Police reform roundup

Let's clear a few browser tabs; here are some odds and ends that recently caught my attention and may also interest Grits readers: Houston Chronicle: Chief Harris County trial prosecutor resigns over post comparing Black Lives Matter to Nazis.Houston Chronicle: Houston City Council hears calls for police reform, improved oversight board, reduced police budget. Here's another article on Houston's weak and ineffective civilian oversight board.SA Express News: Arbitrator reinstates SA cop fired for...
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Your car got flooded -- now what?

If it's bad enough it will end up as scrap, but there are some things you can do to save a car that's gotten wet. Find out more in my story over at [Author: Jil McIntosh]
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Gimme, Shelter

A summary from the web page of the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers From 2015 to November 2018, the respondent was a fiduciary, as board member and/or officer, of a non-profit animal shelter, with signatory authority over its bank account.... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Symposium: June Medical decision is no cause for congressional complacency

Richard Blumenthal is the senior United States senator from Connecticut. He joined an amicus brief on behalf of 197 members of Congress in support of the petitioners in June Medical Services v. Russo. He is the Senate lead sponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act. Today’s Supreme Court decision in June Medical Services v. Russo is a landmark legal victory against radical politicians relentlessly attacking reproductive rights cross the country. Roe v. Wade is safe—for now. This ruling is an i...
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At the Gray Cloud Café...

... you can write about whatever you want.And think about using the Althouse Portal to Amazon.Have a swell night's sleep! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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No new grants today

This morning the Supreme Court issued orders from the justices’ private conference last week. The court did not grant any new cases for oral argument in the fall, but with another conference now scheduled for Wednesday, more grants could come as soon as Thursday morning. The justices invited the federal government to file briefs in two cases: PennEast Pipeline Co. v. New Jersey, about whether the Natural Gas Act authorizes private companies to exercise the federal government’s eminent domain p...
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Three Nevada casinos sued over coronavirus protections for workers, unions claim dangerous working conditions

Unions that represent 60,000 hospitality workers in Las Vegas and Reno sued three Nevada casino properties Monday, claiming dangerous working conditions that fail to protect workers from the still accelerating coronavirus outbreak. “The Culinary Workers Local 226 and Bartenders Union Local 165 filed the lawsuit on Monday against Harrah’s Las Vegas, owned by Caesars Entertainment Corp, and the Bellagio and Signature Condominiums, both subsidiaries of MGM Resorts International,” reports Reuters:...
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CPS secretly dropped 'weak' rape cases, say rights groups

Exclusive: unpublished evidence sent to government review into decline in prosecutionsCase studies: snapshot highlights challenges rape victims face Rape cases where a woman was held at knife point, a film of an attack was found on a suspect’s phone and an alleged perpetrator admitted the offence in text messages are among those dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service, documents shared with the Guardian reveal.The details have emerged in papers that are to be submitted to an ongoing government ...
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The Big Lawbowski — See Also

Let's make all of these quotes, shall we? Yeah, Waving The F**king Gun Around?: St. Louis attorneys break out heavy artillery to chat with protesters. She Thought She Was Getting Million Dollars!: Biglaw partners want people to remember to bill more. Um, Listen Maude... I Got To, Uh, Tender My Resignation Or Whatever: Chief of Central District of California steps back after insensitive remarks. So, Racially He's Pretty Cool: ASSLaw's white conservatives are quite offended that law students t...
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Symposium: Chief Justice Roberts reins in the cavalry of abortion providers charging toward the elimination of abortion regulation

Cynthia Yee-Wallace is deputy attorney general of the state of Idaho. She filed an amicus brief on behalf of the state in support of the respondent in June Medical Services v. Russo, along with Brian Kane, who is the assistant chief deputy attorney general for the state of Idaho. Abortion providers won the most recent skirmish invalidating Louisiana’s admitting privileges law in June Medical Services v. Russo. But a close read of Chief Justice John Roberts’ concurring opinion will likely opera...
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What's wrong with being a warrior... and how is it inconsistent with being a woman?

That's one of the protest murals in downtown Madison. It was photographed by me today, near this familiar corner: I know feminism is so last year, but as I'm getting this racial ideology slammed in my face, I must protest on the ground of feminism. A woman can be a warrior! Why would you bemoan your little girls growing into woman warriors?I remember when young women were fascinated by the book "The Woman Warrior" by Maxine Hong Kingston (1976). Excerpt:After I grew up, I heard the chant of F...
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Opinion analysis: Court strikes down restrictions on removal of CFPB director but leaves bureau in place

In response to the 2008 financial crisis, Congress created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal agency with approximately 1,500 employees that tackles everything from payday loans to financial literacy programs and helping consumers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. The director of the CFPB, Kathy Kraninger, was appointed by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate in December 2018 to serve a five-year term. Under the law that created the CFPB, Kraninger can be removed fro...
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Opinion analysis: Justices uphold condition for HIV/AIDS funding

Seven years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that nongovernmental organizations based in the United States cannot be required to have a policy that expressly opposes prostitution and sex trafficking in order to receive government funds to fight HIV/AIDS. However, by a vote of 5-3, the court held today in U.S. Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Open Society International that enforcement of a similar requirement against the foreign affiliates of the same U.S.-based NGOs does not vio...
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Regeneron Vows ‘Vigorous’ Defense Against Allegations It Paid Kickbacks For Eye Drug

The U.S. district attorney for Massachusetts filed suit against the drugmaker last week, alleging that it paid tens of millions in kickbacks through a copay foundation for Eylea, a drug used to treat macular degeneration.
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"A serious recall effort is about to begin to remove Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway from office...."

