How Blogging Lawyers Overcome Writer’s Block

Just write, says marketing guru, author and speaker, Seth Godin. Godin is spot on when it comes to lawyers – and law firms. “People with writer’s block don’t have a problem typing. They have a problem living with bad writing, imperfect writing, writing that might expose something that they fear.” And how do you overcome this fear? “The best way to address this isn’t to wait to be perfect. Because if you wait, you’ll never get there. The best way to deal with it is to write, an...
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Sir William Blackstone "Spinning In His Grave"

The Missouri Supreme Court has affirmed a domestic assault and armed criminal action conviction, rejecting the contention (unpreserved at trial) that a juror should have been disqualified All parties agree that Juror No. 16 is related to Robert Anthony Farkas,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Missouri Holds Public Defenders Have Official Immunity

Public Defenders are entitled to official immunity and a judgment for legal malpractice was reversed by the Missouri Supreme Court. The opinion is linked here. The case involved state charges which the defendant (plaintiff here) believed were not subject to... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Mitigation Not Proven

An attorney's felony child pornography conviction has led to an indefinite suspension of at least five years by the Minnesota Supreme Court Strunk testified at the disciplinary hearing that he voluntarily suspended his practice, completed a psychosexual evaluation, and enrolled... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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"Incalculable Harm"

The Minnesota Supreme Court has suspended an attorney for at least three years The sole issue before us is the appropriate discipline to impose on respondent Ignatius Chukwuemeka Udeani for his wide-ranging misconduct that caused substantial harm to multiple clients.... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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A primer for new, local police-reform advocates in Texas

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,  committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  - Margaret Mead On the Reasonably Suspicious podcast this week, the Austin Justice Coalition's Chas Moore and I talked about the recent wave of Black Lives Matter protests across Texas, including in small towns and parts of the state without a significant history of civil-rights activism. In particular, we discussed how local reformers in smaller jurisd...
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At the Clematis Café...

... you can write about anything you want. *** And here's that Althouse Portal to Amazon. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Symposium: Espinoza, funding of religious service providers, and religious freedom

Thomas Berg is the James L. Oberstar Professor of Law and Public Policy at the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota). Douglas Laycock is the Robert E. Scott Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Virginia. They filed an amicus brief on behalf of a number of religious and school groups in support of the petitioners in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue. Tuesday’s ruling in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue came as no surprise. The Montana Supreme Court had invalidated a...
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Retirement Is For Quitters — See Also

Kathryn Rubino made a Lebowski joke in yesterday's See Also and it's inspired me to keep going with my all Lebowski rundowns from Monday. Strong Men Also Cry, Strong Men Also Cry: Thomas and Alito allegedly considering retirement and prepare to disappoint a lot of Trump officials hoping for another vacancy. Well, Okay, You're Not Privy To All The New Shit: The state bar examiners may not be following the news, but there's an upsurge in COVID cases and they're going to go ahead with July bar ex...
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Mental health may be 'significant factor' in NHS referrals to Prevent

Referring patients to anti-radicalisation scheme can worsen illness, charity says Mental health appears to be a significant factor behind referrals from the NHS to Prevent, the government’s controversial anti-radicalisation programme, a UK-based medical charity says.In an 18-month study, researchers at Medact found that a significant proportion of NHS referrals to Prevent came from mental health trusts or mental health departments. Continue reading...
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Owning Our History, Especially The Ugly Parts

How can we resolve racial disparity in the legal profession?
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Dementia Sucks

We allowed our father to pass with as much dignity as is possible under the relentless assault of advancing dementia.
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Is Lost Embryo Litigation The New Asbestos?

