a significant majority of Americans across the ideological spectrum believe the public should have live access to judicial proceedings. Both survey samples were similar in make-up, polling between 1,000-1,500 participants with a wide variance ...
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Bison attacks woman at reopening of Yellowstone

A visitor was injured in a bison attack Wednesday at Yellowstone National Park, which this week began a phased reopening. “A female visitor was knocked to the ground and injured by a bison,” the National Park Service said in a statement. The injury happened Wednesday afternoon in the Old Faithful Upper Geyser Basin when the woman got too close to the animal, park officials said. The extent of her injuries was not known. “She was assessed and refused transport to a medical facility,” the park...
Tags: America, Hunting, Donald Trump, Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, National Park Service, Trump, Wyoming Trump, Old Faithful Upper Geyser Basin

Court Awards Aggravated Damages in Wrongful Dismissal Case

By Daniel Standing LL.B., Editor, First Reference Inc. The case Acumen Law Corporation v Ojanen, 2019 BCSC 1352 (CanLII) tells the story of the abrupt and acrimonious end of an articling student’s employment with a law firm. The court rejected the range of factors purported to support just cause and, in addition to ordinary damages for breach of contract, awarded the employee aggravated or moral damages because of the way she was fired. The case serves as an important reminder to employers abou...
Tags: Law, Employment law, Daniel, Practice Of Law, Substantive Law: Judicial Decisions, Case Comment, Practice of Law: Practice Management, Substantive Law, Just cause, Practice of Law: Marketing, Doroshenko, Employee Misconduct, Gomery, Ojanen, Aggravated Damages, Aggravated Or Moral Damages

Let’s Not Lose Ground During COVID-19 In The Fight For Gender Equality In Law Firms

A basic premise of all leadership development is that transformation and change cannot happen until we can really see the problem.
Tags: Law, Gender Equality, Biglaw, Working Mothers, Susan Dunlap, MothersEsquire, Coronavirus, COVID-19

First-Ever Legal Blogger Says He Will Cease Publishing May 31

Somewhere in the rafters of legal blogging, someone needs to retire the jersey of legal blogger number one, Walter Olson. After 21 years of blogging at Overlawyered, a blog dedicated to chronicling the high cost of the legal system, Olson announced today that he will cease publishing May 31. Back in 2007, curious to identify the first legal blogger, I rummaged through the archives of the longest-running legal blogs that I could identify. Olson came up as oldest, having launched Overlawyer on Jul...
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Virtual Conference Series for Legal Information Specialists

May is typically the beginning of the season for conferences that law librarians attend, kicking off with the CALL/ACBD conference. This year, we are attending virtually, and you are invited to our events! You may consider yourself a law librarian, knowledge manager, legal researcher, legal information provider, legal technology developer, legal information specialist or user, or not – it doesn’t matter to us – you are welcome to join in. You may be a member of CALL or a member of a law librar...
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Teleworking Arrangements Prompted by COVID-19 Might Impact Employers’ Income Tax Withholding and Paid Leave Obligations [Sponsored]

New workplace arrangements may have an impact on various legal obligations with which multistate employers must comply, including income tax withholding requirements and mandatory paid leave benefits.
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Hong Kong’s security laws: what are they and why are they so controversial?

Campaigners object to Beijing’s proposed laws against ‘treason and subversion’, which follow months of protestsBeijing’s parliament has announced it will discuss controversial national security laws for Hong Kong, in a dramatic escalation of China’s efforts to place the semi-autonomous territory under its control and curtail pro-democracy protests. Continue reading...
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"Some farmers are injecting pregnant sows to cause abortions. Others are forced to euthanize their animals..."

"... often by gassing or shooting them. It’s gotten bad enough that Senator Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, has asked the Trump administration to provide mental health resources to hog farmers. Despite this grisly reality — and the widely reported effects of the factory-farm industry on America’s lands, communities, animals and human health long before this pandemic hit — only around half of Americans say they are trying to reduce their meat consumption. Meat is embedded in our culture and p...
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