Rodriguez must navigate attack over botched #SandraBland vote

Regular readers will recall the ignominious fate last year of Rep. James White's legislation, inspired by the Sandra Bland case, limiting police officers' authority to arrest people for Class C misdemeanors. Confused and unmotivated Democrats killed the bill, twice! Despite widespread, bipartisan support. This left a terrible taste in my mouth, so Grits was not disappointed to see the issue arise in my own local state-senate race, where former County Judge Sarah Eckhardt criticized Rep. Eddie...
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From Barred To Disbarred

The South Carolina Supreme Court has disbarred an attorney for misconduct relating to multiple bar admission issues In February 2018, Respondent submitted an application for admission to the South Carolina Bar based on an existing Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) score... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Concurrent Sanctions

The Wisconsin Supreme Court declined to adopt a referee's recommended sanction We agree with the referee's conclusions of law that Attorney Kovac engaged in professional misconduct. We conclude, however, that the appropriate sanction for Attorney Kovac's misconduct is a five-month... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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At the Inky Café...

... you can write about whatever you like. And please consider using the Althouse Portal to Amazon if you're doing a little shopping tonight. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Senate Democrats on Wednesday blocked a Republican-drafted bill aimed at overhauling the nation’s policing practices..."

"... spelling a potential death knell to efforts at revisions at the federal level in an election year. In a 55-to-45 vote, the legislation written primarily by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) failed to advance in the Senate, where it needed 60 votes to proceed. Most Democratic senators said the bill fell far short of what was needed to meaningfully change policing tactics and was beyond the point of salvaging. ‘The Republican majority proposed the legislative equivalent of a fig leaf — something that p...
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Section 230 did not protect online car sharing platform

Plaintiff Turo operates an online and mobile peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace. It allows car owners to rent their cars to other Turo users. It filed a declaratory judgment action against the City of Los Angeles, asking the court to determine the service was not being run in violation of applicable law. The city filed counterclaims against Turo alleging (1) violation of local airport commerce regulations; (2) trespass; (3) aiding and abetting trespass; (4) unjust enrichment; and (5...
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AFL-CIO Seeks Rehearing En Banc in Bid to Get ETS from OSHA [Sponsored]

The union is continuing to push for OSHA to issue an emergency temporary standard on infectious diseases to give workers better protection than afforded by the agency’s nonbinding guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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"The thing that I believe more than anything is that Donald Trump needs the roar of a crowd to feel he is in charge. And Joe Biden was born to be in charge."

Said Democratic convention CEO Joe Solmonese, as Democrats announced that they would have their convention not in Milwaukee's basketball arena but in a smaller convention hall. The delegates will participate from home. All the parties and press events are cancelled. It's yet to be decided who will be seated there in person and whether there will be confetti and balloons.WaPo reports."Born to be in charge" sounds absurdly entitled, but Solmonese is so obviously bullshitting that it doesn't matter...
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A Lot Is Going Down At Harvard Law Right Now — See Also

Insta Account Pulls The Curtain Back On What It's Like To Be Black At Harvard Law: Spoiler alert, racism ahead. Harvard Law Class Action: Over online classes. Circuit Court Judge Puts In SCOTUS Application: Uses Flynn case to do it. Another Lawsuit About Another Book About Donald Trump: It's almost like he doesn't want Americans to know what he's really like.
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"[Madison Police Department] command telling cops to STAND DOWN.... Police KNEW the [City-County Building] would be firebombed... They did NOTHING."

The city of Madison KNEW the CCB would be firebombed. The rioters blocked access to the building. There were juvenile inmates in this building. A fire investigator examining the scene remarked it was only by fast action by deputies that the entire building didn’t go up in flames— Vicki McKenna (@VickiMcKenna) June 24, 2020 No one is covering this! MPD command telling cops to STAND DOWN. THIS WAS PLANNED--access to CCB was CLOSED OFF by the rioters around 5pm. Police K...
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WATCH: Two statues pulled down in Madison in Wisconsin during overnight protests.— NBC News (@NBCNews) June 24, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A common purpose, especially for those on the proper side.