"A tall order but the people of Madison are tired of the wanton destruction, physical violence, and harassment and general kowtowing. They are sickened by a Progressive Dane mayor who apologizes to the mob for apologizing to the police. Who demanded the immediate release of accused shakedown artist and convicted felon Devonere A. Johnson. Who will yank four minority race police from our four troubled high schools despite surveys showing at least 75% of parents WANT school resource officers. Toni...
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"The Supreme Court on Monday turned down a challenge to new federal death penalty protocols..."

"... potentially clearing the way for the government to resume executions as soon as next month for the first time since 2003. The court, without comment, declined to take up the lawsuit filed by four death row inmates. As is customary, it gave no reason. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor indicated they would have accepted the case.... The individual inmates facing execution could file additional challenges, which could affect whether and when these sentences are carried out.... A...
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ICYMI: My Litera TV Interview with Melissa Speidel, Director of Business Transformation at K&L Gates

Last week on my live-streaming legal program Law Insights on Litera TV, I interviewed Melissa Speidel, director of business transformation at the law firm K&L Gates. Her job, Melissa says, is to “take care of the business” — to manage and find solutions throughout the firm and also to engage with clients to help them with developing and implementing solutions. You can watch our full half-hour interview below.
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Enlisting school children to paint "Black Live Matters" murals for downtown Madison.

I'm reading "Painting murals gives students empowering role in protest movement" (Wisconsin State Journal):As murals were being painted at the end of the school year, SJ Hemmerich, art teacher at Randall Elementary School, created a slide presentation of them. Hemmerich then presented it to students and as a last assignment asked , “If you could design your own mural for (Black Lives Matter), what would it be?” Then Hemmerich got the idea of why not do it for real.Hemmerich, like other teachers,...
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How E-Discovery Software Is Helping Battle COVID-19

The response contrasts with the legal profession’s slow pace of adoption of cutting-edge AI technology.
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A real guillotine?

Nothing brings home the French Revolution analogy quite as well as an actual guillotine left outside the homes of rich people. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité . . . and la guillotine. — Jonathan Turley (@JonathanTurley) June 29, 2020 No, just a petite model guillotine: DC protester says: “when they become threatened, and we have no voice, the knives come out.” In front of a guillotine set up in front of Jeff Bezos complex in DC
Tags: Law, Protests, Death Penalty, Jeff Bezos, Bezos, Hernandez, Jonathan Turley, Ann Althouse

Biglaw Firm Reminds Associates They Really Need To Be Billing More

COVID funtime is over, you'd best get back to working.
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"Have the people hyping this impressively crazy book [White Fragility] actually read it?"

"[Robin] DiAngelo isn’t the first person to make a buck pushing tricked-up pseudo-intellectual horseshit as corporate wisdom, but she might be the first to do it selling Hitlerian race theory. White Fragility has a simple message: there is no such thing as a universal human experience, and we are defined not by our individual personalities or moral choices, but only by our racial category. If your category is 'white,' bad news: you have no identity apart from your participation in white supremac...
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Say Hello To One Of Biglaw’s Openly Nonbinary Lawyers

'When someone uses my correct pronouns, it’s always nice to feel that respect,' they say.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Quote Of The Day, Nonbinary Rights, Rafael Langer-Osuna

Say Hello To Biglaw’s First Openly Nonbinary Lawyer

'When someone uses my correct pronouns, it’s always nice to feel that respect,' they say.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Quote Of The Day, Nonbinary Rights, Rafael Langer-Osuna

For First Time in Decade, PACER Website Gets Major Update

A new design rolled out yesterday for the website of the U.S. Courts Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) program, the site’s first major update in a decade. The site, which can be found at, provides information about the PACER service and is the portal to PACER applications. It is run by the Administrative Office (AO) of the U.S. Courts. The AO said that it undertook the upgrade in response to feedback from users and as part of the judiciary’s ongoing effort to i...
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Is it a death penalty success or failure when worst-of-the-worst plead guilty to avoid capital trial?

The question in the title of this post is prompted by this AP story out of California headlined "Accused ‘Golden State Killer’ admits murders, will avoid death penalty."  Here are the basics: A former police officer who terrorized California as a serial burglar and rapist and went on to kill more than a dozen people while evading capture for decades pleaded guilty Monday to murders attributed to a criminal dubbed the Golden State Killer. Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. had remained almost silent in c...
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The COVID-19 Recovery Playbook: What Law Firms Learned During Quarantine And How They’re Embracing A Digital Transformation [Sponsored]

Join us on July 17th to learn the best practices in response to the coronavirus pandemic and how to optimize your business in the digital age.
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