Prosecutor's Conflict Claim Forces Disqualification

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals declined to overturn an order of disqualification in a criminal matter involving three jointly-represented defendants Petitioners now seek a writ from this Court to prohibit the circuit court from enforcing that order. They... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Can You (or Should You?) Exclude Employees Over 65 Years Old From Working In Your Office Now?

You read the Sector Rules for reopening offices in Connecticut. If you read page 5, you’d come across one of the guiding principles for reopening: As we start opening select businesses…we will open at our strictest controls.  This will include…Those in high-risk groups (comorbidities) and over the age of 65 should continue to stay safe and stay home. So, as you bring employees back to work, you can just tell those employees over 65 years old not to report, right? Well, no. It’s never quite that ...
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Zuckerberg explains why Facebook won’t take action on Trump’s recent posts

In a statement posted to Facebook late Friday afternoon, Mark Zuckerberg offered up an explanation of why his company did not contextualize or remove posts from the accounts associated with President Donald Trump that appeared to incite violence against American citizens. “We looked very closely at the post that discussed the protests in Minnesota to evaluate whether it violated our policies,” Zuckerberg wrote. “Our policy around incitement of violence allows discussion around state use of force...
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At the Sunrise Café...

... you can talk 'til dawn.And given that 172 years ago today, Wisconsin became the 30th state, it's a good time to buy yourself some things you want using the Althouse Portal to Amazon. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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How thinking the word "mansplaining" is like finding yourself in a lucid dream.

In this post I put up an hour ago, I talked about the photograph of Joe Biden at the top of the WaPo article "Racial tragedies stoke pressure on Joe Biden to pick a nonwhite running mate."Here's a fragment of the photograph to show the "gesture and demeanor" I wanted to describe:I said (jocosely): "I could only think of 'mansplaining.' Is there a word 'whitesplaining'?"In the comments, Fernandistein said, "It's a standard gesture for politicians and other salesmen" — linking to "7 Hand Gestures ...
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Twitter Flags Trump Tweet About Minneapolis Protests for 'Glorifying Violence' (slashdot)

Twitter placed a notice on a tweet from President Trump, shielding it from view for breaking what the company said are its rules about glorifying violence [Editor's note: the link may be paywalled; alternative source]. From a report: Mr. Trump's tweet was a comment on the violent protests in Minnesota. The post can now only be seen after users click a box with a notice saying it violated Twitter's rules against encouraging violence, but it otherwise remains visible. "We've taken action in the in...
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If You Sign This Agreement, You Automatically Fail — See Also

Is This Part Of The Test?: Mississippi wants bar exam applicants to sign away their rights. Do You Need A Second?: Duke isn't sure what you need to do to get in. Have You Considered A Class Action?: Man demands restitution against daughter's ex-boyfriend based on medieval worldview. Is There A Message In The Coke Can Leaves?: Clarence Thomas has no interest in stepping down. Have You Forgotten Kershner?: We check in on the unexpected ways that the pandemic has hit family law.
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Why is Customs and Border Protection flying a Predator drone over Minneapolis?

Buzzfeed News reporters obtained the explanation offered by United States Department of Homeland Security's CBP to congressional staffers who asked why it decided to fly a Predator Drone over Minneapolis during the protests over the killing of George Floyd. The drone flown over Minneapolis today is reported to be an unarmed version of the unmanned Predator aircraft. Excerpt: Minneapolis could also be subject to surveillance at the federal level as the protests unfold. Customs and Border Prot...
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"Let my building burn, Justice needs to be served, put those officers in jail."

Words spoken by Ruhel Islam, owner of the restaurant Gandhi Mahal, in Minneapolis:Via New York Magazine, which says:Published on the restaurant’s Facebook page and since widely shared, [the daughter] Hafsa’s post asks people not to worry.... Hundreds have responded with messages of support and pride, with one person writing “thank you for living your public life with such integrity and continual love for your community.”... Ruhel’s words have been shared across social media by everyone from San ...
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Cameron Winklevoss Savages Old Case Against Bitcoin With Even Older Joke

What Larry Summers meant to say was that the tall half-billionaire is a 'lame, cheesy asshole.'
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Law Firm Job Hunting And Recruiting In The Age Of COVID-19 [Sponsored]

Here are five ways in which job searching and recruiting have changed in the past three months.
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COVID-19 Special International Law Podcast [Sponsored]

On this special report, we explore how the international law community is coping with the massive impact of COVID-19 and how the crisis has sparked liberal acceptance of technology.
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"After illegally having strippers at its establishment, Bennett’s Meadowood Country Club — a bar and grill on the Southwest Side known for its 'Porn in the Morn' breakfasts on the weekends..."

