Excuse Not Accepted

The Minnesota Supreme Court has revoked a conditional readmission of an attorney who had failed to timely take and pass the MPRE In support of his motion, Mulligan argues that he did not take the MPRE in 2020 because he... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Without Dignified Restraint

The Appeal Panel of the Alberta Law Society dismissed the appeal of a hearing panel's finding that an attorney's letter about a newly-appointed judge was deserving of sanction. The letter The Letter, prepared by Mr. Rauf on his firm’s letterhead,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Suspension For Domestic Violence

The Indiana Supreme Court has suspended an attorney for at least four years without automatic reinstatement During the overnight hours of March 4 and 5, 2019, Respondent brutally beat and confined his girlfriend in his home. During this time he... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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At the Pink Steam Café...

... you can talk about anything. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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I Wonder If Lin Wood Understands The Definition Of Irony — See Also

Maybe Lin Wood Does Know Something About Voter Fraud: He is under investigation for exactly that. Bonus News: At O'Melveny and Cooley. Columbia Law School Changes Its Tune: It's making progress on students' mental health. Impeachment Linguistic Fun! Well, maybe not 'fun,' but interesting nevertheless. Biglaw Data Breach: At Goodwin.
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The Impact Of COVID-19 On Biglaw Partners’ Compensation

Dissecting the impact of COVID on Biglaw.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Trivia Question of the Day, Unprecedented

Legal Professionals Should Call Other Lawyers ‘Counselor’ More Often

Using the term counselor benefits attorneys, and more lawyers should use this honorific when referring to other lawyers they encounter.
Tags: Law, Small Law Firms, Jordan Rothman

The Complexity Of EA Sports College Football Without Athlete Group Licensing In Place

EA Sports may have a problem with anything less than action by Congress.
Tags: Law, Sports, Ea Sports, Darren Heitner

DoD Faces Tough Decisions On Space Rules

'The understanding of what deterrence is has been misinterpreted, reinterpreted, run through a ringer, chopped up and turned into a hamburger. I mean, it's just that nobody there [at DoD] seems to understand what it means exactly,' one former government official said.
Tags: Law, Military / Military Law

Is It Time to Rethink Lawyer Licensing, Including the Bar Exam in Ontario?

In an article by, Pilar Escontrias proclaims “It’s time to see the bar exam for what it truly is: the relic of a racist club.” The bar exam in the United States has a “sordid history as one of the many racialized gatekeeping mechanisms into the practice of law. The legal profession was a virtually unregulated, open field of practice for generations until immigrants, Black, and Jewish people started applying for bar admission in the late 19th century”. Suddenly the bar exam emerged. One...
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I Escaped The Gun Cult After A Decade As An NRA Life Member, And Your Loved Ones Can Too

The NRA’s lies successfully extracted money from me. I was infuriated.
Tags: Law, Finance, Nra, Guns / Firearms, Jonathan Wolf

Greenberg Traurig Wants Absolutely Nothing To Do With Rudy Giuliani

This isn't the first time the firm has tried to distance itself from Rudy.
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US supreme court sides with Germany in Nazi art dispute

Court ruled unanimously that Germany had sovereign immunity in US courts from claims over the Guelph collectionThe US supreme court rejected Wednesday a suit by the heirs of Nazi-era Jewish art dealers for compensation from Germany for a storied collection of medieval art treasures. Related: Nazi art dispute goes to US supreme court in landmark case Continue reading...
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Justices take immigration cases off February calendar

The Supreme Court on Wednesday removed two cases from its February argument session after the Biden administration began to unwind the two immigration policies being challenged in the cases. Although the release of an order list on a Wednesday morning during the justices’ winter recess... The post Justices take immigration cases off February calendar appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Any chance this is comedy? "Portlandia"-style comedy? Just an idle hope of mine.

Every now and again it’s worth looking this in the face. It’s a cult.— Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) February 3, 2021 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Law, Andrew Sullivan, Race Consciousness, Ann Althouse, These Kids Today

Insuring spacecraft is risky business

Sirius XM latest broadcast satellite appeared functional. It was built on a pretty standard platform that has worked for around 150 communications satellites and post-launch was maneuvered into orbit. After that, however, things seem to have not progressed. Unable to just wack it on the side like the Fonz, Sirius XM has filed an insurance claim. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Insurance, Spacecraft, Sirius, Risky Business, Fonz Sirius XM

Bridgegate and Property Law

by Dennis Crouch An expansive notion of “property” also allows for expansive criminal prosecution.  As an example, the Federal Wire Fraud statute makes it a crime to use the “wires” to move forward with “any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises.”  18 U.S.C. § 1343. Case-in-point is Kelly v. U.S., 140 S. Ct. 1565 (2020).  Kelly case involves George Washington Bridge lane closing scandal known lovi...
Tags: Chris Christie, Supreme Court, Law, Court, Fort Lee, United States, New Jersey, Cleveland, Patent, Christie, George, Kelly, U S, Port Authority, Second Circuit, Girard

