The feds offer $100,000 reward for info about who left pipe bombs near the DNC and RNC the night before the riots

The FBI released an image of a suspect in their investigation into explosive devices found near the RNC and DNC on January 6. FBI The pipe bombs that were found near the RNC and DNC on January 6 were placed there the night before, the FBI says.  They're offering a $100,000 reward for info that leads them to the suspect.  Investigators told CNN they believe the bombs were placed as a distraction to decrease law enforcement at the Capitol, so rioters could storm in.  Visit Business Insider'...
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At the Friday Night Cafe...

 ... it’s another cold night out here on the internet. So settle in for some cozy conversation. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Speaking Of The Trump Legal Team! — See Also

Oh, Trump's Most Recent Attorney Hire Built A Career On Racism?: Greg Harris spent his younger years getting reprimanded by the state supreme court for Batson violations. Speaking Of Reprimands: Sanctions matter keys in on people killed by repeated lies by Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. Speaking Of Lin Wood: Lin Wood asked to provide a mental examination or lose his law license. Speaking Of Protecting The Profession: While one state is taking drastic measures to address a possible loss of facult...
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The men-only draft and compelled iPhone passcodes

This week we highlight cert petitions that ask the Supreme Court to consider, among other things, whether the men-only draft is unlawful sex discrimination and whether law enforcement can compel testimony in the form of a phone passcode. The Military Selective Service Act requires men... The post The men-only draft and compelled iPhone passcodes appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Who Is Above The Law?

Although originally intended to be a view of the law to educate our clients, the term 'above the law' has steadily been reshaped by a former president.
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Attorney Refuses To Take Down Offensive Tweet Despite Colleagues, General Decency, Pleading For Its Removal

He just had to weigh in on students wearing their hair naturally.
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PSA: Virginia Adopts Permanent COVID Workplace Standard

The Commonwealth of Virginia passed a temporary emergency workplace standard relating to COVID that became effective as of July 27, 2020.  Just this past week, effective January 27, 2021, Virginia has enacted a permanent workplace standard.  This new and permanent 58-page standard is set forth in and includes most of what was in the temporary standard with some new exclusions, among them: No enforcement actions will be brought against employers that are making good-faith efforts to secure Per...
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Marjorie Taylor Greene Once Implied Ruth Bader Ginsburg Had Been Replaced By A Body Double

We're not living in the same reality as an elected official. Cool, cool.
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Accuser Wants To Wear A Face Mask In Court Because There’s A Pandemic. Judge Dismisses Case Instead.

The criminal justice system has to come up with a better answer than this.
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"Smell can never truly be understood through science, Muchembled argues, because it is always vulnerable to the whims of popular taste."

"In sixteenth-century France, amid religious moralizing and the pervasive fear of witchcraft, the scent of a woman’s undercarriage, once considered an ambrosial ideal, became synonymous with the occult. The stigma was worse for aging women, who became seen as olfactory ogres; Muchembled quotes the poet Joachim du Bellay’s disgust at an 'old woman older than the world / older yet than squalid filth.' Our own experience confirms that smells are subject not just to major cultural changes but also t...
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You Oughtta Have Your Head Examined, GA Bar Tells Lin Wood. Or Else.

You make one tweet calling the Chief Justice a pedophile, and people lose their shit!
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The Picky Nature of Mechanic’s Liens (or Why you need to count back from 150 before filing)

Originally posted 2009-03-30 09:00:00. On numerous occasions here at Musings I have discussed the almost ridiculously picky nature of mechanic’s liens in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The so called “150 day rule” found in Virginia Code Section 43-4 is no exception. The 150 day rule means that a contractor or material man can only include in a mechanic’s lien money due for labor or materials provided within 150 days of the date of filing of the lien or the last day that labor or materials are pr...
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How To Write An Effective Cover Letter [Sponsored]

Here are 10 tips that will help you to put your best foot forward.
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In high-profile sentencing, victim input and collateral consequences pus judge away from prison term for misconduct by former FBI attorney

This lengthy Politico piece, headlined "Ex-FBI lawyer spared prison for altering Trump-Russia probe email," reports on an interesting high-profile federal sentencing today in DC.  Here are excerpts, with a bit of commentary to follow: The only person charged in the Justice Department's investigation into the origins of the probe of former President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and its ties to Russia was spared prison time for altering an email used to support a surveillance application.  Former...
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Study: Language (not geography) major force behind India’s gene flow

Studies focusing on European genetics have found a strong correlation between geography and genetic variation.Looking toward India, a new study found a stronger correlation between gene variation and language as well associal structure.Understanding social and cultural influences can help expand our knowledge of gene flow through human history. When we think about our ancestors, our minds tend to wander to geography. We introduce our progenitors by noting they were Norwegian, Brazilian, Indones...
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Interim Attorney General releases new "Interim Guidance on Prosecutorial Discretion, Charging and Sentencing"

