Not Fade Away

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has publicly censured a prosecuting attorney for facilitating unauthorized practice during a period of short staffing Throughout the summer and fall of 2018, Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler was engaged in a contested reelection campaign.... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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I feel distant from the Washington, D.C. doings.

I'm not watching the TV, not thinking about the inauguration. I'm uninterested in hearing analysis of the speeches, the poetry, the song-belting, the executive orders, the race-and-sex firsts. Bored by social media posts about how happy this or that person I follow happens to be about all those things. I want my distance. Trump got my attention — more than he deserved. There's no reason to pay so much attention to Biden. I know he needs monitoring, but that doesn't make it my job. Talk about a...
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New President, Who Dis? — See Also

Under The Wire: Trump issued last-minute pardons and there's a theme. Oh, and Biglaw wasn't left out! Fire Up That Revolving Door: Trump set heightened ethics standards when he entered office. Then he ignored them. Then he repealed them on his way out. Great Screening Process, Folks!: Court official planning more coups. Way To Go, Cuse: Law school is having a moment.
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"Prosecutorial Elections: The New Frontline in Criminal Justice Reform"

The title of this post is the title of this great symposium taking place (on Zoom) on February 19, 2021.  The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, together with the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center, has put together a series of terrific panels for this event.  This link provides a registration form, and here is schedule for the symposium: 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.: Prosecutor 2.0 — How has the job changed since the emergence of the “progressive prosecution” movement and what impact has this had on...
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Yes, The Wait Until Inauguration Day Was Long, But It Could’ve Been Worse

Waiting until March 4th would've been torture.
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Can employers mandate the COVID-19 vaccine?

Want to keep your job in 2021? That may depend on whether you’re willing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Employment attorneys Peter Brown and Alex Volberding Liebert of the Los Angeles-based law firm Liebert Cassidy Whitmore say an employer can legally mandate the vaccine under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But there are exceptions. “Employees with disabilities who can demonstrate that they cannot take the vaccine and employees with sincere...
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Courtbot: Should Courts Text You About Your Next Court Date?

As we have seen in the last year, technology can improve access to justice. A new product called Courtbot is another great example of technology improving interactions with the courts. The new App Courtbot helps remind litigants of upcoming court appearances. It is a text-messaging App based in Oklahoma. According to its website, once clients text their case number to Courtbot, clients receive an automatic reminder of court dates. Courtbot claims that “research shows that reminders work… Around ...
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An Impeachment So Nice They Did It Twice

The second impeachment of Trump's tenure raises easily answered questions.
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Israeli Court Takes Step Forward In LGBTQ+ Family Protection

Similar to the United States, Israel has a long and mixed history struggling with where it stands on LGBTQ+ rights and families.
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Some Law Firms Have Misleading Employment Data

There are many ways that law firms fudge their employment numbers,
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Joe Biden's Peloton

Oh, no! The Secret Service is unhappy about letting President Joe Biden's Peloton into the White House. That would just be un-American to keep an person from their Peloton, especially in times of COVID when it's not safe for those over... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Joe Biden's Peloton and Open Thread

Oh, no! The Secret Service is unhappy about letting President Joe Biden's Peloton into the White House. That would just be un-American to keep an person from their Peloton, especially in times of COVID when it's not safe for those over... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Mississippi, And All Other States, Should Approve Online Sports Gambling

To not do so would be like leaving money on the table.
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Kamala Harris Sworn In As Vice President Of The U.S. Wearing Christopher John Rogers

A big day for the country — and for the U.S. fashion industry.
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We Must Have Education Reform Before We Can Start Forgiving Student Loans

Biden supports forgiving $10,000 in federal student loans.
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New RenTech Boss Is Sorry You’re Too Stupid To Understand Why Losing Between A Quarter And A Third Of Your Money Is Exactly What He’s Supposed To Be Doing

Peter Brown & co. do not suffer fools gladly, most especially those fools it is causing to suffer.
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Timely reminder that Congress has a critical role to play in reforming clemency conditions

Former US pardon attorney Margaret Colgate Love has this great new Washington Post piece highlighting that Congress can and should create statutory record relief mechanisms (as nearly all states have) in order to prevent clemency from serving as the only means for persons with federal criminal records to find relief.  I recommend the piece in full, and here are excerpts: The core problem that has led to pardon’s abuse is that the justice system has relied too heavily on an authority that is inh...
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New (Temporary) USPTO Leadership

