Round Up: Law Practice Management Software, Clubhouse, Remote Work Ethical Guidance & More

I often write articles and blog posts for other outlets and am going to post a round up here from time to time (but won't include my weekly Daily Record articles in the round up since I re-publish them to this blog in full). Here are my posts and articles published from January: Run your law practice remotely with legal practice management software - ABA Journal The Next Social Media Frontier For Lawyers: Clubhouse - Above the Law Kicking Off (Virtual) Legalweek 2021 With A Lexis+ Legal Ana...
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The internet is forever, so behave accordingly

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** The Internet is Forever My fellow lawyers: let's talk. Now let me just say at the outset that I am absolutely thrilled to see all of you using technology, whether it's social media, video conferencing, or cloud computing. For more than a decade now I've been encouraging lawyers to embrace internet-based tools and educate themselves about the possibilities and many benefits of interacting, engaging...
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NYSBA provides ransomware guidance for lawyers

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** NYSBA Provides Ransomeware Guidance For Lawyers The pandemic has impacted so many different aspects of our lives, from where and how we work to how we communicate and interact with loved ones. The work-from-home requirements necessitated by COVID-19 have been one of the most noticeable effects of the pandemic. This increase in working from home has also led to another notable trend: an escalation i...
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At the Monday Night Cafe...

... you can talk about whatever you want.  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Debate over court packing continues

Packing the Supreme Court, or increasing the number of justices on its bench, has been rare in American history. Certainly the majority party has traditionally viewed it as risky: Change the size of the court now, only to have members of the opposing party do... The post Debate over court packing continues appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Every Rose Has Its Thorn(y Legal Fights) — See Also

A Rose By Any Other Name: Intellectual property throwdown over the Rose Bowl. By Local Counsel, I Meant...: Team Kraken's local attorney distancing himself fast amid sanctions talk. Maybe This Isn't The Right Line Of Work: Judge Hughes gets benchslapped... again. Progress: Harvard Law Review elects first Muslim president.
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Court finds clickwrap independent contractor agreement enforceable

Plaintiffs were companies that sued some of their former independent contractors who worked for the companies in a “direct sales community”. The court needed to determine whether defendants had entered into a valid contract with plaintiffs. Applying Texas law, the court observed that other courts have recognized the validity of electronic contracts. It found that the agreements at issue were valid clickwrap agreements and that plaintiffs had – through screenshots they submitted – at minimum, mad...
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Page 7 of Trump's Trial Memorandum concedes the very fact upon which I've said his guilt hinges.

Here's a PDF of the document. From page 7:  Law Enforcement Had Reports Of A Potential Attack On The Capitol Several Days Before President Trump's Speech. Despite going to great lengths to include information regarding Mr. Trump's comments dating back to August 2020 and various postings on social media, the House Managers are silent on one very chilling fact. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that the breach at the Capitol was planned several days in advance of the rally, an...
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FOMO: Lawyer Edition

Working all night is encouraged and is one of a plethora of bad practices in the legal industry. Why is this the norm?
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Maybe It Wasn’t Such A Great Idea To Fire A Guy Who Knew About The Ponzi Payments You Were (Allegedly) Making

Because in addition to 'unemployed,' he can also now call himself 'whistleblower.'
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CCRC releases a "Reintegration Agenda for the 117th Congress"

The Collateral Consequences Resource Center has titled "A Reintegration Agenda for the 117th Congress: Criminal Record Relief, Federal Benefits, & Employment." Here is its introduction: The new Congress has an opportunity to make significant bipartisan progress on criminal justice reform, including reducing barriers to successful reintegration for people with a criminal record. This agenda recommends specific measures by which Congress can accomplish this. During the wave of criminal record r...
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It’s Time For Biglaw To Give Black Women The Chance To Shine

Black women make up a fractional portion of the law firm hierarchy. It's time to change this.
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Oscar Health’s IPO filing will test the venture-backed insurance model

Late Friday, Oscar Health filed to go public, adding another company to today’s burgeoning IPO market. The New York-based health insurance unicorn has raised well north of $1 billion during its life, making its public debut a critical event for a host of investors. Oscar Health lists a placeholder raise value of $100 million in its IPO filing, providing only directional guidance that its public offering will raise nine figures of capital. Both Oscar and the high-profile SPAC for Clover ...
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Matt Hancock almost blows it with a mention of borders and quarantine

