It's Buffalo Bill Cody on horseback....

  I'm reading about him this morning.  Here's something he said about his wife: "I often feel sorry for her. She is a strange woman but I don't mind her—remember she is my wife—and let it go at that. If she gets cranky, just laugh at it, she can't help it." He tried to divorce her after almost 40 years of marriage. He said that when he was away and she was at their ranch [in North Platte, Nebraska], she would "feed the men too much and talk violently about Cody and his alleged sweethearts ....
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Pamela Tiffin helps Paul Newman eat a sandwich.

  They don't make them like that anymore. Goodbye to the 60s starlet Pamela Tiffin — "Pamela Tiffin, model, actress and 1960s movie ingénue, dies at 78" (WaPo). Here's my old post where I wrote about her in the 60s beach pic "For Those Who Think Young." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Bill Barr might resign, reports NYT

Plot twist. the New York Times, sources close to Attorney General Bill Barr say he is exploring how to resign from the flaming dumpster fire that is the decomposing Trump administration, before it all ends next month. One source close to Barr who spoke to the Times said he could announce his departure before the end of the year. — Read the rest
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The Work From Home Conundrum: Outdated Laws Meet Staying Safe

Over Thanksgiving, I did something novel (at least for me): I painted my home office space. That, of course, led to the realization that the carpet was hopelessly outdated and, since we were at it, the light fixture was falling apart, and the desk and chair I was working from for the last 9 months were not conducive to 12 hour workdays. And so, over the course of the last week, we replaced them all.  (Used office furniture now is really cheap.)  If I’m going to be working from home for the forse...
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Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: Francesco Guarascio: EU Seeks to bypass Patents to Boost Drugs Access in Crises (Source: Reuters) Rich Haerle: PolarityTE Receives Allowance for First U.S. Patent Application (Source: Business Wire) Alina Kolomeyer: Amarin Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Hikma (Source: Globe Newswire) Alessandro Mascellino: Apple Patent Application Filing Details New Biometric Authentication Sensors for Wearable Devices (Source: Biometric Update) Source: USPTO ...
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At the Sunrise Café...

  ... you can talk about whatever you like. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Carbon Tax Proposed in Portland will be First in the Nation

The City of Portland is proposing a carbon tax that would be the first of its kind anywhere in the country. Given the increased emphasis on climate change by the incoming Biden Administration the proposed ordinance should be on your required reading list. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions are changing the climate. Energy prices do not currently reflect these costs of greenhouse gases. A carbon tax puts a price on those greenhouse gases, encouraging business and government to prod...
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Case preview: Foreign sovereign immunity, comity and the Holocaust

The Holocaust (in Hebrew Shoah, or “destruction”) comes to the Supreme Court on Monday. Republic of Hungary v. Simon and Federal Republic of Germany v. Philipp require the justices to decide whether classes of survivors can pursue claims in federal court seeking compensation from the European countries and related entities that took property from their Jewish citizens in the course of the genocide of six million Jews. Both cases ask whether federal courts can abstain from resolving such claims o...
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Case preview: Justices to consider immunity for Germany in claims arising from Nazi-era art sale

It has been nearly 90 years since Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, and 75 years since the end of World War II. Despite the passage of time, efforts to recover valuable works of art that were seized by the Nazis, or sold to them under duress, are still ongoing. On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in one such dispute, Federal Republic of Germany v. Philipp, involving a collection of medieval relics now on display at a Berlin museum. Although the legal questions before the co...
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At last night's rally in Georgia, Trump said that the "big tech" companies are "vicious and violent and untruthful." Violent?!

Maybe he just slipped and got his "v" words mixed up. He said "vicious" and maybe he was reaching for another alliterative adjective, but he said "violent." From the transcript, here's the jumbled context:And by the way, tell our senators end Section 230. End Section 230. Put it in. We put it in. I want it in the defense bill. Put it in because it’s a national security problem. It’s a big national security. So hopefully, Mitch and the senators will put it in. But it’s the one chance we have to b...
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Jerrold Post, CIA psychiatrist who profiled Trump, dies of Covid aged 86

Family salutes ‘insatiable, roving curiosity, probing empathy’Pioneer in field predicted Trump would not concede defeatJerrold M Post, a psychiatrist who profiled dictators for the CIA and who declared Donald Trump a “dangerous, destructive charismatic leader”, has died of Covid-19. He was 86. Related: 'Saddam, tell me about your mum' Continue reading...
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"For over a century, film was at its core a theatrical art form: While it’s true that movies could be watched on TV, the primary cinematic experience was immersive viewing in a theater surrounded by strangers."

