What does a successful "Defund the Police" campaign actually look like? Reconsidering Texas' abolition of Tulia-style drug task forces in light of 2020's #DefundThePolice frame

In 2020, the phrase "defund the police" captured the public imagination, for good or ill, and became the centerpiece of conservative messaging against Democrats in the fall. But it wasn't that long ago that Texas defunded dozens of regional drug task forces without any of the #DefundThePolice backlash. At their height, those task forces collectively made around 12,000 arrests per year (see FN 26 in this report), but in 2006, Gov. Rick Perry eliminated their funding with the stroke of a pen, the ...
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New Privacy Concerns With Deep Nudes

In the back pages of comic books, there was often a curious advertisement. One which purported to sell x-ray glasses, which would allow the user to see through things. Although first patented in 1906, these novelty items simply created an optical illusion and involved no x-rays at all. This didn’t prevent many young readers from purchasing, with the intent of being up to no good. Roger Luckhurst explains in “X-Ray Specs,” As anyone who spent a dollar (plus postage and packing) on mail order X-Ra...
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Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: David Phelan: Apple AirPods Pro 2 Patent Reveals Jaw-Dropping New Upgrade  (Source: Forbes) Chris Burt: Sony Patent filing Shows Head Acoustic Biometrics, Apple Granted Patent for Multi-User Authentication (Source: Biometric Update) Evan Radford: Patent Index Documents History of Iconic Saskatchewan Inventions (Source: CBC) Anusuya Lahiri: IBM Settles Patent Lawsuit With Airbnb; Street Sees 16% Upside (Source: Nasdaq) Commentary and Journal Articles: Jaco...
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Vaccines Provide Employers With Options, But Be Cautious on Mandates

Back in October, I provided a preliminary assessment of what a COVID-19 vaccine might mean for employers.  But as I noted back then, the EEOC’s guidance was not yet updated. Now, the EEOC has finally provided an update of sorts for employers. In doing so, the new guidance makes plain what many of us suspected — the EEOC is not going to raise objections if employers decide to mandate the vaccine for employees (as long as religious and medical exceptions are considered). My colleagues Peter Murphy...
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Unhealthy snacks to be banned from checkouts at supermarkets in England

No 10 also plans to stop multi-buy offers on foodstuffs high in sugar and fat from 2022 to tackle obesity crisisSupermarkets in England are to be barred from displaying unhealthy food and drinks at checkouts or using them in buy one, get one free offers, as part of a proposed government crackdown on obesity.The planned restrictions were praised by health campaigners as a “bold first step” in Downing Street’s promised campaign against obesity. Continue reading...
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At the Sunday Night Café...

  ... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Top 10 Environmental Blog Posts of 2020

As we look back at my most read blog posts in 2020, at a time when most of us have accepted that we will never go back to exactly the way things were, we are no doubt collectively ready for a new year, and I am incredibly excited about the prospects for environmental law. I am supremely confident that our longtime business philosophy of “environmental risk as an opportunity” is right for the times. In 2021 this blog will continue providing strategic intelligence on environmental law, including c...
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When you're alone and 5G is making you paranoid, you can always go... downtown....

The Daily Mail reports:  Speculation is growing that the AT&T building was intentionally targeted in the Nashville Christmas Day bombing as the FBI probes rumors that the main suspect in the attack harbored deep paranoia about 5G technology.  Police on Sunday confirmed that Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, is a person of interest in the investigation launched when an RV exploded outside Nashville's AT&T building on Friday morning, leaving three people injured and dozens of structures damaged.  At a p...
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2H 2020 Quick Links, Part 1 (Copyright)

* UMG Recordings v. RCN Telecom Services, LLC, 3:19-cv-17272-MAS-ZNQ (D.N.J. Aug. 31, 2020): Plaintiffs have made allegations sufficient to satisfy the knowledge requirement at the pleading stage. As to actual knowledge, Plaintiffs aver that the five million notices sent to RCN by Rightscorp that provided the IP address of the user, the date and time of the activity, and the name of the infringed upon content is sufficient to confer actual knowledge to RCN. Plaintiffs similarly argue that, at a ...
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Cramped housing has helped fuel spread of Covid in England – study

Overcrowding, which makes it harder to self-isolate, may have increased death rate in poorer areasOvercrowded housing has helped to spread Covid-19 in England and may have increased the number of deaths, according to research by the Health Foundation.People living in cramped conditions have been more exposed to the coronavirus and were less able to reduce their risk of infection because their homes were so small, the thinktank found. Overcrowding was a key reason why poorer people and those from...
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Covid poses 'greatest threat to mental health since second world war'

UK’s leading psychiatrist predicts impact will be felt for years after pandemic endsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe coronavirus crisis poses the greatest threat to mental health since the second world war, with the impact to be felt for years after the virus has been brought under control, the country’s leading psychiatrist has said.Dr Adrian James, the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said a combination of the disease, its social consequences and ...
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Nashville Christmas Attack: Looks like average-sized VBIED

27 December 2020 Portland, Oregon Yon-Genre Mind Dump without edit Looking at many photos and videos, looks like your normal car bomb. Thousands in Iraq. Fewer in Afghanistan but still tons. A large truck bomb would have obliterated buildings on both sides in that confined space. If you know veterans who served in Iraq outside-the-wire between about 2004 and late 2007, ask them about car and truck bombs. Remember all the bombs I wrote about while there? Most of the bombs I saw -- I ne...
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"Although Westerners date the origins of restaurants (those independent of inns) to post-revolutionary France, when chefs were suddenly freed..."

