Exploring Pay Inequities in the Legal Professions

It’s really not shocking for anyone who pays attention to the practice of law, but a powerful piece in The Globe recently highlighted the gender inequities in Canadian law firms. Lawyers in all practices and of all genders nodded their heads, knowingly. The article describes the calls for change that have been in place since 1996, “when women started filling up more than half the seats in law schools across the country.” But all the partners’ horses, and and the partners’ consultants, couldn’t f...
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The Meaning Of Disadvantageous Use

The Vermont Supreme Court Court has imposed a three-month suspension and, in so doing, provides guidance on what constitutes "disadvantageous use" of information against a former client in violation of Vermont Rule 1.8(b) The attorney was admitted in 1986 and... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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At the Sunday Night Café...

 ... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Johnson should repay north of England voters with private investment – report

Research argues ministers should create economic ‘big bang’ for area that turned Tory in last electionThe prime minister should repay voters in the north of England who lent the Conservatives their vote at the last election by unleashing billions of pounds of private investment, according to a report.It argues that ministers should aim to harness the “restless radicalism” from those who voted for Brexit in 2016 and the Conservatives in 2019 by creating an economic “big bang”, along the lines of ...
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EPA 2020 Enforcement Offers Insight

The Environmental Protection Agency’s has released the results of its 2020 enforcement and compliance efforts and those results offer significant insight that business can benefit from. In the first 5 months of fiscal year 2020, EPA was on track to significantly exceed traditional numeric metrics in many categories with more compliance monitoring activities in the first 5 months than in any year since 2013, more in assessed penalties the first 5 months than in 7 out of the previous 10 years, mor...
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HuffPost protected by Section 230 in Carter Page defamation suit

Carter Page sued the publisher of the HuffPost over some 2016 articles about the Russia collusion hoax that Page claimed were defamatory. These articles were written by “contributors” to the HuffPost, who, according to the court, “control their own work and post freely to the site”. The court threw out the defamation claims concerning these articles, in part because it found that HuffPost was immune from suit thanks to Section 230. The court determined that HuffPost was not the “information con...
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"Black on Black Representation"

The title of this post is the title of this new article authored by Alexis Hoag now availble via SSRN.  Here is its abstract: When it comes to combatting structural racism, representation matters, and this is true for criminal defense as much as it is for health services, education, and civil legal services.  This Article calls for the expansion of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel of choice to indigent defendants, and argues that such an expansion could be of particular benefit to indigent ...
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CAN-SPAM Requires Falsity or Deception, But What Do Those Words Mean?–Rad v. US

This is an unusual federal appellate ruling interpreting CAN-SPAM because it came to the court from the Board of Immigration Appeals. Rad was tried and convicted of violating CAN-SPAM. The Third Circuit affirmed his conviction in 2014. Rad was a non-citizen, and DHS initiated removal proceedings against him. The immigration decision came back to the Third Circuit for review a second time (it initially remanded). This time around, the question is whether Rad’s spam conviction necessarily involve...
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CT scan catches 70% of lung cancers at early stage, NHS study finds

Exclusive: early detection hailed as ‘major breakthrough’ for treatment of Britain’s deadliest form of cancer‘This was a life-saver’: ex-smoker learned she had lung cancer after joining studyThousands of lives could be saved if people at risk of developing Britain’s deadliest cancer were screened to diagnose it before it becomes incurable, a major NHS study has found.Giving smokers and ex-smokers a CT scan uncovers cancerous lung tumours when they are at an early enough stage so they can still b...
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"The blowback against the seven Republican senators who supported former President Donald J. Trump’s conviction in his impeachment trial has begun."

"In Louisiana, the state Republican Party’s executive committee voted unanimously on Saturday to censure Senator Bill Cassidy, who was just re-elected in November and was among those who voted to find Mr. Trump guilty. The state’s Republican attorney general, Jeff Landry, said Mr. Cassidy had 'fallen into the trap laid by Democrats to have Republicans attack Republicans.' Two of the Republicans who voted for conviction, Senators Richard M. Burr of North Carolina and Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsyl...
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"In his executive order, Biden said a wall spanning 'the entire southern border is not a serious policy solution.' But neither is a complete undoing..."

"... in July, Biden said he would not take down the wall, an endeavor that would cost billions as he fights for funding for pandemic relief. Installing a hodgepodge of 'smart security' technology paid for with reallocated wall cash, together with limited barrier removal in sensitive areas, appears to be the most likely outcome. But that half measure will be expensive, and will require maintenance costs for the steel that stays in the ground. Even doing nothing at all will hurt the purse thanks t...
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Losing our marbles over Stonehenge | Brief letters

Judiciary | Queen’s leases | Travel plans | Ancient showroom | StonehengeDonald Trump’s acquittal in the US Senate (Report, 14 February) surely provides the best possible evidence for never allowing politicians to get involved in judicial decision-making. Their priorities lie in other directions. Les Baker Fordingbridge, Hampshire• The Queen gets £220m a year for seabed lease options for windfarms (Queen’s property chief delays sale of Scottish seabed windfarm plots, 12 February). Really? Perhap...
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UK reaches milestone of offering first Covid vaccinations to 15m people

Four priority groups of people in England seen as most vulnerable have been offered jabsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe government has reached its target of offering at least first vaccinations to the four groups of people in England seen as most vulnerable to coronavirus by mid-February, it has announced.In a video message sent out via social media, Boris Johnson said Sunday marked “a significant milestone in the United Kingdom’s national vaccination programme”, ...
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Guinea enters 'epidemic situation' as seven Ebola cases confirmed

