Florida man arrested after Facebook posts appear to show him entering the US Capitol, including an image of broken furniture with a 'US SENATE SERGEANT AT ARMS' sticker

In this Jan. 6, 2021, file photo, Trump supporters try to break through a police barrier at the Capitol in Washington. In dozens of cases on social media, Trump supporters downright flaunted their activity on the day of the deadly insurrection. Some, apparently realizing they were in trouble with the law, deleted their accounts only to discover their friends and family members had already taken screenshots of their selfies, videos, and comments and sent them to the FBI. AP Photo/John Minchillo...
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Bar Exempt From Open Meetings Obligations

The Washington State Supreme Court held that the state Bar is not a "public agency" subject to the open meetings act obligations The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) Board of Governors (BOG) terminated the WSBA executive director during a closed... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Panel on the future of originalism at UVA Law

On Friday, Feb. 12, at 2 p.m. EST, the Federalist Society at the University of Virginia School of Law will host a discussion titled “Originalism, Institutionalism, and the Thomas Court,” focusing on how the Supreme Court’s conservative majority will shape the future of originalism and... The post Panel on the future of originalism at UVA Law appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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The feds arrested a man they say called the White House multiple times threatening to kill Biden

President Joe Biden. AP Photo/Susan Walsh A man in North Carolina has been arrested on suspicion of threatening to kill President Joe Biden. David Kyle Reeves made the threats between January 28 and February 1, the criminal complaint says.  "I am going to f-----g kill you all ... I am going to chop your heads off," Reeves allegedly said. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. A man in North Carolina was charged with threatening President Joe Biden, a federal criminal compl...
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At the Too-Cold Night Café...

 ... it’s another day without a sunrise photo. I can’t do my morning run when it’s below zero out there. I’ve got a few more of these double lockdown days (that is, days of confinement caused by Covid and by coldness). But it’s snuggly warm inside, so let’s settle in for some conversation. Did you watch the Trump trial?  I did not. Even with the double lockdown, I did not. Did anything new come out? I’ll read the news in the morning. My sense is that what was presented is what I have already hea...
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AOC, Esquire? — See Also

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Considering Law School: I mean, there are a lot of good law schools in NYC... Arrested On Inauguration Day For Terroristic Threats: And carrying an AR-15 and other weapons. Wear Pants: If you can't remember on your own, here's a song to help! Care About Diversity? Bill for it. Keying Cars Isn't Just Vandalism For Teenagers! Judge gets in on the action.
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A Big Thanks To Our Advertisers

We really appreciate doing business with you.
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Inequalities In Lawyer Discipline Demand Action

There’s no playbook for how to manage courts during a pandemic, but there will be many post-mortems about what courts should have and could have done differently.
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Has The Legal Profession Reached A Tech Adoption Tipping Point?

It took a pandemic for this to happen, but it's undeniable that COVID-19 has had a major effect on the legal profession's willingness to adapt.
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Judge On The Zoom Cat Lawyer Case Says What Everyone Was Really Thinking

Admit it: You were thrilled it wasn't you.
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SEC Making Sure Gary Gensler Will Feel Right At Home

You can authorize and investigation and you can authorize an investigation and you and you and you, too!
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Black Twin Brothers Working Together As Partners At Quinn Emanuel

These brothers are truly one-of-a-kind in the Biglaw world.
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Communication With Litigation Funders — What Should Counsel Bear In Mind? [Sponsored]

Cases are more likely to get funded when a robust dialogue is established
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"Until the World Trade Center was built, most skyscrapers were supported by simple steel or concrete frames."

"But that meant that interiors were interrupted by columns. For the Trade Center, architects and engineers, including Mr. Robertson, sought to create column-free expanses for commercial tenants. He did that by making the towers giant steel tubes, with about half of the weight borne by exterior columns. The rest of the weight was carried by the towers’ steel-and-concrete cores. Floors were supported by lightweight steel trusses linking the exterior columns to the cores, giving tenants column-fre...
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"[A]n unpopular hero to civil libertarians, the Devil incarnate to an unlikely alliance of feminists and morality preachers, a conundrum to judges and juries..."

"... and a purveyor of guilty secrets to legions of men slinking off from porn shops or the mailbox with brown paper parcels." (NYT).  Hustler’s June 1978 cover caught the enigmas of a magazine that was at once salacious, satirical, perverse, decadent, gleefully immoral and hypocritical. It portrayed a woman upside down and half gone into a meat grinder, with a plate of hamburger below. A “seal of approval” noted: “Prime. Last All Meat Issue. Grade ‘A’ Pink.” A caption quoted Mr. Flynt, “We...
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Meopta Introduces New Long Range MeoPro Optika LR Rangefinding Binoculars

Meopta has just announced their new long-range rangefinding binoculars, the MeoPro Optika LR.  The MeoPro Optika LR binoculars will be available in 8×50, and 10×42 magnifications.  According to the press release, these binoculars are able to range targets up to 2,600 and 2,950 yards.  According to the specifications page for the 10×42 version, it has a […] Read More … The post Meopta Introduces New Long Range MeoPro Optika LR Rangefinding Binoculars appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Senators Durbin and Grassley re-introduce "COVID-19 Safer Detention Act"

As detailed in this post from last June, US Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Grassley responded to the ugly realities of the COVID pandemic and its impact on incarcerated persons by introducing a modest, but still important, new bill to reform the procedures surrounding federal elderly home release and compassionate release.  Disappointingly, that bill never moved forward in the last Congress, but this press release reports that it is back on the docket for the new Congress.  Here are excerpts fro...
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Meghan wins privacy case against Mail on Sunday

Judge gives summary judgment in favour of royal over extracts of letter to estranged father, Thomas MarkleThe Duchess of Sussex has won her high court privacy case against the Mail on Sunday, hailing her victory as a “comprehensive win” over the newspaper’s “illegal and dehumanising practices”.After a two-year legal battle, a judge granted summary judgment in Meghan’s favour over the newspaper’s publication of extracts of a “personal and private” handwritten letter to her estranged father, Thoma...
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What’s going on legally with Jeep pulling the Bruce Springsteen ad?