"Now there is a push to make the movie theater merely one platform among others, offering an experience deemed no more meaningful than watching the same feature-length visual narratives on a home entertainment system, a laptop, or even a cell phone."  Writes Jeet Heer in "Movie Theaters Aren’t Dying—They’re Being Murdered/The Covid-19 pandemic is providing a perfect cover for media giants bent on replacing theatrical moviegoing with streaming at home" (The Nation). As media giants like Netflix...
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"Trump’s story of what happened in the 2020 election bears all the hallmarks of McCarthyite myth: conspiring elites, hidden corruption, even the threat of an imminent socialist takeover."

"And though Trump will no doubt leave office on Jan. 20, that story — and the powerful sense of grievance behind it — is sure to thrive in the years ahead. Trump has all but vowed to run again in 2024. Even if he doesn’t, he will continue to sell the tale of his martyrdom through Twitter and cable news and talk radio and conspiracy sites — forms of direct public communication that McCarthy would have envied. After 1954, when media gatekeepers such as Edward R. Murrow turned against him, McCarthy...
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This week at the court

On Monday, the court will release additional orders from the Dec. 4 conference at 9:30 a.m. The justices will also hear oral argument in Hungary v. Simon and Germany v. Philipp. On Tuesday, the justices will hear oral argument in Facebook v. Duguid and Henry Schein v. Archer & White Sales. On Wednesday, the justices will hear oral argument in Collins v. Mnuchin. On Friday, the justices will hold their Dec. 11 conference. The post This week at the court appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Section 230 Protects Amazon from Manufacturer’s Ad Copy–Brodie v. Amazon

This case involves a product called “Better Than Pasta,” which contains konjac as an ingredient. Konjac can swell as it moves through the intestines, causing potentially serious injuries. As a result, some countries ban konjac products or require warning labels. The plaintiff in this case bought Better Than Pasta on Amazon, consumed it, and suffered personal injuries. She sued the manufacturer (Green Spot), Amazon, and others. Amazon filed a motion to dismiss. The court says “For purposes of thi...
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Murder in Mexico: journalists caught in the crosshairs

The 2012 killing of Regina Martínez, who was investigating links between organised crime and politics, began a wave of violence in the most dangerous country to be a reporterRegina Martínez Pérez was considered an enemy of the state. The 48-year-old journalist had made powerful foes investigating allegations of collusion between political leaders, security forces and narcotraffickers in the Mexican region of Veracruz.She was a source of irritation for four consecutive state governors, highlighti...
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Adieu, Adieu, Adieu, Le Fax Machine

Your time has come, Dear Fax Machine, Though your reign lasted long. We were first introduced, In That Me Decade, Singing your shrilling song. It took a plague, For learned counsel, To break their solemn vow. No longer can we wait, To gain word from work, We need it, here and now. Though you believe your brother, To be the cause, Of your final demise. Reality is that technology, Has found better ways, Much to all our surprise. Thy Impaired kin, May seem to be, A poor heir to your legacy, A band ...
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"Death Penalty Abolitionism From the Enlightenment to Modernity"

The title of this post is the title of this new paper authored by Mugambi Jouet available via SSRN. Here is its abstract: The modern movement to abolish the death penalty in the United States stresses that this punishment cannot be applied fairly and effectively.  The movement does not emphasize that killing prisoners is inhumane per se.  Its focus is almost exclusively on administrative, procedural, and utilitarian issues, such as recurrent exonerations of innocents, incorrigible racial discri...
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Tangible example of continuing big sentence reductions in COVID era thanks to the FIRST STEP Act

I have highlighted in some recent posts some important new circuit rulings about district courts' sentence reduction authority under 3582(c)(1)(A) after FIRST STEP Act (see here and here).  These rulings reinforce that federal judges now have broad authority to consider any and all "extraordinary and compelling reasons" for a sentence reduction and need not just focus on medical reasons for granting compassionate release.  But, of course, amidst the worldwide COVID pandemic, lots and lots of vul...
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Israel: Cole Is Calling For An Amendment To The Privacy Protection Act - Yigal Arnon & Co

In view of the technological and economic changes in the decades since the Privacy Protection Law was enacted, 1981, and in view of the drastic changes in the legal arrangements...
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Summaries Sunday: SOQUIJ

Every week we present the summary of a decision handed down by a Québec court provided to us by SOQUIJ and considered to be of interest to our readers throughout Canada. SOQUIJ is attached to the Québec Department of Justice and collects, analyzes, enriches, and disseminates legal information in Québec. PÉNAL (DROIT) : Le ministère public échoue dans son appel du jugement de la Cour du Québec ayant acquitté une gardienne en milieu familial sous une accusation d’homicide involontaire coupable apr...
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Discussing clemency activity by Prez Trump for six more weeks seems unavoidable, doesn't it?