Health minister says officials ‘really concerned’ after three deaths from the infectious diseaseGuinea has entered an Ebola “epidemic situation” with seven cases confirmed, including three deaths, a leading health official in the west African nation has said.“Very early this morning, the Conakry laboratory confirmed the presence of the Ebola virus,” Sakoba Keita said after an emergency meeting in the capital. Continue reading...
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UK hits target of offering first Covid vaccinations to 15m people

Four priority groups of people in England seen as most vulnerable have been offered jabsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe government has reached its target of offering at least first vaccinations to the four groups of people in England seen as most vulnerable to coronavirus by mid-February, it has announced.In a video message sent out via social media, Boris Johnson said Sunday marked “a significant milestone in the United Kingdom’s national vaccination programme”, ...
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"The Indianapolis Museum of Art... has edited and apologized for an employment listing that said it was seeking a director who would work not only to attract a more diverse audience but to maintain its 'traditional, core, white art audience.'"

"The museum’s director and chief executive, Charles L. Venable, said in an interview on Saturday that the decision to use 'white' had been intentional and explained that it had been intended to indicate that the museum would not abandon its existing audience as part of its efforts toward greater diversity, equity and inclusion.... Malina Simone Jeffers and Alan Bacon, the guest curators for the museum’s upcoming 'DRIP: Indy’s #BlackLivesMatter Street Mural' exhibition... said... they could not r...
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UK hits target of offering first Covid jab to four most vulnerable groups

Government says 15 million people have received their first dose of coronavirus vaccineCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe UK government has reached its target of offering at least first vaccinations to the four groups of people in the UK seen as most vulnerable to coronavirus by mid-February, it has announced.The vaccines minister, Nadhim Zahawi, announced the milestone on Twitter. Continue reading...
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7 dimensions of depression, explained

According to the World Health Organization, more than 264 million people suffer from depression. It is the leading cause of disability and, at its worst, can lead to suicide. Unfortunately, depression is often misunderstood or ignored until it is too late. Psychologist Daniel Goleman, comedian Pete Holmes, neuroscientist Emeran Mayer, psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, and more outline several of the social, chemical, and neurological factors that may contribute to the complex disorder and explain why...
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ONS gears up for once-in-a-decade challenge with 2021 census

Outreach work and threat of fines deployed to encourage people in England and Wales to take part Amid endless flyers from food delivery companies dropping through the letterbox, households in England and Wales will soon receive a postcard from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) giving notice of the 2021 census.It will be followed by a letter advising that every household must complete a detailed questionnaire about themselves and their co-residents on 21 March. The letter will contain a u...
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"Senators, America we need to exercise our common sense about what happened.... Let's not get caught up in a lot of outlandish lawyers theories here. Exercise your common sense about what just took place in our country."

Said Lead Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin, quoted in a February 11th Wall Street Journal piece — "In Closing, Raskin Quotes Thomas Paine: 'Tyranny, Like Hell, Is Not Easily Conquered'" — by Lindsay Wise. Thomas Paine's 1776 pamphlet was called "Common Sense." Quoted in response to Raskin, Senator Josh Hawley: "I was really disappointed they didn’t engage much with the legal standards. This is a legal process after all. Very little engagement." When do we get to bypass studying the factual ...
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Summaries Sunday: SOQUIJ

Every week we present the summary of a decision handed down by a Québec court provided to us by SOQUIJ and considered to be of interest to our readers throughout Canada. SOQUIJ is attached to the Québec Department of Justice and collects, analyzes, enriches, and disseminates legal information in Québec. TRAVAIL : En matière de licenciement collectif, l’exception prévue à l’article 84.0.3 L.N.T., à l’égard d’un établissement dont les activités sont saisonnières ou intermittentes, s’applique lors ...
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Reviewing the still uncertain state, and the still certain need, for effective federal crack retroactivity resentencing

I have not been able to keep up with all of the jurisprudential ups and downs that have followed the FIRST STEP Act finally making retroactive key parts of the Fair Sentencing Act for federal crack offenders.  Thus, I am quite grateful that a recent email discussion with various lawyers led to Assistant Federal Defenders Johanes Maliza and Thomas Drysdale drafting this extended guest post to catch us all up on some critical cases and issues in this arena: The sentencing excesses that Congress a...
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‘Children are not pets, society has to help parents bring them up’

As she prepares to leave office, children’s tsar Anne Longfield says families should be at the heart of MPs’ plansParents have had to become teachers, a footballer has helped expose the plight of deprived families, and local groups across the country have been on the frontline in providing emergency advice and supplies. As a result, the pandemic’s extraordinary impact has helped shift Britain’s attitude to a community’s role in bringing up children, the children’s commissioner for England has sa...
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Exercise can help prevent cancers, new research finds

Obesity could soon overtake smoking as the main preventable cancer riskTaking regular exercise is going to become increasingly important in helping to prevent cancers as the UK emerges from lockdown, say scientists.Since the pandemic began a year ago, growing numbers of people have reported gaining weight after cutting down on physical activity while others say they have been eating more junk food. Continue reading...
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Latest Covid lockdown ends work for 700,000 UK freelancers

Number of self-employed people no longer working is 50% higher than during first pandemic shutdown, thinktank warnsThe number of self-employed people who have stopped working during the current lockdown is already 50% higher than the number without work during the first lockdown, and 41% have experienced a significant drop in earnings, according to a study by the Resolution Foundation.Revealing the toll on self-employed workers, many in the hardest hit parts of the economy, the study shows aroun...
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