On the link between murder rates and violent crime trends: What happens when there isn't one?

Murder rates are up this year in Texas' big cities and across the country, but other (much more common) types of violent crime remain down. Grits has puzzled over this trend. We usually think of murders as a subset of violent crime - the outliers with worst-case outcomes. Criminologists frequently treat murders as a proxy for other violent crime that may be less well documented. (Rapes or robberies may go unreported, but it's harder to hide dead bodies.) This year, though, those traditional cor...
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Lower Texas prison population numbers stem from declining arrests

Grits has remarked recently on the eye-popping reduction in the Texas prison population this year. But this year's declines aren't the only un-anticipated decrease at play. In recent years, the Texas Legislative Budget Board's projections for TDCJ's population have been consistently overstated. From their most recent projection document: So it's not just that the prison population declined this year, it's been trending lower than projected for some time. What's causing this decline? Fewer ar...
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At the Only-You Café...

... you can talk about anything.  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"The brain is not for thinking."

  It's a podcast.  Topics: "Biden is boring, Biden and the media, Washingtonians want to party again, Trump’s failing fight, the brain isn’t for thinking, Tom Cotton for President, and the 'Floor Frame' sculpture in the Rose Garden." It would be nice if you'd subscribe to the podcast. You can find it at Spotify — here — at Google — here — at Pocket Casts — here — at iTunes — here — or at Radio Public — here. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Melania Trump on Friday announced that a work by the sculptor Isamu Noguchi would be installed in the White House Rose Garden..."

"... a gift to the national collection that would be the first work by an Asian-American artist to be included in it. The sculpture, Noguchi’s 1962 'Floor Frame,' highlights 'the beautiful contributions of Asian-American artists to the landscape of our country,' Ms. Trump said in a statement."  The NYT reports. Noguchi is a highly respected sculptor — one of the greats, recognized for many decades. It's weird to see him talked about as if he's mostly a representative of a mass — "Asian-America...
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A Lot Of Rudy Today — See Also

Oh Yeah, My Christmas Bonus, How Silly Of Me: Let the annual bonus season begin! I'm Beginning To Think That [Rudy] Was Not The Brilliant Tactician I Thought He Was: Giuliani takes his talents to the Third Circuit. What Could Be More Exciting Than The Savage Ballet That Is Pro Football?: How to explain Trump's appellate strategy to non-lawyers. It Was Probably Just A Wallaby: That's actually the new associate.
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What to Pack For A Deer Hunting Trip

The post What to Pack For A Deer Hunting Trip appeared first on Whenever you get a chance to go on a quick hunt it’s best to have a list of things to pack for a quick deer hunting trip. There is nothing worse than getting to the woods and realizi...
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For Better or Worse: A time for Family

As we reflect on family, consider the following cases: Inspiration for Inventing on Thanksgiving Day:  Shafer claims that he invented the subject matter of his patent and reduced it to practice November 24, 1921 (Thanksgiving Day). . . . [This was] the first time that his brother, who was a mechanic, and he, had the day off together, they devoted that morning to reducing to practice his discovery. Brown Instrument Co v. Gen. Electric Co, 35 F. Supp. 29, 30 (E.D.N.Y. 1940), rev’d sub nom. Gen. El...
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Another glimpse into the shadow docket

What is the Supreme Court’s “shadow docket”? John Elwood, head of Arnold & Porter’s appellate and Supreme Court Practice, sits down with SCOTUStalk host Amy Howe to explain the often opaque work that happens outside of the court’s regular roster of argued cases. For much more on the shadow docket and its increasing importance, check out SCOTUSblog’s recent symposium on how this group of cases has shaped issues such as voting procedures, coronavirus responses, capital punishment and more. Listen ...
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Before The ‘Elite Strike Force,’ Rudy Giuliani Did Some Black Ops Work

Rudy was ready for his close-up in 2014.
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First Major Biglaw Firm Matches The 2020 Cravath Bonus Scale

It's bonus time at this leading law firm!
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The Or-Ackman Of 11th Avenue Accepting Charity Lunch Offers

The torch has been passed to a new generation, and at a steep discount.
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Cravath Bonuses Are Here!

