Leshem v. USC

The appellate court reverses, and sends it back to to the trial court: Download B296102_OPF_Leshem. Professor Leshem's case continues (earlier coverage). [Author: Brian Leiter]
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Prosecutors can cite previous incidents in case against cop charged with murdering George Floyd, judge rules

A mural painted by artist Kenny Altidor depicting George Floyd is unveiled on a sidewall of CTown Supermarket on July 13, 2020 in the Brooklyn borough New York City. Stephanie Keith/Getty Images A judge ruled that Derek Chauvin's past is relevant in the case over the killing of George Floyd. The former police officer has been charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. Prosecutors accuse him of using excessive force in previous run-ins with civilians. Visit Business Insider's homep...
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Rights Of In-House Counsel

The New Jersey Appellate Division has held that ethics rules do not preclude a discharged in-house counsel from recovevring contract damages. The attorney had been indicted, tried and acquitted of criminal charges. Here, both the motion and trial judges correctly... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Twitter Acquires Email Service, Revue

Looking to keep up with other social media companies that enable publishers to earn money from their followers and and the growing popularity of newsletters, Twitter announced today that it acquired an email newsletter services Revue. Spending in advertising has plummeted of recent, in in large part because of the pandemic. Publishers with good followings looking for new sources of revenue to stay afloat are finding it in...
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At the Tuesday Night Cafe...

... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Law School Donors Beware — See Also

Complaint Filed Against Law School: How are they spending their donation? Bonus News: Latham beats the market -- at least the median number. Biglaw Brand Rankings: Are we seeing the Trump effect?  What's Next For The ACA? 4 potential changes.
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This Law School Has Crazy Impressive Admissions Numbers

Call me elitist, but this stat is surprising!
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Law School Canons: X Marks the Spot (X = Summary Judgment)

Editor’s Note: Avery Welker is a 1L at Mizzou and likely a future patent attorney. He is starting a new series linking law school canonical cases with intellectual property counterparts. You can email ideas for future posts to [email protected] – Dennis Crouch By Avery Welker “That doesn’t look too bad,” I thought to myself while scanning through my Civil Procedure reading assignment over Rule 56, Summary Judgment. Fed R. Civ. P. 56 (2020). Then I had the pleasure of reading Celotex Corp. v. ...
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Pro Bono: Learn How To Make A Difference [Sponsored]

Pro bono is of critical importance as individuals and businesses across the nation face unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic and economic downturn.
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My #LawTwitter Disclaimers

What do my retweets mean? Even I don’t know sometimes.
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USDA Hemp Final Rule: Hits And Misses

The most significant revisions made to the IFR pertain to the procedures for testing the THC concentration and those for disposing of noncompliant hemp.
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Where in the world is Portsea?

Great Britain (pop. 61.5 million) is Europe's most populous island.But where exactly is Portsea, number 20 on the list?If you're not afraid of a truckload of trivia – read on. Rabbit holes Maps are rabbit holes. Where they lead depends on how you fall into them. In this case, the trap door was Portsea. This is a map of Europe's 20 most populous islands. The largest ones are familiar, and not difficult to guess. Yes, Great Britain is Europe's most people-rich island. And many would have gotten...
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Will Law Firm Fashion Change Because Of The Pandemic?

Things are pretty casual now, but will it stay that way?
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45 Senators just voted that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional, so it seems that acquittal is inevitable.

Rand Paul’s motion was defeated 55 to 45, but a 2/3 vote is needed to convict, so it seems the outcome is preordained and the substantive merits of the case don’t matter. The 45 who believe it’s unconstitutional shouldn’t change their mind based on anything to be presented at trial.ADDED: A TV commentator said that only 34 votes were expected on Paul’s motion. 45 is a much stronger showing. McConnell voted with Paul. Only 5 Republicans voted with the Democrats: Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Toomey...
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The Linguistic Gymnastics ‘Textualists’ Will Perform To Get Roberts Out Of Trump’s Impeachment

Before playing semantics, just take a look at any rulebook.
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Maybe Having A Crypto Expert At SEC’s Helm Isn’t So Great For Crypto Company Being Sued By SEC

Gary Gensler knows what a cryptocurrency is when he sees it, and XRP may be right in his blind spot.
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'We'll learn lessons,' Johnson promised, far too late in the day for many | John Crace

It was asking too much for the PM to show genuine humility and remorse, but even he could not shrug this offYou’ve got to hand it to Priti Patel.Either she is completely shameless or totally clueless. Though one shouldn’t rule out the possibility that she’s both. Most of us distinctly remember the home secretary causing problems for Boris Johnson a few weeks ago by saying she had been calling for stricter border controls last March to control the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading...
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'Impossible to work': readers on potential impact of hotel quarantining

