The Wrong Way To Deal With A Bar Complaint

In a lengthy opinion, the Maryland Court of Appeals disbarred an attorney for, among other things threatened to “blow up” building in which physical therapy facility that had filed complaint against him was located The court described the misconduct This... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Apple farm hit with $2 million fine after migrant workers die of COVID-19

In this photo taken Tuesday, June 16, 2020, orchard worker Francisco Hernandez reaches to pull honey crisp apples off the vine during a thinning of the trees at an orchard in Yakima, Wash. AP Photo/Elaine Thompson Gebbers Farms in the state of Washington has been fined over $2 million for "egregious willful violations" of COVID-19 health orders. Over the summer, two migrant workers at the farm died from the coronavirus. "COVID-19 is a known workplace hazard, and we expect businesses in Was...
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Facebook Brings Support to Cancer Patients and Families and To Those Who Support Them

Opening Facebook just now, the first two posts were from friends facing down cancer. One a face to face friend, whose partner is suffering from the residuals of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is hard enough, alone, let alone dealing with the conditions that develop from the chemo and the drugs used to treat both the chemo and the residual conditions. Not minor side effects, we’re talking life threatening side effects that land one in the hospital. The CCU and ICU. That’s the ca...
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When NYC Vaccinated 5 Million People In Two Weeks

The New York Times has a very moving article about New York City's Smallpox scare of 1947, and how the city rose to the occasion, vaccinating more than 5 million people in 2 weeks and 6.5 million people in under a month. Smallpox was... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Law Review Articles We Can Get Behind — See Also

A Scholarly Deep Dive -- Into pie. Analogies Are Like... Hard Things To Do: Professor suggests that asking her to join other faculty members in exam policy is akin to standing idly by while George Floyd was killed. It is not like that. Stoel Our Hearts: Everyone's pleased with Stoel Rives right now as they announce extra bonuses. Swing And A Miss: Trump is trying to seize voting machines now?
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Report: Ironclad Gets At Least $100M Funding at Nearly $1B Valuation

A report this afternoon says that Ironclad, the San Francisco-based digital contracting platform for legal departments, has raised at least $100 million in a Series D funding round at a post-investment valuation of more than $950 million. The website The Information reports that the round was led by the venture capital firm Bond, which was cofounded by Mary Meeker, formerly a partner at Kleiner Perkins and publisher since 1995 of Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, a must-read for tech investors. I...
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Joe Biden Is The Latest In A Long Line Of Attorneys Turned President Of The United States

The tradition started back with John Adams.
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Pondering next steps in federal sentencing reform on the second anniversary of the FIRST STEP Act

The FIRST STEP Act, which is fully titled the Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed Safely Transitioning Every Person Act, was signed by Prez Trump into law on Dec. 21, 2018.  That means today is the second anniversary of what many have rightly called the biggest federal criminal justice reform legislation in a generation — while others have also rightly called this law a relatively small modification to the federal criminal justice system.  Because I consider the FIRST STEP Act a ve...
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A decade-long surge in amicus briefs

Since 2011, there has been “an explosion” of amicus briefs at the Supreme Court, according to Arnold & Porter’s Anthony Franze and R. Reeves Anderson, who study the issue and recently wrote an article examining the decade-long trend. Franze and Anderson join SCOTUStalk host Amy Howe for a look at how amicus briefs have evolved. They examine what type of amicus brief is likely to influence the court, how the justices interact with the briefs and, most importantly, how to correctly pronounce “amic...
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Former Justice Department Lawyer Apologizes For Not Quitting Sooner So Trump Would Have Crappier Lawyers

She's 'haunted' by the work she did to dismantle democracy.
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Magic Circle Gives Special Bonuses, But How Much Is Anyone’s Guess

At least they're getting something for their hard work this year.
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Calls for national lockdown in England to curb spread of new Covid strain

Scientists say inaction could cost tens of thousands of lives as variant spreads across UKCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBoris Johnson is facing intense pressure to impose another national lockdown within days, as more than 40 countries banned arrivals from the UK in an effort to keep out a new fast-spreading variant of coronavirus.Government scientific advisers warned that inaction could cost tens of thousands of lives and risk an “economic, human and social disaste...
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Even The Swiss Frown On (Allegedly) Laundering Money For The Bulgarian Mafia

Which is too bad for an astonished Credit Suisse.
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3 hours and 24 minutes after the solstice....

