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... you can write about whatever you like.And please remember to use the Althouse Portal to Amazon. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Policing budgets and outcomes: A Catch 22

Viewed broadly, America finds itself essentially at the bottom of a thirty-year crime decline. But as police have had less crime to respond to, their budgets and staffing have ballooned, reported Politico this week. Police officials routinely tell the public that cutting their budgets would make us less safe. This is true even at agencies that had their budgets increase and saw crime rise. Indeed, have you ever noticed that, when it comes to police budgets, there's no version of reality tha...
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Are you watching Trump’s Tulsa rally?

It’s about to start. Talk about it here.ADDED: “Do you want to bow before the left wing mob, or do you want to stand straight and tall as an American?” [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Belmont Stakes crowns a winner

Tiz the Law won the 152nd running of the Belmont Stakes in Elmont, New York, on Saturday, according to the race organzation's official Twitter.
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Tiz the Law wins the 152nd Belmont Stakes

Tiz the Law won the 152nd running of the Belmont Stakes in Elmont, New York, on Saturday, according to the race organization's official Twitter.
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Tiz the Law wins the 152nd Belmont Stakes in New York

Tiz the Law won the 152nd running of the Belmont Stakes in Elmont, New York, on Saturday, according to the race organzation's official Twitter.
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Tiz the Law delivers, runs away with Belmont Stakes

NEW YORK — Tiz the Law has won an unprecedented Belmont Stakes, claiming victory Saturday at the first race of a rejiggered Triple Crown schedule in front of eerily empty grandstands. The 3-year-old colt from upstate New York charged to the lead turning for home and now can set his sights on the Sept. 5 Kentucky Derby and Oct. 3 Preakness. All three legs of this year’s Triple Crown schedule were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Belmont, usually the series capper, was initially schedule...
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Australian defence force remains at Queensland border despite high court challenge

The defence department confirms 145 personnel continue to assist Queensland police with border controls Sign up for Guardian Australia’s daily coronavirus emailDownload the free Guardian app to get the most important news notificationsThe Australian defence force still has 145 personnel helping the Queensland government administer its border, despite the commonwealth intervening in the high court to argue the border ban is unconstitutional.A defence department spokesperson confirmed to Guardian ...
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Invention of a Slave and the Ongoing Movement For Equal Justice

by Dennis Crouch The Black Lives Matter movement, ongoing protests, and statements of alliance have given me new hope that our society and its institutions are ready to take another step toward equal justice. In 1857, the US Supreme Court decided Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. (19 How.) 393 (1857) and affirmed what various state courts had previously decided — that under the law, free (non-enslaved) black and brown people were not United States Citizens. [A]s long ago as 1822, the Court of App...
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From Hinduism to Hindutva: How fundamentalism changed religion and society in India

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi In early 90s, right-wing leaders were addressing a public rally near my house. I was passing by and stopped.There were fiery speeches, speakers were using terms like 'Babar ki aulaad' [Babar's descendants] for Muslims.I met a 'friend' who was clapping, he saw and gave me smile but there was no awkwardness or shame in him.I wondered how he is not uncomfortable. This was a 'friend'. I couldn't dare to imagine myself in a similar situation where my friend's religion is ...
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Fate of $1bn in Venezuelan gold hangs in balance at high court

London hearing could force Bank of England to release bullion to nation’s disputed leader Nicolás MaduroWho does Britain recognise as president of Venezuela: disputed incumbent Nicolás Maduro or his western-backed rival, Juan Guaidó? And why is this question so important to the Bank of England?Over the course of the next four days, the high court in London will have to decide. Continue reading...
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"There are two Americas: one fights for Black lives and the other fights for brunch."

This photo went viral on Twitter. As protests continue in the U.S., some say it perfectly captures two different attitudes.But there's so much more to this photo:— Los Angeles Times (@latimes) June 19, 2020 The quote in the post title is in the linked article and from a tweet that made the photo go viral. The photo was taken by Nick Swartsell last month in Cincinnati (in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Al...
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"An attempt to not be weird while being interviewed by Terry Gross."

A comic by Adrian Tomine in The New Yorker... and don't come crying to me if you don't have a subscription. Here are 2 of the 47 panels just so you'll know what I'm linking to... click to enlarge and clarify... [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"You want people to walk down the street with a mask on?"

