Round Up: Top Legaltech Stories of 2020, Virtual Conferences With Avatars, and Remote Working Software

I often write articles and blog posts for other outlets and am going to post a round up here from time to time (but won't include my weekly Daily Record articles in the round up since I re-publish them to this blog in full). Here are my posts and articles published from December: Top 5 legal technology stories of 2020 - ABA Journal Most Virtual Conferences Suck, But Not This One! - Above the Law Last-Minute Holiday Gifts For Lawyers - Above the Law Round Up: The Top Remote Working Software...
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ABA Ethics Opinion on Working Remotely

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** ABA Ethics Opinion on Working Remotely In 2020, the pandemic changed just about everything. One of the biggest areas impacted was the way that work was performed. Out of necessity, it was the year of working remotely for businesses across the country. And with increasing COVID-19 surges across the country and vaccine availability for the general population at least 6 months away, working remotely...
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Judge Admonished For Advocacy Concerning Daughter's Education

The New York Judicial Conduct Commission has imposed an agreed public censure of a supreme court justice. From the commission press release From January 2018 through March 2018, Judge Panepinto publicly supported the teachers at Buffalo City Honors School (“CHS”)... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Keller PD arrest puts a family face on 64k Class C arrests at Texas traffic stops

Out of Keller, TX comes the Lone Star State's latest police misconduct case with bystander video gone viral. Cops used a Class C arrest over a "wide right turn" to search Dillon Puente's vehicle when he refused consent to search, then used excessive force against his father, Marco, in retaliation for recording the incident. They arrested Dad on a phony obstructing the roadway charge. See WFAA-TV's coverage. and a New York Times story about the family's lawsuit.The Texas Legislature bears as much...
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At the Overnight Cafe...

 ... you can write about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A hunter who walked away after shooting a teen watching the sunset is charged with homicide

A hunter loading his gun. Kirill Kukhmar/TASS (Photo by Kirill Kukhmar\TASS via Getty Images A 52-year-old hunter was charged with homicide on Wednesday, two months after he shot and killed a teenager who was watching the sunset with his girlfriend at a state park in Pennsylvania, prosecutors said. Prosecutors identified Kenneth Troy Heller as the hunter who shot the teen. Heller has agreed to be held without bail and is set to enter into a plea agreement at his arraignment in April, the d...
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A hunter who walked away after shooting a teen while he was watching the sunset is charged with homicide

File photo of hunter loading his gun in Russia Kirill Kukhmar/TASS (Photo by Kirill Kukhmar\TASS via Getty Images A 52-year-old hunter was charged with homicide months after shooting and killing a teenager at a state park in Pennsylvania.  Prosecutors identified Kenneth Troy Heller as the hunter who shot the teen while he waited for the sunset with his girlfriend.  Troy has agreed to be held without bail until his April arraignment, where he will enter into a plea agreement.  Visit Busines...
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New Year honours 2020: citizens awarded for response to pandemic crisis

Among those honoured are health and social care workers, Covid response volunteers, virus experts and fund-raising centenarians Hundreds of key workers and community champions who battled the pandemic have been recognised in the New Year honours list for the UK which celebrates people’s extraordinary response to the Covid-19 crisis.Lewis Hamilton, the Formula One driver, and the cinematographer Roger Deakins are among the celebrities knighted, while the architect David Chipperfield gets the Comp...
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Crazy Things Lawyers Saw In 2020: Salary Cuts, Layoffs, Big Bonuses, Bar Exam Births

Lawyers saw some pretty crazy s**t this year, and not just because of the toilet paper shortage.
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Finally, We’re Finished With 2020

Things have to get better from here, right?
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Resolutions For Lawyers For The New Year

Resolutions for lawyers for the New Year – where to start? This year was certainly one to be added to the record books, and said books should promptly be dropped into an industrial shredder. But years such as these can help build resilience. Making it through and learning lessons can provide valuable perspectives on how one wants to live their life going forward. Resolutions for lawyers may be quite different this year than in years past, and may very well help set you on the path you desire for...
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"Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley said Wednesday he will object when Congress counts the Electoral College votes next week, which will force lawmakers in both the House and Senate to vote..."

"... on whether to accept the results of President-elect Joe Biden's victory.... The objection will not change the outcome of the election, only delaying the inevitable affirmation of Biden's victory in November over President Donald Trump. Democrats will reject any objections in the House, and multiple Republican senators have argued against an objection that will provide a platform for Trump's baseless conspiracy theories claiming the election was stolen from him. Hawley's objection, which oth...
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Still more great new Politico Magazine coverage now on "Justice Reform: Reentry"

Earlier this year I noted in posts here and here that the Politico Magazine had produced a terrific collection of original articles on criminal justice reform issues under the headings "Justice Reform: The Decarceration Issue" and "Justice Reform: Prison Conditions."   Those article are still collected at this link, but they are now topped by another great new set of pieces under the heading "Justice Reform: Reentry."  Here are the great-looking new pieces under this heading with their full head...
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More Lawyers Should Observe A Holiday Truce

Although there is no rule or procedure that requires lawyers to observe a kind of holiday truce, such an act is likely to preserve goodwill with adversaries.
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My Christmas With COVID-19

While social distancing and mask wearing can help, it is not guaranteed to prevent infection.
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"A pack of young bicyclists attacked a BMW in broad daylight in Manhattan, terrorizing the man and woman inside in a terrifying ambush caught on video."