"... is facing an uncertain future. Madison’s Alcohol License and Review Committee on Wednesday reluctantly recommended renewal of the bar’s liquor and adult entertainment licenses, with a condition of no strippers at any time. But committee members had concerns about how Bennett’s was operating and said they would discuss possible revocation of the licenses at the committee’s June 17 meeting.... Bennett’s held an event with strippers in January, in violation of their entertainment license, Assi...
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Trump rules allow hunters in dens

The Trump administration is rolling back an Obama-era regulation that prohibits hunters from shooting animals in their dens. The 2015 order protected bears, wolves, coyotes, and their cubs and pups from hunters in some Alaskan national preserves, as well as in Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Conservationists are alarmed by the new rule which they deem cruel. Jesse Prentice-Dunn, policy director for the Center for Western Priorities, told The Guardian that the rule change was “just the latest ...
Tags: Travel, Laws, Obama, Animals, America, United States, Wildlife, Alaska, Hunting, All, Trump, Center for Western Priorities, Tanana Chiefs Conference, Jesse Prentice Dunn

Empirical SCOTUS: How the justices and advocates spent their speaking time during the May arguments

Editor’s note: This is the third post in a series analyzing the Supreme Court’s telephonic oral arguments with live audio instituted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Supreme Court heard some of the most important cases of the term in a month when there almost were no arguments at all. The court canceled its March and April sittings due to COVID-19. With flexible ingenuity, it then rescheduled 10 arguments for May, which was the first time the court has had anything near a full May sitting since...
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Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: Paul Lienert: How Tesla Tapped a Tiny Canadian Lab for Battery Breakthroughs (Source: Reuters) Blake Brittain: Apple, Cisco Get $4.2 Million in Attorneys’ Fees in Patent Case (Source: Bloomberg Law) Atty. Melanie Szweras and Atty. Donald Bocchinfuso: The USPTO’s Fast-Track Patent Program Spurs On COVID-19 Innovations  (Source: Mondaq) David Phelan: New Apple Watch Patent Reveals Super-Cool Future Upgrade  (Source: Forbes) Source: USPTO Commentary and ...
Tags: Law, Bloomberg, Uspto, Patent, Reuters, Paul Lienert, Blake Brittain, Juvan Bonni, USPTO Commentary and Journal Articles, Melanie Szweras, Donald Bocchinfuso, Mondaq David Phelan, Anthony Trippe, Forbes Prof Amy L Landers, Michael A Carrier

Another Biglaw Firm To Implement Salary Cuts Due To COVID-19

Am Law 200 austerity cuts never really end.
Tags: Layoffs, Law, Biglaw, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, Stroock, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Salary Cuts

Bar Exam Applicants Forced To Sign COVID Waiver In Case In-Person Exam Ends Up Killing Them

Mississippi ups the stakes of the bar exam.
Tags: Mississippi, Law, Law Schools, Bar Exams, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Senators ask Supreme Court to continue with live audio

In a press release today, Senators Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., who are both members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, called on the Supreme Court to continue providing live audio of its oral arguments in the future, even after the coronavirus pandemic is over. The senators also requested that the court consider the further step of live video. Grassley and Leahy cite two recent polls that demonstrate broad, bipartisan support for both continued live audio at the Supreme Cou...
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Searching For Silver Linings During COVID-19

Let's take some time to dwell on the positives that have come out of all of this stress and heartache.
Tags: Law, Health and Wellness, James Goodnow, Health / Wellness, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Man Seeks Restitution For Daughter’s Loss Of Virginity… With Footnotes!

Is there a forum non conveniens motion for the 'courts of heaven'?
Tags: Law, Sex, Religion, Women's Rights, Pro Se Litigants, The Jabot

Terrific Prison Policy Initiative coverage of the limits of compassionate release and related pandemic problems

Prison Policy Initiative is a regular must-read for so many reasons in normal circumstance, and PPI has been especially effective with various "briefings" related to prison populations and other matters amidst this pandemic.  I have been remiss by failing to flag all of these on-point postings from the last few weeks "Since you asked: How many people aged 55 or older are in prison, by state?" "While jails drastically cut populations, state prisons have released almost no one" "Since you as...
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Featured Resource: The Complete Guide to E-Discovery Preservation, 2nd Edition

Each week, we’re highlighting one of the resources from our recently launched LawSites Resource Center, a library of downloadable content such as ebooks, white papers, case studies and more from experts and vendors in the legal industry. This week’s featured resource: The Complete Guide to E-Discovery Preservation, 2nd Edition. Description: Master the fundamentals of e-discovery preservation with the tips, best practices, and case law reviews in this recently updated guidebook. The preservatio...
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The New Normal: Face To Face With The Virtual Court Model

Some in-person elements cannot be replicated in the virtual court model landscape of floating heads in mismatched lighting.
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ARBITRATION FROM THE TRENCHES—Bargaining and Other Issues During the COVID-19 Pandemic [Sponsored]

Bargaining is tough enough in ordinary times, but during a pandemic it is even more difficult.
Tags: Law, Wolters Kluwer, Sponsored Content, COVID-19

Don’t Listen To The Rumors, Clarence Thomas Isn’t Retiring From SCOTUS

He has no plans to leave the bench any time soon.
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