Three people explain the impact of expected new restrictions costing travellers £1,000 for 10-day staysThe government is expected to announce new travel restrictions this week, including a possible quarantine period in a hotel for those arriving in the UK. Ten-day stays are likely to cost the traveller more than £1,000.Three people have spoken about their reasons for flying abroad, and how they feel about new UK travel restrictions that may come into place. Continue reading...
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Four Stars, Four Lessons

Whether in football or IP practice, taking lessons from champions is always a worthwhile exercise.
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With Democrats in control, Supreme Court reform proposals reclaim center stage

In the immediate aftermath of the nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court last October, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden promised, if elected, to create a bipartisan commission to study court reform proposals. The announcement was a nod to Democratic voters angered by... The post With Democrats in control, Supreme Court reform proposals reclaim center stage appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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CASE-ing the Joint: The Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (Guest Blog Post)

By Guest Blogger Tyler Ochoa [Eric’s note: Prof. Ochoa previously posted a 900 word summary of the CASE Act. This post does a 5,500 word deep dive into the law for those who want the details.] On December 27, 2020, President Trump signed into law H.R. 133, the Consolidated Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (CAA).  The headlines focused on the $600 relief checks that will be sent to help people who have lost jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic; but the massive legislation contains at least 12...
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Former employee committed vandalism by deleting company’s YouTube videos

Of all the things that can go wrong when deleting your former employer’s YouTube videos, being liable for vandalism may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But it happened to the former employee of an Ohio company. Defendant worked for plaintiff as vice president of sales and left the company in 2017. During that time plaintiff authorized defendant to access the company’s two YouTube channels and to upload content. Two years after defendant left, however, all the videos on both ...
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"10 Classic Recordings that are Actually Cover Versions."

AND: Here's the country version. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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How to write a book.

  Photographed by me, just now, from a book that appears in my earliest childhood memories. I've never read the book, but I saw it and played with it before I could read, and when I could read, I read and puzzled over the title. I knew my parents loved the author, a radio comedian who died, too young, in 1956. The book is  © 1956.  I kept the book for my own library after my parents were gone, and I knew exactly where to find it in my disorganized shelves when the author's name came up in...
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The 3rd nominee for the “Worst Employer of 2021” is … the pregnant pauser

Pregnancy discrimination has been illegal for at least 43 years. You'd think employers would know better. You'd also lose a lot of bets if you bet against the ignorance of some employers. Meet Awon Phie LLC, which operates a Holiday Inn Express in Corpus Chrisi, Texas, our third nominee for the "Worst Employer of 2021." How did it earn its nomination? According to a lawsuit the EEOC filed against it, three weeks after hiring an employee to work as a housekeeper, the company's operations manage...
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New Survey Documents the Increasing Responsibilities of Chief Legal Officers

The role and reach of corporations’ chief legal officers continues to expand, with 78% of them reporting directly to their company’s CEO, and their scope of responsibilities expanding, particularly for issues of privacy, cybersecurity, and compliance. These are among the findings of the 2021 Chief Legal Officer Survey released today by the Association of Corporate Counsel, in partnership with the governance, risk and compliance company Exterro. The survey found that of 19 corporate functions, th...
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Prez Biden signs Executive Order "to Eliminate the Use of Privately Operated Criminal Detention Facilities" in the federal prison system

I had heard reports that today was going to be a day for Prez Biden to sign a number of executive orders related to criminal justice, but it seems as though only one such order was actually signed today during an event that was focused more broadly on racial equity.  Still, as reported in this AP piece, the one criminal justice executive order signed today is still notable: President Joe Biden on Tuesday ordered the Department of Justice to end its reliance on private prisons and acknowledge th...
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CPS accused of 'systemic illegality' in charging rape cases

Changes in policy since 2016 have led to an overly risk-averse approach, court of appeal hearsThe Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has been accused of “systemic illegality” in its approach to charging rape cases in a landmark judicial review into how the crime is prosecuted.On the opening day of the hearing at the court of appeal, lawyers for the Centre for Women’s Justice (CWJ) and End Violence Against Women (EVAW) accused the CPS of “raising the bar” for rape prosecutions, which they argued had...
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School Sued For Allegedly Skimming Money From Deceased Donor Endowments To Law School

St. Mary's University allegedly taking law school endowments and diverting them to cover undergrad expenses.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Charitable Donations, St Mary s University, Law Professors, Laura Burney, St. Mary's University School of Law

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