Good news! Cravath has spoken on 2020 bonuses.
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The 3 Keys To In-House Counsel

A few fundamental concepts did not test positive for anything but longevity.
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Find A Whitetail Deer Hunting Lease

The post Find A Whitetail Deer Hunting Lease appeared first on Are you looking to find a whitetail deer hunting lease? If so it can be overwhelming at times as you know. Hopefully, this will help lead you to the perfect hunting lease for you. ...
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The 11th Circuit Was Right To Strike Down Bans On Conversion Therapy, But It Also Exposed A Great Hypocrisy

Conversion therapy is based on bigoted religious metaphysics, and it can be heartbreakingly harmful, but government compelling or restricting doctor speech also plainly violates the First Amendment.
Tags: Law, Constitutional Law, Tyler Broker

Vaccine results bring us a step closer to ending Covid, says Oxford scientist

Latest breakthrough comes as PM says he hopes most at-risk could be immunised by EasterCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe world is moving a step closer to ending the coronavirus pandemic, the scientist behind Britain’s first vaccine has declared, as Boris Johnson said he hoped the majority of those most at-risk could be immunised by Easter.Successful trial results for the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine, suggesting it could protect up to 90% of people, are the ...
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COVID Bonus Promises And Caviar Dreams At Magic Circle Firm

Some bonus news is better than no bonus news.
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Law Firm Hires Wallaby As Its New ‘Junior Associate’

'We interviewed him, and we thought he'd be a perfect fit for our law firm.'
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Why Most Law Firms Suck At Intake And How Yours Can Do Better [Sponsored]

Join us on December 2nd to improve client intake and learn how your law firm can convert marketing budgets into conversions.
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Reviewing Criminal Justice Unity Task Force Recommendations: a new series to welcome a new President

Since the 2020 federal election results became clear a few weeks ago, I have already blogged a bit (here and here) about some of the the notable criminal justice reform recommendations [available here pp. 56-62] from the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force (first discussed here).  With Prez-elect Biden now starting to announce his planned cabinet appointments, I have decided it is now time to start a new series of posts that spotlight and amplify some  recommendations from the Criminal Justice Unity ...
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"For the last four years, the tone from the White House was contemptuous of Washington, dismissing the permanent establishment..."

"... the longtime politicians and former administration officials who call it home — as the 'swamp' or 'deep state.' The social arbiters, traditionally respectful of a new administration, quickly found themselves between a Trump and a hard place: To invite or not to invite?.... Trump went to a handful of galas but his attendance — even the prospect of it — often brought controversy and protests.... Without Trump, the White House correspondents’ dinner — typically a night of mutual good will betw...
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With COVID-19 Out Of Control, Working From Home Is Still All The Rage In Biglaw

Do you really need to be in the office to get work done? Most firms don't think so.
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Remand with Guidance

Network-1 Techs., Inc. v. Hewlett-Packard Co. (Fed. Cir. Nov. 20, 2020) (modified opinion) (US6218930 – providing power via ethernet cable) This case has gone back-and-forth several times.  Here are a few highlights: PTAB instituted IPR on likelihood of invalidity, but then concluded the claims were not proven invalid. Later, in the infringement lawsuit, jury found the claims invalid. Judge Schroeder (E.D.Tex.) rejected the jury verdict – holding that HP was estopped from challenging validity u...
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If Biden’s Incapacitated, Harris Succeeds, Which Could Cause Utter Gridlock

My little thought experiment reveals just how nervous I am about partisanship in America.
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Latest Gallup poll indicates "U.S. Support for Death Penalty Holds Above Majority Level"

The quoted portion of the title of this post is the headline of this Gallup report from a few days ago,  Here are excerpts from the report: Americans' support for the death penalty continues to be lower than at any point in nearly five decades.  For a fourth consecutive year, fewer than six in 10 Americans (55%) are in favor of the death penalty for convicted murderers.  Death penalty support has not been lower since 1972, when 50% were in favor. Gallup has asked Americans whether they are "in ...
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Shamima Begum still a national security threat, UK supreme court told

MI5 assessments read out at start of appeal over revoking of Isis recruit’s citizenshipShamima Begum, who left Britain as a schoolgirl to join Islamic State in Syria, remains a serious threat to national security and should be deprived of her UK citizenship, the supreme court has been told.Extracts of MI5 assessments of the dangers posed by the return of those who joined Isis were read out on Monday at the start of a two-day hearing challenging the decision to revoke Begum’s citizenship and refu...
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