Oh nothing, just the Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin implying that it is far more acceptable for those on the improper side (i.e. Republicans) to be "reduced to collateral damage."— Dan O'Donnell (@DanODonnellShow) June 24, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Making the case against LWOP, the bigger and badder death penalty

This new NBC News commentary by Peter Irons makes the case for paying more attention to, and getting rid of, LWOP sentences.  The piece's full headline highlights its themes: "A prison sentence of life without parole isn't called the death penalty.  But it should be.  Before we cheer the huge drop in capital punishment cases, we need to revisit and replace the extended death penalty — life without parole."  I recommend the full piece, and here are excerpts: [A]s more and more prosecutors seek t...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Nbc News, Alabama, Miller, Douglas A Berman, LWOP, Peter Irons

Judges And Court Employees Are Heroes Of The Pandemic

We should all thank and applaud their amazing efforts during the past several months.
Tags: Law, Courts, Jordan Rothman, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Knowing How to Network Through the Internet a Big Edge for Lawyers During Covid-19

The Internet has been around for over twenty-five years as a business development tool for lawyers. Early lawyers to the Internet built reputations and business, not with websites – they came later – but by networking through the Internet. Networking meaning seeing where people gathered online, where they asked questions, where people exchanged information. The lawyers jumped in and helped. Lawyers used Listserv’s, message boards, bulletin board systems and online communities, includ...
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Decade After IPO, Despite Pandemic, Recession, And Global Unrest, Tesla Stock Crushes It With Nearly 6,000% Return

As I write this, one share of Tesla stock is valued at $1,008.10.
Tags: Elon Musk, Law, Finance, Tesla, Jonathan Wolf

Judge Rules Against Hospitals In Price Transparency Lawsuit

A federal judge ruled against the American Hospital Association and other hospital groups that challenged the Department of Health and Human Services’ new price transparency rules. AHA said it would appeal the decision.
Tags: Law, Department of Health and Human Services, AHA, American Hospital Association, Health Care / Medicine

Tomorrow: A Live Conversation About Blogging with MyShingle’s Carolyn Elefant

Join me tomorrow as I kick off a new series on behalf of LexBlog, This Week in Legal Blogging, starting with a conversation with one of the leading bloggers in the legal profession, Carolyn Elefant, founder of Each week, we’ll feature conversations with legal bloggers about their blogging stories — how and why they started blogging, how they built and engaged with their audience, and what it has meant to them personally and professionally. Carolyn launched her blog 18 years ago an...
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Charles Harder Dispatched To Shiv Mary Trump Over Tell All Book

YOU get a prior restraint! And YOU get a prior restraint!
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Free Speech, First Amendment, Charles Harder, Shiv Mary Trump Over Tell All Book

The Largest Law Firms With The Most Women Lawyers (2020)

An important ranking to show which firms are helping women achieve successful careers in the law.
Tags: Law, Rankings, Women's Issues, Biglaw, NLJ 500

Baseball Is Back, But Fist Bumps Are Expressly Prohibited

So much for attempts to reintroduce the spitball.
Tags: Law, Sports, Baseball, Darren Heitner, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Black At Harvard Law School Is The Instagram Account You Need To Read Right Now

Real stories about real racism at Harvard Law.
Tags: Law, Black Lives Matter, Law Schools, Harvard Law School, The Jabot

Profitable And Automated: How Law Firms Can Salvage The Remainder Of 2020 [Sponsored]

Join us on July 9th and learn how to overcome a tough year and discover key techniques to deliver profitability for your firm.
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"You're white and you're telling this to 2 black police officers — do you see the problem with that a little bit?"

The insane jargon. The fanaticism. The lack of decency. The absolute certainty. — Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) June 23, 2020 ADDED: In order to defeat white supremacy, it’s important to rebuke black people who won’t do what they’re — Titania McGrath (@TitaniaMcGrath) June 23, 2020 ADDED: She fell into that white-person rhetoric — which I think has been identified as not politically correct — where you start naming the colors and go on to...
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Michael Flynn Opinion Protects Bill Barr From Having To Go Ahead And Lie Under Oath

Neomi Rao has her Supreme Court resume and it's quite the disgrace.
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Anything about a noose... I stand back and wait for more details.

If you didn't predict this outcome in the first ten second of hearing the story, you haven't been paying attention for the past four years.— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) June 23, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"It's coming! Get ready!... It's coming. Get ready."

A warning we heard back in August 2011:That was right in front of the "Forward" statue — the statue that was pulled down last night. Here's a view of the "Forward" statue on June 5, 2012. It was the day of the Scott Walker recall election, and someone had put a Guy Fawkes mask on the figure: Here's the "Forward" statue in February 2011, at the height of the anti-Scott Walker protests: And here's "Forward" in a pussy hat, on the day of the "Women's March," January 21, 2017: Those were kinder, ...
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