Society Stealing Our Content

The post Stealing Our Content appeared first on We have a thief stealing our content and causing us to suffer with Google because of duplicate content. Just wanted to know if it doesn’t stop and they don’t delete our content immediately from their site there will be a lawsuit. you are being put on notice. This is not a joke. We are very serious!!!
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Attorney for Jared Kushner and a Trump fundraiser investigated by DOJ in alleged bribery-for-pardon scheme

Senior Advisor Jared Kushner (C) arrives with lawyer Abbe Lowell (L) for a meeting with the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill July 25, 2017 in Washington, DC. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images The US Department of Justice investigated an attorney for Jared Kushner in connection with an alleged bribery-for-pardon scheme, The New York Times reported. As Business Insider reported, a US judge released documents this week showing that federal investigators were concerned about ...
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Alleged Pillow Talk Via Email

An attorney who allegedly provided his spouse with unfettered access to his law firm email account has been charged with violations of the duty of confidentiality by Ohio Disciplinary Counsel. The spouse is not an attorney and was not employed... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Judge denounces conduct at for-profit ICE detention facility, accuses official of lying to cover up 'deliberate indifference' to the lives of immigrants during pandemic

Demonstrators protest outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) headquarters to demand the release of immigrants families in detention centers at risk during the coronavirus pandemic, in Washington, DC, on July 17, 2020. OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images US Judge Vince Chhabria on Thursday accused an ICE official of lying to cover up the "deliberate indifference" to the lives of immigrants at a privately-run detention center. Over the summer, over half of those detained at ...
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The Money Is (Mostly) Flowing In Biglaw — See Also

Lots Of Bonus News: Market rate, over the top, and not so good. Is The Bar Exam Broken? Sure, but what to do about it? Big News At Boies Schiller: And it may not be as bad as you've heard. Increasing Law School Applications And More: The latest episode of Thinking Like A Lawyer.
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Thanks So Much To All Of Our Excellent Advertisers

We truly appreciate doing business with you.
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What If This Is Your Time?

Maybe right now, in the middle of a pandemic, isn’t the precise time you would have chosen to start your firm. But what if it’s your only chance?
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Relist Watch Select

John Elwood reviews Monday’s relists. I really am stretched thin this week, so we’re offering the luxury of Relist Watch SelectTM. Both cases involve the authority of the secretary of health and human services to allow states to add work requirements to their Medicaid programs. Hopefully, we’ll be back next week with a full write-up.  New Relists Azar v. Gresham, 20-37 Issue: Whether the approval by the Secretary of Health and Human Services of the Arkansas Works Amendment was lawful. (relis...
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Boies Schiller Restructuring Continues With New Deputy Chair

News of a major partner departure obscures the big picture taking shape.
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Katie Porter Uses Socratic Method To Accuse Steve Mnuchin Of ‘Play-Acting To Be A Lawyer’

He's lucky she didn't break out her famous whiteboard on him.
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"It's getting better all the time."

  It's a podcast.  Topics: "An old aphorism, comic strips, John Lennon, toxic positivity, Biden’s rhetoric, Biden’s dogs, Cher’s elephant, emotional support animals, COVID restrictions on religious schools and figures on New Yorker covers."  Listen above or — better yet — go to your usual podcast place and subscribe. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Two key UK military non-profits join forces to boost veteran training in cyber and tech

Advancements in the tech and the cyber threat landscape are creating vast job opportunities. The global cyber security market is projected to reach £210 billion by 2026. But in the UK, out of 952,000 working aged (16-64) UK military veterans and 15,000 service leavers a year, only 4% of them are working in tech and cyber. This is 20% lower than the non-veteran population. The cost to the UK economy of underemployed or unemployed veterans has been estimated at £1.5 billion over 5 years. This mean...
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Two key UK military nonprofits join forces to boost veteran training in cyber and tech