Bill Burr to Joe Rogan: "I'm not going to sit here with no medical degree, listening to you with no medical degree with an American flag behind you smoking a cigar acting like we know what's up better than the CDC" — 13th Conde de Harrow (@Ricottaboy) June 20, 2020 ADDED: Joe Rogan is trending on Twitter, but probably not because of that clip. You click on his name in the Twitter sidebar and you get all manner of things. The sidebar says "Trending with: Joey Diaz," s...
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"It is, unfortunately, a zombified collective fighting a bogeyman that they have invented."

"... these people have de-individuated and they've become a true mob and they are pushing policies that make no sense and endanger us all...."Do you remember Bret Weinstein?In March 2017 he wrote a letter to Evergreen [State College] faculty, objecting to a change in the college's decades-old tradition of observing a "Day of Absence" during which minority students and faculty would voluntarily stay home from campus to highlight their contributions to the college. The announced change would flip ...
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"The difference between a vacation and an adventure is..."

Well, you tell me before I complete that quote for you. I'm listening to a Master Class from David Mamet. He's teaching "Dramatic Writing" and the lesson is on "Structuring the Plot":"The difference between a vacation and an adventure is on an adventure you always wish you were at home."You can imagine what's going on in this lesson. In a plot, the hero needs to get from Point A to Point B, and everything that happens has to be part of that journey. It's not a vacation. It's an adventure.It's on...
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Toppling Albert Pike... "Why are the cops letting this happen?"

Beyond pathetic. Why are the cops letting this happen? — Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) June 20, 2020 I had to ask who was Albert Pike. Here's Wikipedia:In 1861, Pike penned the lyrics to "Dixie to Arms!" At the beginning of the war, Pike was appointed as Confederate envoy to Native American nations. In this capacity he negotiated several treaties, one of the most important being with Cherokee chief John Ross, which was concluded in 1861. At the time, Ross agreed to suppo...
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IRS says it bought in to location database for millions of US cellphones to track tax crime suspects

The United States Internal Revenue Service says it purchased access to a marketing database that offers location data for millions of US cellphones, so the IRS can identify and track persons suspected of tax-related crimes. The unsuccessful effort illustrates how marketing data, and locatin data, are used by law enforcement to track and I.D. individual people suspected of criminal activity. Reports Byron Tau at the Wall Street Journal: The IRS Criminal Investigation unit, or IRS CI, had a subs...
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"Is it me, or do we seem to have a problem with sculpture today? I don’t mean contemporary sculpture..."

"... whose fashionable stars (see Koons, Murakami et alia) pander to our appetite for spectacle and whatever’s new. I don’t mean ancient or even non-Western sculpture, either. I mean traditional European sculpture — celebrities like Bernini and Rodin aside — and American sculpture, too: the enormous universe of stuff we come across in churches and parks, at memorials and in museums like the Bode. The stuff Barnett Newman, the Abstract Expressionist painter, notoriously derided as objects we bump...
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"The Categorical Imperative as a Decarceral Agenda"

The title of this post is the title of this new essay authored by Jessica Eaglin recently posted to SSRN. Here is its abstract: Despite recent modest reductions in state prison populations, Franklin Zimring argues in his forthcoming book that mass incarceration remains persistent and intractable.  As a path forward, Zimring urges states to adopt pragmatic, structural reforms that incentivize the reduction of prison populations through a “categorical imperative,” meaning, by identifying subcateg...
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Are militaries justified in existing?

Pacifism, in its most recognisable form, is an absolute, principled condemnation of war. Military abolitionism is the view that institutions devoted to war are not justified in existing. Most pacifists are also military abolitionists. This is unsurprising. After all, if you think that going to war is always wrong, then you’ll likely think that having armed forces at the ready does nothing but enable us—and perhaps even temp us—to do things that we ought never to do. One can, however, be a milita...
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CO Gov Jared Polis Signs Police Reform Bill

Thank you Governor Jared Polis for signing the much needed police reform bill SB20-217 into law. [I]t includes sweeping changes sought for years by many lawmakers of color. It bans the fleeing felon rule, bans carotid and choke holds, gets rid of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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