The health secretary tries to stay upbeat despite the bad news about the South African variant Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIt had all been going so well. The government was on track to vaccinate the top four priority groups within the timeframe it had promised. Something that had astonished even Matt Hancock, one of the most naturally optimistic members of the cabinet. But then had come the bad news. Initial trials had suggested the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine didn...
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New Book Aims To Demystify A.I. For Lawyers

A straight-forward look at the technology that will drive the industry.
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"Who Punishes More? Partisanship, Punitive Policies, and the Puzzle of Democratic Governors"

The title of this post is the title of this notable new research published in Political Research Quarterly authored by Anna Gunderson. Here is its abstract: The growth of the carceral state over the last few decades has been remarkable, with millions of Americans in prison, jail, on parole or probation.  Political science explanations of this phenomenon identify partisanship as a key explanatory variable in the adoption of punitive policies; by this theory, Republicans are the driving force beh...
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This Trademark Fight Is The Granddaddy Of Them All

Tensions flared between the parties involved after the New York Times published an article.
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Patent Term Adjustment: What Happens When Examiner Withdraws Case from Appeal?

Chudik v. Hirshfeld (Fed. Cir. 2021) Chudik filed his patent application back in 2006. After receiving a final rejection back in 2010, Chudik filed a request for continued examination (RCE).  At that point the examiner withdrew the prior rejection, but then rejected the claims on an alternative ground.  Chukik appealed to the PTAB, but the Board did not get a chance to hear the case. Rather, the examiner again withdrew their rejection and re-opened prosecution with a new alternative ground for r...
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Top 25 Biglaw Firm Offers Bonus-Eligible Diversity & Inclusion Billable Hours

The firm has been successfully running this program for almost a year.
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George Mason’s Kenneth Randall On Entrepreneurship, Tech, And The DC Market [Sponsored]

The veteran dean and tech company founder weighs in on his new role leading the Scalia Law School. 
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Resume Refresh Tips For Uncertain Times

A resume refresh may be just what you need to land an in-house counsel job during these uncertain times. With the advent of vaccines for the Covid-19 virus, a light at the end of the tunnel may be in sight. Even though the New Normal will not look like what we were used to in pre-pandemic times, lawyers remain in high-demand and there are thousands of in-house counsel job openings and a significant number of General Counsel job opportunities available. The pandemic has also brought us into a wor...
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Trump As Witness, At An Impeachment Trial Or Otherwise

You thought Trump on the telephone was bad? Trump as a witness will be a true disaster.
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Tampa Superspreader

Watching the photos and news reports of people celebrating in Tampa after the Superbowl is simply sickening on so many levels. Obviously, sports is not my field. I wouldn't bother to waste my time writing about it except I happened to see... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Monday Open Thread: If Impeachment Won't Work

My view: Skip the impeachment trial and go right to federal and state charges that are distinct enough to pass the Blockburger test so there is no double jeopardy offense. If you lost a loved one due to corona virus, sue Trump (like the parents... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Citadel Securities, Accused Of Rigging Markets, Accuses Someone Else Of Rigging Markets

Your purported friends are IEX are not actually your friends, dear retail investors, sayeth Ken Griffin.
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Have you felt the pain of a wage/hour investigation or lawsuit?

For the past three years, the Department of Labor has been trying to get employees PAID for their unpaid overtime and minimum wages. That's PAID, as in the Payroll Audit Independent Determination program, a creation of the Trump administration that allowed employers to self-report F LSA violations to the Department of Labor without risk of litigation, enforcement proceedings, or liquidated damages. As of last week, however, the PAID program is history, as the DOL announced its immediate end. ...
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In court documents about the pro-Trump riots at the Capitol, Facebook is cited far more than any other social network

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg leaving The Merrion Hotel in Dublin, Ireland after a meeting with politicians to discuss regulation of social media and harmful content in April 2019. Niall Carson/PA Images via Getty Images Court documents related to the Capitol riots on January 6 mention Facebook more than any other social-media site. A George Washington University group is cataloging court documents about those arrested in connection with the riots. Reviewing the documents, Forbes found Face...
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HSBC urged to unfreeze accounts of Hong Kong activist

International politicians say the bank, already under fire for backing China’s security law, could ‘gravely tarnish’ its reputationAn international group of senior politicians have written to the chairman of HSBC, Mark Tucker, urging him unfreeze bank accounts linked to a high-profile pro-democracy activist from Hong Kong.More than 50 members of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China – including representatives from the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Switzerland – are calling for ...
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