At the Sunrise Café...

... say what you like. Photo taken at 5:20 this morning. The "actual" sunrise time was 5:18, but the sun broke over the shoreline at 5:20.And here's the Althouse Portal to Amazon. I appreciate it when you use it. Thanks! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Darkest Hour

The Maryland Court of Appeals has imposed a 60-day suspension of an attorney “I don’t know that there are any short cuts to doing a good job.” -Sandra Day O’Connor As part of the legal profession, attorneys are expected and... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Schools, Tools, And Breaking The Rules — See Also

Advanced Issue-Spotting: Can you find what's wrong with this law school statement? We Pick Winners!: Someone's apparently been voting from an address they haven't lived at in years. Thanks For Paying: DC Bar collects money, does not let applicants pass go. Very Different Returning Paths: One lawyer arrested twice for spitting on black people. Another pair of lawyers sent to jail twice for damaging police vehicle after Second Circuit reversed their release.
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The U.S. Space Force Is Losing a Trademark Battle With Netflix's Space Force

The real Space Force may be going down in flames against the fictional Space Force: According to the Hollywood Reporter, the newly founded military branch appears to be losing a trademark battle with the Netflix comedy show of the same name.Read more...
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Case must be “Exceptional” for Attorney fees in Patent or TM case

Munchkin, Inc. v. Luv N’ Care, Ltd. (Fed. Cir. 2020) This lawsuit centers on Munchkin’s U.S. Patent 8,739,993 covers a “spillproof drinking container” as well as associated trademark and unfair competition claims.  Munchkin sued and LNC responded with an inter partes review petition. The PTAB cancelled the claims; the Federal Circuited affirmed without opinion (R.36); and Munchkin then dismissed its patent claims in the district court.  By that point, Munchkin had also dropped all of its non-pat...
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"Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway came up with the idea for the murals and tasked city arts administrator Karin Wolf with the job."

"Wolf says she reached out to community cultural partners the city already has a relationship with in order to tap local artists. 'We definitely wanted to amplify the voices of people who have been directly impacted by racial injustice,' she says.... Not all the murals are part of the city program, says Wolf. Some store owners arranged for their own art and others artists went rogue. 'People didn’t know better,' says Wolf. 'A lot of people wanted to help and didn’t know how.'" — Isthmus reports ...
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The 1033 program takes center stage again, as militarized police make headlines

The killing of George Floyd and the nationwide protests that resulted have been a major wake-up call for many with regards to the role of policing in the United States. Yesterday, Floyd’s hometown of Minneapolis announced plans to dismantle the city’s police department via a veto-proof majority in the city council. Among the factors that have left segments of the population increasingly wary about police activity is a seemingly constant stream of images showing a military-style presence in c...
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This California Law School Is Tops At Getting Its Students Full-Time Jobs

Want a job after graduation? Maybe this law school is for you.
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Michigan Law School Flubs George Floyd Statement

Attempt at earnest statement reveals a lot about law school's major institutional shortcomings.
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HASC Talks To Army, Guard About Protests; Waits For Esper and Milley

'We came right up to the edge of bringing active troops here, and we didn’t,' Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said. Both active duty and Guard troops are being sent home.
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Opinion analysis: Strike out

The country is anxiously awaiting many momentous Supreme Court decisions: Can the Trump administration abolish DACA? Is LGBT discrimination illegal under Title VII? And so on. But all we got this morning was a unanimous decision in Lomax v. Ortiz-Marquez, this term’s case about the hastily drafted and much-litigated 1996 Prison Litigation Reform Act. Not that the case doesn’t matter; it does, because it closes the courthouse door a little bit tighter against some prisoner litigants. Under the PL...
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US Sentencing Commission releases awesome new data tool, "Interactive Data Analyzer"

I was pleased to receive today from the US Sentencing Commission an email blaring "JUST LAUNCHED: Interactive Data Analyzer." Here is part of the text of the email: You've got questions, IDA has data! The U.S. Sentencing Commission's Interactive Data Analyzer (IDA) is an online tool that can be used to explore, filter, customize, and visualize annual federal sentencing data.  Some of IDA's features include: Simple visualization and navigation of complex datasets (tutorial video); Readymade ...
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Lawyer Charged In Alleged Molotov Cocktail Firebombing Caught On Camera In Controversial Interview