In this context, attention to detail and meticulous record-keeping should be the bare minimum features of the standard of care.
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Tomorrow Our Blogging Series Continues with Jim Walker of Cruise Law News

Last week Carolyn Elefant joined me as we kicked off a new series on behalf of LexBlog of live conversations with leading legal bloggers. Tomorrow the series continues with a live interview with Jim Walker, publisher of Cruise Law News, a maritime-law blog where the motto is, “Everything the cruise lines don’t want you to know.” No doubt, there’s been a lot they don’t want you to know of late, providing plenty to write about for Walker, a Miami lawyer who has been involved in maritime litigation...
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An Analysis Of CHAZ’s Declaration Of Independence From The United States Of America

CHAZ was an interesting observation, and the party was fun while it lasted.
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"Carl Reiner was Rob Petrie; the workplace experience and situations drew on his experience as a TV actor and then writer in the 1950s."

"But he couldn’t be Rob Petrie.... Van Dyke’s charisma and jack-in-the-box physical comedy as the recast lead gave Reiner a more telegenic avatar. Instead, Reiner became the star-within-a-show, the shouty, egotistic boss who kept Rob dancing on eggshells. The role would not make Reiner a household face. Just the opposite. In the early seasons of the show, Brady held court and berated his writers as shot from behind (or heard from offscreen), so viewers knew him mostly from the back of his bald (...
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Wyoming Preference Points

It’s time to apply for points in Wyoming! Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting Preference Points Wyoming, unlike any other Rocky Mountain State will let you purchase Points between July 1st and October 31st . “Why do I need points in Wyoming?” One may ask… Every state’s Tag Application System is slightly different, and in Wyoming, you need points to acquire tags. Don’t let that discourage however, because there are fantastic hunt opportunities for as little as one or two points for trophy elk, mule d...
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Opening Up The Above The Law Mailbox… Of Hate Mail!

People really don't like our coverage of the St. Louis AR-15 people.
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"Others have rowed solo from California to Hawaii. But Ms. Madsen aimed to be the first rower with paraplegia..."

"... the first openly gay athlete and, at 60, the oldest woman to do so. She was two months in and halfway to Hawaii when she discovered a problem with the hardware for her parachute anchor, which deploys in heavy seas to stabilize the craft. She had been in constant contact with her wife, Debra Madsen, in Long Beach, Calif., by text and satellite phone, and Angela was posting pictures and observations on social media for those following her voyage. Debra said in an interview that when she warne...
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Police warn of cuts to funding even worse than in austerity years

London mayor among those fearing imminent financial crisis mainly caused by Covid-19Police are facing a “new era of austerity” with some forces potentially facing their worst ever annual budget cuts fuelled by the coronavirus crisis.The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has warned the funding crisis endangers the government’s pledge to recruit 20,000 extra officers to fight crime and risks leaving police “with one hand tied behind their back”. Continue reading...
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"Something I’ve said many times is that the only way to scale moderation online is by working alongside our community members and the moderators..."

"... because they have the context to decide whether an individual piece of content is hateful or not, for example. Which means that if we don’t have agreement from our moderators and our communities that these are the rules that we’re all going to abide by, then a community that’s not willing to work with us has no place on Reddit. And I think that became abundantly clear with The_Donald over the years, and even the past few months.... The mission of Reddit is to bring community and belonging t...
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Former Sanitation Worker Hopes To Clean Up At Harvard Law

He hauled trash for three years, and hopes he won't have to again.
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Was Prez Trump's real political mistake not going bigger on criminal justice reform?

The question in the title of this post is prompted by this Axios piece headlined "Scoop: Trump regrets Kushner advice."  Here are some excerpts: President Trump has told people in recent days that he regrets following some of son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner's political advice — including supporting criminal justice reform — and will stick closer to his own instincts, three people with direct knowledge of the president's thinking tell Axios. Behind the scenes: One person who spoke wi...
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Learn, Strategize, Contribute: 3 Tips To Get Started In A New Practice Area During The Economic Downturn [Sponsored]

If one thing is for certain, it is that these past four months have brought about an extraordinary amount of change in a short time.
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South Korean Prosecutors Really Wish Swaps, Stock Were The Same Thing

Then Paul Singer would be sorry. But they’re not, and he’s not.
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