Via this HuffPost piece, headlined "DOJ Pulls Trump Administration’s Harsh Charging And Sentencing Policy," I see that the failure of the Biden Administration to yet have a new confirmed Attorney General is not keeping it from having a new prosecutorial charging and sentencing policy.  Well, actually, the Biden Justice Department now has an old charging and sentencing policy, as explained by HuffPost: In a memo to all federal prosecutors obtained by HuffPost, acting Attorney General Monty Wilki...
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Amid Calls For Reform, NCBE Approves Massive Overhaul To ‘No Longer Test Family Law’

Meet the new test. Same as the old tests... but now in one booklet!
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New Music Friday: “Wish I Was Ur Guitar,” by norah marie

Welcome back to New Music Friday. Today, I'm so happy to share my 14-year-old daughter's first-ever single, "Wish I Was Ur Guitar."  I love the song (obviously) and its title. If you ask Norah she'll tell you that she usually has a hard time coming up with titles for her songs, and for this song, she thought of the title first and liked it so much she wrote the entire song around it. She performs everything on the track—lead vocal, harmonies, guitar, bass, and percussion.  I think it’s great...
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Does fact-checking really work? Timing matters.

MIT researchers conducted a study with 2,683 volunteers on the efficacy of fact-checking. Showing "true" or "false" tags after the headline proved more effective than showing it before or during.The researchers believe this counterintuitive discovery could lead to better fact-checking protocols in the future. Not only do most people get their news from social media, a majority of users never make it past the headline. The infinite scroll means that once a headline is consumed and a judgment is...
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Lots of commentary and advice for Prez Biden's criminal justice reforms task one week in

Prez Biden has been on the job for only a little more than a week, but lots of folks already have lots of thoughts and advice for what he (and his party) should be doing in the criminal justice reform arena.  Here is a round up of just some of the discussions I have seen in recent days: From Al Jazeera, "Biden and prison reforms – a soft target?" From The American Prospect, "How Biden Should Prosecute Corporate Crime: In top-to-bottom criminal justice reform, let’s not forget the top." From The ...
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On Today’s Legaltech Roundtable: Some Rants and Some Raves

On today’s Legaltech Week journalists’ roundtable, we’re adding a new segment: rants and raves. In addition to our weekly discussion of the week’s top stories in legal tech and innovation, we’ll do a lightning round in which each panelist will offer a rant or a rave for something that happened this week. We’re on every Friday at 3 p.m. E.T. Hope you’ll join us. It’s on Zoom and all free, but registration is required. Once you register for one, you’re registered for every subsequent week. All pri...
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Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine given full approval by EU regulator

European Medicines Agency approves jab for use in all age groups above 18, despite German doubtsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe European Medicines Agency has authorised the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine for use in all adult age groups after days of doubt.A month after it received approval in the UK, the EU’s regulator declared the vaccine safe for general use across the 27 member states. Continue reading...
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The First Biglaw Firm To Announce A COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

Only lawyers and staff who have been vaccinated will be allowed to enter the office.
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"The Transparency of Jail Data"

The title of this post is the title of this new paper available via SSRN and authored by William Crozier, Brandon L. Garrett and Arvind Krishnamurthy. Here is its abstract: Across the country, pretrial policies and practices concerning the use of cash bail are in flux, but it is not readily possible for members of the public to assess whether or how those changes in policy and practice are affecting outcomes.  A range of actors affect the jail population, including: law enforcement who make arr...
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Continued Access to Service Not Sufficient to Bind User to New Terms of Service–Stover v. Experian

Stover signed up for an Experian subscription for credit monitoring in 2014. She alleged that Experian overstated the relevance of the credit report. She cancelled her subscription in 2014. In 2018, she accessed Experian’s website again, shortly before filing suit. By 2018, Experian had implemented revisions to its terms. Both sets of terms required arbitration. As the court describes it, the 2018 terms had changed to accommodate a carve-out for disputes ‘arising out of or relating to the Fair ...
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Biden's Judicial Reform Commission is unlikely to recommend Court-packing.

According to Ilya Somin (at Reason).  But it would be wrong to think that the court-packing issue will simply go away. Over the last few years, the once-unthinkable proposal has clearly become part of mainstream political discourse on the political left. Thanks in part to the bad-faith behavior of Republicans (where the party first claimed it was wrong to vote on a Supreme Court nominee in an election year in 2016, and then took the completely opposite stance when it became convenient in 2020) t...
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"Nearly a year of being disheartened by the online garishness and promotional smarm of digitized images has set me up to rediscover the pungency of direct aesthetic experience."

"There can be no meaningful discourse about art divorced from that. Intellectual appreciation starves for want of it. The less you see, the dumber you get."  Writes Peter Schjeldahl in "The Revelations of an Unlikely Pairing/In a show at Zwirner, the soft cosmos of Giorgio Morandi’s domestic tableaux is relieved and refreshed by the architectonics of Josef Albers’s squares" (The New Yorker).  How awful is it not to be looking directly at paintings? Schjeldahl takes a strong position. [Author...
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