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... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Sidney Powell And The Process Server — See Also

Sidney Powell Plays Hide And Go Seek: But still gets served. Cat Lawyer? No, just problems with your Zoom. Fox News's Strange Defense: Or, is it just a prelude to a settlement? OCI Moves Back To The Summer: Looks like COVID won't change Biglaw recruitment permanently. Shake-Ups At The DOJ: A look at the Biden Justice Department.
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Lateral Partner Moves Are (Probably) The Path To Riches

Most people expect a raise if they lateral.
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Texas Holding ‘Em

In a recent twist, a judge's practice of refusing to make decisions on pending transfer motions a 'top priority' came under withering assault from the Federal Circuit.
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A Couple Of Companies Get Popped For Infringing On This Football Brand’s Trademarks

The biggest question in both cases will likely revolve around whether the use by each defendant is a trademark use or merely describing the products for sale.
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Why Hospitals Want CMS, FTC To Examine 2 UnitedHealthcare Policies

Two UnitedHealthcare policies have raised several concerns among providers, including that they may display anti-competitive behavior and could block patient access to certain healthcare services. The American Hospital Association is asking the FTC and CMS to review and potentially block these policies.
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How Can Biden Get More Federal Judges On The Bench? Make Senior Status More Appealing

This kind of judicial reform could work -- without making too many waves.
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Comments on the “SAFE TECH” Act

This year’s tsunami of Section 230 “reform” bills includes the “Safeguarding Against Fraud, Exploitation, Threats, Extremism and Consumer Harms (SAFE TECH) Act” from Sens. Warner, Hirono, and Klobuchar. This bill proposes over ten different Section 230 reforms, some of which I believe have never been proposed before, and any one of which could disrupt the Internet we know and love. Together, these reforms would reshape the Internet dramatically, in ways that would stun and anger most Americans....
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Get The Knowledge You Need During The ‘New Normal’ Of Remote Work [Sponsored]

Having access to a robust online library of legal publications can make a real difference for small firms, especially during the era of remote work.
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Lawyer tells judge "I'm not a cat."

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The poor lawyer can’t figure out how to turn off the filter so offers to proceed anyway, promising the judge he’s not a cat. And kudos to @JudgeFergusonTX for walking him through it calmly without bursting into giggles— Kendyl Hanks (@HanksKendyl) February 9, 2021 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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‘I’m Not A Cat’: The Best Zoom Court Mishap Yet

Learn how to change your Zoom filters, right meow.
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UK ministers accused of cynically blocking clear vote on genocide

Amendment would have given UK courts a role in determining if genocide is taking placeMinisters have been accused of making a “mockery of democracy” by blocking a clear vote on giving the UK courts a role in determining whether a genocide is taking place.The issue, wrapped up in the trade bill, will now return to the Lords where the proposal for a role for the UK courts – driven by allegations that Uighur Muslims are suffering a genocide at the hands of the Chinese government – is likely to be i...
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Counting votes in the South Bay decision

Late last Friday night, the Supreme Court granted an application for an injunction in South Bay United Pentecostal Church v. Newsom. In sum and substance, the court: (1) enjoined California from enforcing a ban on indoor worship, (2) did not enter an injunction with respect... The post Counting votes in the South Bay decision appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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"I’d say that publicly asking Breyer to retire would be an easy way for any Democratic pol thought to be vulnerable to a progressive primary challenge — or who wanted to run for president — to stand out."

"Your basic White House-mad senator isn’t going to lose much sleep over Breyer’s sensitivities or the arcane etiquette of the legal profession...." Said Ed Kilgore, quoted in "Will Stephen Breyer Take One for the Team?" (NY Magazine). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"The public had a right to know, and Fox had a right to cover, that the president and his allies were accusing Smartmatic (and others) of manipulating the election results, regardless of the ultimate truth or accuracy of those allegations."

From the motion described in f election fraud promoted by President Donald Trump’s legal team on Fox News and Fox Business" (NYT). “It’s a strong move on their part to try to come out and dismiss the claim,” said Timothy Zick, a professor at William & Mary Law School who specializes in First Amendment law.  Mr. Zick said that Fox was making use of the concept of “neutral reportage,” arguing that it could not be sued for defamation while covering the news. “They’re arguing that shields Fox News...
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It's -1° — feels like -12° — here in Madison, Wisconsin, so I'm pretty much stuck indoors today, but...