"Several assailants surrounded the luxury ride at Fifth Avenue and 21st Street around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, with some pounding the vehicle with their fists and feet, and another smashing a bike down on top of it...  One attacker got a running start, vaulted up on the hood of the BMW and jumped on top of the windshield, causing it to partly cave in... The same group similarly attacked a cab a short time later...." The NY Post reports. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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How a veteran sketch artist offers a peek into oral arguments in the work-from-home era

Few people get the chance to watch an oral argument at the Supreme Court. Art Lien is one of them. As an artist who has been sketching the court for more than four decades, Lien has attended – and studied – hundreds of arguments. In a courtroom devoid of cameras, Lien uses little more than a pencil and paper (and afterward, a bit of watercolor) to capture the court’s work for everyone to see. At least he used to. As with everything in 2020, that has changed. The world closed in to keep the vir...
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Ever Current: PLI Responds To Timely Topics [Sponsored]

Practising Law Institute (PLI) has long been a leader in providing essential, up-to-the-minute information lawyers need for their practice. Learn more about PLI’s commitment to keeping you ever current.
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Big overnight snow storm.

How it looked from our window at 6:58 a.m.: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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20 For 2020: The Legal Tech Trends that Defined the Year

Whoa, what the f*&% just happened? This was a year few of us will ever forget. It brought untold hardships for many and unfamiliar challenges for all of us. To those who suffered losses of loved ones or illness, to those who lost their jobs or their homes, to any and all who suffered scars this year, I offer my heartfelt condolences. But in the world of legal technology and innovation, the phrase I heard often repeated this year was “silver lining.” It was a silver lining in the form of an accel...
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Oversight Left To Georgia Voters For Kelly Loeffler Short-Selling America Before COVID-19 Hit

Still, in any investigation, the Justice Department declining to bring charges doesn’t mean a person did nothing wrong.
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"Russian riot police stormed into a monastery Tuesday to detain a rebel monk who has castigated the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church leadership and denied the existence of the coronavirus...."

"Authorities charged [Father Sergiy] with inciting suicidal actions through sermons in which he urged believers to 'die for Russia.'...  When the virus arrived in Russia early this year, the 65-year-old monk denied its existence and denounced government efforts to stem the pandemic as 'Satan’s electronic camp.' He has described the vaccines being developed against COVID-19 as part of a global plot to control the masses via chips.... The monk chastised Russian President Vladimir Putin as a 'trait...
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It (Should Not Have) Happened In Brooklyn

The New York Appellate Division for the First Judicial Department has rejected a referee's proposed public censure of an attorney in favor of suspension The petition alleges that respondent made offensive remarks to and about three attorneys from Brooklyn Legal... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Hollywood South

A federal criminal conviction merits disbarment - but not permanent disbarment - according to a report and recommendation of the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board. The offense In 2015, the Respondent was convicted by a jury in the United States District... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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ATL Holiday Card Contest: The Winner! (2020)

Congratulations to the worthy winner of our twelfth annual contest!
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Wednesday Open Thread

The last few days of the year are always busy ones, trying to fit everyone in for one last zoom/talk, get one more motion filed, and all the home stuff. Here's an open thread, all topics welcome. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Morning Docket: 12.30.20

* A new lawsuit claims that King's Hawaiian bread misleads customers into thinking the bread is baked in the Aloha State. Maybe someone can claim they were misled into thinking the Hawaiian bread contained pineapple... [ ] * A Chinese lawyer has been sentenced to four years in prison for seemingly reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic. [NPR] * A South Florida attorney has been subject to an emergency suspension for erratic conduct, including verbal abuse that purportedly made some clients cry. ...
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Andrew Sullivan detects anti-gay bigotry: "So you agree not wanting to have sex with someone because they have a vagina is a form of bigotry, right?"

So you agree not wanting to have sex with someone because they have a vagina is a form of bigotry, right?— Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) December 29, 2020 It’s bigotry and sir I am one of the biggest transgender supporters period. People like you would like nothing but to drop the T from LGBT. When I sucked on my formers lovers dick since she was pre op transwoman for me was just a big clit.Foucault had sex with transwomen— Molly - DFW (@MollyTex_) December 29, 2020 I had trouble understandin...
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Two notable end-of-year state supreme court rulings for criminal defendants on sentencing matters

This week has brought two notable new state Supreme Court rulings from the coasts on sentencing issues.  Here are press reports and parts of the starts of the opinions: From the Boston Globe, "SJC: Judges can grant probation in some 'three strikes' cases" From the start of the ruling in Massachusetts v. Montarvo, No. SJC-12905 (Mass. Dec 29, 2020): Colloquially referred to as the "three strikes" law, the habitual offender statute, G. L. c. 279, § 25, enhances the penalty for a defendant who, af...
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Wednesday round-up

Here’s a round-up of Supreme Court-related news and commentary from around the web: (Jess Bravin, The Wall Street Journal) Religion, Abortion, Guns And Race. Just The Start Of A New Supreme Court Menu (Nina Totenberg, NPR) The decline and fall of the American death penalty (Ian Millhiser, Vox) Supreme Court to Address Class Action Standing in Ramirez Case: To Recover, Must Absent Class Members Establish Actual Injury? (Anna McLean & Michael Lundholm, Lexology) We rely on our readers to send ...
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