Aggregation of Legal Marketing Professionals Blog Posts

Does anyone keep track of legal marketing professionals who publish a blog? I was doing a search in Facebook Group for legal marketing professionals which I see as a leading knowledge base in legal marketing and I could not find something that I’m thinking must have been discussed. Appears the search across posts in a Facebook group is not all that good. Off the top of my head I was thinking of Heather Morse-Geller, Lindsay Griffiths, Tim Corcoran, Stefanie Marrone, and Nancy Myrland. ...
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Entry-level hiring report for 2021

Professor Lawsky (Northwestern) is now collecting the information; if you've accepted a tenure-track law teaching job this year, please submit your data there. [Author: Brian Leiter]
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Outside The Gravitational Field

A very unusual decision issued today by the Maryland Court of Appeals sustained a number of challenges by the accused attorney - and rejected a number of other claims - but rejected Bar Counsel's call for disbarment in favor of... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Contrasting Sanction Proposals

Two Hearing Board reports recently filed offer an interesting contrast on proposed sanctions for ethical violations. One hearing board recommends a suspension of a lawyer for one year and until further order for comments about a judge In seven motions... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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At the Monday Night Cafe...

... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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When Employees Work From Home, How Much of the Home Office Must be Paid For by Employer?

Since March of 2020 (has it really been a year?!), the Governor has ordered employers to allow employees to work from home if they can in many industries.  Many other employers have just decided to do it anyways. Working from home has been far from a temporary thing; it’s THE thing. But what about providing equipment to work from home?  What about internet service? A printer? Printer ink? A desk? A ergonomic chair? Many employers are providing some type of help, offering computers and other offi...
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50+ retailers that offer military discounts all year long - including Adidas, HelloFresh, and Sunglass Hut

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Liberty Mutual Insurance Facebook US Armed Forces veterans and active-duty members are eligible for discounts at many retailers.A military ID or an online verification saves service members on everything from apparel to tech.For more deals that everyone can take advantage of, check out our master list of sales.To show gratitude toward veterans and active-duty members of the armed forces, many retailers o...
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Court Affirms Damages on Very Wide Royalty Range Testimony

Bayer Healthcare LLC v. Baxalta Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2021) A jury sided with the patentee Bayer — finding the patent infringed and not proven invalid.  The judge refused to allow the jury to decide willfulness, and instead found no willful infringement as a matter of law. Affirmed here on appeal. The basic setup: Bayer’s U.S. Patent No. 9,364,520 covers a conjugate that includes a “functional Factor VIII polypeptide” having a particular amino acid sequence (“or an allelic variant thereof”).  Factor ...
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Children separated from their parents under Trump may be able to reunite inside the United States, Biden administration says

Thousands of people march in support of families separated at the US-Mexico border on June 30, 2018 in New York, New York. Spencer Platt/Getty Images Parents separated from their children by the last administration may opt to be reunited within the US. "We hope to be in a position to give them the election," Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said. The parents of more than 500 children have still not be located. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Families t...
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I Get To The Emergency Room Faster When I Can Speed — See Also

Was It For Distracted Driving?: A doctor showed up to traffic court from the operating room. People are dragging the lawyer but from what I understand of traffic court, this guy probably HAD to show up mid-incision to get any reprieve at all. If he'd asked for a new date they'd probably have just entered a default judgment and moved on because the institution exists mostly as a formality for appropriating people's money. Take A Look In The Mirror: A cool new tool from LexisNexis allows you to l...
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Thriving In A Post-2020 Workplace: How Lawyers Can Leverage Lessons Learned

The past year has forever shifted how attorneys and firms work. But with unprecedented challenges came new lessons and opportunities.
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Sleep Is Not Currency

Your clarity of mind is critical and directly related to your sleeping habits.
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LawNext: Evisort CEO Jerry Ting on the Future of CLM and Contracts Tech

 Contract lifecycle management has become one of the hottest sectors of legal tech in recent years, and within that sector, Evisort, founded in 2016, has become one of the hottest companies, experiencing four-times revenue growth in 2020 and having just completed a $35 million Series B funding round, for total funding of $55 million. But Evisort cofounder and CEO Jerry Ting sees his company’s AI-driven technology becoming something more – becoming, in effect, an operating system for compani...
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Justices to weigh issue exhaustion for Social Security claimants

Wednesday’s argument in Carr v. Saul involves a surprisingly basic question of administrative law: when claimants in an administrative process (Social Security in this case) must raise a particular issue before the agency if they wish to preserve their right to raise that issue on... The post Justices to weigh issue exhaustion for Social Security claimants appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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The Dark Side Of The Justice System Gets A Shout-Out At The Golden Globes