 ... I still can't picture myself turning on the television and watching the damned impeachment trial. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Nearly 90% of military hazing complaints come from the Marine Corps

via U.S. Marine Corps An annual report on hazing in the military shows that the Marine Corps had the lion's share of hazing complaints and substantiated hazing incidents. The data is a troubling snapshot taken shortly after the Marines faced national scrutiny over hazing episodes at boot camp at Parris Island in South Carolina. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. A year after a Marine drill instructor was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for hazing Muslim recruits, th...
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"I believe Althouse wants to protect her blog from reprisal by the woke crowd, but I think the main reason for her prohibition of the-word-that-shall-not-be-uttered is that she is disgusted by it, and disgusted by people that use it."

Wrote Roughcoat in the comments to yesterday's post about the firing of a NYT reporter who had spoken the n-word aloud.  I said:  I think once you've been informed that something makes some other people feel bad, you need a good reason to keep doing it.  I learned the n-word was bad when I was a little child doing the "eeny meeny miney moe" rhyme, which in the early 1950s in Delaware had the n-word. As far as I knew, it was just another one of the nonsense words, like "miney" and "moe." Anot...
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Is 2021 The Year CBD Becomes A Lawful Dietary Ingredient?

Industry leaders and major herbal products associations have expressed strong support for a bipartisan bill.
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"U.S. Attorney Transition Begins" ... and ... "The Justice Department Is Way Too White"

The title of this post is drawn from two recent headlines.  The first part comes from this new Justice Department press release, which states the following: Continuing the practice of new administrations, President Biden and the Department of Justice have begun the transition process for the U.S. Attorneys. “We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition. Until U.S. Attorney nominees are confirmed, the interim and acting leaders in the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices will make sure that the departm...
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"An Israeli company unveiled the first 3-D-printed rib-eye steak on Tuesday, using a culture of live animal tissue.... Aleph Farms’ new 3-D bioprinting technology — which uses living animal cells..."

"... as opposed to plant-based alternatives — allows for premium whole-muscle cuts to come to market, broadening the scope of alt-meat in what is expected to be a rich area of expansion for food companies. ...  The new meat-making process, developed with research partners at the Israel Institute of Technology, prints living cells that are incubated on a plant-based matrix to grow, differentiate and interact to achieve the texture and qualities of a real steak. It has a system similar to an anima...
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Donald Trump Goes on Trial in Senate

It's hard to believe it was 22 years ago that I attended the impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton. Today it is private citizen Donald Trump who is on trial in the U.S. Senate for his conduct on January 6,2021 when rioters stormed... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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WallStreetBets Is Coming To A Screen Near You

Hollywood never lets a good tale go untold.
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Liberal attorneys to host panel on court reform

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, at 6:30 p.m. EST, a number of lawyer chapters of the American Constitution Society will host the latest roundtable discussion on proposals for Supreme Court reform. Moderated by ACS President Russ Feingold, the panel will feature advocates Nan Aron of the... The post Liberal attorneys to host panel on court reform appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Coronavirus Update 2-9-2021: Time off for the COVID-19 vaccine

At some point over the next few months, some (most?) of your employees will receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Depending on the rules of your state, the nature of your business, and the age or medical issues of your employees, some may already have. I've previous covered the legal issues surrounding the vaccine, here, here, and here. Today I want to cover a practical issue—time-off related to the vaccination. 1/ Please offer your employees paid time off to obtain both doses of the vaccine. To rea...
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"Semicolons are ugly, pretentious and unnecessary; they immaturely try to have it both ways."

"There are so many things to fear in life, but punctuation is not one of them. That semicolons, unlike most other punctuation marks, are fully optional and relatively unusual lends them power; when you use one, you are doing something purposefully, by choice, at a time when motivations are vague and intentions often denied.... Are they ugly? That’s an opinion. Theodor Adorno said they looked like 'a drooping mustache,' but in his view, that’s good — all punctuation marks, and the downtrodden sem...
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A series of knocks: Oxford/AstraZeneca's bumpy road to Covid vaccine confidence

From doubts about safety in older people to questions about variants, scientists have faced a battle to convince the public and regulatorsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid has barely been out of the news from the moment the race to protect the world’s population from the novel coronavirus began. But not always in a good way.Talented scientists at the Jenner Institute at Oxford University, led by Prof Sarah Gilbert,...
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