Federal judge in Oregon orders state to vaccinate inmates along with correctional workers

As reported in this local press piece, "A federal judge ordered Oregon officials late Tuesday to immediate offer state prison inmates COVID-19 vaccines."  Here is more about this notable ruling: U.S. Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman granted a temporary restraining order as part of a larger case by a group of prison inmates. They’ve criticized the state’s response to the pandemic inside prisons and argue it’s violated the U.S. Constitution. Beckerman’s ruling applies to more than 12,000 inmates...
Tags: Law, Oregon, Court, Brown, Kate Brown, Allen, Beckerman, Gamble, Boyle, Estelle, Patrick Allen, Plaintiffs, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Department of Corrections, Stacie Beckerman, Douglas A Berman

"President Trump was not the first Presidential candidate who declared himself cheated out of victory."

"Andrew Jackson, for instance, strongly believed that the 1824 election had been stolen from him because powerful forces refused to accept his candidacy on behalf of the common man. Richard Nixon believed in 1960 that he had been cheated out of the Presidency by widespread voter fraud in Illinois, which he thought secured John F. Kennedy’s victory. And in 2000, Vice President Al Gore and many of his political supporters thought he would have won the Presidency had all of Florida’s votes been pro...
Tags: Florida, Law, History, House, John F Kennedy, Illinois, Free Speech, Trump, Capitol, Al Gore, Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, Ann Althouse, Trump rhetoric, House Managers, the Trump resistance

Supreme Court sides with Germany: Immunity against Lawsuit for Taking Domestic Property

by Dennis Crouch The Supreme Court has issued a unanimous decision in the stolen-art case of Federal Republic of Germany v. Philipp. The claimants in the case are heirs to German Jewish art dealers who purchased a set of medieval Christian relics known as the Guelph Treasure (Welfenschatz) from the Duke of Brunswick in 1929 (although by then the Duke had already abdicated). As the Nazi government rose to power, the dealers were coerced to sell the collection back to the State (Prussia), allegedl...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Germany, Berlin, US, Italy, International court of justice, Nazi, Duke, Patent, Brunswick, Prussia, Philipp, Federal Republic of Germany, Dennis Crouch, FSIA

“Source of Duty,” Tort, and Contract, Oh My!

Here at Construction Law Musings, I have discussed the general rule in Virginia that tort and contract do not mix.  I have also discussed a few narrow exceptions.  A Virginia Supreme Court case from October of 2019 lays out both sides of this issue in one glorious opinion. In , a summary of the facts and lawsuit(s) are as follows:  Water leaks developed after the home was built. Graystone’s post-construction efforts to repair the leaks and remediate mold were unsuccessful. The Tinglers and thei...
Tags: Law, Virginia, Court, Contracts, George, Circuit Court, Virginia Supreme Court, Richmond VA, Belle Meade, Construction Law, Virginia Construction Attorney, Business of Construction, Graystone, The Virginia Supreme Court, Virginia Construction Contract, Virginia Mediator

Coronavirus Update 2-3-2021: Have you had to deal with “COVID fraud” in your workplace?

According to Vice, people are using photo editing software to doctor COVID test results. "I just fired up photoshop and changed the date," wrote one man who had doctored results for an entire group of friends to Motherboard. "Fun fact, the document [test result] was in French whereas they were in Sweden the day it was supposedly made, but they didn't see a problem in that." The other person took a slightly less sophisticated route and changed the date of an old test with Microsoft Paint for his ...
Tags: Sweden, Microsoft, Law, Jon Hyman, COVID, Medakit Ltd, Southern Europe Depending

Disconcerting new data on pandemic parole practices from the Prison Policy Initiative

The Prison Policy Initiative has this new briefing authored by Tiana Herring that provides some notable data on parole realities in 2022. Authored by Tiana Herring, the full title of the piece highlights its themes: "Parole boards approved fewer releases in 2020 than in 2019, despite the raging pandemic: Instead of releasing more people to the safety of their homes, parole boards in many states held fewer hearings and granted fewer approvals during the ongoing, deadly pandemic."  Here is much of...
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Casting Blame Does Not Help

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has affirmed the disbarment order of a single justice. Although the board focused on the misconduct for which the most severe sanction is warranted, intentional misuse of client funds, bar counsel established a far broader... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process

Louisiana Board: Former DA Should Be Permanently Disbarred

A convicted former district attorney should be permanently disbarred according to a recommendation of the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board Here, Respondent has violated duties owed to the public, the legal system, and the profession. His actions were intentional. The amount... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, Louisiana Board

McDonalds May Challenge "Without Cause" Termination Of Former CEO

The Delaware Court of Chancery has concluded that McDonalds has properly pleaded a claim against its former CEO for a misrepresentation that allegedly led to a "without cause" termination agreement that conferred substantial benefits The Complaint alleges a constellation of... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Legal Profession Prof

An Insurance Scam With More Layers Than An Onion

The ways in which surrogacy can go sideways keep surprising us.
Tags: Law, Family law, Ellen Trachman, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART

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