If you 'care a lot' about fixing conservatorships, this is the film for you.
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Is it time to decriminalize prostitution? Two New York bills answer yes in unique ways

Today in the majority of the United States, it is a crime to sell sex, buy it, or promote its sale. The Sex Trade Survivors Justice & Equality Act would decriminalize prostitution in New York state while maintaining punitive measures against buyers and pimps. Opponents suggest this law would only push the illegal sex trade further underground and seek full decriminalization for everyone involved. Although incorrectly labeled the world's oldest profession, prostitution has been on the minds of l...
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Kraken Cracks Up At SCOTUS

Justices Will Pass On The Rancid Calamari.
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Time to say goodbye? Calls rarely end when we want them to, study finds

Whether talking to family, friends or strangers, calls hardly ever end when both parties are readySo you just called to say “I love you” – but how long should you stay on the phone?New research suggests no matter who we’re talking to, or what we’re talking about, conversations rarely conclude when the two individuals want them to end. Continue reading...
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Barclays Business Model Of Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Serious Deceit Legal Under British Law

You can say and do whatever you want to a dolly-bird tart in old Blighty, as long as she can’t raise the money you need.
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Are You A Trial-By-Videoconference Champion? 

We want to know about your approach to remote litigation.
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‘Cancel Culture’ Was Always A Term Without Meaning

It is difficult, if not impossible, to find greater hypocrisy on any issue than the kind exhibited by cancel culture alarmists.
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LexisNexis Context Expands To AI-Driven Attorney Insights

What attorneys may not even realize about themselves.
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"It’s been quite baffling and painful for me to have people assume I’m a racist and believe that I said the ridiculous things I’m accused of saying..."

"... that 'racism is over,' that 'white supremacy doesn’t exist,' or 'white privilege doesn’t exist,' or that I defended the use of blackface or said horrible things about black teenagers in general. I’m surprised by how quick some colleagues who barely know me were prepared to accept those accusations and even add more on a Times alumni Facebook page. Someone to whom I don’t think I’ve spoken since 1994 said 'calling him only a racist is being nice.' An editor I happily worked side by side with...
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Hywel Francis obituary

Former MP for Aberavon who promoted the rights of carers and organisations that would help south Wales to remember its pastHywel Francis, who has died aged 74 from cancer, served as Labour MP for Aberavon, south Wales, from 2001 until he stood down in 2015. He chaired the Welsh affairs committee and human rights joint committee, and his particular achievement was the Carers Equal Opportunities Act (2004). This he brought in as a private member’s bill, with Lord (Jack) Ashley of Stoke sponsoring ...
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947 CLOs Surveyed: Results Showcase New Trends In-House Professionals Must Know (Adv.)

For a couple of decades now, the Association of Corporate Counsel has published the 2021 Chief Legal Officers Survey—a compilation of findings related to the role of the CLO and General Counsel, and their value to an organization. This year’s survey gathered responses from nearly 1,000 GCs and CLOs spanning 21 industries and 44 countries, which makes it one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys of its kind. For this year’s survey, Exterro—the ACC’s exclusive Alliance Partner for E-Discov...
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Petitions Rejected

The Georgia Supreme Court has rejected a petition for voluntary discipline of a public reprimand Here, unlike in 2016, we face a situation in which Brantley, having been disciplined on numerous prior occasions and while litigating misconduct that ultimately resulted... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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LexisNexis Extends Its Context Language Analytics to Cover Attorneys’ Briefs and Motions

Last year, LexisNexis introduced Context, a refinement of an analytics tool originally developed by Ravel Law that analyzes the language of a judge’s opinions to determine the cases and arguments the judge finds most persuasive in deciding specific types of issues. As I reported then, that original launch also included Context for expert witnesses, and, since then, LexisNexis has expanded Context to also cover courts and companies. Today, LexisNexis is further expanding Context with the introduc...
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The actor who plays Prince Charles in "The Crown" and the actress who plays Princess Diana both won Golden Globes last night.

Here they are — Josh O'Connor and Emma Corrin — in their biggest scene together in the finale of Season 4:  I've watched Season 4 twice (and the rest of "The Crown" once), and I love this scene. Charles is both horrible and yet — somehow — sympathetic. "You think we couldn't do that too? Theatrically hug the wretched and dispossessed and cover ourselves in glory all over the front pages?" [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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New API from Wolters Kluwer Enables Embedding of Research on Firm Intranets

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. is today introducing an application programming interface (API) that will enable law firms to search and access treatise content on WK’s Cheetah research platform directly from their internal intranets. The new search API allows access to WK’s treatise content through a representational state transfer (REST) API framework. It will allow law firm IT staff to embed the native Cheetah search experience within the firm’s intranet portal, so that legal professio...
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