  ... the darkness had resolved into this. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Doctrine of Equivalents in Lilly v. Apotex

Eli Lilly and Co v. Apotex, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2020) You don’t see this often — the district court held on summary judgment that Apotex infringes under the doctrine of equivalents.  On appeal, the Federal Circuit has affirmed – finding no error. (Nonprecedential opinion) Lilly’s US7772209 claims a particular treatment scheme for pemetrexed disodium that includes a pre-treatment with folic-acid to avoid the harsh side-effects.  See, Crouch, Eligibility Cannot be Raised in IPR Appeal (2019).  Apote...
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Justin Amash Proposes To Eliminate Civil Asset Forfeiture

There is no justifiable reason to continue such an abused, ineffective, and (should be) unconstitutional practice. 
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SolarWinds Vendor Supply Chain Attack: A Timely Reason to Review Procedures for Risk Assessments and Vendor Contracts

Nolan Goldberg, Ryan Blaney, Margaret A. Dale and Jeffrey Neuburger As reported last week, a state-sponsored hacker may have breached multiple U.S. government networks through a widely-used software product offered by SolarWinds. The compromised product, known as Orion, helps organizations manage their networks, servers, and networked devices. The hacker concealed malware inside a software update that, when installed, allowed the hacker to perform reconnaissance, elevate user privileges, move la...
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US death row prisoner Dustin Higgs petitions Trump for clemency

Higgs to be executed next month for role in 1996 murdersLawyers say death sentence ‘arbitrary and inequitable’Opinion: Trump is on a literal killing spreeIn a last-ditch effort to stay alive, Dustin Higgs, a federal death row prisoner set to be put to death next month as part of the Trump administration’s flurry of executions in its final days in office, has petitioned the president for clemency. Related: Trump administration has executed more Americans than all states combined, report finds ...
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Why Your Shared Space Will Be Key To Post-Pandemic Success [Sponsored]

Online collaboration will be critical. The right technology can make it happen.
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Domain Name Lawsuits Are Stupid (and the Initial Interest Confusion Doctrine Is Too)–Wooster Floral v. Green Thumb

This case concerns the domain name It was initially owned by Wooster Floral, a florist in Wooster, Ohio. However, in 2014, the owner wound down the business and didn’t renew the domain name. The store manager then bought out the owner’s assets for $1, including the trade name, but not including the domain name (which had already lapsed). Meanwhile, a local competitor, Green Thumb, registered the domain name and auto-forwarded it to The new Wooster...
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"Across the United States, many areas with large populations of Latinos and residents of Asian descent, including ones with the highest numbers of immigrants, had... a surge in turnout and a shift to the right, often a sizable one."

"The pattern was evident in big cities like Chicago and New York, in California and Florida, and along the Texas border with Mexico, according to a New York Times analysis of voting in 28,000 precincts in more than 20 cities..... [T]he red shifts, along with a wave of blue shifts in Republican and white areas, have scrambled the conventional wisdom of American politics and could presage a new electoral calculus for the parties.... And over all, Mr. Trump, whose policies and remarks were widely e...
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After Hyping Above-Market Windfall, Kirkland & Ellis Releases Their Bonuses

Sure, bonuses are above market but the firm needs to manage expectations.
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Overlooked Secrets Of The Modern Lawyer

Appreciation, in the legal sector, is more elusive than Bigfoot, but it is one of the most underestimated tools in the law process.
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"What item of clothing was the emphasis on? What is the most risky piece of clothing?"/"Underpants... The insides, the crotch."

From "Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny dupes spy into revealing how he was poisoned" (CNN). Toxicologists consulted by CNN say that if applied in granular form to clothes, the [lethal nerve agent] Novichok would be absorbed through the skin when the victim begins to sweat.... [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The US wants startups to get a piece of the $16 billion spent on space tech

The U.S. government is one of the biggest spenders in the nascent space industry and the man who handles the money for the Air Force’s $16 billion checkbook wants startups to know that his door is open for them. In all, Will Roper, the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, handles about $60 billion worth of budget for the Air Force — a mandate that includes spending money on the new tech initiatives the Air Force deems important. Historically, the Dep...
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Law School Prof Says ACTUALLY Asking Me For A Longer Exam Window Is A Lot Like Killing George Floyd

This is ill-advised at best and potentially racist at worst.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, UCLA Law School, George Floyd

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