Advancements in the tech and the cyber threat landscape are creating vast job opportunities. The global cybersecurity market is projected to reach £210 billion by 2026. But in the U.K., out of 952,000 working-age (16-64) U.K. military veterans and 15,000 service leavers a year, only 4% of them are working in tech and cyber. This is 20% lower than the non-veteran population. The cost to the U.K. economy of underemployed or unemployed veterans has been estimated at £1.5 billion over five years. Th...
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Sexual Harassment Claims In Housing, COVID-19 And The ADA, And More [Sponsored]

You can’t attend a live webcast? Don’t worry! All of our courses go on-demand within 48 hours after airing.
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Turns Out ‘Special Bonuses’ Are Just Money From COVID Salary Cuts At This Biglaw Firm

These aren't the same special bonuses as other Biglaw firms.
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Is The Ackmanaissance Innoculating Ackmania Sufferers?

David Einhorn’s symptoms have been downgraded to Elon-Musk-COVID mild.
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Dear Santa: Here’s A Wish List For A Better Bar Exam

There is agreement that the bar exam, as presently administered, is broken.
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Looking At The Strain Of Income Inequality

According to the most recent census data, the legal profession has the largest gender pay gap of any occupation.
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Most Virtual Conferences Suck, But Not This One!

If there's any hope for legal conferences and all of the benefits gleaned from them by attendees and vendors, it's avatar-based virtual environments like this one.
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"By appointing Durham as a Special Counsel, Barr contradicted news reports before the election that Durham was frustrated and found nothing of significance...."

"Under the Justice Department regulations, Barr had to find (and Durham apparently agreed) that there is need for additional criminal investigation and '[t]hat investigation or prosecution of that person or matter by a United States Attorney's Office or litigating Division of the Department of Justice would present a conflict of interest for the Department or other extraordinary circumstances.' He must also find the appointment in the public interest.... Presumably, the conflict is not in the cu...
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Hofstra Law’s Judge Gail Prudenti On Pandemic Safety And The Future Of Legal Education [Sponsored]

As the law school she leads turns 50, Judge Prudenti weighs in on how legal education must adapt to a changing profession. 
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At the Waning Gibbous Café...

  ... you can talk about whatever you want, including the same old topics you've been clinging to. You don't have to snap out of it. I'm not doing toxic positivity. I am giving you a place under the moon where you can be as boring as you like. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Ready… Aim… Bonuses!

Biglaw, law school, and firing squads all in one show.
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Justices tell lower court to take another look at California COVID-19 restrictions on indoor worship

Last week the Supreme Court granted requests from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and two Orthodox Jewish synagogues to lift New York’s coronavirus-related attendance limits on worship services. The broader impact of that ruling became even more apparent on Thursday morning, when the justices ordered a federal district court to take another look at a southern California church’s challenge to that state’s restrictions on indoor worship services. The lawsuit was filed over the summer by the...
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New Pew report highlights how "States Can Shorten Probation and Protect Public Safety"

This important new report from The Pew Charitable Trusts, titled "States Can Shorten Probation and Protect Public Safety," provides a great accounting of key data and good policy in the probation area.  Here are excerpts from the report's overview: More than 3.5 million, or 1 in 72, adults were on probation in the United States at the end of 2018 — the most recent year for which U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) data is available — more than triple the number in 1980.  Nationwide, on any ...
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Google and YouTube Aren’t “Censoring” Breitbart Comments–Belknap v. Alphabet

Craig Belknap alleged that Google and YouTube violated the First Amendment and Section 230 by “deleting the citizen ‘Posts” that accompany and follow” Breitbart articles. (This is a pro se/in pro per suit). First Amendment. The court says “Neither Alphabet, nor its subsidiaries, Google and YouTube, are state actors.” Cite to PragerU v. YouTube. “Google and YouTube do provide the public with a forum for speech, but that does not make them state actors.” Cite to Halleck. Citing PragerU again, the...
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Top 25 Biglaw Firm Gives Out More Money (On Top Of Year-End And Special Bonuses)

Working from home costs money, and this firm knows it.
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