Note, I’m calling these folks “ACTING ____” because it is simpler and makes sense.  BUT, the “acting” title is a term of art defined within the US Code.  To avoid some of the legal requirements associated with being an “acting director,” the temporary leadership is using the longer title of someone “Performing the functions and duties of ____” Acting Director – Drew Hirshfeld. Hirshfeld started at the PTO back in 1994 as a patent examiner and rose through the ranks. Has held a number of leader...
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Teenagers can 'catch' moods from friends, study finds

UK study investigates impact of individuals’ moods within shared social network Teenagers can “catch” moods from their friends and negative moods appear to be more contagious than positive, a study has found.The study by Oxford and Birmingham universities investigates “emotional contagion” among teenagers, to see the impact of individuals’ moods within a shared social network. Continue reading...
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UK reports 1,820 more Covid deaths, the most recorded in one day

Britain records biggest ever daily increase for second day in a row, as new cases rise sharplyCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe daily number of coronavirus deaths has reached 1,820, the highest since the pandemic began.The number of new cases rose sharply to 38,905, after initially falling earlier in the week, which prompted hopes that lockdown restrictions were working. Continue reading...
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President Biden.

 “Politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire.” [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Argument analysis: Justices divided in procedural battle between Baltimore, oil companies in climate fight

Kannon Shanmugam argues for BP and other fossil fuel companies (Art Lien) In a speech at Harvard Law School in 2015, Justice Elena Kagan told the audience that “we’re all textualists now” – that is, that any effort to interpret a statute begins (and often ends) with the language of the statute. That principle may ultimately prove dispositive in BP v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, in which the justices heard oral argument on Tuesday regarding a procedural aspect of a major climate-change...
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What employers can expect from Biden’s presidency: A temporary emergency OSHA standard for COVID-19

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the identification of the first COVID-19 case in the United States. On January 20, 2020, the State of Washington and the CDC confirmed that someone in Washington State had contracted the virus. Since then, 24,809,840 additional Americans have contracted Covid, and 411,520 have died from it.  All the while, OSHA, the federal agency charged with protecting health and safety in the workplace, has done very little to address the pandemic, and we still lack ...
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Washington, D.C. — Now Effectively Under Martial Law Washington, D.C. Yon-Genre Mind-dump without edit I am looking at the the White House now. The flag is up. President Trump just gave a pep talk and flew to Florida. I am a war correspondent. Many years experience across the world. I am American. My Mother’s side landed in Jamestown in 1610 after being shipwrecked on Bermuda in 1609. We know this because an author was aboard. Wrote about it. Shakespeare c...
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I thought my eating disorder was my protector, but I have been anorexia's prey | Melis Layik

With university online and no job to go to thanks to Covid, it has become easier to spend hours in front of the mirror berating my appearanceRead Melis Layik’s most recent Dreams interrupted diaryRead how the pandemic-fuelled recession will affect Australia’s young peopleName: Melis LayikAge: 21I increased my dosage of antidepressants today. With the loosening of Victoria’s Covid restrictions and the surge of New Year’s weight loss marketing, my eating disorder has once again overwhelmed me with...
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"The critic Kenneth Tynan divided playwrights into two categories, 'smooth' and 'hairy,' and one could probably make a similar distinction among biographers."

"Smooth biographers offer clean narrative lines, well-underscored themes, and carrots, in the form of cliffhangers, to lure the reader onward. Their books are on best-seller lists. They’re good gifts for Dad. William Feaver, the author of 'The Lives of Lucian Freud'... exists on the opposite extreme. There’s little smoothness in him at all. His biography is hairier than a bonobo.... Lucian and his furious id would have made an interesting case study for his grandfather. The artist was amoral: vi...
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Authority Not Boundless

The South Carolina Supreme Court has affirmed in part and reversed in part a conviction obtained after the state Attorney General recused himself Appellant James H. Harrison, a former state legislator, was convicted and sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment in... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Review of Austin police training videos finds bias and selective deescalation tactics

A community panel charged with reviewing video materials used for teaching Austin police cadets at the academy has completed its work, and the results are damning. From the executive summary, here's the meat of their critique:The overall library of videos selected perpetuated dangerous racial and class stereotypes that displayed working class people and communities of color as disproportionate recipients of violent and deadly responses from police. People of color seldom benefited from crisis in...
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Reviewing some notable data after a notably final clemency flourish by Prez Trump

A few months ago, I noted in this post a Pew Research Center piece, "So far, Trump has granted clemency less frequently than any president in modern history," which assailed then Prez Trump’s "sparse use" of his clemency powers as of Nov 2020.  At that time, I called the Pew piece a bit unfair because it compared Trump's record in his (then-not-complete) first term to mostly two-term Presidents.  I also noted that Prez Trump had already granted more clemencies in his first term than had Prez Oba...
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