"... from the kitchens of the aristocracy, in Japan restaurants began more than one hundred and seventy years earlier, after the Tokugawa Shogunate instituted the system of alternate attendance (sankin kotai) to prevent its feudal lords (daimyo) from overthrowing it. Because after 1615 daimyo were required to divide their time between their fiefs and Edo, leaving their wives and children in the capital as hostages, a vast economic system grew up to support not only their travels but their substa...
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"It is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to one of the most iconic voices and musicians in bluegrass. David Anthony ‘Tony’ Rice passed away yesterday, Dec. 25, at his home in Reidsville, NC. Few will ever match his skill and influence."

Said the International Bluegrass Association, quoted in Variety.  Rice was “the single most influential acoustic guitar player in the last 50 years,” said Ricky Skaggs, who played alongside Rice in the group the New South in the 1970s and later rejoined him for a classic duets album, “Skaggs/Rice.”...  “Sometime during Christmas morning while making his coffee, our dear friend and guitar hero Tony Rice passed from this life and made his swift journey to his heavenly home,” Skaggs wrote. “ ...
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Imperial War Museum to mark 20th anniversary of 9/11

Museum plans series of events to mark anniversary of al-Qaida attacks on US that claimed almost 3,000 livesMany can remember exactly where they were 20 years ago when al-Qaida perpetrated the single deadliest terrorist attack in human history by deliberately crashing passenger planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan.Fewer, however, really contemplate just how much the 9/11 atrocity profoundly changed and shaped everyday life today. Continue reading...
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"You have, then, the calm conservatism of George H. W. Bush and the fevered conservatism of Patrick Buchanan; the balm of Jeb Bush and..."

"... the bluntness of Donald Trump; the moderation of Theresa May and the flamboyance of Boris Johnson; of Angela Merkel, perhaps the most properly conservative of our contemporary leaders, against the radical outliers of reactionary German nationalism. Fawcett sees this as the core conflict within the right, always present, forever waxing or waning, and central to the future of Western democracy." Writes Andrew Sullivan, in a NYT review of "CONSERVATISM/The Fight for a Tradition" by Edmund Fa...
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The great opportunity: how Covid transformed global crime

2020 led to surges in everything from domestic abuse to black markets in fake vaccinesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBy the end of March, one week into the UK’s first lockdown, recorded crime in Lancashire had dropped by a startling 40% compared with the four-year average.“At first there was some mild panic,” says DCI Eric Halford, of Lancashire Constabulary. “Most senior officers expected a surge in demand.” Continue reading...
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"Getting Explicit About Implicit Bias"

The title of this post is the title of this effective extended discussion published in the latest issue of Judicatre. which understandibly give particular attention to research regarding criminal case processing.  The piece's preamble explains that, to "better understand the effect of implicit bias in the courtroom, Judge Bernice Donald of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit talked with Professors Jeffrey Rachlinski and Andrew Wistrich of Cornell Law School."  The whole disc...
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"Ms. Petro said she and her husband still make time for sex, even if it’s just, say, every third Sunday. 'I shove thoughts of chores undone out of my mind...'"

"'... and just try to relax into my body and be present for my partner,' she said.... 'People get very wrapped up in the idea of spontaneously desiring sex,' Dr. Nagoski said, but, especially in women, it’s fairly rare. Based on a wide body of research on gender and sexual desire, Dr. Nagoski estimates that roughly 15 percent of women experience spontaneous desire, whereas most experience responsive desire — wanting sex when something erotic is happening."  From "Take Back Your Sex Life/With a...
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UN expert urges Thailand to stop targeting protesters with royal insult law

Students among those who could face long sentences under sweeping lese-majesty law Thailand’s authorities must stop targeting pro-democracy protesters with draconian legal action and instead enter into dialogue, according to the UN’s special rapporteur for freedom of assembly, who warned the country risks sliding into violence.Clément Voule said he had written to the Thai government to express alarm at the use of the fierce lese-majesty law against dozens of protesters, including students as you...
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The breakthrough medicines that could change the course of Covid

Dexamethasone demonstrates power of large-scale, randomised trials in finding effective medicinesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIt remains one of the most dramatically successful outcomes in the battle against Covid-19. A cheap treatment for inflammation was found to save lives of seriously ill patients while a trio of much-touted therapies were shown to have no effect.It is now estimated that the discovery of the effectiveness of the drug dexamethasone has saved aro...
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Reasons to be hopeful in 2021

2020 has been a difficult year, but there are some glints of light in the gloom. From nature-friendly farms to anti-ageing worms and even a way of conjuring vodka out of thin air, here are a few nuggets of good cheer to look forward to in 2021The Covid-19 vaccinations captured the world’s attention in November yet, around the same time, researchers behind a trial known as HPTN 084 also published spectacular results. The trial, which took place across seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa, found ...
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Cutting foreign aid will put girls at risk

Now, mid-pandemic, would be the worst time to abandon our commitment to the world’s poorest countriesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage“The great strategic prize of the 21st century is the full economic, political and social empowerment of women,” said William Hague, when he was foreign secretary. “There are still large parts of the world who are undervaluing, under-utilising, under-developing half their population.” That was five years ago, and there is still a long wa...
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The breakthough medicines that could change the course of Covid

Dexamethasone demonstrates power of large-scale, randomised trials in finding effective medicinesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIt remains one of the most dramatically successful outcomes in the battle against Covid-19. A cheap treatment for inflammation was found to save lives of seriously ill patients while a trio of much-touted therapies were shown to have no effect.It is now estimated that the discovery of the effectiveness of the drug dexamethasone has saved aro...
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