This probably isn't going to help her case.
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Company’s First GC: An Opportunity-Rich, Rewarding Challenge

Firsts are filled with dreams and hopes. They are difficult and complicated for everyone involved. But they are also full of opportunities.
Tags: Law, General Counsel, In-House Counsel, Olga V. Mack

Aya Hachem death: Seventh murder charge over Blackburn shooting

Law student Aya Hachem died when shots were fired from a passing car in Blackburn.
Tags: UK, News, Law, Blackburn, Aya Hachem

Matt Hancock hails coronavirus 'retreat' as UK deaths tumble

Health secretary says number of deaths have fallen to lowest daily total since 22 MarchCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe UK health secretary, Matt Hancock, has claimed coronavirus is “in retreat across the country” as the number of recorded deaths among people testing positive for Covid-19 fell to the lowest daily level since before the lockdown was announced.A further 55 people died after contracting the virus in the UK, the lowest daily total reported since 22 Mar...
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"As his criminal justice proposal made clear months ago, Vice President Biden does not believe that police should be defunded."

"He hears and shares the deep grief and frustration of those calling out for change, and is driven to ensure that justice is done and that we put a stop to this terrible pain. Biden supports the urgent need for reform — including funding for public schools, summer programs, and mental health and substance abuse treatment separate from funding for policing — so that officers can focus on the job of policing...."Said Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates, quoted at The Hill.Has Biden himself come ...
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"What if in the middle of the night my home is broken into — who do I call?"

CAMEROTA: "What if in the middle of the night my home is broken into. Who do I call?"BENDER: "Yes, I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors. And I know — and myself, too, and I know that that comes from a place of privilege."— Eddie Zipperer (@EddieZipperer) June 8, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Vote Fraud: The Call Is Coming From Inside The White House!

And when it comes to hinky ballots, these guys know whereof they speak!
Tags: Law, Government, White House, Elizabeth Dye, Kayleigh McEnany, Election Law

ILTACON 2020 Will Be Entirely Virtual

The International Legal Technology Association had seemed to be on the fence about whether to retain a physical aspect of its annual ILTACON conference in August, but now it has decisively come down on the side of a virtual-only conference. The ILTACON website now says that the conference will be entirely virtual, describing it as “the virtual experience for the global legal technology community.” The online-only conference has been renamed “ILTA>ON” and will be held Aug. 24-28. In April, when I...
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The Continuing FDA Response to COVID-19 [Sponsored]

How is the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continuing to impact food, drugs, and medical devices?
Tags: Law, Fda, Wolters Kluwer, Sponsored Content, COVID-19

3 Things Political Candidates Should Consider When Using Audiovisual Works In Campaigns

No matter how appealing, assuming that the use of another’s artwork or video in a political ad or campaign video qualifies as fair use of the work is ill-advised.
Tags: Law, Constitutional Law, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA, Tom Kulik, Communications Decency Act

Court grants immigration case

This morning the Supreme Court issued orders from the justices’ private conference last week. The court added one new case to its merits docket for the term that begins in October. The justices once again did not act on two groups of high-profile petitions – one involving gun rights and the other involving qualified immunity – that they considered last week. With the grant in Niz-Chavez v. Barr, the justices added another immigration case to their docket for next term. At issue in the case is th...
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Maryland Lawmakers Seek To Oust Racist Supreme Court Justice

Astoundingly, Roger Taney still has a bust in the U.S. Capitol.
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Toward Increasing Diversity In Legal Tech

When I say this industry has a diversity problem, I can’t point to much in the way of hard data.
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Woman who falsely claimed more than £1m in benefits is jailed

Christina Pomfrey sentenced to three years and eight months in prison for fraudA woman has been jailed after falsely claiming more than £1m in benefits in what has been described as one of the biggest social security frauds to be prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).Christina Pomfrey, 65, from Runcorn in Cheshire, claimed she was blind and needed a wheelchair, but surveillance by investigators showed her driving and going for a walk while reading a newspaper. Continue reading...
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DC Bar Exam Manages To Screw Up Doing The Right Thing

The DC bar exam is a little different than other jurisdictions going online.
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