2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers 2020 has been quite the year, and it’s been anything but easy. No doubt, you’re ready for this unprecedented year to end so that we can look forward to a new, hopefully much less eventful 2021. In the meantime, the holidays are upon us and you may still have presents to buy. If so, you’re in luck! I’ve pulled together a last-minute holiday gift guide for lawyers...
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Space Force Personnel Will Be Called 'Guardians' Because Sure, Whatever

Outbound Vice President/gynophobe-in-chief Mike Pence announced at a press conference on Friday that enlisted personnel in the Space Force will be referred to as “Guardians.”Read more...
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Start-Ups Are Cash Poor, Legal Tech Is Not Alone

Victoria Hudgins penned a at earlier this week that the hard truth behind the ROSS shutdown is that legal tech is cash poor. Investors and software providers informed Hudgins that other legal tech companies were equally cash poor and could easily meet a similar fate. There’s nothing particularly newsworthy or unique about any tech startup being cash poor, let alone legal tech startups. Cash is king in any startup, even in a venture capital funded one. You’re watching cash...
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Bad News On The Compensation Front — See Also

Leading From Behind: DLA Piper is shorting associates out of Fall bonuses because they're not "followers." But It Could Be Worse: Norton Rose is using associate salaries as a bargaining chip. Occam's Razor: California seems convinced that one-third of applicants probably cheated on the bar exam as opposed to, say, an overly aggressive and glitchy algorithm flagged people for no reason. Continuing Harm: Lawsuit over discarded porn. Because 2020.
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Climate change: Law used as stick to beat government

Plans for airports, energy and roads are facing multiple legal challenges over climate commitments.
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Walking Beastie Boys Lyric Sues Parents For Tossing Out $30K Of Porn

And you thought your family was f***ed up!
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Norton Rose Fulbright Giving Partial Backpay To Associates, Might Make More Payments If Associates Keep On Billing

Don't stop billing -- not if you want your whole salary.
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Doctors protested Stanford hospital's vaccine rollout after the algorithm it used left out frontline workers and gave shots to high-ranking officials and employees working from home instead

The coronavirus vaccine rollout began after the Food and Drug Administration authorized the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use last week. Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune via AP Doctors protested at Stanford Medical Center Friday, saying the hospital failed to prioritize vaccines for front-line workers and instead gave too many to office staff and others working from home. Internal emails from hospital leadership acknowledged the vaccine rollout plan failed to include enough residents and fell...
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Resolutions Revisited

Why Jerry Springer’s advice may be the key to 2021 law firm success.
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Beneficiary Of Citi Screw Up Was Totally Talking About Another Mistake When She Found Out About Payment

Really, it was about someone screwing up on our side. Honest.
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EVERYONE Is Getting An Above Market Bonus This Year At Irell & Manella

There's a new top of the Biglaw bonus game!
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What is an Article of Manufacture for Design Patent Law?

USPTO is seeking public comment on the meaning of an “article of manufacture” as used in 35 U.S.C. 171(a): Whoever invents any new, original and ornamental design for an article of manufacture may obtain a patent therefor, subject to the conditions and requirements of this title. The Federal Circuit’s recent decision in Curver Luxembourg refocused attention on the importance of the particular article of manufacture in the design patenting process. That case reiterated the point that design pat...
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Opinion analysis: Court tosses challenge to Trump’s plan to exclude unauthorized immigrants from congressional reapportionment

The Supreme Court on Friday ruled that it was too early to resolve the legality of the Trump administration’s plan to exclude people who are in the country illegally from the state-by-state breakdown used to allocate seats in the House of Representatives. The decision puts at least a temporary end to the litigation challenging the president’s plan. But the ruling, from which the court’s three liberal justices dissented, leaves open the possibility that the challengers could return to court if th...
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Stat Of The Week: Go Small And Stay Home

The numbers behind a mostly virtual summer. 
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Space Force commander explains how the new military service operates like a startup

The latest branch of the US Military was founded just a year ago and will celebrate its first birthday on December 20. General John W. “Jay” Raymond spoke at TechCrunch Sessions: Space and explained how the youngest military branch operates like a startup. “In some ways, we’re a startup as well,” Gen. Raymond said. “The National Defense Authorization Act provided us great a great opportunity. And that’s to be bold, think differently, start with a clean sheet of paper, and build processes that wo...
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Pre-AIA 102: Meaning of On Sale “in This Country”

by Dennis Crouch Caterpillar v. ITC & Wirtgen (Fed. Cir. 2020) Caterpillar filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) against Wirtgen — arguing that the German manufacturer was importing infringing devices into the US.  However, the ITC found the claims invalidated by the company’s pre-filing sales.  On appeal here, the Federal Circuit has affirmed. Caterpillar’s U.S. Patent No. 7,140,693 covers a milling machine with retractable wheels (or tracks).   The invention here was ...
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Freezing up.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Jobs Of The Week: In-House And Boutique Opportunities [Sponsored]

A totally remote in-house job -- the hire can be based anywhere in the United States.
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Featured Free Resource: Law Firm Guide to Remote Working

Just weeks into 2020, firms had to quickly figure out how they could function and maintain business continuity with remote work. Even though a large number of legal professionals have been working remotely for years, social distancing restrictions forced most law firms to suddenly pivot to remote work virtually overnight. This week’s feature resource at the LawSites Resource Center is a free article that provides information on what organizations can do with their document management system and...
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California Bar Exam Flagged A THIRD Of Applicants As Cheating

And rather than say, 'well then this filter was obviously overly aggressive' they're sending tons of Chapter 6 notices.
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Watch Space Force’s Lt. Gen. John Thompson speak on sourcing tech to secure space

Lt. Gen. John Thompson of the United States Space Force spoke at TechCrunch Session: Space earlier this week on the importance of working with startups. The general is the Commander of the Space and Missiles Systems Center, where he oversees research, design, development, and acquisition of satellites and their associated command and control systems for the U.S. Space Force. His role puts him in direct contact with some of the most ambitious and innovative startups. Gen. Thompson spoke extensive...
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On Today’s Legaltech Roundtable: Panelists’ Picks of the Year’s Top Stories

It is our last Legaltech Week journalists’ roundtable of 2020, so as our panelists convene today at 3 p.m. ET, in addition to our usual discussion of the week’s top stories, we’ll also share our picks of the year’s top stories. It’s on Zoom and all free, but registration is required. Once you register for one, you’re registered for every subsequent week. All prior episodes are also available, both as a podcast and on YouTube. The panel changes from week to week, but usually includes: Nicole Bla...
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