Morals clauses in talent agreements can fuel cancel culture. Jeep featured Bruce Springsteen in an ad that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl. Since then, news broke that Springsteen had been arrested almost three months prior for drunk driving. So Jeep pulled further use of the ad. This scenario shines light on a key provision in the contract that celebrities and brands typically sign. An agreement of this sort will contain a “morals clause”. Here is the language of a typical clause like th...
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Trump sexual assault accuser Summer Zervos is trying to resume her lawsuit against him now that he's out of office

Summer Zervos and Donald Trump. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer; AP Photo/Patrick Semansky Summer Zervos has asked a court to move her lawsuit against former President Donald Trump forward. Zervos accused Trump of sexual assault and filed a defamation lawsuit when he called her a liar. Trump argued that he had presidential immunity, but Zervos' lawyers noted he's no longer president. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Summer Zervos, a former contestant on "The Apprentice" who a...
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Teacher Reinstated and Educated Following Anti-Indigenous Racism

By Lewis Waring, Licensed Paralegal, Student-at-Law, Editor, First Reference Inc. In Saskatchewan Polytechnic Faculty Assn. and Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Derow), 2020 CanLII 78471 (SK LA), Re (“Derow”), a unionized teacher’s dismissal related to racist comments against indigenous persons was set aside and he was reinstated to his position with conditions. The teacher, in this case, had been working for Saskatchewan Polytechnic for 34 years and had been employed in the school’s carpentry program...
Tags: Human Rights, Law, Racism, Canada, Union, Discrimination, Saskatchewan, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Substantive Law: Judicial Decisions, Case Comment, Substantive Law, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Labour Law, Lewis Waring, Disciplinary Measures, Discrimination against indigenous persons

Andrea, Jennifer, and The 2 Williams.

I assured you that I would write this post. It's something that should be very fun for me, but I've made it obligatory. I said "It's one of my favorite stories ever." And then, fooling about in the comments: Every task seems like more fun than the subject I regard as the ripest of the week, Andrea, Jennifer, and The 2 Williams. What is wrong with me? I just got up to make my 5th cup of coffee! Did William Shakespeare drink coffee? Did William Faulkner?... "He didn't have coffee, he didn't have v...
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Texas oyster crimes are no joke and a symptom of broader problems

This blog has spent an inordinate amount of time over the years focused on Texas' array of oyster-related criminal offenses, to the point that Politifact once did a fact check on my claims. They found them "Mostly True," with the "mostly" caveat being that one source put the numbers even higher than I'd said!Marc Levin, who recently left the Texas Public Policy Foundation to become general counsel at the new Council on Criminal Justice, first launched this meme as a way to critique overcriminal...
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Coronavirus Update 2-11-2021: CDC updates its masking guidelines; should you do the same for your business?

The CDC just updated its masking guidelines, now recommending that individuals wear two masks—a well-fitting surgical mask underneath a cloth mask.  Should you be recommending or requiring the same for your business, both for employees and visitors?  My answer is no.  According to CDC research, wearing two masks reduces one's exposure to COVID-19 by 96.4%. Yet, if everyone wears one well-fitting mask, exposure is reduced by 96%. In other words, as long as everyone is being mask-compliant...
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Doctors warn of ‘tsunami’ of pandemic eating disorders

Covid-19 isolation blamed as number of children with anorexia and bulimia in England soars amid fears for similar rise among adults Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coveragePsychiatrists have warned of a “tsunami” of eating disorder patients amid data showing soaring numbers of people experiencing anorexia and bulimia in England during the pandemic.Dr Agnes Ayton, the chair of the Eating Disorder Faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said the number of people experien...
Tags: Health, England, Children, Society, Mental Health, Eating Disorders, NHS, Young People, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Coronavirus, Agnes Ayton, Eating Disorder Faculty

One in five going into workplace unnecessarily amid UK Covid crisis

Exclusive: Employers are putting workers at risk and increasing infections rates in communities, unions say‘Safety is very lax’: workers on being called inSee all our coronavirus coverageEmployers are putting workers at risk and increasing Covid infection rates in communities, unions have said, as research found that as many as one in five people were going into their workplace unnecessarily.The alarming findings came as the government’s outgoing employment adviser Matthew Taylor said employers ...
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"'Love is strange,' wrote Thomas Pynchon, citing the 1956 Mickey and Sylvia hit single, in his 1988 New York Times review of Gabriel García Márquez’s novel 'Love in the Time of Cholera.'"

"As we get older, he continued, 'we may begin to regard love songs, romance novels, soap operas and any live teenage pronouncements at all on the subject of love with an increasingly impatient, not to mention intolerant, ear.' This sort of marginalization of love stories — that, for one thing, they don’t qualify as 'legitimate' novels — threads through the 125 years of The New York Times Book Review. And yet there are lessons to be learned about the necessary ingredients for a good love story f...
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Meghan wins her privacy case against the Mail on Sunday

Judge gives summary judgment in favour of royal over extracts of letter by estranged father, Thomas MarkleThe Duchess of Sussex has won her privacy case against the Mail on Sunday after a judge gave summary judgment in her favour over the newspaper publishing extracts of a private letter to her estranged father, Thomas Markle.Meghan’s lawyer had argued that the newspaper’s publishers, Associated Newspapers Ltd, had “no prospect” of defending her claims for misuse of private information and alleg...
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