As highlighted by this post from last week, I am generally much more interested in thinking about how Prez-elect Biden might reform the clemency process than about how Prez Trump might use the clemency power over his last six weeks in office.  But my news feed these days is overflowing with all sorts of reports and commentary about Prez Trump's possible pardon plans, so I suspect this will have to be an evergreen blog topic in the weeks ahead. In reviewing some recent pieces, I really liked the ...
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"Today, it’s Netflix and other major streaming services that play the role which studios did in the nineteen-thirties and forties..."

"... like the studios, streaming services control the spigot of viewing, and, like the studios, the major services are vertically integrated, controlling both the means of production and the means of distribution. Netflix both produced 'Mank' and is the place where the film will be seen—the company, in effect, owns a thousand-screen multiplex, present in every subscriber’s home. If Fincher, in 'Mank,' looks so ruefully at the intersection of media power and political power, it’s because, in the ...
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Nazi art dispute goes to US supreme court in landmark case

Heirs of Jewish art dealers bring case over Guelph Treasure that defence lawyers say could open floodgatesA 12-year wrangle over a rare collection of medieval ecclesiastical art sold by Jewish art dealers to the Nazis in 1935 will arrive in front of the highest court in the US on Monday, in a landmark case defence lawyers say could open the floodgates for restitution battles from all over the world to be fought via the US.The supreme court will hear oral arguments on whether the dealers’ heirs c...
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"Althouse captures the exact moment the light pierces the center of the dome — the sign ushering in the season of Brumalia?"

Said Ingachuck'stoothlessARM in the comments to last night's open thread, which had my photograph of a view across Lake Mendota that showed the Wisconsin state capitol building at daybreak.  There's a moment at this time of year when the sun aligns with windows on either side of the dome and it looks, from the distance, as if there's a blazing fire inside. It's just a tiny dot in the photograph, and I was glad to see it noticed.  The commenter cites Brumalia: Brumalia (Latin: Brumalia [bruː...
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"This is classic Act V behavior. The forces are being picked off and the tyrant is holed up in his castle and..."

"... he’s growing increasingly anxious and he feels insecure and he starts blustering about his legitimate sovereignty and he starts accusing the opposition of treason.... If there are these analogies between classic literature and society as it’s operating right now, then that should give us some big cause for concern this December. We’re approaching the end of the play here and that’s where catastrophe always comes."  Said Jeffrey R. Wilson, author of "Shakespeare and Trump," quoted in "Trum...
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‘I worked so hard in the lab. I cried when the Covid vaccine news came’

When Covid-19 struck, immunologists hit the ground running, and haven’t stopped since. But the effort paid off, writes a scientist who worked on the Oxford clinical trialsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFrom an early age, I was fascinated with the natural world, and in particular how living things work. For me, the interaction between organisms, such as that between a host and a pathogen, is fascinating. I have always been interested in translational research – how ca...
Tags: Health, Science, Society, UK News, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Oxford, Vaccines and immunisation, Coronavirus

One in three ‘unlikely to take Covid vaccine’

Public concern in UK remains an issue for ministers, as nearly half of respondents to Opinium poll say they worry about safety Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageMore than a third of the public say they are unlikely to take the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available, according to a new Opinium poll for the Observer.It found that following the approval of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for emergency use by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority, the p...
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Captain Tom: 'I've always believed things will get better. The sun will shine again'

He set out on a humble fundraising walk for the NHS and became a global phenomenon – and a knight of the realmWeruche Opia: ‘I told my team I didn’t want the sassy rude girl roles any more’See the Observer’s faces of 2020 in full“I’m absolutely overawed,” says Captain Tom Moore. “Never in 100 years did I anticipate this would happen to me – that my name would go around the world.” When, aged 99, he set out to walk 100 laps of his garden before reaching his 100th birthday, the intention was to ra...
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Keira Bell lawyer warns on internet coverage of transgender issues

After landmark high court ruling, solicitor highlights worry over online influence on teenagers making life-changing decisionsThe promotion of transgender issues on social media should be subject to safeguarding measures, according to the lawyer for a woman who brought last week’s landmark case against England’s only NHS gender identity development service (GIDS).Keira Bell, 23, who was born female, was referred to the Tavistock Centre in London, which runs GIDS, as a teenager. She was prescribe...
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